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From Bankruptcy to a $56 Million IPO - The Rules of Survival With Shawn Nelson The Rebel Billionaire

Shawn Nelson is the ultimate entrepreneur and founder of LoveSac the oversized "not Bean Bag" Chair that has made him one of the top furniture designers in the biz. A Self made millionaire who created a simple concept in his parent's garage 25 years ago for $10.00, which now has stores worldwide and recently completed a $56 million IPO. ONE37pm Associate Editor Omari White sat down with Nelson as he recounted the journey that got him to this point. His story reads like an adventure movie,...


Defining A Decade With Mario

Grammy nominated, multiplatinum-selling singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and philanthropist Mario has been making music since the early 2000s. He averages a staggering 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and holds place right next to some of the greatest R&B artists such as Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, and Usher. Billboard has ranked him and his music on multiple charts as a top R&B performer of the 2010 decade. He joins ONE37pm Senior Culture Editor Brian Anthony Hernandez to discuss...


Tune Out The Negative With Touré

ONE37pm Director of Podcasts, Kal Elsebai sits down with Touré, writer, music journalist, cultural critic, TV personality and host of the Touré Show podcast. As a writer he's published 5 books, written articles for Rolling Stone, The NY Times and The Washington Post, just to name a few. He was co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC, a contributor to MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show, and host of Fuse’s "Hiphop Shop" and “On the Record.” He's interviewed Spike Lee, Kendrick Lamar, RZA and many more on...


How Mindset And Confidence Conquer All With Andy Roddick

ONE37pm CEO Ryan Harwood sits down with one of the world's greatest tennis players and Grand Slam champion Andy Roddick. Roddick holds 32 titles, was ranked #1 in the world, and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. He retired at the ripe age of 30. Together Ryan and Andy discussed his amazing career, memorable matches, toughest opponents and his love of the game. Also, how mindset and confidence wins championships, and what it takes to dominate at what you do. Plus,...


Defining Your Vision With Mýa

Grammy-winning and multiplatinum-selling artist Mýa, who burst on the music scene 20 years ago as a teenager and hasn’t stopped since then, stopped by Live From The Bar Cart to talk to ONE37pm Senior Culture Editor Brian Anthony Hernandez about her career as a respected singer, songwriter, producer, musician, dancer/choreographer, actress, activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. She discussed being mentored by Prince, whose advice helped lead to her Grammy nominations; launching her own...


Creating A Movement With Wyclef Jean

ONE37pm Senior Culture Editor Brian Anthony Hernandez sat down with three-time Grammy winning musician, producer and mentor to artists of all kinds, Wyclef Jean. They discussed his groundbreaking career from the inception of The Fugees to collaborating with greats like Shakira, Santana and Avicii. Wyclef also delved into how The Fugees became a voice for immigrants finding their place in America, how his partnership with Fiverr is helping young undiscovered artists, how his next album is...


The Lion In The Ring With Knockout Specialist And Pro Champion Boxer Danny "Swift" Garcia

ONE37pm’s Culture Editor Brian Anthony Hernandez sat down with Philadelphia native Danny “Swift” Garcia to discuss his long-awaited upcoming fight against Shawn Porter to determine who will fill the WBC Welterweight Title vacancy and become the world champion. Danny also discussed his hustle in and out of the ring, advice for other fighters, the lessons he's learned as the owner of a barbershop, apparel line, record label and his stunning split-decision loss to Keith Thurman in 2017....


Breaking The Competition With Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Carl Banks

On this episode ONE37pm's Kal Elsebai chats with former All-Pro NFL linebacker, two-time Super Bowl Champion, and Michigan State Hall of Famer, Carl Banks. Banks is a multi-faceted visionary and entrepreneur who parlayed his extraordinary talent on the gridiron into a successful business conglomerate. On top of an outstanding career as an NFL champion, you can tack on media commentator and broadcaster, plus sports fashion visionary. Banks was the first athlete to acquire licensing to sell...


The Cocktail of Success With Brian Stewart, Cody Goldstein And Doug Brickel

If you’re launching your own line of liquor or a business in the food/beverage industry, then this episode is for you. Senior Producer Matt Bogart from the ONE37pm team sat down with 3 highly successful guys from different parts of the cocktail world. First Belvedere Brand Ambassador Brian Stewart who travels the country educating bartenders and mixologists on the amazing products Belvedere makes, and fantastic recipes using their Vodka, especially their new single estate rye series. Then...


There's Always Another Way In...Finding The Third Door with Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan was an uninspired medical student buried in debt. He yearned to understand how the successful people he revered were able to launch their careers before they were the juggernauts of their industry. How did Bill Gates sell his first piece of software out of his dorm room, when no one knew his name? How did Steve Spielberg become the youngest studio director in Hollywood history, when he was rejected from film school? How did Warren Buffet become the Oracle of Omaha before...


