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Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs


Monocle 24’s weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas in global business, whether they are starting from scratch, reinvigorating the family firm or developing new technology.

Monocle 24’s weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas in global business, whether they are starting from scratch, reinvigorating the family firm or developing new technology.
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Monocle 24’s weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas in global business, whether they are starting from scratch, reinvigorating the family firm or developing new technology.




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Eureka 94: Amicable

Angel investor Pip Wilson sold her successful consultancy Bluefin in order to look for a new venture in tech. After a friend went through a difficult divorce, Wilson decided to set up Amicable, a platform that uses technology to help couples divorce more easily, enabling both parties to reach a fairer outcome.


Career change

What does it take to say goodbye to a safe monthly salary and strike out on your own? This week we hear from company founders who left high-powered jobs to head off into the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. First, Peter Milne, who left finance to start The Nunhead Gardener. We also meet Bryce Gracey, who set aside a career in architecture to co-found No. 22 Bicycle Company, a bespoke titanium manufacturer. We’ll also hear why Jackie Fast left her media-marketing business Slingshot...


Eureka 93: MetroNaps

Sleep expert Christopher Lindholst puts his success down to the fact that he frequently snoozes during the working day – and he’s not alone. His company MetroNaps builds and operates EnergyPods, the world’s first chairs designed specifically for napping in the workplace. The recliners are now installed in 30 countries and used by companies such as Nasa and Google. Lindholst shares his story.



Tom Broughton has always been an eyewear obsessive – ever since he started wearing glasses at the age of seven. In 2012 he began designing and making frames on his kitchen table, not to make money but out of sheer passion. Eventually he garnered a loyal fanbase and what began as a hobby quickly grew into Cubitts, a new London-based eyewear brand that boasts a smart multi-channel model with five bricks-and-mortar shops across the city.


Eureka 92: Hill & Ellis

Catherine Ellis is the founder of Hill & Ellis, a London-based maker of handsome, handmade bike bags. As a cyclist herself, Catherine noticed both the growing popularity of cycling and the dearth of well-designed, beautifully made bags on the market. So she set out to create them herself.



Xero is a New Zealand-based company that’s a world leader in accounting software. Its cloud-based programme was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances, a tedious and time-consuming task for any entrepreneur. Since its launch in 2006, Xero has spread to some 180 countries, enabling business owners everywhere to dedicate more time to the important stuff. Co-founder Gary Turner spoke to producer Daniel Bach about how you build a global brand and how you...


The Infatuation

Chris Stang is a co-founder of The Infatuation, a restaurant-discovery platform that has become the guide of choice for discerning diners across the US. Founded in 2009, the platform has just made headlines around the world by agreeing to acquire the Zagat brand from Google, which many will know for its respected drinking and dining guides. In this episode Stang tells us how he and co-founder Andrew Steinthal came up with the idea and how they have grown evolved it in a fast-moving and...


Eureka 89: Tala

Tala is a young British lighting brand with sustainability at its heart. Max Wood and Josh Ward, two of the three co-founders, explain why they decided to strike out on their own, talking us through how you build a successful design company.


How to rebrand

Breathing new life into a brand can be a difficult undertaking. From changing a logo, to overhauling the business focus, rebranding can make or break established names and struggling enterprises. We ask Pentagram’s Paula Scher to give us her top tips for revamping a brand and have Maurus Fraser of Winkreative walk us through his favourite rebranding projects. We also talk to the duo who have reimagined British eyewear manufacturer Kirk Originals, and a Viennese entrepreneur who has rescued...


Eureka 88: Eric Brass

One-time banker Eric Brass explains the origins of Tequila Tromba, the Toronto-based premium tequila brand he co-founded in 2011.


Romée de Goriainoff, Experimental Group

Romée de Goriainoff is one of the three co-founders of Experimental Group, the French hospitality brand that launched Paris’s first proper cocktail bar and is now the name behind restaurants, bars and even hotels the world over. But it all started with three school friends and a mutual desire to spend their lives doing something fun, unconventional and challenging. In this week's episode, Romée tells us how he created one of the world's coolest bar brands.


Eureka 87: Kroft Furniture

Dustin Kroft went from moving furniture to making and designing it in 2015, when he established his eponymous design studio in Toronto. He traces the journey of Kroft Furniture and his ambitions for the firm.


James Eden, Private White VC

In 2010, James Eden gave up a job in finance to turn around a 100-year-old factory in Manchester. The result is Private White VC, a luxury menswear brand where everything is made in Britain. Eden tells us how Private White VC breathed new life into the factory – and the community.


Eureka 86: Feldspar

Jeremy Brown and his wife Cath left a vibrant life in London to move to the Devonshire countryside. There they launched Feldspar, a design brand that produces everything from tableware to lambswool blankets and is stocked in some of the best retailers in the country, including the Victoria & Albert Museum shop and Fortnum & Mason. Jeremy tells us how the countryside inspired their endeavour.


Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva

Dax Dasilva is the founder and CEO of Lightspeed, a tech firm founded in Montréal in 2005. The company provides point-of-sale software for small retailers and restaurants around the world, helping them to manage inventory, sell online and connect with suppliers and customers. Dasilva tells us how Apple was an inspiration, how design was crucial in shaping the company and why they chose to stay in Montréal.


Eureka 85: Capo Capo – Toronto’s own aperitivo rosso

Joel Clarke, Owen Wilson and Diti Katona trace the story of their Toronto-based small-batch aperitivo rosso brand Capo Capo.


Amelia Harvey, The Collective

Amelia Harvey is the woman behind The Collective, an innovative yoghurt brand that has shaken up the dairy aisles of supermarkets across the UK and Europe with its playful packaging and fruity flavours. Founded in 2011 as a joint venture with the original New Zealand-based company, it has now grown into a thriving business with annual sales of more than €33m and a vast range of dairy products. In this episode Harvey reveals the secret to getting your foot in the supermarket door...


Eureka 84: Archie Lee Coates IV, PlayLab

Archie Lee Coates IV traces the story of PlayLab, the creative studio he co-founded in New York in 2009.


It’s Nice That

Alex Bec is the co-founder of the HudsonBec Group, a company which began in 2007 with a website called ‘It’s Nice That’. The mission of the website was, and still is, to “enable creativity to thrive” and it does this by giving exposure to great artists, designers and illustrators all over the world. The brand now encompasses a printed biannual magazine and an events programme – and has a loyal fanbase. Alex told us about the brand’s humble beginnings and how it has grown since then.


Eureka 83: Mungo & Maud

Michael and Nicola Sacher are the husband-and-wife team behind cat-and-dog outfitters Mungo & Maud. In this episode, they tell us how their English setter sparked the idea for the brand and how it has grown into the world's top shop for discerning pets.


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