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The biggest names in football, one-on-one with Graham Hunter.

The biggest names in football, one-on-one with Graham Hunter.
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The biggest names in football, one-on-one with Graham Hunter.




David Weir: Ferguson, Fireworks and the Bad Cops of Everton

Hello Big Interview listeners! You are about to listen to an extract from the Big Interview with David Weir. In this clip David describes some of the big characters he played alongside at Everton, beginning with two shrinking violets: Duncan Ferguson and Thomas Gravesen. You will also hear about other top Toffees Kevin Kilbane - a former guest on the show - Tim Cahill and Mikael Arteta, before David reveals what it was like to be on the wrong side of Archie Knox, the bad cop to Walter...


Paul Clement: Diary of a Champions League final

Hola Big Interview Listeners! On the eve of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, we dug out a classic Big Interview from our archive. Imagine you're a player or a coach and it's 24 hours before your first Champions League final - what do you do? How are you feeling? How do you soak up the occasion? Paul Clement breaks down what it was like when he was assistant to Carlo Ancelotti in 2014, when Madrid sealed a dramatic triumph over city rivals Atleti in the...


Ander Herrera: Final Level

Ander Herrera describes the 2004 Copa del Rey final as "one of the greatest nights of my life". That reaction to being in Barcelona to watch his team, Real Zaragoza, beat the Galacticos of Real Madrid tells you a lot about this brilliant midfielder: he's a football fan who understands other football fans. This interview - one of my favourites in this series - is going to leave youin no doubt about how that love of the game influences the player he is and the choices he makes. Listen here...


El Clasico: Pride, Politics (But No Pasillo)

Hola Big Interview listeners! FC Barcelona have won the title already, but there will be no lack of drama when they face arch rivals Real Madrid on Sunday night. Not by a long shot. There will be scrutiny on both teams from the get-go, with Madrid refusing flatly to offer their triumphant visitors a Pasillo, a guard of honour. This has been a debate which has been running for a while and it will be point of contention even after the game, no matter the result. I give you my views on the...


Champions: Messi, Valverde and Barca's Road to the Title

Hello there! Mission accomplished: on Sunday, FC Barcelona achieved what they set out to do and won the league and cup double, clinching the La Liga trophy with a 4-2 victory over Deportivo. The sight of Real Madrid winning the title had stung and these Barca players used that to spur them on this season. They may yet complete the league season unbeaten, and what a remarkable achievement that would be. In this special podcast, I will give you my opinion on what this title win means;...


The Big Interview Presents... Fathers

Hello there! Today is Father’s Day… on The Big Interview, at least. Yes, our latest clip show is dedicated to the men who mean the most to many of our guests from Season Two, who kept them on the straight and narrow, and who shared in their football successes. We begin with Mark Noble, the West Ham captain who phones his dad every morning on the way to training just to talk football. It is during those very chats that Mark is often reminded how lucky he is to play for the team he...


Troy Deeney: Duels with van Dijk

Hello Big Interview listeners! Here is a little piece of my chat with Watford captain Troy Deeney, in which he describes what it's like to play against formidable Premier League defenders John Stones, John Terry and Virgil van Dijk. He also explains why he believes that the Liverpool man is the best of the lot. And Troy offers a few tips on how to play centre forward, as well as revealing the lessons he learned from Gianfranco Zola and the seven steps he took - literally - to become one...


Buffon's Buffoonery: A Champions League Review

Hola! My goodness, what a week it has been in the Champions League. We've had high drama and even higher blood pressure - I'm looking at you, Gigi. So let's get right into it. If you listened to my preview podcast then you will know that I told you how utterly exhausted these FC Barcelona players were, and boy did it show in Rome. And then there were the scenes in Madrid. Ronaldo struck the decisive goal - of course he did - but what did you make of Buffon's reaction? I give my views...


Champions League Review: Put your hands together for Ronaldo

Well, well, well. What a truly incredible week this was in the Champions League. We witnessed incredible stories unfold, drama, intrigue and a truly remarkable goal which earned rare acclaim from opposing fans. What a moment that was. I'll talk about Ronaldo's spectacular goal in Turin in this special episode of the Big Inside View, as well as offering my insight into what happened in the other quarter-final ties. There is so much to say, so let's started, shall we? Graham


Jurgen Klopp: For the Love of the Game

In a big week for Liverpool and their manager, I didn't ask Jurgen Klopp about Manchester City or Pep Guardiola - my guess is he'll talk plenty about those subjects elsewhere. Instead, I wanted to get to the bottom of how he leads his team and his club, and why he does it that way. I don't think there are many like Jurgen Klopp in elite football - both in his approach to leadership and the openness with which he talks about it. I was very impressed by him, and I think you might be, too.


