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How to write a headline that sells

"Ok, so I have the value piece. But what do I call it? How do I capture everyone's attention?" Here I explain exactly how you can figure out that problem. Schedule your free 1-on-1 with me today at


How to Get Traffic To Your Offer

Okay so you've figured out what you're gonna offer online... but now you need to get some eyeballs on it! Good news. (as usual). It's not that hard. And there's even a couple of ways to do it for free! In today's episode, we break down traffic! Learn more about making a sexy offer at:


How to Crush it In Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales can be awesome. I had one of my clients make a ton of money off just affiliate sales. Wanna know how? It's all about standing out. And the easiest way to standout is to offer something in companion with the product your selling. In today's episode we break exactly that down to the step-by-step process. Learn more at:


How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Today we're talking about one of my favorite topics! How to make your competition irrelevant. You see.. the trick in the online game isn't to compete.. It's asking yourself the question of "how can I provide so much more value to the customer there isn't a question in their mind between me and the other guy?" Learn more about making your competition irrelevant at:


What is a Value Ladder?

What's a value ladder? More like... how can I help my customers even more (and make more money in the process)? Today we're talking about just that! After someone buy's your entry level product, what's next? Learn more at:


How to Pick a Charity to Give to

We all want to make it in this world... but what do you do once you do? I like to say that I'm going to buy some more diamond earrings for my horse. ;) Today we're talking about why giving is an integral part of entrepreneurship and things to keep in mind when picking who to give to. Learn more about winning in entrepreneurship at:


The World's BEST Mindset

Today we're gonna talk about something vastly underrated in the world of entrepreneurship.. Mindset. Mindset really actually determines all outcomes. Today I'm gonna break down the THREE rules keep in mind to be successful online. :) Learn more at


What's the best charity in the world?

As entrepreneurs, we are all inherently good. We want to give back. What better way than charity? But what charity should I go with? Let's find out together. Book your 1-on-1 call with me today and lets make your business fun and wildly profitable:


How to Know What to Do Everyday as an Entrepreneur

How do you know what to do everyday as an entrepreneur? Shifting from the 9-5 grind to working for yourself can be a serious shift in your life. Luckily.. it's not too hard to figure it out. First, you pick your goal, then you write a to do list. Too simple? No. It's how you break down that to do list that matters and that's what we go over in this episode. Annnd once you've got that to do list all setup, you're gonna wanna learn how to get sick conversions for your online offer. Check...


Do I have to Make My Whole Online Course Before Releasing It?

A lot of people ask me if they have to make their entire online course before selling it.. Once again. I'm the bearer of good news! The answer is no! In today's episode, we discuss the how and why of that that will save you so much time and make you so profitable it's not even funny. And.. if you want to learn even more secrets you can profit from... go to


How to Provide Social Proof when You Don't have Any Testimonies

Sounds like a tough one, doesn't? We already established in the last episode how to get social proof and how much it can help.. but what if you don't even have any customers yet? Good news. You can actually borrow authority from your industry or from celebrities. That's exactly what we show you how to do in this episode. And if you want to learn more about how to sell, go to!


How to Gain Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur, going out on your own, can be hard. People will try to pull you down or you're selling something you've never actually done before. In this episode we talk about how to get over ALL of that. Learn more at:


How to Price Your Stuff

Today we're gonna talk about how to price your stuff. Really, I see so many people making mistakes when they do this. Don't price on the project.. and don't price on the hours. You aren't an employee. You're an entrepreneur.. so price like one! And if you really wanna scale it up.. Go to to learn about how we did the same! ;)


How to Set Up a Podcast

Today we're gonna talk about setting up a podcast. I think a lot of people really kind of overcomplicate it. It's really never been easier. Listen in to learn how we produce our own episodes and how you can start today. The power is in the palm of your hand! Learn how we helped 7 funnels hit 7 figures at


How to Figure Out what To Sell Online

A lot of people ask me this... "I know I want to make money online, but I don't know what to sell." It's okay! I'm the bearer of good news. I'm here to encourage you to try different things. That's what I did! In this episode, we talk about what kind of stuff you can sell online so you can get started! If you want to learn more go to


How to Write Headlines that Sell

Today I wanted to talk about some basic copy ideas. Most people's headlines.. well.. they aren't good. But why? It's actually pretty easy to write good headlines once you know some fundamental rules and you know where your customer is coming from. If you want to learn more go to


How to Find Your Target Market

Okay so you've got your product figured out, but now you need to figure out who and where your target market is! That's what we talk about in this episode. We actually reverse engineered the whole process. See the thing is, people don't just buy a product. They buy you. They buy what you believe in. This is called attraction marketing. This episode get's into the exact steps on how to implement it so you can scale! ;)


My Origin Story

Who is Akbar Sheikh? Let me tell you the story of how I went from literally homeless to helping businesses hit 7-figures. Not only that, you'll learn a little bit about who I am and why I do what I do (which is help entrepreneurs earn more so they can give back to their families, communities, and favorite charities.) Learn more at


What is Split Testing?

What is split testing? Why does it matter? Split testing is where you make two different versions of a web page so you can see which one gets you a better result. Do more people click the green button or the blue button? Do they like this headline or that headline? Today, we go over the strategy behind split testing! Learn more at: