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EP102: How to Transform Your Business from 1:1 to 1:Many

Today we have Jenn Pike coming back to the show to share some amazing insights on how she’s grown as a business owner! We talk about how she was able to break from the mentality of just being a ‘Practitioner’ to becoming a Business Owner, and why that doesn’t mean that you lose the 1:1 touch with your clients (Hint: It makes it even better!). We go into detail on what it was like to launch her first program, and the hard balance between slugging in the mud to get your business to be...


EP101: Breaking Boundaries to Build Your Best Life Ever

We’re treated with a lot of useful tips in this episode! I’m joined by Kimi Morton and Pua Pakele from Best Life Ever to talk about their journey from fitness trainers to entrepreneurs. They talk about our definition of “Best Life Ever”, how they break patterns and break boundaries with their clients, and why it’s so important to have clarity before investing money into your business. Make sure to listen until the end, where Kimi talks about the one key habit that has helped them stay...


EP100: What I’ve Learned About Becoming: The First 100 Episodes Recap

Today is our 100th episode! While it feels like it’s come so quick, I know that we’re just getting started. Today I take a look back at what I’ve learned from so many amazing guests, and I give some hints about what’s coming down the pipe. I talk about my mission to empower you to work on what you were put on this earth to do, and I cover what it takes to get there. So whether you’re a first time listener or have been with me since the beginning - thank you for joining me on this...


EP99: How to Overcome Self Sabotage

You’re in for a treat today! I speak with Leesa Renee Hall, who tells us her story of how she decided to gracefully say “no” for a year. We learn about how she used expressive writing to dig deep and transform, how to decide what your core values are, and why it’s hard for us in the wellness industry to control our need to be people pleasers. This was a really fun episode full of insights! We’re confident you’re going to love it. More About Leesa Renee Hall She is the author of 7...


EP98: Coaching Considerations: Strategies to Get Your Clients to Comply

Today we’re going to deep dive into what it actually means to be a coach! I’m joined by Dr. Krista-Scott Earle, where we hear about how she stood out from the crowd from the very beginning and turned that into her strength. We talk about what it means to be a coach vs a counselor, how to overcome disqualifying yourself to be a coach, and how to create your own brand to stand out from everyone else. This episode filled with actionable advice that you can start using today, so have your...


EP97: How to Revive Creativity and Joy as an Entrepreneur

You’re in for an inspiring journey! In today’s episode I’m joined by Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations. She tells us how she found her calling one day while skipping school and has never looked back since! We cover what it’s like to own your own shop, how to keep persevering even when things get tough (like, really tough. You won’t believe what she’s gone through!), and tips on how to watch your thoughts so that you can find calm whenever and wherever you need it. We also talk...


EP96: How to Create a Solid Financial Plan as an Entrepreneur

I’m joined this week by one of my all-star clients from my 10K Success System, Dr. Alicia MacPherson. She joins me to talk about what it’s been like to implement her signature program and take her business online as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. Alicia shares some stories from when she was studying to be a Naturopath, she was told that she’ll never make money and she knew in that moment there had to be a different way to do things. We also talk about the business model she was taught in...


EP95: How to Create a Solid Financial Plan as an Entrepreneur with Amber Dugger

One of the most downloaded episodes of the podcast ever is the first time this week’s guest Amber Dugger joined us, so obviously we needed to get her back! Money and creating a financial plan is clearly a hot topic, so we’re going deep! Amber focuses on showing you how to create a holistic cash flow system. This entails incorporating your business and your life to make sure you have enough money to run your business and pay for the things that matter to you most - so you have freedom to put...


EP94: Strategies to Minimize Imposter Syndrome for Entrepreneurs with Eman Zabi

Today we’re going to go deep and talk about something that affects even the most successful people - Imposter Syndrome! This quote from Maya Angelou pretty much sums it up, “I’ve written 11 books and even now I think they’re going to find me out.” You see no matter what stage of the game you’re in, imposter syndrome is a real thing. It’s likely never going to go away but there are things that can help dissipate it so that it doesn’t stand in your way of moving forward. Eman Zabi is a...


EP93: The Traits of a Successful Health Professional with Dr. Meghan Walker

Wow! This episode is GOLD! I strongly recommend that you download it and re-listen anytime you need some tough love and to get your mind right around what it really means to be an entrepreneur and successful health professional. Dr. Meghan Walker returns to the podcast this week to talk about the mindset traits and shifts she and I believe are necessary to make it as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space (or any space really). We really are friends in real life and have had...


