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022 - Why Is Getting Paid So Painful With Sarah Schaaf

This week we have Episode 22 of The Get Automated Podcast. Every small business owner knows that cash flow is the life of a small business. How can you improve that? Listen to Kelsey Bratcher and Sarah Schaaf CEO and Co-Founder of Headnote chat about invoicing, receivables and most importantly payments. Sarah is a former attorney who saw something that the legal industry need to have improved and that drove her create Headnote a better way for lawyers to invoice and collect payments....


021 - Do You Suck At Automation With Wes Schaeffer

This week get ready to get introspective. The Get Automated Podcast Episode 21 is all about you. Your favorite small business automation podcast host Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Wes Schaeffer. Wes is the Founder of Sales Whisperer. He is an expert salesman, a published author, and a small business owner. Wes has more than a few years under his belt closing deals in all types of industries. Kelsey and Wes will force you to look at: What are you doing to hold yourself and your business back...


020 - From No Automation Crazy Pants To Your Outsourced Happy Dance With Dina Lynch Eisenberg

We are 20 episodes deep and this one is a home run thanks to Dina Lynch Eisenberg with Outsource Easier. Dina brought something special to the 20th episode with her wonderful charm and extensive knowledge of outsourcing and automation. The Get Automated Podcast is always improving from week to week, but this one moved the bar way up. Not only is it a great follow up to last week’s episode. Keeping the theme of the legal industry. Really, the topics discussed can be applied to all small...


019 - A Lawyer And Abraham Lincoln Roll Up To A DUI Check Point With Allen Rodridguez

The Get Automated Podcast Episode 19 is here. Download and listen to this week's episode as your host Kelsey Bratcher and his guest Allen Rodriguez freely engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Automation (Lawyers will get the joke). That's right, we have another podcast with someone from the legal industry. However, this week things are a little different. Allen Rodriguez is not a lawyer, his is someone who has helped lawyer's with the business side of having practice for about twenty...


018 - If That Guy Can Make A Million Bucks...What Am I Waiting For With Corey Thomas

Another week, another great episode of the Get Automated Podcast. This week for Episode 18 your favorite automation guru Kelsey Bratcher is joined by PicSnippets founder Corey Thomas. These guys are both veterans in regards to marketing automation and small business automation. Listening to them riff about automation solutions is like listening to a couple jazz legends having a jam session. You are not gonna want to miss downloading this weeks episode. Learn how PicSnippets can transform how...


Episode 17 - Automation Not Guaranteed With Jonathan Tobin

Wow! This week's episode is amazing. Listening to it is guaranteed to change your life. Attorney Jonathan Tobin joins The Get Automated Podcast for Episode 17. Jonathan is the Owner of Counsel For Creators, which is a law practice built on automation. Kelsey Bratcher and Jonathan are two men cut from the same cloth and it shows as this episode is over 2 hours long. There are way too many hi-lights to even list. So do yourself a favor and download Episode 17 of The Get Automated Podcast NOW!....


016 - Virtual Assistant to Automation Juggernaut With Roxanne Oates

Another great new episode of The Get Automated Podcast. Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Roxanne Oates for Episode 16 Roxanne is the owner of Roxanne Oates Consulting. She started a virtual assistant business that she quickly saw the need to adapt and transform that into an automation consulting business. In order to step up her game she also became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. Join in with two real top professionals discussing the best methods for starting or improving your business's...


015 - Planes, Trains, and Automation With Jillian Littlejohn

Episode 15 heads north into the vast Canadian wilderness. Kelsey Bratcher has a great conversation with Jillian Littlejohn the owner of Sparkle Solutions. Jillian brings a unique perspective to the Get Automated Podcast. She has be exposed to both sides of the automation equation. She worked in a small business adapting automation to solve day to day problems and now works with other small businesses to automate their day to day problems. Automation allows Jillian to build her consulting...


014 - You Have Some Lead Traffic Now What With Brad Smith

Do you use your website to capture leads? Episode 14 focuses on what to do once someone comes to your site. Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Brad Smith who it the founder of They touch on email, text messages, online scheduling, and Kelsey then goes deep and teaches Brad how to hook up a live chat to Infusionsoft using Zapier. Brad points out why following up with existing leads is important. Powerful information and who knows you might just improve your conversion rate....


