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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!

Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!




Episode 222 “Caching”

0:15 We’re live. John is currently on a house swap vacation in 10 degree cooler weather. Josh is talking about having San Diego on his weather app and loves the weather. Mani talks about his recent launch, 600 clicks, 17 sales at 300 dollars. Mani mentions being asked to unsubscribe some people on the list. Mani talks more about the logistic of the launch and email writing. 5:00 Mani talks about a 502 error and trying to figure out the issues with the sales page. Josh gives some...


Episode 221 “The Hamster Wheel”

0:15 We’re Live. Josh talks about getting shocked about a newsletter email entitle GDR is Bullshit. Mani says he would like to see an unsubscribe rather than a spam issue. EntreProgrammers talks about the rights or non rights of GDPR. Josh talks about his goal to gain 25 subscribers and some email activity in the marketing area. Josh continues his goal to reach 100 subscribers. More talk about this community from Josh. 10:00 Josh talks about using Facebook and Slack for the community he...


Episode 220 “Come at me bro!”

0:15 We are live. Josh mentions being sick of GDPR, and the tons of emails and notifications about the change with Data. John says fuck GDPR. Chuck explains some of the implementations of GDPR. John mentions the VAT Tax. Josh explains the paying of taxes in other countries. Josh talks about his stance on GDPR. Mani asks about how to be GDPR compliant. Josh explains how marketing and emails will work when becoming GDPR compliant. 6:00 Josh talks about how small business will hurt in...


Episode 219 “Russian Brides”

0:15 Mani talks about almost becoming a video game developer. Josh talks about doing an experiment with a viewer named Jason, who was writing some emails for Josh about video game development. Josh talks about the email marketing experiment. John jokes about emailing about about being interested in a Russian bride. Josh talks more about how this could be viewed as a hobby rather then something to build a career. 5:00 Mani and Josh discuss the type of revenue this could generate with...


Episode 218 “Building Systems”

0:15 We’re live. Chuck talks about getting back form Microsoft Build. Josh talks about attending a Perry Marshall seminar called Rosetta Stone , and meeting great marketing folks. Josh says John and Mani are not going to join, but he wanted to hear about Mani’s launch 5:15 Chuck talks about his experience at Microsoft launch, but watch the live stream from the hotel and had a better experience. Chuck talks about the podcast recordings he recorded at Build and having recording issues....


Episode 217 "Buy My $hit!"

0:15 We’re Live. John talks about a company with a language learning course that he met with at MircoConf and how they have no email marketing strategy. We need Josh Earl in there. Josh says he needs to open a re-education center for marketing. John mentions how everyone at MircoConf was looking for Josh. 6:00 Chuck mentions that his father passed during or after his sister’s wedding. Also, Chuck talked about his traveling to MircoConf and taking care of his family. 10:00 Josh asks...


Episode 216: “I’m Not Wearing Underwear”

0:15 Chuck talks about buying a van in progress, and issues with his father’s health. Josh says he is feeling underdress. Also some talk about Kanye West. John talks about doing a live stream with Antonio from Real Men Real Style. John talks about the Q&A format and interview with Antonio. John mentions that a lot of things are “down” as far as Youtube view and other things. 6:30 Mani asks about unsubscribes and gains of Simple Programmer. John drops some numbers and metrics. Josh talks...


Episode 215 “Sleeping in my office…”

0:15 We’re live! Josh mentions some openings for two new members on Team Wolfpack. For more information email at josh@joshuaearl.com. John joke about moving into his office due to the sales slump. Josh mentions a new sales test with Hot Jar. Josh talks about the technologies are links to the sales page. Mani asks about cart abandonment tracking, Josh thinks WooCommerce does not have that feature. 5:44 Josh continues with the test sales and says the sale is still not making the numbers...


Episode 214 “Memorial Day Sale

0:15 We’re are live! Josh is talking about micro conf. Chuck talks about the Mac updated blues. Chuck talks about how his podcast network is getting crazy recording podcast almost every day. Chuck talks about rearranging record time to fit them all in with his schedule. Chuck talks about helping start an Elixir podcast. 4:00 Josh suggests recording bi-weekly or appearing on the shows bi-weekly. Josh thinks this will help him scales the network. Chuck talks about switching over to Zoom...


Episode 213 ‘Sale Slumps”

0:15 We’re live! Josh talks about opening on EntreProgarmmers: Team Wolf Pack. One or two opening for josh@joshearl.com . Great opportunity to join the mastermind podcasts. John talks about getting sick right before starting up his routine again. But he is back. Mani joke s that Chuck may have partied too hard in Vegas, that is why he is absent. 3:00 Josh asks for help on some marketing and advice on the current revenue slump. Josh provides some analytics from last year and this year...


Episode 212 “Focus and Stick to the Plan!”

