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Steve Curwood hosts this weekly environmental news and information program.

Steve Curwood hosts this weekly environmental news and information program.
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Steve Curwood hosts this weekly environmental news and information program.




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Puerto Rican Resilience After Maria, Floods of Waste in the Carolinas and more

Wastes Flood The Carolinas / Science Note: Hurricanes, Lizards and Leafblowers / "Pa'lante": Puerto Rican Resilience After Maria / Beyond The Headlines / Women Climate Scientists Threatened and Harassed / An App For Urban Foraging Hurricane Maria brought great hardship to the residents of Puerto Rico and killed thousands. Now survivors are forging ahead with a spirit of resilience as they prepare for future hurricanes. Also, floods brought by Hurricane Florence inundate hog and poultry...


Puerto Rico's Recovering Forests, California's Climate Leadership, and more

California Moves Toward Carbon-Free Economy / Resilience In Puerto Rico's Tropical Forests After Hurricane Maria / Beyond The Headlines / Rising: Dispatches From The New American Shore California commits to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045, and as the Global Climate Action Summit kicked off, citizens took to the streets to call for swifter action. Also, Hurricane Maria stripped Puerto Rico's trees of their leaves, but forests that evolved in the hurricane belt have ways to cope with the...


A Pipeline Blocked, Water for Puerto Rico, and more

Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Blocked / Beyond the Headlines / Volunteers Test Drinking Water in Puerto Rico / Crop Pests in a Warmer World / Eager: The Surprising Secret Life of Beavers Canada's Federal Appeals court has ruled that the Trudeau government improperly reviewed the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, likely delaying the project past Canada's elections in 2019. Also, meet the citizen scientists who got to work testing Puerto Rico's water sources for safety in...


Sexual Misconduct in the Forest Service, Saving the Queen Conch, and more

Gulf Orphans / Sexual Misconduct in the US Forest Service: One Woman's Story / BirdNote®: Blakiston's Fish Owl / Conch at the Edge / The Place Where You Live: Rose-Hill, Mauritius Western wildfires are growing more intense with global warming, and more women are joining the US Forest Service to help fight these fires. But a deep-seated macho culture in the agency means they often face hostility and harassment, and retribution if they complain. Also, a team of rescuers wades through chilly...


Toxics In Our Homes: Lead, House Dust, and more

Thousands of Lead-Poisoned Communities / Science Note: The Power of Dust / Obesity and House Dust / Bitcoin, The Energy Hog / Tamed and Untamed: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind Lead is a deadly neurotoxin that's especially harmful to children's brains, and though it's banned in paint and gasoline, it's still found at dangerous levels in many communities. And another danger might be lurking under your bed - in dust bunnies. House dust can include chemicals that trigger the growth of mouse...


Vanishing Insects, The Hidden Life of Trees, and more

Flying Insects Crash / Emerging Science Note: Brazilian Peppertree / Trees On the Move / The Early Bird Breeds Fast / Baby Tern Goes Exploring / The Hidden Life of Trees / The Place Where You Live: Bear Creek, WI and St. Paul, MN Flying insects may plague us in the summer, but they're vital food sources for birds and bats, and they pollinate most of our crops. Yet 75% of them have vanished in the last quarter-century, with potentially disastrous consequences. Also, the big old oak in your...


Greening the Military, India's Solar Revolution, and more

Greening the Military / Solar Eclipsing Coal in Jobs / India's Renewable Energy Revolution / Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right Renewable energy to the rescue: In the U.S. military, hybrid vehicles and innovations like 'solar blankets' can improve operations, and even save the lives of soldiers. Also, in the U.S., coal still produces far more energy than solar. But solar already employs twice as many people as the coal industry does, and some former coal...


'Ghost' Particles, Green Campuses and more

Global Warming to Worsen Southern Poverty / BirdNote: When the Amazon Floods / Linking Fracking and Radon / 100% Sun Power for Hampshire College / Fossil Fuel Freedom Fighters / Science Note: Nanowire Battery Breakthrough / The Telescope in the Ice: The Hunt for the Ghost Particle A new generation of nature writers is coming of age in America, and grappling with the loss of the pristine landscapes their parents and grandparents enjoyed. Also, rising radon levels in Pennsylvania homes have...


Endangered Species: Humboldt Martens, Rhinos and more

GOP Tax On Global Warming Gases / What The Osprey Overheard: Mark Seth Lender / LED Impacts On Wildlife / Meet the Rare, Shy, and Hungry Humboldt Marten / Science Note: A Moonshot To Save Rhinos / DNA Technology For Rhino Protection / US Tries To Boost Infant Formula A new GOP carbon tax bill promises to fight climate change with a "tax swap" that would fund infrastructure and climate adaptation strategies. Also, LED lights are energy-efficient, but they could be harming wildlife by leading...


