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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

Brotherhood Without Manners is watching Season 8 and bringing you guys along for the ride. As always we give our episode inductees to the Brotherhood Without Manners. Episode 2 discussion begins at 16:43. All music by Ross Bugden: INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden)


Ned 4: A Frozen Hell Reserved for Starks

Brotherhood Without Manners rereads Ned Starks 4th chapter in George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. As always we discuss our inductees for this chapter. All music by Ross Bugden: INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden)


Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

In this episode Brotherhood Without Manners is watching some t.v. As the first episode of season 8 airs. We jumped straight behind a mic after watching and have a lot to say. The reunions alone were enough to fill an entire episode. Zach gives his thoughts on Sansa in her first meetings with her new Queen. We talk about what Cersei is up to, and how much we cannot stand Euron. And there is just so much more. We give our first show inductees for Episode 1 of season 8! All music by...


Jon 3: Jon Can See Clearly Now

Brotherhood Without Manners is back with another episode. This time we are reading Jon 3. Jon is at the wall and has begun training with the other potential members of the Watch. Capable of quickly dispatching all the competition Jon learns a lesson in humility. Jon catches back up with Tyrion Lannister and we discuss their relationship....again. Jon has received a letter from Winterfell and must visit the Lord Commander's private chambers. We give our chapter inductees into the...


Cat 4: Cat Naps and Secret Meetings.

Brotherhood Without Manners rereads another chapter in George R.R. Martin's first book in A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones. In this chapter we are reading Catelyn 4. She has arrived in King's Landing with Ser Rodrik. We talk about the storm that her son Bran saw in the chapter before, that she has either passed, or is just entering. As Cat relaxes in the tavern, she is interrupted by some members of the City Watch telling her that her presence is required for a meeting. Things...


Bran 3: Woke AF!

We reach our first dream sequence. Bran is falling and he has quite a bit to learn before he lands to his untimely demise. Brotherhood Without Manners gets deep into it in this episode. The amount of foreshadowing that George Martin writes in this chapter alone is astounding. We talk Hodor, and if he is aware of his future to come. Catelyn is approaching a monstrous storm and has no idea of it's existence. Jon Snow lies cold at the wall. And something sinister, terrifying, and...


Ned 3: Off With Her Head!

In another episode by Brotherhood Without Manners, Nate and Zach are re-reading Ned 3. Ned is faced with a difficult situation when Arya is finally found after having kicked the crap out of Joffrey. Robert is forced to pass a judgement when Cersei demands retribution for the damage done to her son. We talk about the repercussions of the trial that was put on for Arya, and see the cruelty of a Clegane at work. Of course we give our honorary inductee for the chapter.


Sansa 1: A Girl Can Dream

Sansa breaks into the Point of View list with her debut chapter. She finds Arya playing with her friend before getting angry and returning to camp. We get to see how Arya and Sansa are similar, and "Stark"ly contrast each other as well. Sansa then has a bit of a scare in town, before being saved by Joffrey. This leads to her spending a wonderful afternoon with Prince Charming. Until they stumble upon Arya and her pet. Nate and Zach give their weekly inductees for the chapter, and discuss...


Cat 3: Library Fires and a Dagger in the Dark

Brotherhood Without Manners brings you another chapter reread. This time we are reading A Game of Thrones chapter 14 Catelyn 3. She has completely lost herself in her grief over Bran's crippling fall. Convinced she is going to lose her son we discuss her responsibilities that are being neglected. An assassin makes an attempt on Bran's life, but Cat, who was definitely not supposed to be there, defends him. We then discuss Catelyn's awakening and what this newfound clarity means for her...


Tyrion 2: Needs more pepper

Tyrion is heading to the wall, accompanied by Jon Snow and Benjen Stark. We discuss the new recruits that a fellow member of the Watch has found and started travelling with the party. As camp is set up we get to have some dragon time with Tyrion, followed by another heart warming scene between Jon and the Imp. The brothers eventually turn to talking about the fires, and what we may be seeing in them. As always we give our weekly inductees for the chapter into the Brotherhood Without...


Dany 2/Ned 2: A Leap of Fire and the True Targaryen

In this episode poor little Dany is getting married. We talk about her guest, and gifts. Then we sail across the narrow sea for Ned's second chapter. We get a glimpse of what Ned and Robert might have been like during the rebellion, then get some sweet Targaryen talk. As always we name our Brotherhood initiates for the chapters. All music by Ross Bugden: INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden)


Tyrion 1/Jon 2 : A Wolf in Lion's skin and a Dark Goodbye

Another episode, with two chapters for your listening pleasure. We discuss Tyrion's thirst for knowledge as we find his chapter opening on him in the library. We get a short visit with the crown prince, Joffrey, and get to enjoy the slap heard around the world. Then we dive headfirst into Jon's second chapter. He goes face to face with Lady Stone Heart herself, then goes on his way to say goodbye to the rest of the family he cares about. We get another heartwarming moment with him and...


Bran 2: The Fall

This is it. The chapter that starts it all for Bran. In this episode we discuss the thoughts of Bran as he prepares to say his goodbyes. We talk a bit about the direwolves. And of course, the fall. Brotherhood Without Manners makes light of a tragic event, all for your personal enjoyment. Support the show


Arya 1 - Chapter 7: Mean Girls and the Little Rebel

Brotherhood Without Manners gives the 7th Chapter of A Game of Thrones a reread and gives us our first point of view for Arya Stark. The youngest daughter of Ned and Catelyn. In this episode we discuss her relationship with Sansa (and friends) as well as comparing the two. We meet her badass wolf Nymeria. Get some much needed Jon/Arya moments. And we get to see the boys square off in the yard. As always we give our weekly honorary inductees to the Brotherhood for this chapter. All music...


Cat 2: Lysa has some news!

Brotherhood Without Manners is back again this time breaking down Lady Stark's second chapter of A Game of Thrones. Catelyn and Ned discuss the King's offer. They are interrupted with some grave news. And we reflect on the bastard that Cat could never love. Listen in for this week's honorary inductee! All Music credits to Ross Bugden INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden) TWITTER! : (@rossbugden) YOUTUBE! :...


Jon 1: Underage drinking and name calling

Our first look in the mind of Jon Snow, the bastard of Lord Eddard Stark. Join the brothers as they break down a first look at some very big players in the game. Not to mention one of our favorites, Tyrion. We get to see close up how quickly the dire wolves, at least one of them anyways, are growing. And does Jon's Uncle Ben meet the same fate as Peter Parker's Uncle Ben? Support the show


Ned 1: The King is in the North!

In this episode of the full spoiler reread of A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire series, Brotherhood without manners is re-reading the first Eddard Stark chapter. They discuss the North, the crypts, Ned's sister Lyanna and much more. We finally get a look at the King, Robert Baratheon. As well as a look into the Queen and what she is all about. Support the show


Dany 1: World building at it's best

In the 5th episode of Brotherhood Without Manners the brothers are reading Danaerys Targaryen's first chapter. We meet Viserys, Illyrio Mopatis, and get our first glimpse of Khal Drogo. We discuss slavery and why Jorah Mormont is such a creeper! Support the show


Cat 1: Here comes Bobby B!

In this episode Brotherhood Without Manners breaks down the second chapter of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. As Ned prays in the godswood, Catelyn has urgent news for her husband. Also, see who this weeks inducted member is according to the brothers. Support the show


Bran 1: Someone is headless, and it aint Ned.

In this episode the Brotherhood dives headfirst into the first true chapter of the Game of Thrones series. They tackle Bran 1, covering the intro of Theon, Jon, and Robb. As well as some grim foreshadowing that we are already encountering. Support the show