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Every week we will talk to different entrepreneurs about taking the long view on startup strategy.

Every week we will talk to different entrepreneurs about taking the long view on startup strategy.
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Every week we will talk to different entrepreneurs about taking the long view on startup strategy.






#38 Eliot Peper on Life's Unexpected Paths

Life unfolds in unexpected ways. Eliot Peper has been a frequent guest, and at times, even a co-host of the show. We've followed his story since his first novel came out. First Novel Interview - Jun 18, 2014 Second Novel Interview - Dec 3, 2014 Third Novel Interview - Jul 29, 2015 And today, Eliot's 8th book has been released: Bandwidth Listening back to those early interviews, it's really amazing to watch Eliot's path unfolding. So many times in life, it's easy to look back with the...


#37 Jonathan Siegel on The San Francisco Fallacy

One of my mentors has just written a book on entrepreneurship... and it happens to be a damn good one too. Listen to this podcast for just a snippet of his wisdom and buy his new book: The San Francisco Fallacy to learn more from this really amazing man.


#36 Adam Cheyer On Founding Siri, Viv, and The Future of AI

This week, Adam Cheyer talks to us about co-founding Siri and the future of AI. Yes, that Siri. ;) Adam's background is fascinating. He didn't even start to try to be an entrepreneur until his 40's. In a world full of bright-eyed 20-something entrepreneurs trying to make it, but instead ending up in a rat-race of their own creation, it's refreshing to talk to Adam. Adam created Siri (and Viv) through a methodology that he will teach you in this interview. You can apply it today. It's his...


#35 David S Rose's 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business

How do you start a company? Most people think they know, but they get it all wrong. David S Rose has been an entrepreneur and investor for decades. He's seen it from both sides many times and lives to tell the tale. In his first interview with us, he told us all about his background and how he turned into an investor. This time, he talks about the nitty-gritty of how to start and grow your business. If you want to see the Gust Startup Checklist, visit


#34 Ego Is the Enemy of Entrepreneurship with Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday discusses his new book, Ego Is The Enemy.


#32 How to Create Wealth Through Startups with Josh Maher

Josh Maher is a Seattle-based author and angel investor who is written a book recently called “Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money In Startups”about how to create personal wealth by investing through startups. He’s interviewed many great angel investors including Chris DeVore who wasalso on this podcastand invested in my startup. Josh recently joined uson the podcast, not only to talk about his new book but how understanding angel investors is a lot different than...


#31 The Uncommon Stock Trilogy Revealed with Eliot Peper

Today we talk to startup thriller author Eliot Peper about his new book finishing the Uncommon Stock trilogy.


#28 Don’t Believe Everything You Think

This week I am excerpting a chapter from The Craftsman Founder Manifesto. There is a siren’s song inside all founders that can lead you into the rocky cliffs of depression. It’s an inner voice that frequently says mean and terrible things. It’s an inner bully. You might think: “You are too stupid to start a company. Plus, your idea sucks and nobody wants to use it. How long have you been trying to get attention for this? Can’t you just give up now? Call it quits. Just do what everyone else...


#26 Michelle Miller On How To Get a Book Deal

The Underwriting: Get Rich, Get Laid, Get Evenis Michelle Miller's new book. It is described asThe Social NetworkmeetsThe Wolf of Wall Street, as it takes you behind closed doors into a post-recession world of sex scandals, power plays, and underhanded dealings.


#25 Josh Turner, How to Leverage LinkedIn for Startups

Josh Turner (author of the new bookConnect:The Secret LinkedIn Playbook To Generate Leads, Build Relationships, And Dramatically Increase Your Sales) teaches us how to leverage LinkedIn for startups and side projects this week on the podcast. Josh also runsLinkedUniversity.comwhich has been teaching people how to effectively use LinkedIn to get more business. This week we talk about simple things that can make a big difference with your LinkedIn profile.


#23 Mike Belsito, Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us: How to Raise $1

Mike Belsito wrote a new book called Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us. Here's thedescription: You have aspirations for creating a startup company that will change the world, but need startup capital in order to make that happen. Where do you start? How can you raise serious funding when you don't have many connections or live outside of a major startup community like Silicon Valley. This week we discuss this great concept and cover interesting topics like privacy and security for...


