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In this podcast we discuss nerd and geek culture, fandoms, video games, RPGs, and all the great obsessions that bring us fans together. Whether you like Star Wars or Star Trek, D and D or Zelda, please join us and we geek out over new and old nerdiness to our hearts content.

In this podcast we discuss nerd and geek culture, fandoms, video games, RPGs, and all the great obsessions that bring us fans together. Whether you like Star Wars or Star Trek, D and D or Zelda, please join us and we geek out over new and old nerdiness to our hearts content.
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In this podcast we discuss nerd and geek culture, fandoms, video games, RPGs, and all the great obsessions that bring us fans together. Whether you like Star Wars or Star Trek, D and D or Zelda, please join us and we geek out over new and old nerdiness to our hearts content.







The fund raiser episode recorded during the thread raiders live event! The nerds talk about thier favorite of Marvels Netflix TV shows. They discuss all the new streaming services coming out and how they personally feel about it. They briefly get distracted and talk about the DC movie universe and why it is lacking. They take some time to talk about how we live in the future with all some exciting new scientific discoveries. And as always, Current Addictions and Future Excitment. To donate...


Episode 22: Obviously Scary

Well Halloween is almost here (or perhaps past, depending on when you listen to this), so our nerd hosts decide to be all spooky, both in theme and sometimes in voice! They talk about scary movies. Or maybe they're not so scary. It just depends on who you ask. They also tell spooky stories from their or their loved ones lives involving unexplained phenomenon. And as always, they talk about their current addictions and their future excitment.


Episode 21: The Chickens are the Key!

The Nerds talk about Russian Hackbots, doomsday scenarios, and the key to saving humanity itself! Check out our friend, the scarlet derby on twitch!


Episode 20: HoloDoctor Diplomats

Do you have a favorite movie about time travel? The nerds take some time to talk about their favorite time travel movies and why they enjoy the idea of time travel so much. Then they talk about which they like more, sci-fi or fantasy, the ultimate nerd battle. Don't worry, not one was injured over this disagreement. And, as always, their current addiction and future exciment.


Episode 19: The Nicest Bad Guy

The nerds interview Hollywood actor Ronnie G. Blevins, an actor with more than 100 acting credits in film and television. He usually gets cast as a bad guy, but in real life, you couldn't meet a nicer guy. Ronnie discusess why he loves acting, and what draws him to it, even through some times that are more difficult. We discuss, as always, our future excitment and current addictions. Check out Ronnie Blevins IMDB page here: Ronnie's Offical...


Episode 18: Supercheese

The nerds interview Jonathan London from the Geekscape podcast. He shares the details on his latest film project as well as his current addictions.


Episode 17: That's... Offputting

The nerds talk with Maxine, that girl from that place, to discuss her acting career and theater life in general. Join us for a detailed look at what makes dreams, and how to make them come true. Special Guest: Maxine Baughman.


Episode 16: Burt Metal

This weeks episdoe we are Joined by Nils from Nerd Therapy to talk about his D&D podcast. We talk about which character form Sesame Street is better, Bert or Ernie and why. Then we talk about some of the awesome, and a few of the not so awesome trailers to come out of Comic-Con. As always, we have our future excitment and current addictions. Check it out! Sword Art Online on Netflix- Nerd Therapy Facebook Page -...


Episode 15: TK and the Pillow Case of Death

Here are some links from our episode. You can find TK on Twitter and Twitch The ThreadRaiders YouTube channel with all of TK's videos can be found at The ThreadRaiders website ThreadRaiders Extra Life charity event funderaiser The Toad and Tricycle Games...


Episode 14: Our Future is Your Past

The Nerds record their first ever live-streamed recording session in which they discuss old school arcade games. Devin treats us to a new segment: Devin's D&D Story Time! Links: Twitter: @NowhereNerds Facebook: Audible Trial - Charity website for donations -


Episode 13: Punching Noises

The nerds are joined by Chaotic Anarchy from the Thread Raiders Podcast. They discuss the Thread Raiders organization, video games, and Chaotic Anarchy's charity work. Open Legend RPG - Charity website for donations - Thread Raiders Podcast - Audible Trial - Follow Chaotic Anarachy on twitter @chaoticanarachy Special Guest: Chaotic Anarachy.


Episode 12: Talky Goodie

The nerds use the great insights into the world of collecting (which is none) to discuss a truely fascinating hobby but somehow just get distracted by a truely bizarre collection they read about. After that they discuss their childhood dream jobs and how they ended up where they are today. All of this while using their excellent talky goodie skills. Oh, and of course, there is our nerds current addiction and future excitment. Check it out!


Episode 11: The Chalupacabra

The nerds talk about all the shows that have been cancelled this year and the few that have been saved and perhaps still could be. Then, because the topics are similar, they talk about cryptozoology.


Episode 10: The Tenthiversary

It's been 10 episodes so the nerds decide to celebrate by talking about all of their favorite things. We start off hearing about their favorite movies as kids, and later their favorite old school video games. Of course, as always, teir current addictions and future excitement.


Episode 9: Sodalicious

What is being a nerd? Liking tabletop games? How about owning your own gaming store? What about being a lecturer at a university? I think most of us would agree that those could be considered a nerd quality. What about fly fishing? Our guest on this episode does all of those things and more. He co-wrote a book called, On Fly Fishing the Northern Rockies: Essays and Dubious Advice. He lectures at Utah State University. He is part owner of Toad and Tricycle Games. He is an avid fisherman. He...


Episode 8: Road to Infinity Score

The nerds are joined by Hunter Farris, host of Song Appeal, a podcast that discusses the psychology of pop music. They discuss how the music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe helps establish a feel for each movie and also make them feel connected. They discus what genre of film each of the MCU films are as we lead up to the release of Marvels Infinity War. Special Guest: Hunter Farris.


Episode 7: I ♥ David

The nerds are joined by special guest David Steele of the Magic and Steele podcast, a podcast where he plays Dungeons and Dragons with his family. They talk about how David first play D&D, how he came up with the idea of his show, how it is to work with his family, his love of voice acting, and how to balance family and hobbies. Listen to hear a family man nerd out about the things he loves most, which is first and foremost, his family. Special Guest: David Steele.


Episode 6: Heroic Heroes

The nerds are joined by Mike Cervantes, the creator of The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay, and independent novel and comic series. They talk about writing, creating, and sharing your work and how that can bring you joy. Also talk about Mike's Twitch stream and how he started streaming as the character he created. Special Guest: Mike Cervantes.


Episode 5: DC Universe Offline

The hosts are joined by Tyler Cole, an artist who worked for Avalanche Studios as a level designer on the game Disney Infinity. They talk a lot about Tyler's journey to getting the job of his dreams, Devin's envy or that job, and urine keeps popping up for reasons you'll just have to listen to, to fully understand. Special Guest: Tyler Cole.


Episode 4: Werewolves Don't Need D&D

Our nerd hosts talk about how they discovered D&D and their first experiences with the game and a few odd experiences with the people they've met who play it. Then they talk about self-driving cars and the wonders that those could hold and the potential problems they could bring.