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Strong Within Your Creativity

We're BACK! Well, sort of, I actually have my snarkleganger filling in for me as I am STILL not 100%. I can certainly tell you that I miss laughing A LOT. On today's podcast, I have Chris O'Hearn from the Strong Within Daily Affirmation podcast helping out with a special episode for you. Today, Chris talks about how to be Strong Within Your Creativity. SHOW NOTES Links Referenced Within Daily Affirmation PodcastChris O'Hearn...


Life After Creativation

Now that Creativation is over, what to do you do now? How do you process? Should you follow up with those you met? How do you move past some of the heart aches? What do you do with all of the information you obtained, the friends you made, the memories you have and the connections you created? In today's podcast, we talk about the show, what you should be doing now that life is back to normal and identifying your focus. SHOW NOTES "The more you know why you are doing...


Making the Most Out of Creativation

We are just a few days away from the Creative Event of the Year!!! AFCI’s Creativation starts this coming week, where thousands of creative geniuses will descend upon the Phoenix Civic Center in my home town of sunny Arizona for a week long creative fun fest. Full of learning, new products, friends, laughter and Javi Hours. Plus, yours truly will be speaking at 3 of their education workshops on Thursday and Friday, which I am quite excited about. If you are going to Creativation this...


Crafting For You - Finding Your Joy

Hey everyone! It’s Suzanne and I want to thank you for joining us for the So Suzy Podcast where we help you build a business out of the hobby you love. You will also be able to get the show notes and the links we reference by visiting us at Over the past 6 months or so, I have been listening to the Strong Within Podcast from Chris O’Hearn. It’s a quick 7 to 11-minute podcast that focuses on, essentially, the power of YOU. Every day Chris has a Daily Affirmation podcast...


MIHM with Lesley Oman from Heffy Doodle Stamps

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Lesley Oman from Heffy Doodle Stamps! I am so excited to have Lesley on today's show and talk to her about Heffy Doodle AND how she launched her stamp company via a Kickstarter. Find out more about Heffy Doodle AND the amazing prizes she is giving away this week on today's show!


12 Days of Christmas with Justine Hovey

Today we have the incredible Justine Hovey on the podcast talking about her annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration, where she provides us with holiday inspiration! Hear how the 12 Days of Christmas got started, how it evolved and the incredible prizes and cards she is featuring starting TODAY! SHOW NOTES 12 Day of Christmas Social Media YouTube Facebook Blog Instagram


Making the Most of Your Crafting Dollar

If you are new to card making or are on a tight budget, making your crafting dollar go as far as possible is essential! Today, I am going to give you some crafty buying secrets on how you can save money and get started building your card making stash. SHOW NOTES Special Coupon Code and Link for 15% off all items on Gina K Designs for today (10/20/17) only! Use coupon code SOSUZY15 Perfect Starter Kit from Gina K Designs - Sentimental Bouquet Mini Kit Pick up a MISTI...


MIHM with Bonnie Krebs from Art Impressions

This week, we have the amazing Bonnie Krebs on the podcast from Art Impressions. We talk about how she got her start in the crafting industry, her over 8000 images she has designed, the evolution of Art Impressions and how she finds her inspiration! SHOW NOTES Stamp Styles TryFoldsWatercolorWobblesFront and BacksWindows to the WorldGolden OldiesGirlfriends Girlfriend Skin Tones Video Bonnie's Recommendations Marvy Markers#4 Watercolor BrushStaz-On InkPalette...


Living In a World of Knock Offs

There has been a lot of heated conversations lately over the ever-growing infestation of knock off craft supplies. Typically, when someone mentions knock offs in the crafting industry, most people immediately gravitate toward the MISTI copycats and the blatant patent infringements some companies thought were ok to violate to make a quick buck. Foolishness, my friends, foolishness. However, stamping tools are not the only ones being raped by creatives in the industry. Stamps, dies and...


Getting Ready for the Holidays with Amit Mathradas from PayPal

Whether you are a business or a consumer, it's time to get your game face on and prepare for the holiday shopping frenzy! On today's podcast, we not only give you 5 incredible tips on how you can score your favorite items during the releases and sales, but we also have Amit Mathradas from PayPal on the show. Amit gives us some incredible ideas for not only boosting sales during the holiday season, but how you can maximize the global market as well! SHOW NOTES 5 Tips to...