0:15 Is Mani still having breakfast? Mani was asking about this past weeks promotion for Profitable Programmer. Predictions in progress. Josh reveals the clicks and conversions, and total revenue for the promotion around 30k. Josh talks about the ideal scenario for 50k profitability. 5:00 Josh talks about the clicks (3500) compared to Mani’s recent promotion. Josh says he is sticking to 2-day promotions. Josh says 65% of the revenue comes in closer to the deadline. Mani talks about the...


Episode 211 "Watch My Cat Videos"

0:15 We’re live. John jokes about being lazy and talks about hurting his shoulder. Josh talk about his wrist issue call “Mommy Thumb.” Josh talks about having to wear a cast or band to help rest and heal his thumb. Josh talks about ordering special ergonomic mouse to get through work. 3:00 Mani talks about he past issues he was experiencing with his hand and shoulders. Mani talks about his exercise to help his hands, surprisingly Mani talks about stretching his Hamstrings to help his...


Episode 210 “ You Need a Bigger Mailman..."

0:15 We’re Live. Mani’s breakfast is in progress. Chuck mentions seeing politics on the TV behind Mani. Mani talks about going “whole hog” on YouTube and having some issues with production. Josh ask about the lengths of Mani’s videos. Mani describes the production process on his book summary videos. 4:45 Mani talks about the marketing tactics at Focus at Will. Mani mentions that John does on like the process. John says growing the company is better, that making money now. Josh mention...


Episode 209 “Learning New Lessons”

0:15 We’re Live! YouTube live discussion in progress. EntreProgrammers attempt to do a live stream with chat. John talks about a how he an Chuck have a sickness to feel sick and eat junk food. Bad STDs according to Mani. John talks about his recovery strategy of resting a fasting. 6:45 John talks about learning new lessons when you get sick, and how to maintain without throwing your health down the drain. Mani takes John’ suggestion to do more videos per week. Mani talks about...


Episode 208 “You Need To Get A Cover Job!”

0:15 We’re Live. EnterProgarmmers joke about why there was no episode lates week. John talks about the Grant Cardone event last week. John mention it was a motivational rant. John talks about some interesting things they heard. But it was really for the younger generation looking to become entrepreneurial. 5:00 Mani talks about some other events they’ve attended. John talks mention an event for influencers and brands selling their product via YouTubers. Chuck mentions he is not charging...


Episode 207 “Gimme All Your Quests Bars @#%ker”

0:15 We’re Live! Mani is eating his mic and eating his iPad. Technical issues. Josh mentions to not having luck with bluetooth headphones. John comments on how the EntreProgrammer Sub-Group are above 50 episodes. Josh mentions that the Seal Team rung the bell and tapped out this past week. 5:00 EntreProgrammers joke of retinal branding as Mani’s logo is bright on the eyes. Chuck mention starting two new podcasts this pass week, podcast on Vue and React. Chuck mentions the frenzy on the...


Episode 206 "Blow Sh*t Up!"

0:15 We’re live! Chuck having technical difficulties. Discussion n progress with the Mental Toughness project. There is testing, testing, and more testing. EntreProgrammers talk about the marketing strategies for this new project, price testing and checking the number of sales. 5:00 Josh explains marketing tactics. John explains the promotion of the Bulldog mindset course along with the Mental Toughness project. Josh talk about the sells that took place during the promotion. 9:00 John...


Episode 205 ”Keywords and Penis Pumps”

0:15 Chuck joke about his glare and Mani is in a detention room. Josh talks about his wireless 8lb headset. The EntreProgrammers talk about the wireless headphones and the troubles with the AirPods. John jokes that Josh electronic trouble because he is like Powder. 5:00 Mani talks about his recent price increase with his product and research on keywords for branding proposes. Mani talks about change or rebranding based on Confidence and Mental Toughness keywords. John gives feedback on...


Episode 204 “Mani & 2000 Books”

0:15 We’re Live! Joining the show is Mani Vaya, who has been working with Josh and John doing affiliate promotion with Simple Program. Mani is a programmer by trade, he has worked in electrical and computer engineering, to project management, and worked with a variety of cell phone companies. Currently, Mani is the host of 2000 Books for Ambitious Entrepreneurs podcast, a business based on book summaries. Mani talks about the huge selection of book summaries and his work with Simple...


Episode 203 “Hangover and Missing a Kidney”

0:15 We’re Live! John is slacking and is late to the podcast. Chuck talks about selling some more sponsorship spots for his podcast network. Chuck talk about his sales pitch and changing how that new podcast sponsor application works as of now. Also some talk about how his new sponsorship slots will work as far as payments. 4:30 Chuck talks about his new sponsors and return sponsors. Interview Cake, Kendo UI, among a few others are sponsors of the Dev Chat podcasts. Chuck mention this...