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The Moment HQ is a podcast series hosted by Monica Kade, starting conversations with purpose that inspire and encourage creativity, self realization and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Moment HQ is a podcast series hosted by Monica Kade, starting conversations with purpose that inspire and encourage creativity, self realization and entrepreneurial spirit.
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The Moment HQ is a podcast series hosted by Monica Kade, starting conversations with purpose that inspire and encourage creativity, self realization and entrepreneurial spirit.




Ep97. Your Focus Influences Your Destiny with Masego Mothei, OWLAG Series

"There's always going to be some people who waste opportunities and some that grasp them." - Ep97. Masego Mothei, The Monica Kade Podcast In Episode 97 of The Monica Kade Podcast we talk to Masego Mothei, our third conversation in the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls series. Masego grew up in a small town called De Deur in South Africa. Both her my parents had very little schooling, but somehow, managed to get her and her four siblings through school. She was accepted into...


Ep96. Be Intentional With Your Dream Building with Andronica Klaas, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Series

"Failure is not a bad thing...In the process of dreaming and living out your dream, you are going to come across roadblocks. But understanding at that moment that 'hey, this is a lesson' take a step back and figure out what that lesson is so you don't have to encounter it later in the future." - Andronica Klaas, Ep96. The Monica Kade Podcast Welcome to Ep96. You Have to Have An Intention For Your Dream with Andronica Klaas, the second alumni graduate from my Oprah Winfrey Leadership...


Ep95. You Deserve to Be As You Are with Avukile Zoya, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Series

Welcome to Episode 95 of The Monica Kade Podcast. This week we kick off a 5-week podcast series with The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG). My first OWLAG alumni guest is Avukile Zoya, who was born and raised in South Africa. She is the youngest of 4 siblings and was raised by her mom and sister—who was only four years older than her. Her acceptance into The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, was a powerful stepping stone enabling her to have the education she...


Ep94. Is Love Free? The Love Experiment with Amir Zoghi

"I realised, I'm comfortable. I'm too comfortable. I'm comfortable in my lifestyle, in my self...For me, life is experienced outside of your comfort zone...This Love Experiment has put me outside my comfort zone." - Amir Zoghi, Ep94. The Monica Kade Podcast In Episode 94 of The Monica Kade Podcast I sit down with International Speaker, Coach and Aerobatic Pilot, Amir Zoghi. On the 1st May, 2019 he released his $6,600.00 signature coaching program: OMG (Oneness Mentoring Group) to the...


Ep93. Bringing What's Unconscious to The Forefront with Ghazaleh Lowe, Bondi Guru

“…The energy of your star sign impacts you on so many different levels that if you read it and go, ‘I don’t get it?’, you’re so far away from yourself. —Ep93. Ghazaleh Lowe, The Monica Kade Podcast Welcome to Episode 93. Bringing What's Unconscious to The Forefront on The Monica Kade Podcast. My guest is Ghazaleh Lowe who is a facilitator and the writer behind the much loved Intuitive Horoscopes for Bondi Guru. Ghazaleh has 20 years facilitation experience behind her and has been...


Ep92. Use Your Inner Wisdom to Eat with Liv Kaplan, Nutritionist

"My overall mission isn’t to have people lose weight or fit into a certain amount of macros, but I want them to feel the love for the kitchen that I do.” - Liv Kaplan, Ep92 The Monica Kade Podcast Episode 92 of The Monica Kade Podcast was a riot to record. My guest was Liv Kaplan, nutritionist and passionate foodie with a keen eye for all things health and wellness. I’ve been following Liv for quite a while now—on Instagram that is. Not to yoga or the farmer’s market or anything—that’d...


Ep91. [Mindset] Life Gave Me A Lesson In Appreciation...The Hard Way

We're back this week with another episode of Pep Talks for Your Soul. I missed sharing an episode with you last week due to illness, however; it inspired this episode. Today, I share with you a lesson in appreciation that life dished up to me last week. It's funny how sometimes you don't realise how far away from your centre you really are. And, if you're lucky life will remind you. I say 'lucky' because for me, in each moment of each day I strive to be the fullest and truest...


Ep90. How to Build A Real & Lasting Relationship with Mark Groves, Human Connection Specialist

"It's important for people to understand that wherever you hold resentment...that's a place where you don't prioritize yourself." - Mark Groves, Ep90. The Monica Kade Podcast In Episode 90 of The Monica Kade Podcast: How to Build A Real & Lasting Relationship, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Groves. He has a specialised interest in the area of Human Connection. He’s an author, speaker and sales consultant. Aside from his professional titles, he’s just a really cool guy...


Ep89. [Health] What You Need To Know About That Body You Want

In Episode 89 of Pep Talks for Your Soul, I talk about some things you ought to consider before you chase after 'that' body you want. I think every woman on the planet is susceptible to feeling shame or discontent in her skin. After all we live in a world that's telling us how we 'should' be and how we 'should' look. Let's get real for a minute...the 'perfect body' is not what you actually want and even if you do attain it, unless you've stopped to reflect on what's driving you to aspire...


Ep88. Why Real Empowerment Isn't Built on Abs & A Booty, Amber Dodzweit Riposta, Pro Athlete & Fitness Model

"I love to work out, I love to run. And you know, there was no end goal for me. There was no body I had in mind. I just did what I was made to do what I love." - Amber Dodzweit Riposta, Ep88. The Monica Kade Podcast Yes, she’s beautiful, got a killer smile and is a weapon in the gym. And yes, she has a physique that so many women would kill for. But that’s not what I love most about this woman. What inspired me to have her on the podcast was her honesty, humility and ability to not take...