EP92: How And When To Pivot as an Entrepreneur With Amanda Quinn And Laura Jackson

Get yourself ready for an episode full of inspiration and actionable advice! I’m joined by Amanda and Laura from FIT CHICKS, where we learn how they followed their passion and overcame their fears to build a successful business. We talk about why it’s important to push away negative people in your life (even if it sometimes means firing a client or two!), why it’s important to listen to your market to keep your products and services fresh, and why sharing a piece of your personal life on...


EP91: PART 2: How to Consistently Make 10K a Month in Your Health Business

If you want to help more people, spend more of your time doing the things in your business you enjoy (i.e., getting out of constant creation mode and constantly teaching the same things) then you’re going to want to save these episodes to come back to again and again as you progress through the steps. I’m not suggesting you can do this in 60 days or even a couple of months, but I do know for certain that if you stay focused, do the work, adjust as you go, it does work! So download the FREE...


EP90: Strategies to Overcome Overwhelm with Dr. Samantha Brody

If I had a quarter for every time someone in my community used the word overwhelm to describe how they were feeling, my piggy bank would be bursting at the seems! But that also hurts my heart, because although building and growing your online health business is A LOT, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it certainly doesn’t have to burn you out. In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Samantha Brody who is a licensed naturopathic physician and recently published author of the book, Overcoming...


EP89: PART 1: How to Consistently Make 10K a Month in Your Health Business, Without a Big Email List

You can totally make 10k a month in your health business. It’s true. But you likely won’t be able to do it selling one off sessions to clients, and it’s not your fault if that’s what you’ve been doing, because that’s what you were taught to do. Well, I’m here to teach you a new way of thinking and operating. A system that you can follow to consistently make 10K a month in your health business. And, before you disqualify yourself thinking that it’s not possible for one reason or another,...


EP88: Build a Business and Life On Your Own Terms With Ashley Srokosz

This is may be the most honest and open conversation I’ve had to date on the podcast, and it was such an honour to have it with Ashley Srokosz. We get deep and personal (cause that’s how we roll!) and talk about how Ashley has built a business and life on her own terms and about the bumpy, winding road it took to get there. Ashley shares her personal evolution as a entrepreneur, from a “typical” holistic nutritionist doing individual coaching and group programs, to shifting into business...


EP87: My Personal and Business Vision for 2019

We’re a week into the new year, and at the time of recording I’ve been reflecting a lot after my conversation with Michelle Waithe the Director of Operations for my company where we looked back on the last 5 or so years of my business. You can listen to more of that HERE. And as I always do, I look back through my multiple notebooks to get even more clear on my vision. My vision for both my life and my business. My vision and goals haven’t changed in years - they just become more clear....


EP86: The Truthful Road to Success With Joy McCarthy

Pull up a chair, grab a glass of whatever is your preference because this is a conversation that I’m really excited to have and was honoured that Joy McCarthy agreed to have have it with me. I think It’s so important for women to share the truth about what it takes to achieve success, as well as have an open conversation about what success even means and looks like. Also, I’m super nosey and LOVE to hear about what goes on behind the scenes with successful people, couples that work...


EP85: Personal and Business Mindset Tips for 2019

If you’re leaving 2018 feeling less than satisfied with how things have played out, or crushed it and are ready to level up even more - I highly recommend you take a listen to this episode. I’m certain wherever you’re at you’ll hear a reminder that is exactly right for you to support you to continue to work on a growth mindset both personally and for your business. It’s so important to me that you understand the personal work is never done AND it’s the most important work you’ll do to...


EP84: How to Build an Engaged Community

I’ve created the community I wished for when I was first starting out Years ago when I was first starting out I found it near impossible to find others, especially women, that were on a similar path to me. I felt like an outsider and wondered if something was wrong with me. Having big, audacious goals and dreams didn’t feel “normal” and it was hard to find a place where I really felt like I belonged. As I’ve created my programs, building a community was at the forefront of my vision. I...


EP83: How to Get Stuff Done in Your Business

Whether you are listening this in real time during the holidays or it’s months in the future and you’re sipping a cold drink in the heat, my goal for this episode is to give you actionable tips and tasks so you can GSD (that stands for Get Stuff DONE) in your business. It hurts my heart when I see people in my Take Your Health Practice Online Community or my paid programs The Wellness Business Academy and Launch it Like a Boss, spinning their wheels and staying stuck. So let’s work on...