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Why He Sold To Teach Mindfulness with Jason Bax

The surprising reason entrepreneur & 17-year marketing veteran and professional actor (Fringe, Supernatural, X-men etc...), Jason Bax, sold his business, including, and said good-bye to the marketing industry - to teach a spiritually incorrect mindfulness practice. PODCASTERS: Looking for guests? I'd be happy to share completely candid and honest, misadventures from 17-years in the trenches of online business and marketing. Plus, my struggles with anxiety and...


I came close to death

The truth about why I suddenly stopped publishing interviews. And a what I learned from my brush with death. P.S. If you or someone you love is having thoughts of hurting themselves...there's no shame in calling a crisis helpline in your country. You have nothing to lose - please call.


Ask Bax: "How do I get more traffic to my website?"

Episode #2 Kevin asks the age old question, "How do I get more traffic to my website?" Get the cold, hard and unpopular truth. ASK A QUESTION: If you have a question you want me to answer on the show (no guarantees) Learn about the (Surprising) Power of Pay-What-You-Want Pricing Strategy - Gimmick or game changer? NEED HELP? If you just want straight-shooting, direct advice about your business idea(s), existing business or guidance finding an idea,...


#138 Growth hacking a $50 startup to a $218-million online sales with George Palmer from SendOwl

An aspiring author, George Palmer was disappointed with the solutions he found to sell his book directly to readers, so he built it himself, starting with just $50. To date, authors, game developers and artists like Radio Head and Kanye West have sold $218-million worth of digital products directly to their customers through SendOwl.


#137 Apps, towels & t-shirts. An accidental entrepreneur and her escape from the cubicle to the Canary Islands

I got this email from an Irish woman, wintering in the Canary Islands, "You mentioned in your last episode that you were looking for successful self made entrepreneurs to interview on the show... I started working for myself over 4 years ago. My first business was an app business, and then I moved into Amazon FBA and sold both businesses." Fifteen minutes after getting that email I was interviewing Elaine Heney, a former project manager, about how she built and sold 2 online business and...


Ask Bax: Choosing a domain that gets clicks and sticks?

Episode #1 of a new segment I'm testing, where you ask me, Jason Bax, a question and I (potentially) answer it on a SHORT episode. ASK A QUESTION: If you have a question you want me to answer on the show (no guarantees) 1-on-1 ADVICE: If you just want straight-shooting, direct advice about your business idea(s), existing business or guidance finding an idea, email me at and include what you want to pay for 1 hour of advice.


135: Broke To $1-Million+ Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author, Adam Croft

How Adam Croft rose from just-paying-the-bills to earning over $1-million a year by breaking the rules of conventional wisdom, and becoming one of the Uk's best-selling independent, self-published on Amazon, selling over 500,000 kindle books. You can learn more Croft'sc rime and mystery fiction books, visit Adam Croft STUCK? Pay-What-You-Want For 1-on-1 Advice With Jason Bax What's it worth to you to get unstuck, get a clear direction for profitable product idea, get more traffic or...


134: Idea to $1-million, Time Doctor Saas Founder Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson explains how he went from medical doctor, to crushing it in Adsense and affiliate marketing to stumbling on a business idea born out of his own problem managing a virtual team while traveling the world and building a $1-million a year software as a service (saas) business. But, his journey hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. Rawson shares some epic failures and expensive lessons. Rob Rawson is the founder and CEO of Time Doctor and, time tracking software for...


133: Zero to $300k / Month in 3-Years - Mystery Tackle Box

Before selling a lead generation (leadgen) software business for over $1 million, Ross Gordon went from working at famed advertising agency Leo Burnett on Madison Avenue to quitting to start an online business. Nearly going broke with a new bride to support he found a niche in an "under the radar" 45-billion-dollar market and grew this (crazy) online business to over $300,000 a month in 3-years. Also, find out the leadgen software business he sold for over $1-million dollars....


132: $100,000+ Selling "Dicks" By Mail

How Brady Brumpelt turned a (crazy) idea to anonymously send phallic shaped candy to friends and enemies into $100,000 in 3-months before he sold his online business, DicksByMail. Most recently, Brady and his friends have turned 2 more ideas into reality with back to back crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter. The Blotendo Harmonicartridge Alcade: Game Console in Your Favorite Retro Cartridge ==== OVERWHELMED, STUCK, STRUGGLING? ==== (January Only) Pay-what-you-want for 1-hour...