The Big Interview Presents... The Foreign Legion Part Two

Hola! You’re right on time for another special Big Interview clip show. You might recall that we dedicated a previous podcast to guests who had played abroad, and a couple more who have always wanted to. Well, in Season Two this theme came up a lot, so this episode is all about guests who took the brave decision to move abroad as coaches. This includes Phil Neville, who joined the staff at Valencia. He explains the lengths he would go to in order to learn Spanish, as well as the...


Paul Dickov: City goals, the Gallaghers and Guardiola

It’s time for round two with Paul Dickov in the Big Interview. Finally, Manchester City fans, finally, you’re going to hear about Maine Road, the playoff final, Oasis and what Paul finds most thrilling of this version of City. If you’re not a Man City supporter, I think you’ll be interested in a glimpse of a point in that club’s history – not so long ago – when they were seconds away from another season in the third tier. If a certain Scottish striker doesn’t score, Gwyneth Paltrow never...


Paul Dickov: Anger Management

Here’s part one of a two-part interview with Paul Dickov, a striker probably best known for his time at Manchester City. But today you’re going to hear him talk about starting off at Arsenal and this is the part of his career I was most interested in. Paul will tell you the list of teams who wanted him as he approached his 16th birthday, and why his dad urged him to leave the family home in Livingston, Scotland and go to London. Then it’s George Graham, Pat Rice, Tony Adams, Ian Wright....


Poch's Italian Job: Spurs v Juventus

They have the manager. They have the team. And the quarter-finals is within their grasp. Spurs have a great chance to reach the last eight of the Champions League, where I'd love to see their impressive coach and players tested.


Showtime: PSG v Real Madrid

Call it showtime mentality. It's at the core of Cristiano Ronaldo's big-game performances. It's what makes Real Madrid the masters of Champions League football. And for now, at least, it appears to be the difference between the back-to-back European champions and PSG. Let's look into an area of elite football that doesn't show up in the OPTA stats.


Kevin Kilbane: Rui, Roy and Figo's Magic Feet

Hello Big Interview listeners! We’ve picked out a juicy chunk of my Big Interview with Kevin Kilbane. In this extract, Kevin talks about the great Roy Keane and his influence on his Ireland team. Kevin describes a team-mate who demanded high standards, while he also gives a brilliant analysis of how exactly Keane controlled the tempo of matches and put Ireland on the front foot. Keane was a talisman for his country, no more so than in a 2002 World Cup qualifier in Dublin against a...


The Big Interview presents... The Foreign Legion Part One

Hello, By now you are bound to know that I changed my career, changed my life by moving to Spain and covering FC Barcelona. It was a risk which paid off, but I am not the only one to reap the rewards of moving to live and work abroad. In Season Two of this podcast I encountered many kindred spirits, guys like Steve McManaman, who in this clip show describes how he made friends at Real Madrid following his move from Liverpool. Steve Archibald also calls Barcelona home after swapping...


Jody Morris: Chelsea v Barca, The Origins Story

Hola! FC Barcelona are in London tomorrow to face Chelsea in the Champions League. Their rivalry goes back a long way and this is the origins story, as told by Jody Morris. Jody was a member of the Chelsea midfield which took on Louis Van Gaal's Barca team in April 2000. In fact, Jody faced an as yet unknown Xavi in the first leg - a 3-1 in for Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea man then went toe-to-toe with Pep Guardiola at the Camp Nou, with the home side claiming to a 5-1 win...


BBC, PSG and the Questions Facing Zidane

Well, the wait is almost over and the Champions League is nearly upon us once again. And what a way to get back into the competition! Real Madrid at home to Paris Saint-Germain is a must-see tie and boy am I excited. In this special preview podcast I pick my Madrid team and discuss the prospects of the Spanish side conquering Neymar, Cavani and co. Enjoy! Graham


Les Ferdinand: Regis, racism and the way forward

My Big Interview with Les Ferdinand is available now, exclusively for our Socios. Go to Patreon now to unlock my chat with Les in full, as well as a host of other exclusive Big Interviews and special episodes. In the meantime, here is an extract which I think is important for us all to listen to. You'll hear Les talk about how he was inspired by black footballers like Cyrille Regis, who stood up to vile racism, while Les also outlines the measures he would take to rid our game of this...


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