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037 - Latent Semantic Analysis And Some Other Fancy Words With Nathaniel Broughton

This week on the Get Automated Podcast with your host Kelsey Bratcher we take a deep look into Airtable as a simple but powerful free database, how to get cheap SMS integrated into your tech stack, and how to make automated webinars the simple way with Demio. Our guest for Episode 37 is Nathaniel Broughton, who is a successful web entrepreneur and host of the Opt Out Life Podcast. Nate shares his marketing and SEO experience that dates all the way back to the early 2000's. This includes how...


036 - Define and Refine Your Business With Lee Goff

We are now 36 episodes deep and we bring you another home run this week thanks to Lee Goff founder of The Get Automated Podcast has changed things up this week, and rather than focusing on specific software and specific processes Kelsey and Lee take a look a the current landscape for a growing business. What challenges does a growing business face, what problems will you encounter as you try and scale up, and why you need to standardize. How can you take a custom...


035 - Contract A Better Sales Team With Brendan McAdams

This week we have Episode 35 of The Get Automated Podcast. Every small business owner knows that sales are the backbone of a small business. How can you build an unconventional sales team that generates sales? Listen to Kelsey Bratcher and Brendan McAdams the Managing Director of Kiinetics chat about contracting your sales staff vs employing them. How to best use CRM's for sales, and the value of old school selling techniques. Download this episode to find out why you should become the...


034 - Mobile First With Troy Broussard

Kelsey Bratcher, the baddest hombre in automation and host of the Get Automated Podcast drops Episode 34 this week. This episode Kelsey has the pleasure of sitting down with Troy Broussard of Membrandt. This episode we take a look at the future of content delivery and consumption. Over the past few years there has been a major shift in how people consume content. As a small business owner this is something that you need to factor in to your business strategy and processes. The shift is going...


033 - Mitigating Migration Missteps With Laura Sills

Episode 33 of the Get Automated Podcast is packed with amazing tips and tricks for any small business preparing to use or currently using a CRM. This week we focus around Infusionsoft but many of the topics can be applied across several different software platforms. The smartest man in automation Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Laura Sills the Director Of Operations for Ziva Meditation. Kelsey and Laura discuss: data migration (changing software platforms), data clean up, spreadsheet functions...


032 - Sweep The Leg Kelsey! With Bret Martineau

This week on the Get Automated Podcast your host Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Bret Martineau owner of Wunntee Unlimited. Bret is a true OA (Original Automator) from the early days of Infusionsoft, logging around 15 years of experience. Bret bring a unique perspective to entrepreneurship as he is also a fighter. This combo allows Episode 32 to cover some interesting topics. Kelsey and Bret discuss facing fear, training to be ready for when everything goes wrong. Also we dive into how you...


031 - Merchants, Members, and Migration With Gregory Jenkins

We are dropping Episode 31 of The Get Automated Podcast this week. Kelsey Bratcher is joined once again by Gregory Jenkins the founder of Monkeypod Marketing. This time around Greg shares a behind the scenes look at making his latest project “The Migration”, which captures what really happens when a business migrates from one software platform to another. Greg’s project opens up the door for a new style of business content. Be a fly on the wall as Kelsey and Greg brainstorm the marketing and...


030 - Infusionsoft And Personal Automation With Shoan Snoday

This week we bring you Episode 30 of the Get Automated Podcast. Kelsey Bratcher sits down with Shoan Snoday owner of Sobriety Society. They focus on some deep tricks with Infusionsoft and then move on the using UTMs with paid traffic. Then go on a deep dive and learn how to do a quiz/survey funnel the Kelsey Bratcher way. Shoan then teaches Kelsey how to grab some stealth testimonials. The episode then wraps up with automating your personal / offline line life. Kelsey shares some of his life...


029 - Million Dollar Punch To The Face With Brian Young

Clear your schedule and set aside some time to listen to this week’s episode of The Get Automated Podcast hosted the smartest man in small business automation Kelsey Bratcher. We drop Episode 29 this week and are joined by Brian Young owner of Home Painters Toronto. Brian is the perfect example of what embracing automation can do for you and your business. Brian went from going door to door cold calling leads for painting contracts to having every step of the sales process automated. By...


028 - Growing Your Business With Partners With Jeremiah Sarkett

This week we spend our time talking about people rather than processes. Episode 28 of the Get Automated Podcast Kelsey Bratcher is joined by APAC Regional Partner Manager for Infusionsoft, Jeremiah Sarkett. Jeremiah’s message is to make sure you give everyone you come in contact with value. It works. He has sold more Infusionsoft to more people than any other single person on the planet. Learn what top 5 things Jeremiah recommends you do to take a bite out of your market. Get an inside scoop...