Turning $30K in card debt into $220 Million With 1 Idea - Glenn Elliot, Reward Gateway

How Glenn Elliott went from bored engineer to starting a web design firm that grew to 20 employee before realizing it was barely profitable and not a scalable business. Borrowing $30,000 from his credit card to develop the first version of his app / website business idea, he grew it to $1 million in revenue in 18-months (with several fails and lessons along the way along the way). Glenn Elliott is the founder of Reward Gateway, which provides employee discounts, rewards, and...


Overwhelmed? Feel stuck? Get clear direction

Learn the 3-steps I followed to get unstuck and (dramatically) turn my online business around... Confessions of a blood in the teeth, in the trenches online entrepreneur and marketer. Pay-What-You-Want For 1-on-1 Advice With Jason Bax (December Only - Limit to 6 People) What's it worth to you to get unstuck, get a clear direction for profitable product idea, get more traffic or increase online sales and start kicking ass online? Decide what that's worth to you and choose-your-own-price...


129: $3.5-million in 1-Year Selling "Stuff" Online

Find out exactly "recovering" SEO and affiliate marketer, Mike Jackness pivoted and grew an impressive ecommerce business to $3.5 million in sales (he reveals his Net profit) in 1-year in niches as diverse as from cutting boards, to treadmills to coloring books. He reveals is successes, failures and lessons on how he developed his 12-point criteria for entering a new niche market. ==== IF you're sick of the hype and noise and just want to know what's working online right now, from...


#128: $50,000+ a Month Self-Publishing Books on Amazon

Learn how a London lawyer, Mark Dawson, went from a 3-hour daily commute to earning a high 6-figure income by self-publishing fiction books. You'll also learn: How he "exploit" his book to wring more money out of each one. Online advertising to increase sales of your book - does it work? Get the truth. The daily routine that's the key to his success but ridiculed by other writers. +


127: "Not Sexy" Products That Sell Well with John Lawson

What can you learn from 14-year e-commerce expert, John Lawson, who's sold "a whole lot of stuff online;" from concert tickets to cotton products to used books? How the hip-hop business inspired his most recent idea. Finding profitable product ideas to sell. How being AGILE is the key to success in e-commerce and how to be agile. "I specialize in being agile and nimble. I've made a lot of Left and right turns in ecommerce career. It's all been about using the marketing channels, using...


126: Breaking Into Big Book or Product Into Big Box Retailers

How Angela Mader went from 28-year-old fit girl to $1-Million+ publishing business by answering one question, "Where can I get that?" Plus, what you have to know to break into big box retailers if you want them to sell your products. You can checkout Angela's Fitlosophy at ------ My name is Jason Bax, and I love giving you stories that inspire . I'm committed to avoiding snake-oil-salesmen polluting the internet and only interviewing people who are (probably) doing...


$3M Writing (How To Be) Romantic

How Chris Haddad went from hopelessly under-employed, barely getting by to finding his focus and crushing it writing romance - more specifically "how to be romantic" becoming the most dominant player in the online relationship niche. In this behind-the-scenes interview Chris shares his unorthodox approaches to selling online, like why writing a book is NEVER step 1. If you're sick of the hype and noise, and just want interviews like this, visit...


124: Teaching Your Talent Online For Fun and Profit

Find Jeff Salzenstein went from being a touring tennis pro ranked #91 in the world to entrepreneur selling $250,000+ worth of tennis training courses online. And what you can learn about turning your talent into a product and the cold, hard, no BS truth about how to do it. How he gets 30% of people to open his emails. His darkest moment and how he bounced back from rock bottom. The snake-oil marketing myth he bought into and how it hurt his...


123: How To Email Influencers for Fun & Profit with Ryan O'Hara

How Ryan O'Hara went from hating an inside sales job to loving it, quitting to launch a startup (that failed), bouncing back by figuring out how to scale funny emails and becoming a highly sought-after outbound, lead generation "stuntman" who specializes in opening doors to big company executives and influencers by sending cold emails that make people laugh. ==== If you're tired of the hype and snake-oil salesmen polluting the internet today, check out


#122: Cold, Hard Truths - Growing a (Multi) Million $ Publishing Business in 10+ Niches with Ryan Deiss

How, online marketing pioneer, Ryan Deiss, bounced back from (near) bankruptcy to grow a real, predictable, multi-million-dollar digital publishing business the right way (and can honestly look in the mirror and be proud of)...after making nearly every mistake in the book. Deiss, is best known as a marketing expert, but in this interview you'll discover that selling marketing education is the smallest part of his multi-million-dollar digital publishing business. * The "Oh sh*t"...