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A show for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits. And since when did talking about money need to be boring?! The Profit First Podcast gets serious about money by having the most fun possible.

A show for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits. And since when did talking about money need to be boring?! The Profit First Podcast gets serious about money by having the most fun possible.
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A show for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits. And since when did talking about money need to be boring?! The Profit First Podcast gets serious about money by having the most fun possible.




Episode 209: Designing a Business to Run Like Clockwork

Any business can become streamlined, including yours. In this episode, Adrienne Dorison explains how to streamline your business, regardless of the size, and as a result, receive way more profit than ever before.


Episode 208: The Profitable Side of Conflict with Liz Kislik

Conflict may be an inevitable part of life, but you don’t have to give up on new opportunities and growth when employees don’t get along — you can accelerate your company’s progress and profitability instead! Liz Kislik helps us understand why conflict happens and how to prevent, alleviate and learn from it.


Episode 207: Maximizing Your Impact with Nigel Bennett

Do you feel guilty taking time away from your business? We explore the benefits of taking space away from your business with Nigel Bennett. Nigel argues in order to be really integral to your priorities and overarching goals for your life and business, you need to distance yourself from the daily operations. Furthermore, you need to trust the clarity and insight you gain, even if it seems counterintuitive to the path you thought was best.


Episode 205: Transitioning to an Entrepreneur with Steven King

The Kings Texas Smokehouse has a new owner, Steven King. Business is off to a start, but definitely not profitable. Steven joins the show to be coached by Ryan Lee, Kelsey Ayres and Mike Michalowicz to get him quickly down the road towards profitability.


Episode 204: The Benefits of Understanding Lingo with Jeffrey Shaw

Your ideal prospects and customers have a specialized lingo that they use. Discover to learn their secret language and you'll immediately earn their trust and their money. Special guest Jeffrey Shaw, the author of LINGO, comes in and shares the 6-step process.


Episode 203: Using Systems to Rein in Profit with Marina Darlow

If your business is a creative business, you can surely still be profitable. our guest Marina Darlow explains how creative entrepreneurs can channel their ADHD gifted selves to become permanently profitable by using all things systems in their business.


Episode 201: What It Takes to Create a Sustainable Business with Josh Patrick

Josh Patrick joins to talk about his book Sustainable and what it actually takes to create a business that is sustainable. Listen and learn the five areas of business sustainability, why most businesses hire so poorly, and why profit is a result..not a goal.


Episode 200: Profitability in Farming with Kathryn Kerby

Today, Kathryn Kerby talks about profitability from the aspect of a farmer. If there's one business that is difficult to make a profit, it's farming. Kathryn's farm was struggling to survive and hit rock bottom; when Kathryn found Profit First she implemented it immediately, and now her farm has quadrupled in revenue and slashed costs in the process. Discover how this 20-acre farm turned a financial calamity into a prospering business.


Episode 199: How to Get 10,000 Fans with Kim Walsh-Phillips

There is a secret, powerful sequence of steps you can take that will result in 10,000 or more fans guaranteed. Kim details literally every, single step. By the end of this episode, you know exactly how to gain 10,000 fans on Facebook, for less than $100. This is a must listen to, secret-sauce-revealed, way to add more fa


Episode 198: Partnering with a Profit First Professional with Ramona Rice

Ramona Rice had a business that was growing but not profitable. She made the decision to hire a Profit First Professional and her company proudly posted its first profit within the first quarter of hiring a new coach. Ramona Rice walks us through her experience of bringing on a Profit First Professional and how she specifically implemented Profit First in her Spapreneur business. You can do the same by following Ramona Rice's profitability method.


Episode 197: Leveraging Your Strengths with Derelle Roshell

Starting a business at any age is difficult, making it profitable is even harder. Yet, Derelle Roshell stared his first business at 16 and his second at 18 and has made both profitable. Derelle shares how he was inspired to become an entrepreneur, how to make his businesses profitable and some unique approaches to positioning your business that will ensure success.


Episode 196: Profitability and Spiritual Abundance with Edwene Gaines

Welcome to Episode 196 of the Profit First Podcast! WARNING: this episode contains references to spiritual and biblical beliefs... and if that scares you off it's unfortunate. Today we have the privilege of speaking to famed author Edwene Gaines about the concepts of her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Whether you share these beliefs or not, the rules and guidance you will gain in the next 38 minutes are irreplaceable; Listen in, enjoy,...


Episode 195: Networking Effectively Leads to Greater Profitability with Robbie Samuels

Robbie Samuels joins Mike on this week's episode of Profit First Professionals! One of the lost arts of profitable businesses is networking. Robbie Samuels, master networker, explains how you, regardless of how introverted you may be, can network like the world's elite. Robbie shares the simple steps for making your business extraordinarily profitable though networking and generating leads through the people you meet.


Episode 194: Finding Your Greatness with Lewis Howes

Author and Entrepreneur Lewis Howes joins us to talk about his new book and the power of finding your greatness.


Episode 193: Freedom Through Profit First with Shane and Jocelyn Sams

A couple uses Profit First and The Pumpkin Plan to become online super successes! Jocelyn and Shane Sams left their teaching careers to achieve the ultimate in freedoms: financial freedom, freedom to be with their family, and freedom in time. You can do the same!


Episode 192: Reframing Customer Loyalty with Jack Daly

Jack Daly is a master of public speaking and sales and shares with us his tips and processes. He really delves into techniques to connect and grow customer relationships by using effective systems. Welcome to Episode 192 of the Profit First Podcast!


Episode 191: Woman-Owned Businesses in the Entrepreneurial World with Elizabeth McCourt

Woman-owned businesses have a massive opportunity in the entrepreneurial landscape. If you are a woman-owned business, you can become more profitable than ever. If you're a guy, there are insights here for you, too! Join us with Elizabeth McCourt.


Episode 190: Profit and Membership Organizations with Michelle Villalobos

Welcome to Episode 190 of the Profit First Podcast! Michelle Villalobos shares her story of launching a membership organization - and how it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Michelle left a corporate position to start her company; it was only after she burned through all of her savings that she was able to start making the turn towards a successful business... but her story wasn't done yet! It took years to finally get her business to a level of consistent profitability. Then with the...


Episode 189: How to Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul with Lisa Robbin Young

Author Lisa Robbin Young is releasing her newest book, Creative Freedom. In Episode 189 of the Profit First Podcast, Lisa shares the details on how you can own your dream once and for all, without selling your soul ever.