Ep87. [Mind] Girl, (or Boy) Get It Off Your Chest!

In Episode 87 of Pep Talks for Your Soul, I talk about getting it off your chest. I don't know about you, but for me expressing how I feel in the past was struggle street. I was much better at bottling it all up, keeping the peace and carrying all my feelings and emotions inside of me. I became a master bottler. I was a professional at making it appear that my life was together or that I wasn't affected by things...until I wasn't. Or until I had a mental breakdown. And, if you...


Ep86. [Lifestyle] 4 Non-Negotiables to Being Your Best Self EVERY Day.

In Episode 86 of the Weekly Pep Talks for Your Soul series, on The Monica Kade Podcast I talk about 4 Non-Negotiables to Being Your Best Self EVERY Day. These are four things I do not compromise on ever. Nope. Nah-uh, no way! Why? Because I strive to be my best every day. In each moment. Obviously, my best varies from day-to-day, and it’s never about comparing myself or my efforts to the previous day—it’s just about being the best version of myself that I can be, in the moment I am...


Ep85. Why You Must Live Outside Your Comfort Zone with Ren McGann, Big Wave Photographer

“It’s that rawness of being in the moment. There’s just so much going on around you. Your focus is so pinpointed…I find it so relaxing.” - Ep85. Ren McGann, The Monica Kade Podcast Ren McGann's and my path collided via Instagram. I very quickly fell in love with his big wave photographs and it wasn't long before gut instinct urged me to get him on the podcast show. I follow A LOT of wave photographers but over the years, nothing has moved me in the way his photography has. We got to...


Ep84. [Mindset] Pep Talk For Your Soul: Get Unstuck in 7minutes

Here's your Weekly Pep Talk For Your Soul. In this Pep Talk episode I talk about getting unstuck and the things that prevent us from getting 'unstuck'. I also share how you can easily come to the resolution you seek. AND you'll be able to do it by the end of this episode! Hi-Five! A couple conscious steps you can take and move forward into your week with clarity! ...and who doesn't love clarity! Want to receive Daily Pep Talks? You can sign up here + get a free...


Ep83. [Health] Pep Talk For Your Soul: Forget Exercise. Here's Why

As of next week, (Mon 18th 2019) every Monday I’ll be bringing you a new episode of Pep Talks for Your Soul. You’ll hear me talk about conscious lifestyle tips that’ll help you make better choices in the areas of health, nutrition, self-love, career and relationships. Overall these short episodes will support you to bring out your best in each moment—because that’s all we ever have. Change starts here and now. Being your best starts exactly where you are. I hope you enjoy the first...


Ep82. Gut Health 101 + Recipes to Die For with Jordan Pie, Nutritionist + Wellness Blogger

"Just because the ingredients change doesn’t mean the menu has to." - Jordan Pie, Ep82. The Monica Kade Podcast Episode 82. of The Monica Kade Podcast with Jordan Pie. Jordan is a qualified Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner, a health and wellness blogger, food photographer and a recipe developer. Jordan believes that truly nourishing your body and using food as medicine is the key to great physical and mental health. She specialises in gut health and all of the implications that go with...


Ep 81. Do Less & Live More with Kate Northrup, Best-selling Author & Entrepreneur

"If you're not going to clear the space now...You're never going to have the space." - Kate Northrup, Ep81. The Monica Kade Podcast Welcome to Episode 81 of The Monica Kade Podcast. Today we’re talking with Kate Northrup. She’s an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mother, who discovered that her “on purpose” work and dream are to support ambitious, motivated and successful women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate’s genuine nature, humorous...


Ep 80. What's Real Food? Where do you begin? with Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist

"I'm all for someone having a goal around performance or fat loss or whatever it might be that they come to see me for in the first place, but we have nothing without quality of life. There's no point being old if you're very unwell and on a whole suite of medications, at least in my opinion. That's not my idea of quality of life." - Steph Lowe, Ep80. The Monica Kade podcast In Episode 80 of The Monica Kade podcast I got to chat to the founder of The Natural Nutritionist, Steph Lowe....


Ep 79. How to Find Your Brave with Dr Rebecca Ray, Author, Clinical Psychologist & Speaker

"You can feel all the feelings and still be brave." - Dr Rebecca Ray, Ep79. of The Monica Kade Podcast In Episode 79 of The Monica Kade Podcast we’re talking to Dr Rebecca Ray. Author, Clinical Psychologist and Speaker. We dive heart-wide-open into what Brave looks like. We get clear on what the word means in a way that you allows you to determine what your definition of brave is and what it looks like to you. We also chat about her latest book, The Universe Listen to Brave. Beck’s...


Ep78. A Mother’s Choice: Save Her Unborn Baby or Her Own Life w. Elle Halliwell, Journalist + Author

"When your whole future is taken away from you —or what you think is your future—there is absolutely no choice but to be present. Because you’re grasping for every second to spend with your loved ones. Every minute counts." - Elle Halliwell, Ep78. The Monica Kade Podcast In Episode 78 of The Monica Kade podcast, I spoke with Elle Halliwell journalist, author and mum. By the time Elle and I sat down to chat, we’d already bonded over being Northern Beaches locals—although she’s now...