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EP43: How To Have Impact Without Working 1:1 With Clients with Natalie Garcia

If you’re anything like me, one of the things you really want to accomplish as a health entrepreneur is to have massive impact and change the lives of those you serve for the better. And, if you’re anything like me when you went to school for your health designation you were taught to work 1:1 with clients. One at a time, creating extremely personalized and new protocols or workouts each time (which actually means overwhelm for the client and tons f unpaid homework time on your part!) So...


EP42: The Secrets To High Ticket Selling with Sterling Griffin

I hope that you are ready for a serious knowledge drop, because my guest Sterling Griffin is a genius when it comes to high-ticket selling and changing your own selling mindset. My team and I have worked with Sterling on our own sales process and it’s changed our world forever. He’s high energy and has massive passion for the subject, so buckle up and enjoy! Sterling breaks down the mindset blocks that many can typically have towards sales. He reminds us that just about everything positive...


EP41: Where to Invest Your Money to Grow Your Business

This is an episode I’m hoping you bookmark and come back to again and again because it’s full of information that I wish I had when I began my own business. The idea that you need to invest in your business even before you are making money seems to come as a surprise to many when they are looking at the online space. It’s true that your start-up costs are going to be way lower than say opening a brick and mortar clinic or retail store, but there are still costs associated and you need to...


EP40: Case Studies: Stories From The Trenches

This episode was SUCH a pleasure for me to record and I’m SO excited for you to listen to it. It’s a bit different than the regular interviews or solo episodes I normally do, this is a roundtable discussion with 4 amazing Wellness Business Academy students sharing their real-life experiences - stories from the trenches if you will. It’s very important to me that I represent the reality of what it’s REALLY like to build your business from scratch, the highs, lows and everything in between....


EP39: Live Coaching: How to Know What Sells

I’ve got something different (and awesome) this week on the podcast. This episode comes from a recent Facebook Live coaching session I did in my free online community - Take Your Health Practice Online. I regularly do live training and coaching in that group to support the more than 8000 alternative health practitioners in that group that are learning to grow and build their business online and I thought it was time to share some of that goodness with you! In this episode I put 2 business...


EP38: 3 Keys to Getting Out of Overwhelm

We’re getting personal again this week! The word overwhelm is a word that I see on the regular in my online communities, and while I totally understand I also know this to be true - Overwhelm is a choice. Did that trigger you a little bit? I get it, but it’s still true. Remember, we get to choose how we feel. While we can’t always control what is happening around us, we get to choose how we feel and react to it. When you’re feeling overwhelmed you’re not taking massive, imperfect...


EP37: Turning Disordered Eatng Into A Business with Samantha Skelly

For many, sharing your own very personal and private experiences can feel super vulnerable and confronting. Or maybe you don’t feel as though you are “perfect” yet, so how could you possibly offer value or experience to others? Yet as I remind you time and time again, it’s your personal story and experience that your ideal client will resonate and connect with. It’s your story that will make people choose you over the many other health practitioners out there. But how do you actually turn...


EP36: Removing The Mompreneur Shame & Secrets with Sara Dean

What does the term “mompreneur” mean to you? If thoughts of doing ALL. THE. THINGS. and running a badass, successful business while also keeping a pinterest worthy home, spending quality time with the kids, cooking from scratch, maintaining deep, fulfilling relationships, working out regularly and doing it all with a smile….then you’re in the wrong place. Because, for this episode my guest Sara Dean is joining me to dispel the myths and shame of what it means to be a “mompreneur”. I...


EP35: The Dangers Of Having A 'Broke' Money Mindset with Shannon Lee Simmons

Do you walk around with a constant low level feeling that the bottom might fall out from under your life at any moment? Do you feel guilt or shame or anxiety when you spend money? Do you just ignore the numbers and hope for the best? Chances are you have a ‘broke” money mindset and it’s holding you back! I invited Shannon Lee Simmons to join me for today's show to discuss money, why we as individuals get so worked up over the concept of money, where those negative feelings can stem from,...


EP34: A Man’s Perspective: The Truth About Taking Your Business Online

This conversation was SUCH a breath of fresh air. It’s a rare thing to find someone that will be as open and honest about the truth of taking your business online as this week’s guest Dr. Stephen de Wit gets in this episode. Before Stephen started in the Wellness Business Academy he already had a successful therapy practice and is a published author and regular on TV and in the media. So it’s been surprising to him at how far out of his comfort zone taking his business online has...


