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Vape Radio is the only voice of the vape space where you'll hear from thought leaders and vapreneurs on the ever-evolving e-cig/vaping industries. Hosted by Norm Bour, founder of VapeMentors.

Vape Radio is the only voice of the vape space where you'll hear from thought leaders and vapreneurs on the ever-evolving e-cig/vaping industries. Hosted by Norm Bour, founder of VapeMentors.
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Vape Radio is the only voice of the vape space where you'll hear from thought leaders and vapreneurs on the ever-evolving e-cig/vaping industries. Hosted by Norm Bour, founder of VapeMentors.






Vape Radio 102- TPE (Tobacco Plus Expo) Leads the 2019 Event Circuit

TPE is the first major show of the year- and I think the best. Not a party or cloud comp, this is a professional show run by professionals. Vape, tobacco, alternative, CBD, it’s all here along with probably the best educational program of the year. Today we speak with Ben Stimpson with TMG Media, owned by Krekek and Phillips & King.


Vape Radio 101- Vape Education from the Medical Viewpoint: How VAEP in Canada is Leading the Charge

The Vaping Advocacy and Education Project, also known as VAEP, is a labor of love created by Kellie Anne Forbes, a registered nurse. After finally kicking the habit after decades of failing (wait till you hear what she went through!), so found vape and never looked back. But she was dismayed and angry at the false medical research that was out there. Using her skills she poured through hundreds of medical reports and condensed the information into bite-sized pieces which she makes...


Vape Radio 100- Age Verification in One Easy Step!

As we fend off the attacks from the FDA and regulators, one of the easiest ways to protect yourself is to check the IDs and age of all your buyers, both in person and online. On this week's show, #100!, we interview Chris Meyer with Intellicheck, the leaders in age verification, bar none. For over 25 years they have been protecting government and law enforcement agencies and commercial businesses as well, from the proliferation of phony Ids. The technology allows duplication of magnetic...


Vape Radio 99- Can one person make a difference in the Vape Space? Just ask Wendy!

Sometimes we wonder if we can make a difference in the world or in the vaping space. Wendy had passion and drive and did well until YouTube terminated her account... Learn about perseverance and commitment to recover and get back in business. Hard to believe, but we are just one away from number 100!


Vape Radio 98- Chris Howard with E-Alternative is a leader in e-cigs and advocacy

Chris Howard is the attorney for E-Alternative Solutions, a division of Swisher. This interview provides insight to how large tobacco companies have recognized the power of vaping and have tapped into the needs of the marketplace.


Vape Radio 97- Innevape, the quiet giant behind Heisenberg liquid, offers great lessons here

Jeff Connell was a former rocker, who still rocks, so when he discovered vaping it changed his life. The Heisenberg line is world famous and many try to copy it, which is a great lesson to learn about protecting your IP.


Vape Radio 96-Nicotine Salts: WHAT are they, and Why should you care? Get the answers from Solace Salts

Nicotine Salts are controversial, satisfying, popular- and very much under attack. JUUL was the gateway to this new world and has become a lightening rod for media. Find out from Solace the truth behind what can help former smokers STAY off tobacco.


Vape Radio 95-Lotus Vaping Technology Adds Convenience Stores to their Profit Centers

Lotus, based in Idaho, has been a Quiet Giant for many years. They have expanded into convenience stores and added CBD to their mix. Listen and learn.


Vape Radio 94-The Chill Room mixes Vape, Cava, CBD, and Glassware into one Gorgeous Shop

Robert Cartagine and his son, Joey, were so happy with their first shop, The Vaping Store, that they opened the second one and combined all the best and coolest of the old as well as the new. Learn how to ADAPT to the new times and expand into other vape related products, like glassware, CBD and Kava. The shop is 3000 sq. ft. and accommodates the age spectrum from Millennials to Baby Boomers.


Vape Radio 93- Cannabis and CBD: the risks and rewards with attorney Christopher Van Gundy

If you are curious about the legalities and issues with CBD and cannbis, then learn from noted attorney Chris Van Gundy and learn where the risk is as well as the money!


Vape Radio 92- Derek Yach: Is the Medical Community Finally Getting the “Vaping Message?

