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19. Things work out for Ron (End of book #2)

When we last left off, Fawkes was leading our favorite group of teenagers minus Hermione plus Gilderoy Lockhart to Professor McGonagall’s office. When they get there, they realize that it’s not just McGonagall in her office but also the Weasleys and Professor Dumbledore. Everyone is very happy and excited to see Ginny alive and well. Harry explains everything that happened that night and over the last few months and Dumbledore helps him smoothen out the explanations and sort out some ends...

18. Ron's sister is taken

This is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for - the resolution of the tangle of plots that is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In these two chapters, we discover: The identity of the monster attacking people The identity of the person who’s been enabling the monster The location of the Chamber of Secrets How the monster has been getting around the castle (pipes!) Why so many of Lockhart’s books feature him on the cover Why the Heir of Slytherin is obsessed with Harry...


17. Ron follows the spiders

After Hermione is petrified, Ron is in shock. There are talks about the school closing. This drives Harry to confront Hagrid. When Ron and Harry visit Hagrid, they observe that he is oddly jittery. They don’t have to wait long to find out why. Hagrid is visited by Cornelius Fudge and Albus Dumbledore. Fudge, the minister of Magic wants to send Hagrid to Azkaban, the wizard prison, because they have to be seen “doing something” to prevent the attacks. Lucius Malfoy also arrives and tells...


16. Ron's friend is petrified

This episode is all about the events leading up to everyone’s worst fears since we discovered there’s a monster on the loose attacking Muggleborns. Before Ron discovers that his friend is the latest victim, he: (and Harry) discovers a suspicious diary in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. He’s very skeptical of it because books can be dangerous (beyond just giving you dangerous ideas) but Harry picks it up and carries it around anyway. suspects that Hermione might have given Lockhart a valentine....


15. Ron becomes Crabbe

“Oh Potter, you rotter, what have you done?” When we last left off, Harry was beginning to question if he could really be the heir - he can speak Parseltongue AND the Sorting Hat wanted to place him in Slytherin. But before investigating anything else, Harry decides to find Justin Finch Fletchley and explain what happened the previous night. When attempting to find Justin, Harry overhears a bunch of Hufflepuffs discussing the possibility of his being the heir and attacking Muggleborn...

14. Ron finds out Harry's secret

Welcome to yet another electrifying, riveting, innnnnvigorating episode of Mimblewimble - the Harry Potter podcast! Okay, that's enough excitement for today. After Ron learns about the Chamber of Secrets, he thinks it's just like Salazar Slytherin to do something this twisted. He is also disgusted to find out that the whole school somehow came to the conclusion that it is Harry who is behind all the attacks. Harry, Ron and Hermione go back to the scene of crime to investigate. There, they...


13. Ron learns about the Chamber of Secrets

In this episode, we (and Ron) get to learn a little bit about the title of this book aka The Chamber of Secrets. But before that, a whole bunch of stuff happens: - Harry and Ron get assigned detentions. McGonagall smartly tailors the detentions - Harry gets assigned time with his favoritest Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and Ron has to clean the trophy room, in the Muggle way, with Filch. Talk about fun. During his detention, Harry hears a disembodied voice but can't be sure where...

12. Ron goes to Hermione's defense

In episode 3 of season 2, we discuss the events leading up to Ron coming to Hermione's defense. From what? Let's find out. After they find out that they cannot get past the barrier in platform 9 3/4, Ron and Harry put their heads together to come up with a misguided and dangerous plan. They decide to ride the flying car to Hogwarts. What could go wrong, right? Turns out, everything. Dumbledore arrives to save the day and lets them off with a detention. But their bad luck does not stop...


11. Ron misses the train (S2E2)

After Ron's heroic rescue of Harry who was imprisoned in the Dursley house, Harry updates the Weasley brothers on everything that happened during the summer. They have a very different take on the Dobby episode. Unlike Harry, they think that Dobby was sent by someone who hates Harry aka Draco Malfoy. At this point, it is important to note that the Weasley brothers and Harry are in a magical flying car. They are flying it back to the Burrow, where the Weasleys live. We meet Mrs. Weasley who...

10. Ron rescues Harry (Season 2!)

We are excited to begin season 2 of Mimblewimble where we will be discussing Book 2 of the Harry Potter series: The Chamber of Secrets. In the first episode of season 2, we are going to discuss the events leading up to Ron rescuing Harry. Why does he need rescuing when it's just the beginning of the book? Well, Harry is back at Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's place. He is bored out of his mind and lonely because none of his friends wrote to him whole summer. Because he is with his...

9. Harry meets a man with two faces

"To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure" Harry walks through fire to meet Quirrell, not Snape. It's quickly revealed that Quirrell is acting under Voldemort's orders and is trying to discover the secrets of the Mirror of Erised so that he can take the Stone and bring Voldemort back to life. Somehow, Harry winds up with the Stone. Harry lies about it but the voice sees through his lies and demands to speak to him "face to face". Quirrell unwraps his turban to...


8. Harry walks through fire

"Mars is bright tonight" After Harry, Hermione, Malfoy and Neville get caught out of bed past curfew, by Filch, McGonagall takes 50 each from their respective houses and assigns them detentions. Losing a 150 points puts Gryffindor behind Slytherin, in the House Championships. This really pisses off the rest of the school who ostracize Harry and Hermione. Regretful, Harry decides to not meddle in business that isn’t his own and concentrate on studying (famous last words). They throw...


7. Harry gets detention

"It'll be gone by Tuesday" In this episode, we discuss Harry playing his second Quidditch match, meeting his first dragon and getting his first detention at Hogwarts. Still recovering from his encounter with the Mirror of Erised, Harry throws himself into his Quidditch training to get his mind off things. Neville thwarts them in their quest to read every book in the Hogwarts Library, in their quest to find out who Nicolas Flamel is, by giving them a Chocolate Frog card that reveals his...


6. Harry meets Dumbledore

"We're not stupid. We know we are called Gred and Forge." In the sixth episode, we discuss everything that happens between Harry getting a new friend and Harry meeting Dumbledore. After the Harry Potter trio, as we know now, is formed, we can see them helping each other out as any trio should. Hermione helps by lending Harry a copy of "Quidditch through the ages" and Ron helps Harry by saying mean things about Snape behind his back. Harry's first Quidditch match is against Slytherin. If...


5. Harry gets a new friend

"Swish and Flick" In the fifth episode, we discuss the events of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone that happen between Harry becoming a seeker and Harry getting a new friend. Lots of exciting stuff happens between these two events. Malfoy challenges Harry to a midnight duel that is obviously a trap to get him into trouble. Hermione, while trying to stop them from going, ends up with them in the trophy room. All three of them run into the three-headed dog in the forbidden corridor...