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011: How to build an MVP | Ryan Heneise

Episode 011: How to Build an MVP Welcome, Episode 11 of the Longcut Podcast, where we're busy poking holes in the myth of the overnight success. I'm your host Ryan, and today we're doing something a little bit different. I don't have a guest today; instead, I thought it would be fun to talk about MVPs and let you in on some of the secrets that we use to successfully create brand-new web products. I also want to give you an update on the podcast, because I'm going to be changing the...


010: Selling Your Byproducts | Nathaniel Talbott

Takeaways: Sell Your Byproducts:Sometimes you have to operate a particular business for a while to recognize that a hole that exists in the market. If you're watching for it, you may realize that the hole is more valuable than the business you're actually operating.Don't be afraid of a big pivot.Spreedly started out as a subscription management service, similar to Stripe. Several years into it, they realized that what customers really wanted was a way to store credit cards in a...


009: The Long, Slow SaaS Ramp of Growth | Mason Hale

Today on the Longcut we’re talking with Mason Hale. Mason is the founder of TeamTopia. TeamTopia’s flagship product is SwimTopia, which helps teams streamline and manage the logistics of running a swim team. Proactively narrow down your niche audience. Many entrepreneurs have a product or service that they try to apply to as large of an audience as possible. Instead, niche down and narrow your focus - you can’t meet the needs of everyone, everywhere. You’ll be enabled to communicate and...


008: Do You Need a Startup Accelerator? | Kevin Koym

Takeaways: What to look for in a venture accelerator.Much of the value in the top-tier programs—the most famous and sought-after accelerators like Y-Combinator and TechStars—has to do with the halo effect. You'll have contact and mentorship opportunities with people who can really help move your business forward. Second-tier programs can also offer a lot of value in the community. Beware of programs whose primary emphasis is on the mechanics and structure of the business...


007: In Search of the Perfect Business Model | Allan Branch

Takeaways: Beware of entrepreneurial enthusiasm.It can definitely drive your momentum in the early days, but it can also be exhausting. Do ride the wave when you catch it. But channel that energy into creating a sustainable business that will continue beyond the initial wave of entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Younger entrepreneurs may have a longer wave to ride; as we get a little older, and especially once we begin a family, it’s important to balance our energy. It might be tempting to work...


006: Is Your Next Business a Productized Service? | Brian Casel

Takeaways: Whether you realize it or not, you’re modeling entrepreneurship to your kids. That’s a good thing.Brian was an entrepreneur before he knew he was an entrepreneur. His upbringing in many ways prepared him for a career of self-employment. For all you parents out there listening; take this lesson to heart: don’t be afraid to bring your kids into your confidence about your business. The lessons you’ll teach them just by watching you will change the way they see the world, and will...


005: How to Validate Before your MVP | Ada Ryland

Takeaways: The very earliest days of a startup's life are some of the most exciting, but they're also arguably some of the most risky. Decisions must be made in the early days about all sorts of things that will affect the future of the business: what products to offer, what kinds of customers to serve, what marketing channels to use, what sort of company culture to build, and on and on. Although for many startups the table stakes (investment of time and money) are relatively low, there...


004: Nathan Barry | Why Direct Sales is the Best Way to Grow a Small Software Company

Nathan Barry is the founder of Seva (formerly ConvertKit). I had heard about ConvertKit's story from Nathan before, and it really stuck with me. ConvertKit is an amazing company. They've had incredible growth recently, and it's easy to look at where they are today and think it was a foregone conclusion. Little did I know that there was a time when Nathan considered giving up on the idea. I sat down with Nathan to ask him about why he didn't give up on the idea, and what it was that...


003: Brennan Dunn | How You Think About Sales Makes a Big Difference

Brennan Dunn is the co-founder of RightMessage, and the founder of Double Your Freelancing, a community of freelancers and agencies, offering courses that help freelancers increase their rates and charge what they're worth. Brennan's latest venture, RightMessage, is a tool that helps marketers build highly targeted messaging for website visitors. The idea behind RightMessage is that you want to talk to people differently depending on who they are and what their needs and interests are....


002: Shelley Delayne | Why Community is So Important for Entrepreneurs

Shelley Delayne is the owner and proprietor at Orange Coworking in Austin, Texas. I wanted to catch up with Shelley because she is someone who has remarkable insight into the psychology and the mental landscape of independent entrepreneurs. Shelley opened Orange Coworking partly out of her own need for a place to work outside the house. But she quickly realized that the need for community—to be around other entrepreneurs and self-employed knowledge workers in a supportive environment—was...


001: Ken Wallace | Create Value Early in Your Startup

Ken Wallace is the mind behind, a community of entrepreneurs who come together to support one another through mastermind groups. Mastermind groups are peer-led groups of 3-6 people who meet on a regular basis to help each other discuss and accomplish their business goals. Takeaways: Giving things away for free is not always an effective way to grow a base of early adopters. It seems counterintuitive: people should be eager to try something new for free while you’re...


000: Ryan Heneise | The Longcut: What's this all about?

The Longcut breaks down the illusion of the overnight success by sharing the stories of those who have successfully created, launched, and grown software businesses to solve a problem. In the fiercely competitive world of SaaS, Ryan introduces you to the brilliant minds behind the businesses we admire. You’ll hear perils and pitfalls, stories of staggering success, candid conversations, and what drives these owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators forward. Key themes we’ll explore include...