Derek Yach is a physician and an activist and has been on the forefront of education the “medical community” about the dangers of smoking and the less damaging effects of vaping. As a member of the World Health Organization, he is “thinking the unthinkable” in that it is possible to eliminate most cigarette smoking worldwide. He is founder of an organization called “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.” They have a lofty mission, but have resources to help them change the way the world...


Vape Radio #91: The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) Could Bring us all Together!

Today we have a treat, and maybe an introduction to an organization you might not be familiar with. It’s called the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America, or EVCA. Could they be the glue that brings this industry and OTHER groups together? We don’t know and you may be more clear than I when you listen to the entire episode. In Dallas in November the VAPE Showcase will bring Mark and Congressman Duncan Hunter and several trade groups together at one place, possibly for a round table, get...


Vape Radio 90: Indiana Regulations Update – Are You Ready?

The state of Indiana has seen its share of challenges in the past few years. Former Governor Mike Pence signed a bill that limited the number of liquid manufacturers to less than six. These six companies had to adhere and conform to insane standards and unless you were able to comply, you could not sell liquid in that state. Turns out there were underhanded dealings which included dirty politicians, casino money, and even cannabis influencers! The FBI has an ongoing investigation, but...


Vape Radio 89: PA Vape Tax Update - Interview With Chuck Huff From The Pennsylvania Vape Association

Chuck Huff, the president of the Pennsylvania Vape Association tells us the effects on the vape industry in my old home state and how it has decimated the vape industry there. Entrepreneurs that risked their hearts, souls and money have been ruined in some cases and it ain’t over yet. The worse may still be yet to come. Last year the state of Pennsylvania approved a 40% floor tax, which is what we’ll be speaking about today. And in my current state of California, the deal breaker just...


Vape Radio 88: A Billion Lives interview with Aaron Biebert

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past year you have heard about this movie called A Billion Lives. It was the brainchild of director, Aaron Biebert, a nonsmoker, who was intrigued by this new thing he heard of called “vaping.” As he researched the market and looked into the history of vaping, some bad things surfaced. Those bad things included efforts by competitors, primarily Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, to squelch the industry. The Big Boys were threatened by our world, and they...


Vape Radio 87: Drama! Intrigue! Conspiracy! And Finally, JUSTICE In The Indiana Lawsuit

Lawsuits: no one wants them and if you can avoid them, it’ll be cheaper for you all the way around. But litigation is part of life and business since it follows disputes and disagreements and they are an everyday event. In this crazy vape world, we have our share of disagreements and sticking points. The biggest one right now, the elephant in the room, is the battle against the FDA. There are currently four major suits against the FDA, initiated by some of the biggest names and players in...


Vape Radio 86: Understanding the Asian and Far East Vape Market (Part II)

This is part II of our interview with Keller and Heckman LLP law partner, David Ettinger, speaking to us from Shanghai. Our last show, VAPE radio #85, covered China, and this show expands into Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Russia and other areas as well. It will be an eye opener since you will get a deep, deep dive into the vape market overseas. Be sure you catch our prior show to learn about China proper. See the long list of topics we covered below. Ettinger has...


Vape Radio 85: Understanding the Chinese Vaping Market

Today’s show will be an eye opener since you will get a deep, deep dive into the vape market overseas, specifically China. See the long list of topics we covered below. David Ettinger is a partner with the Keller and Heckman law firm in Washington DC, and he’s lived in Shanghai for 4 years and follows the market there every day. There was so much information to cover that I asked him to keep going and we’d create a Part II and that’s what we did. This is part I, which speaks to the Chinese...


Vape Radio 84: TPE May Indicate the Future of the Vape Industry

Today’s interview is with Jason Carignan, CMO of Kreket International, and their subsidiary, Phillips and King. There is one vape event that stands apart from the others and that is TPE. Tobacco Plus Expo is the official name, but most call it TPE for short. The show will be held on Jan. 25-26 in Las Vegas and the good news is that it’s free to all of us in the vape space. Here’s why I make TPE a “must attend” event and you should to. This show is an indicator of the direction of the...


Vape Radio 83: 2016 Review: Rants, Ravings and Thoughts from Norm

Today, no guests. Just me, sharing some wit, wisdom and insights…or possibly not! As we roll into 2017, we must recognize that the world of vape this year will change at an exponential pace. New regs, new dates to implement them, and the closing of many businesses will provide a shakeout unlike any we have seen before. Last year, in 2016, we saw some carnage, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. In this show, I provide a bit of my background, for context, and some...