EP33: The Wellness Business Academy Launch Review

Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of my business? Do you want to hear some of the reasoning and strategy that goes into pulling off a multi 6-figure launch? You’re in luck because I’m sharing ALL of it in this solo episode! I’m sharing my Wellness Business Academy (WBA) launch review with you! You’ll hear the background of how The WBA came to be and how it’s evolved over time. I get real about disappointments and moments of major overwhelm. I also share what...


EP32: How Being Yourself Helps You Grow Your Business with Dr. Stephanie Estima

Authenticity is a big buzzword right now. Many times being used in pretty ironic and not so authentic ways…. So it felt timely to explore what real authenticy looks like and how to truly be yourself in your business. I invited Dr. Stephanie Estima, of The Health Loft, to join me to discuss how being unashamedly yourself, quirks and all, can actually help to grow your business and attract the right clients to you. It’s true that being professional in your business is important, but that...


EP31: The Real Progression Of Building A Successful Business with Samantha Gladish

Do you feel like you aren’t moving fast enough in your business? Feel like everyone else around you is “killing it”? There are a lot of “online gurus” that are still pushing the 6-figures in 6 weeks fairytale and I know it’s taking a toll, so that’s why I wanted to explore the real progression of what it takes to build a successful health business. I invited Samantha Gladish to join me for this conversation because we’ve known each other for years and I know her business, and I also knew...


EP30: The Truth About Making Hard Choices In Your Business & Life

At the end of 2017 I had to make 3 tough choices for my business and my life, and since I learn by example I thought it might be helpful to walk you through my decision making process. The story starts on December 8th, 2017. In Collingwood Ontario with my business bestie Stephanie Joanne. We spent hours laying on the floor with a bottle of wine and talking about ALL. THE. THINGS. I kept repeating to her - “I just need more time.” and so she asked me the question - “What do you need to...


EP29: The Secret To Sell With Confidence with Michelle McGlade

This episode is SO freakin’ good I wish I could find a way to get it into the hands of all health professionals building and growing their business. If the words sell or sales make you fidget or want to throw up a bit in your mouth, this episode is a MUST listen. Because if you can’t sell with confidence then you are missing your chance to have the massive impact on your potential clients’ health that you so desire to have. I am so thrilled to share this episode with you! My guest today...


EP28: Self Care Practices & The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Melissa Ramos

Ok! Settle in because I just know you are going to LOVE this episode! Have you ever struggled with feeling burnt out, putting too much pressure on yourself or too many tasks in your day? Have your relationships whether that be friendships, with your team or a partner suffered while you build the business and life of your dreams? Well, make yourself comfortable then, because this is the conversation for you! I invited Melissa Ramos to join me for today's show to discuss the truth about...


EP27: The Future of Online Health and Wellness with Yuri Elkaim

This was a fun episode for me because my guest this week Yuri Elkaim has been a guiding light for me professionally for many years and he did not disappoint with the value he provides in this interview and how open and candid he is about his own business and experiences. If you are a health and wellness professional looking to take your health business online or are already working in that space, this is a MUST listen! Yuri was a perfect fit for this discussion because like me, he’s been...


EP26: How to Run & Grow Your Business as an Introvert with Kathleen Legrys

Leading up to recording this episode I did a poll in my online community to see how many of the alternative health business owners in there identified as an introvert. I wasn’t super surprised to see that it was well over 70%. I don’t know if it’s just that I attract introverts because I am one as well and speak openly about it (it’s true, I just play an extrovert on the internet!) or if people drawn to alternative health and being of service to others are often introverted. I invited...


EP25: Real Happiness & How To Achieve It with Gillian Mandich

Do you ever feel like happiness must just be for other people? Or it’s something you’ll “achieve” once you’ve crossed X, Y and Z off your to-do list or once you reach a certain milestone? The journey of building your health business is a definite roller coaster, but it’s important to remind yourself that you can totally have fun along the way. When I decided I wanted to cover this topic on the podcast I knew there was only ONE person to ask to join me, afterall she is currently...


EP24: How to Properly Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Social media….. Love it or not, it’s here to stay and needs to be a big part of your marketing strategies for your health business. No matter if your business is online or offline, mastering a social media platforms like Instagram can mean big time growth for your business. I know how frustrating it can be when it feels like the rules of the Instagram game are changing every week - the algorithm, the hash tags, what pictures to post, how often to post and now there are Instagram Stories...