Taking Your Brand Viral With Franco Noriega The Shirtless Chef

Franco Noriega is a 29 year old Peruvian chef, restaurateur, and model. As a successful male model he is the face of brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, and Hugo Boss. At the age of 27 he opened Baby Brasa a restaurant focused on fresh organic Peruvian cuisine which he's about to open a second location now two years later. He also just released his first single as he pursues his passion as a singer. He joins ONE37pm to discuss how his modeling...


Believe In Yourself, No Matter What The Odds With Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker is one of the world's most-renowned photographers, having been a part of bringing fashion reality TV to the masses as a judge on America's Next Top Model for 17 seasons, yet he's accomplished so much more. Being skilled not only as a photographer, but also as a designer, his eye for fashion and design has resulted in the creation of his own furniture line and his own clothing line. He's also a New York Times best-selling author, a director and producer of documentary films and...


Changing The Rules (And The World) With Gerard Adams, The Millennial Mentor

Gerard Adams has a success story that reads like a fairytale. He co-founded, a well-loved news platform, which at it's height received 80 million monthly visitors. He then sold it for $50 Million dollars, making him a self-made multimillionaire at age 24. However, the path that got him there is not one you hear about often. He overcame obstacles, fear, and self-doubt. He left college early, after a semester to be exact, to pave his own path, ignoring warnings of failure and...


Evolving The Entertainment Ecosystem With Matt Urmy

When you hear the word musician, the first phrase that usually comes to mind is starving artist. Our guest on this episode wants to change that, by giving musicians the tool to run their music like a business. Matt Urmy is a successful author, musician, and founding CEO of the music software company, Artist Growth. He is anything but a starving artist. Artist Growth is a software program and mobile app that links an artist's entire team and all their touring information with real-time...


Hustle, Humility, And Team Work With NBA Pro Alan Williams

Not every player in the NBA is in the spotlight. While much of sports media shines the light on power players like Lebron James and Steph Curry, there are a multitude of players with just as much talent, hustle and work ethic. One of those players is Alan Williams, formerly of the Phoenix Suns and now a free agent rumored to be pursued by The NY Knicks. Along with his outstanding athletic ability as a pro basketball player, what really makes Williams stand out, is his attitude towards...


How Failure Leads to Success with Eugene Remm & Fashion Forward with Simon Doonan

This episode brings two very unique individuals to the bar cart. Entrepreneur and wellness expert Eugene Remm joins ONE37pm's J.J. McCorvey to discuss building businesses based on his passion for food and fitness. Eugene tells his origin story of how his failures led to his success. Our second guest is author and fashion luminary Simon Doonan, who is best known as "the world's most-famous window dresser" as the creative ambassador for Barneys New York. He joins ONE37pm's Brian Anthony...


The Zig Zag Life With Roy Sekoff & Sacrificing Your Way to Success With Brian Mazza

In this episode, Huffington Post founding editor Roy Sekoff is on to talk about his memoir, "Lacks Self-Control," which is out now. In the book, Roy talks about his career, which twists and turns as he navigates his career, family, and helping to launch one of the most disruptive news sites of all time. Also on today's show is multi-hyphenate Brian Mazza. Brian is the President of Paige Hospitality Group, where he oversees the Ainsworth restaurant empire. When Brian is not overseeing the...


Building Your Gaming Empire With AtomicMari & The Art of Hospitality With Alex Stupak & David Rodolitz

In this episode, we played Fortnite with Mari Takahashi of the Smosh Games empire. Known as Atomic Mari to fans, she reveals how she turned her love of video games into a viable career (yes, she plays games for a living), what it was like being blindsided on the reality TV show Survivor, how she and her husband play games together without being too competitive, and which games and trends got the most hype at the Electronic Entertainment Expo a.k.a. E3. We also chopped it up with chef Alex...


The Science of Communication With Jordan Harbinger & The Shake Shack Empire With Danny Meyer

In our first interview from the bar cart, author, speaker, and podcast host Jordan Harbinger stops by and gets candid about his recent departure from the Art of Charm show, how to rebuild an audience from scratch, disrupting the traditional definition of masculinity, and what to do when a colleague steals your idea. Next up, legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer—head of the Shake Shack empire—reveals the lessons he learned from failures, the cocktail he named after his father, and the new...


Welcome to ONE37pm: Live From The Bar Cart

Welcome to ONE37pm Live From THe Bar Cart! Each week, Sr. editors Brian Hernandez and J.J. McCorvey of ONE37pm sit down with entrepreneurs, do-ers, entertainers and pioneers of their respected field for candid interviews about striving to be the best at what they do. These interviews will touch on everything from sneaker head culture, to the best ways to hustle your business. Leave us a comment and let us know who you want to hear on the ONE37pm podcast! Own your future, start this minute.