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03 - Unconventional Wisdom: Seth Godin, Embracing Failure and the Importance of Questions

Sometimes you need to break away from the pack, think differently, zig when everyone else zags. This episode is all about unconventional wisdom and how it can help you become a more successful entrepreneur. We start with marketing legend Seth Godin, who makes the case for why bigger isn’t necessarily better, we learn why you should make friends with failure and travel to Texas to meet a baker who learned the recipe for success... from a tech wizard.


Episode 02 - The Recipe for Success: Pat Flynn, Pricing Products… and Yoga?

This episode is all about the ingredients you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Start with 3 servings of Pat Flynn who’s got some great advice about standing out from the crowd and testing your products, mix in a unique pricing strategy, add a dollop of mindfulness and blend with a healthy work/life balance. Plus the definitive answer to the age old question - are entrepreneurs born or made. Episode 2 of TGIM is the recipe you’ve been looking for.


Episode 01 - What They DON'T Teach You in Business School and What They DO Teach You in Prison

Welcome to the first episode of TGIM, from Shopify. How much do we LOVE entrepreneurship? Let’s put it this way - Mondays are our favorite day of the week. We’re putting all our passion, excitement, and knowledge to work, because we want this podcast to be the essential audio guide for ambitious entrepreneurs like you. And we’re kicking off this series with some of the most inspiring and unusual stories about starting a business that you’ll ever hear. And you’ll also learn essential...