Snarktoberfest - Interview with Suha Hazboun from Swedish House Crafts

Welcome to Day 3 of Snarktoberfest! Today's guest is Suha Hazboun from Swedish House Crafts. Not only is Suha the owner of Swedish House Crafts, she is also one of our incredible sponsors for the Snarktoberfest blog hop! Hear all about Swedish House Crafts, Suha's love for snark AND how she has the lowest shipping rates in the UK! That's right, my UK friends, Swedish House Crafts is on YOUR side of the world!


Snarktoberfest - Interview with Donna Whiteman from the Sisterhood of the Snarky Stampers

Welcome to Day 2 of Snarktoberfest and our interview with Donna Whiteman from The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers. Today, we continue with Snarktoberfest and interviewing one of the amazing lovers of snark, a snarky place to share your creations without fear of someone standing on their precious pansy soap boxes on how your card offends their delicate natures. I also threw down the gauntlet and issued a challenge to de-throne Miss Josefine Fouarge and her Snarky Queen Reign! It's time to...


Snarktoberfest with Josefine Fouarge *Not appropriate for small children or easily offended

Welcome to Snarktoberfest! *WARNING: Today's podcast has a few bad words that may not be appropriate for little ears or those of you who get easily offended. Josefine and I talk about some of our favorite snarky sentiments and cards during the podcast, there are no F-bombs, but it may not seen as a family friendly show today. Funny, but not geared for the little people. If you get offended, don't complain to me, because I did warn you. :) First, thank you so much for your patience...


Creativation 2018 with Keli Bell-Cole from AFCI

Eeeek, I am so excited! Creativation is just around the corner and the registration for the education program starts next week on September 12 at 11am EST! Today, we have Keli Bell-Cole from AFCI on the podcast to talk about attending Creativation, the educational classes, key note speaker and so much more! And Keli is kinda awesome! PLUS, we try to talk Mark into letting her go to Greendale, WI to check out the Village! Pretty sure she needs a chaperone...just sayin! Check out the...


MIHM with Kim Evans from Emerald Creek

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Kim Evans from Emerald Creek! Today, we are going to be talking to Kim about how she got her start in the stamping industry, her unique embossing powders, AFCI Canada (because we love our Canadian sisters!) and a few shout outs to some amazing menfolk in the industry! PLUS! Kim has GENEROUSLY offered a $50 prize pack to one lucky listener! OH YA, BABY! SHOW NOTES Kim's Favorites Favorite part of running a business: Math...seriously,...


Card Classes and Retreats with Lydia Fiedler

**DISCLAIMER** Skype was not behaving during the recording of our podcast so we had to use Zoom, needless to say, the quality is not as good as normal. I do apologize and I PROMISE once you get used to the "bubbling abyss ocean sounds", you'll be fine! It would be an extreme disservice to the crafting community if I did not have the bomdiggityshizznit of all crafters on the show to talk about her incredibly cool method of hosting card classes and retreats. If you are considering...


Building and Launching Your Creative Dreams

Today, we have Teresa DeWitt-Pierce from Whimsical Card Studio on the podcast sharing with us how she built and launched her creative dream of being on a design team. PLUS, we have a special surprise for her that she had NO CLUE was coming! Thanks to Justine Hovey and Vicky Briggs from So Suzy Stamps for allowing me to a part of the fun! SHOW NOTES Teresa's Favorites Favorite So Suzy Stamps Stamp - Fancy Butterfly Favorite Crafter - Justine Hovey and Jennifer McGuire Favorite Card...


Organizing a Successful Card Class

This month, we are focusing on different ways to make extra money to support your craft habit. Last week, we discussed craft fairs and launched our Craft Show 101 online class at This week, we are going to talk about card classes and how you can make extra money by hosting your own. SHOW NOTES If you are wanting to host classes, there are a few things to consider before you go all gang busters and start promoting. If you decide to host in your home, keep these...


Financing Your Craft Habit

We all need more money for crafting supplies and with the holidays fast approaching and new releases pending, new supplies are going to be essential for our well-being and our very existence. Today, we are going to discuss 10 ways you can finagle some more money to buy the goodies you are dying to get! SHOW NOTES 10 Ways to Finagle More Money Links Referenced My Sweet Petunia Gina K Designs So Suzy Stamps The Ton Stamps Kit and Clowder Our Online Classes How to...


Getting Ready for Craft Fairs

For those of you who plan to participate in a craft fair this year, today's podcast is all for you! We are going to discuss: Also, we just opened pre-registration for our Craft Show 101 Online Class! Show Notes Cash to Have on Hand Accepting Credit Cards Options PayPal HereSquare Links Referenced Price. Market. Sell. Your Handmade CardsPricing CalculatorMISTI Friday's Listener Tip Sponsored By My Sweet Petunia