FEMA's Failures, Saving Corals and more

FEMA Unprepared To Help Puerto Rico / Repairing Puerto Rico's Corals / Combat Divers Restore Ocean Health / Beyond the Headlines / CRISPR Gene Tool Could Pinpoint Resilient Corals FEMA admits it failed to adequately prepare for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, a disaster that cost thousands of human lives. Maria devastated coral communities, too, so locals and combat diving veterans are coming to the rescue by putting healthy fragments back in place. And as rising temperatures threaten corals...


Living on Earth: July 13, 2018

Pruitt Out, Wheeler In / Fracking On The Rachel Carson Trail / Judge Kavanaugh & Environmental Protection / Beyond The Headlines / BirdNote: Sparrow Sing In Arizona Monsoon / Hospital Farming For Better Health / The Place Where You Live: Anchorage, Alaska Scott Pruitt is gone and his deputy and former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, now acting administrator at the EPA, is expected to carry on Mr. Pruitt's legacy of regulatory rollbacks. Change is also coming to the US Supreme Court , as...


Living on Earth: July 6, 2018

Conservatives Join Climate Agenda | Beyond The Headlines | The Tide Keeps Rising | Ozone-destroying Chemicals Make A Comeback | An American Eden: The Lost Garden Underneath Rockefeller Center | Mark Seth Lender: Tern About As America celebrated Independence Day, we looked back to the legacy of the generation that followed the “founding fathers,” and the pioneering physician who founded America’s first botanical garden in the heart of what’s now Rockefeller Center. Also, a bipartisan carbon...


Living on Earth: June 29, 2018

Farm Bills Tough on Conservation And Food Stamps | US Relies On Imported Organic Foods | Climate Will Drive Corn Crop Failure | Beyond The Headlines | Central America’s Climate Refugees | Audio PostCard: Sounds of São Paulo, Brazil Families say they are migrating from Central America in part because they are feeling climate disruption right now with disastrous storms and searing droughts. And in this episode, we also focus on food. Congress is slashing farm conservation measures and US...


Living on Earth: June 22, 2018

Seas Rising Faster With Antarctic Melt | Boston’s Rising Tide | Humpback Whales Rebound | Beyond The Headlines | The Last Lobster In this episode, we delve into Antarctica’s rapid ice loss, which is three times what it was just a decade ago thanks to warmer ocean temperatures that eat away at the icy continent from below. These same warmer waters are also increasing access to food for humpback whales, and their population is booming thanks in part to conservation efforts. But the humpback...


Living on Earth: June 15, 2018

Tough Climate at the G7 | Canada Buys Tar Sands Pipeline | EPA Dilutes Toxics Law | Beyond the Headlines | BirdNote: Exquisite Thrush Song | Atlas of a Lost World: Travels in Ice Age America | Audio Postcard: A Fisherman Rigging Bait on Nantucket In this episode, we discuss President Trump’s refusal to join America’s closest allies in discussions to advance the Paris Climate Agreement at the G7 Summit. The Trump Administration is also narrowing regulation of toxic chemicals, even though...


Living on Earth: June 8, 2018

In this episode, we connect some dots between environmental factors and public health. Black women may be far more exposed than white women to chemicals that disrupt the body's hormone system, research shows. These chemicals can be found in 50% of hair care products marketed to black women, and just 7% of those marketed to white women -- and that may help explain why black women have a higher incidence of early menarche, preterm birth, diabetes, and other hormone-mediated illnesses....


Living on Earth: June 1, 2018

Half a Degree Hotter Will Cost $30 Trillion / Beyond The Headlines / A Record Hurricane Disaster in Puerto Rico / Final Generation for the Marshall Islands? / Nooks for Nesting


Living on Earth: May 25, 2018

Alaska Acts on Climate / The Most Toxic Town in America / Beyond the Headlines / No Refuge in Wildlife Refuges / Copperheads at Shawangunk / Free the Beaches: Desegregating America’s Shoreline


Living on Earth: May 18, 2018

FDA Scientist Finds Weed Killer on Many Foods / Beyond the Headlines / Cool Fix for a Hot Planet: Storing CO2 in Rocks / UN Climate Talks Gear Up for December / BirdNote®: Dippers on the Elwha / Nepal’s Threatened Wetlands / Saving Kerala's Fresh Water


Living on Earth: May 11, 2018

The Koch Brothers & Trump / Beyond the Headlines / Alaska Youth Sue to Fight Climate Change / Pesticide Peril in Paradise