013 - I Can't Code If My Power Gets Shut Off With Matt Verlaque

This week on the Get Automated Podcast, Kelsey Bratcher talks with UpLaunch Founder Matt Verlaque. Matt talks about the developer side of marketing automation and what his platform can offer people in the industry. Since Matt practices what he preaches there are a number of helpful gems scattered through out this episode. Download and listen to episode "13" and maybe you will be lucky enough to uncover what you need to launch yourself towards your next goal.


012 - Confessions Of An International Automator with David Zisner

Episode 12 goes international with a deep dive into the mind of Zapier heavy user David Zisner. Who is the owner of LeAndolini, a software and systems company that specialize in development of automation setups. Kelsey Bratcher interviews David about several different topics including, automation in other countries, webinars, Facebook chat bots, landing pages, and more. Listen to this weeks episode to learn how to take your automation to the next level. Even if you don't have an automation...


011 - It's Not Laziness It's Time Optimization With Cliff Worley

Episode 11 delivers on the message that time saved is equal to opportunity gained. Cliff Worley Co-Founder of and Automate First drops in for an interesting discussion. Cliff shares his experiences working with Daymond John of "Shark Tank" and what operating at that level has taught him. Kelsey and Cliff also solve a major problem for the restaurant industry using automation. If you want to learn more then check out this weeks episode of the Get Automated Podcast with your host...


010 - Add Some Style To Your System With Antonio Centeno

In this episode we bring some style to the podcast. Kelsey Bratcher chats with Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. They hit on time savings, travel, family, hardship, and health. This podcast episode is custom tailored to the small business that wants to grow.


009 - Sexy Automation With Alex Bass

Kelsey Bratcher chats with small business automation expert Alex Bass. Alex Bass is a ProsperWorks and Zapier expert who has done quite a bit of cool stuff. We discussed various topics ranging from workflow and data to some new cool tools Alex has been using.


008 - Automating Your Receptionist With Maddy Martin

Kelsey Bratcher interviews Maddy Martin from is a virtual receptionist service that provides their customers with not only receptionist services, but also appointment booking and online requests. Maddy shares the benefits of outsourcing one of the most vital components to many small businesses.


007 - Lessons From Implementing Automation at Scale With Lauren McCoy

Kelsey talked to Lauren McCoy (formerly Bratcher) about implementing automation at scale. Lauren is a business analyst at Infusionsoft and works with Sales Force and Netsuite. She has been implementing automation for 7ish years and is good at it. She shares ideas and concepts that can applied to small business for automation success.


006 - Creating Customer Experiences Using Automation With Scott Teuber

Scott Teuber is the owner of Wisconsin River Outings, a river outfitter that sends folks down the Wisconsin River for sandbar camping. Scott leverages automation in his marketing, sales process, and to provide his customers with awesome experiences. Scott shares his approach to automation and the tools he uses.


005 - Creating Automation Blueprints And How To Automate Agency Workflows With Chris Gaudreau

Kelsey Bratcher interviews Chris Gaudreau from the Funnel Architects Network. Chris runs a popular Facebook group called "Funnel Architects Network that is dedicated to helping marketing agencies and professionals monetize the process of mapping funnels as a service. Chris shares his experience with online marketing, specifically focusing on diagraming and planning automation in funnels. Chris also shares secret processes that he uses in his agency to fulfill on funnel and funnel related...


004 - How To Automate Social Engagement and Membership Subscriptions With Greg Jenkins

Kelsey Bratcher interviews Greg Jenkins founder of Monkeypod Marketing. Greg Jenkins is an Infusionsoft and small business automation expert. Greg shares his journey into the world of automation. Greg describes his fancy social media engagement process and more!


003 - How To Automate A Law Firm With Jim Hacking

Kelsey interviews Jim Hacking from Hacking Law Practice and Maximum Lawyer Podcast. Jim is an immigration attorney that has been using small business automation to run his law firm. Jim discusses a big picture automation of a law firm with the use of a variety of tools. Jim discusses Zapier, Clio, Infusionsoft, and GSuite and how attorneys and small business owners can leverage these tools to grow.