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Earl Grey : 249: No Decontamination Gel

The Lost Episodes, Part 3. There are many scripts, script outlines, and episode and movie concepts that never made it onto the screen on The Next Generation. These lost episodes can provide a fascinating window into what might have been, what characters and concepts ended up being modified and used later, and into the behind-the-scenes writing process. In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Richard Marquez, Amy Nelson, and Justin Oser discuss two never-produced episodes of seasons one and...


Standard Orbit : 241: Where Are The Robots?

Standard Orbit 241: Where Are The Robots? Androids on TOS. This week on Standard Orbit hosts Ken Tripp, Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart discuss the androids featured throughout the course of The Original Series. From Ruk and Dr. Korby's creations to V'Ger's Ilia probe, there are more than you think! How does TOS' take on humanoid, artificial intelligences differ from that of later series? Why is is always so easy to overwhelm these incredible machines with simple logic contradictions...


Literary Treks : 246: Conquest Olympics

A Good Day to Die. For honor... for glory... for the Empire! The brave officers and crew of the I.K.S. Gorkon embark on a new mission to seek out new life and new civilizations... and to boldly conquer them for the greater glory of the Klingon Empire! But what lines must be crossed when Klingon lust for expansion comes face-to-face with Klingon honor? In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson are joined by Earl Grey's Justin Oser to discuss I.K.S. Gorkon: Book...


Warp Five : 168: Patty Sue

Alternate Crew. When the NX-01 Enterprise was completed, Starfleet knew that the first warp five-capable ship needed a crew who were at the top of their respective fields. This new class of starship would be traveling to places previously unseen by human eyes, and developing new relationships (and, sometimes, rivalries) with new species. The crew had to be not only extremely capable, but also adaptable, as they literally did not know what they would find beyond the boundaries of the Sol...


Mission Log : 297 - Rivals

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast - 297 - Rivals On the Promenade, Quark has met his match. There’s a new con man on DS9, and he’s opened a gambling hall directly across from Quark’s. On the racketball court, O’Brien has met his match, and it is a total mismatch. Solar neutrinos are aligned - and that’s not good. Rivals face off on this edition of Mission Log. Get in touch with us! On Facebook: On Twitter: @missionlogpod On Skype:...


The 602 Club : 203: A Portrait of a Man

First Man. On May 25th, 1961 President John F. Kennedy gave us the impossible mission of going to the moon and in the decade that followed NASA would strive to complete this task before the USSR, who had beaten us in every other endeavor in the space race up to that point. In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Champion to talk about Damien Chazelle's First Man. We discuss the man behind the legend, adversity, "controversy", the space race, a visceral...


Mission Log Live : 044 - The One with Dave Rossi

Paramount executive and longtime Star Trek insider Dave Rossi joins us to talk about remastering Star Trek: The Original Series. How did they keep from following the other “Star” franchise into a computer generated morass? Hint: It starts with a lot less money and a lot less time. Dave Rossi joins us for this week’s Mission Log Live. Be sure to join us live! We're on the Mission Log Facebook page every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern


The Trek Files : 2-12 Richard Arnold office memo to GR - May 1986

Working out of the Star Trek office on the Paramount lot, Richard Arnold fielded a number of questions and requests from fans and professionals alike. In this memo from 1986, Richard outlines to Gene Roddenberry the types of requests he handles on a regular basis. Joining Larry this week to dive into fandom, behind-the-scenes and working for Gene, none other than the document's author, Richard Arnold himself! See the document:


Standard Orbit : 240: Is This Guy For Real?

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Roundtable. This week on Standard Orbit hosts Ken Tripp are Zach Moore are joined by Chris Clow from Discovery Debrief and Lance Laster to discuss one of the most iconic episodes of TOS, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. From the alien makeup design, the first appearance of the auto-destruct and of course its ever-relevant message, this episode is one of the greats. We talk Jud Taylor's unique directorial style, the use of stock footage, Star Trek's...


Literary Treks : 245: The "All Good Things" of Deep Space Nine

The War of the Prophets. Trapped 25 years in the future, the crew of the U.S.S. Defiant is faced with a future that is nearly unrecognizable. Only days away from Armageddon, the galaxy stands on a knife's edge. On one side, the Bajoran Ascendancy: a cult-like theocracy led by the Emissary of the "True Prophets": Weyoun. On the other, the remnants of a Federation nearly brought to its knees. In the middle: Captain Benjamin Sisko, who must decide once and for all the outcome of "The War of...