#22 How to Remember a Phone Number Really Easily

There has been a surprising amount of progress in the area of memory tools in the last 10 years. Memorization techniques aren't nearly as archane and complicated as they used to be. This week I will be teaching you how to memorize any phone number in just a few seconds, and you will be able to remember it forever. If youhave ever beeninterested in memory retention and haven't looked into it for a while, definitely check this week's episode.


#21 Lucas Carlson, Free Audiobook Chapter of Finding Success in Failure

Finding Success in Failurehas been a personal journey of a book, and I am proud to beproducing it as an audiobook. Today's podcast gives you a free sample from theaudiobook which will beavailable on Amazon, Audible and Apple. In every field, from chess to gymnastics,we can make bigger gains by reducing mistakes than by making winning moves.This is especially true in business. We study the greats, trying to extract valuable lessons, when avoiding a few key blunders would be more...


#20 Dr Sean Wise, Know When to Quit Your Day Job

Dr Sean Wise, author of the new bookStartup Opportunities: Know When to Quit Your Day Job, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation for the Ryerson University Entrepreneurship Program, producer of the Canadian entrepreneurship showThe Naked Entrepreneur TVand consultant for Dragons' Den (like the Shark Tank) is an expert at entrepreneurship and we are thrilled to have him as a guest on the podcast this week.


#19 David S. Rose: The Man, The Legend, and Original Inventor of the iWatch

When I read the following words, I nearly peed my pants. Ive been an entrepreneur for, oh, half a century or so, and Im still making most of these mistakes! (And yeah, these are mistakeshis list is bang on target). When I grow up I wanna be Lucas or Jason, who not only know the pitfalls, but dont keep falling into them [sigh]. It wasnt the words themselves (which of course was very kind), but who wrote it that I couldnt believe. David. S. Rose. When I saw the name I could hardly believe...


#18 Tim Porter, Deep Strategy for M&A and Venture Capital

Entrepreneurs are perpetually interested in MA and Venture Capital topics, but often have little direct experience themselves. The math behind this is pretty obvious: if an entrepreneur starts 3 or 4 startups in his career, there are only so many opportunities that an entrepreneur gets to learn about these kinds of deals. On the other hand, the people who work inside of Corporate Development (those who do MA deals as their job) and Venture Capital see hundreds of opportunities a year. To...


#17 Eliot Peper, New Startup Thriller: Uncommon Stock 2 Power Play

Eliot Peper is pioneering the idea of startup fiction and has just released his second novelin the Uncommon Stock series. This week we get an exclusive behind-the-scenes view into the life of this author and his inspirations and motivations. Uncommon Stock: Book 1 Uncommon Stock: Book 2 NEW JUST RELEASED!!


#16 Espree Devora, Managing Your Fears of Asking for Money

Espree is very honest about her fears of asking for money in this show and we discuss ways to manage and conquer that fear. In the pre-show, Lucas and Eliot discuss Tony Robbins and wonder if he has any fears before his big talks. Tony Robbins just interviewed some of the worlds top money managers all around the world. He spent hours recording interviews, taking notes and learning from them. He asked their secrets and asked what the common person can do, when it seems the whole deck is...


#15 Espree Devora, Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs

This weeks interview is withEspree Devora. She is doing amazing work in LA helping startups get off the ground and we talk about one of her specialties: outsourcing. It is also a landmark episode, because it is the first show with co-host Eliot Peper. Eliot was on thesecond episode of this show. He is an awesome guy, a great thinker, a lot of fun and he writes startup fiction thrillers. He is about to come out with his second book. Lucas and Eliot have a fiction bond with each other and it...


#14 Ryan Orbuch, A Teenage Startup Prodigy

Ryan Orbuchs not your ordinary teenage kid. Ryan built Finish, an iPhone app used over a million times. It is known as "the to-do list for procrastinators and was featured #1 in productivity in the app store. After he received an Apple Design Award in 2013, it was covered on New York Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, The Huffington Post, and more. Ryan was also featured on Bloomberg TV and Fox News. Ryan gave a TED Talkand was hired at Techstars Boulder. He is also deeply passionate about...