027 - Getting "Agile" With AgileCRM With Jaime Nacach

Want to learn what you need in your new lean software stack. We have you covered in the newest episode of The Get Automated Podcast hosted by the baddest man in small business automation Kelsey Bratcher. Episode 27 Kelsey is joined by Jaime Nacach from Bloominari and Jamie brings some awesome ideas and information to the podcast. First we dive into how cheap you can start off a fully functional software stack and still have an automation powerhouse for your business. Then we cover Agile CRM,...


026 - Risky Business With Darek Chojnacki

This week on the The Get Automated Podcast we take a look at Pipedrive and how an it is helping make sales easy. Episode 26 Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Darek Chojnacki, who is an Insurance Broker and small business advocate. Darek owns Green Tree Insurance, LLC and leverages automation to secure policies for his clients. The power of automation also allows Darek to run a second business (both as a solopreneur) Business Runway, where he helps small business owners set up the core technical...


025 - HotDocs and Frozen Mayo With Scott Athen

We are joined by old school automator Scott Athen, who began automating his law practice in the 90’s. Since then Scott has gone on to start another business Lomack Solutions and launch a podcast of his own “Make The Game”. He runs all three by himself, solo, zero staff. The only way he is able to do this is by using the power of automation. Kelsey and Scott touch on way too many topics to even begin to list, and this episode is a long one at just over two and a half hours. You owe it to...


024 - Sales And A Single Source Of Truth With Tim Berman

This week on the Get Automated Podcast with your host Kelsey Bratcher we take a deep look at how automation can boost your sales. Kelsey is joined by Tim Berman who is the Founder and Growth Hacker of Big Red’s Equipment Sales. Tim has leveraged automation to help his team grow 20% in the past 3 years. Oh, and they are doing that with a smaller sales staff than they had in 2015. Grab Episode 24 and learn how to get your sales pipeline, sales team, sales numbers where you want them to be. But...


023 - As Far Back As I Can Remember I Always Wanted To Be An Automator

Episode 23 of The Get Automated Podcast, Kelsey Bratcher is joined by another marketing gangster Brett Farr Founder of Blick Digital. Learn why Infusionsoft is behind the curve of other great tools and why Zoho is a do it all Automation Solution but should not be your first CRM or Automation Tool. Businesses looking to get into automation need to know what they want from the tools that will be used and the people implementing them. Know your Goals for your business before you automate. Plus,...


022 - Why Is Getting Paid So Painful With Sarah Schaaf

This week we have Episode 22 of The Get Automated Podcast. Every small business owner knows that cash flow is the life of a small business. How can you improve that? Listen to Kelsey Bratcher and Sarah Schaaf CEO and Co-Founder of Headnote chat about invoicing, receivables and most importantly payments. Sarah is a former attorney who saw something that the legal industry need to have improved and that drove her create Headnote a better way for lawyers to invoice and collect payments....


021 - Do You Suck At Automation With Wes Schaeffer

This week get ready to get introspective. The Get Automated Podcast Episode 21 is all about you. Your favorite small business automation podcast host Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Wes Schaeffer. Wes is the Founder of Sales Whisperer. He is an expert salesman, a published author, and a small business owner. Wes has more than a few years under his belt closing deals in all types of industries. Kelsey and Wes will force you to look at: What are you doing to hold yourself and your business back...


020 - From No Automation Crazy Pants To Your Outsourced Happy Dance With Dina Lynch Eisenberg

We are 20 episodes deep and this one is a home run thanks to Dina Lynch Eisenberg with Outsource Easier. Dina brought something special to the 20th episode with her wonderful charm and extensive knowledge of outsourcing and automation. The Get Automated Podcast is always improving from week to week, but this one moved the bar way up. Not only is it a great follow up to last week’s episode. Keeping the theme of the legal industry. Really, the topics discussed can be applied to all small...


019 - A Lawyer And Abraham Lincoln Roll Up To A DUI Check Point With Allen Rodridguez

The Get Automated Podcast Episode 19 is here. Download and listen to this week's episode as your host Kelsey Bratcher and his guest Allen Rodriguez freely engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Automation (Lawyers will get the joke). That's right, we have another podcast with someone from the legal industry. However, this week things are a little different. Allen Rodriguez is not a lawyer, his is someone who has helped lawyer's with the business side of having practice for about twenty...


018 - If That Guy Can Make A Million Bucks...What Am I Waiting For With Corey Thomas

Another week, another great episode of the Get Automated Podcast. This week for Episode 18 your favorite automation guru Kelsey Bratcher is joined by PicSnippets founder Corey Thomas. These guys are both veterans in regards to marketing automation and small business automation. Listening to them riff about automation solutions is like listening to a couple jazz legends having a jam session. You are not gonna want to miss downloading this weeks episode. Learn how PicSnippets can transform how...