Melodic Treks : 94: Do I Have the Job?

Cliff Eidelman Interview. Jerry Goldsmith created an epic and memorable theme when he composed the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a theme that would become synonymous with Star Trek due to its use as the main title for the hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 1989, the theme would be used again for the film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Given its popularity, many Trek fans were surprised when this theme did not greet them for the 25th anniversary film of...


The 602 Club : 202: BB-8's Like the Fonz

Star Wars Resistance. Over ten years ago Star Wars animation released The Clone Wars which introduced us to new characters and expand on the time period between Episodes II and III, it would be followed by Star Wars Rebels, that would do the same thing for the dark times between the Prequel and Original trilogies and now a new animated show has premiered to fill some of the gaps in the Sequel trilogy era. In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk...


The Edge : 50: Replicator Attitude

Runaway. The end of Star Trek: Discovery’s first chapter has left us wanting more. And to help us along, as we wait season two, the writers are giving us Trek Shorts a set of four vignettes that expand upon the characters we have come to love over the past year. The first of these shorts focuses on Sylvia Tilly—now an Ensign—as she encounters an unknown being. We also get to see more of what makes her tick when her mother shows up, holographically, to dispense advice. In this episode of...


Warp Five : 167: Massive Dictator

Writers' Room. Most Star Trek: Enterprise fans agree that the "Vulcan Trilogy" in season four is one of the best stories of the season, if not the series. There are, however, loose ends that some would like to have seen tied off. Did V'Las ever face a trial for his actions? Or did he escape to Romulus before judgment could be made and punishment carried out? In this episode of Warp Five, hosts Patrick Devlin and Brandi Jackola write a season five episode addressing the fate of the...


Primitive Culture : 40: On Screen!

2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. When Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise boldly went into cinemas in 1979, languid art-house pacing, an elegant orchestral score, and an encounter with things unfashionably alien led to a transformative, almost religious experience. Star Trek: The Motion Picture took its cue not so much from the colorful action extravaganza of Star Wars, which premiered two years earlier, but from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film dating back...


Mission Log : 296 - Sanctuary

The Skreeans are escaping oppression in the Gamma Quadrant and find themselves at DS9. If only they could settle on Bajor and get back to farming, just like their sacred texts have told them. Bajor isn't ready for that many guests, though, not so soon after the Cardassian occupation. So where can three million immigrants go? And couldn't they all just learn to get along? Sanctuary goes into the Mission Log. Get in touch with us! On Facebook: On Twitter:...


The Edge : N16: Hormonal Space Rabbit

Runaways, birds, and reptiles. While we wait for the premier of Star Trek: Discovery season two, currently slated for January 17, 2019, the writers have put together a set of four vignettes to tide us over. Called Trek Shorts, these bite-sized installments promise to flesh out characters we came to know through the first 15 episodes—and introduce us to some new ones. In this episode of Notes from The Edge, in which we deep-dive into connections between Star Trek: Discovery and the broader...


Mission Log Live : 043 - Runaway with Larry Nemecek

Discovery is back in the stream, and John and Ken are there! Short Treks started since last we met. The first of four, Runaway, features everyone’s favorite commander in training. Is the world still #SillyForTilly? And who’s her spiky friend? It’s Short Trek meets Dr. Trek on this week’s Mission Log Live. Be sure to join us live! We're on the Mission Log Facebook page every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern


The Trek Files : 2-11 Paul Johnson letter to Gene Roddenberry - August 1973

In August 1973, Gene Roddenberry received a letter thanking him for the Star Trek fans who truly "live" the show's message. See the document:


Earl Grey : 248: Time is a Fire That Burns

Favorite Character Moments from Generations. The Next Generation has a mostly episodic format, but over the course of the show and the movies, there are many great character moments. Those moments, both great and small, can enhance our experience of the show and lead to a new understanding of both regular and recurring characters. In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Amy Nelson, Richard Marquez, and Justin Oser list their three favorite character moments from Generations. Each host...