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The 602 Club : 245: Romancing the Stone

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate. To celebrate and promote the new Galaxy's Edge parks at Disneyland and Disney World, the publishing line of Star Wars books and comics has been readying fans for their visit with stories that take place on the world of Batuu and the Black Spire Outpost there, which is the place fans can visit. In this episode of The 602 Club hosts Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris talk about A Crash of Fate. We discuss going to Galaxy's Edge, a whole new world,...


Mission Log Live : 081 - Another One with Dayton Ward

You know Dayton Ward as a Star Trek novelist, but did you also know that he’s consulting with CBS on Trek’s global franchise license? We discuss that plus continuity/consistency/canon and the ever expanding Trek universe - plus a meme or two - all on this week’s Mission Log Live. Be sure to join us live! We're on the Mission Log Facebook page every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern


Earl Grey : 287: Population 9 billion, all Joe!

Science in TNG, Part 3. Science is an essential part of Star Trek that has inspired generations of fans to learn more about science, to become scientists, and to make influential discoveries. The Next Generation is no exception and includes many episodes that showcase new inventions, the application of existing science, and important scientific questions. In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Joe Keegan, Amy Nelson, and Justin Oser talk about science in season 6 of The Next Generation....


Primitive Culture : 63: A Whole Society

Life on a nuclear submarine vs. a Federation starship. In this special edition of Primitive Culture, meant to complement the previous episode’s discussion of The Hunt for Red October, host Duncan Barrett is joined by former US Navy submariner John Krikorian—better known for his popular Trek Profiles podcast—to discuss the parallels between Star Trek’s imagined life in space and his own experiences living and working underwater. Join us on this not-so-deep dive as they tackle questions of...


Standard Orbit : 280: "I am Batman!"

Standard Orbit 280: "I am Batman!" Actors Who Were on Star Trek and Batman This week on Standard Orbit, hosts Hayley Stoddart and Ken Tripp discuss the various actors who played roles on Batman the TV series and Star Trek. In addition we speak to the exciting announcement of Viacom and CBS agreeing to integrate into one company and what it may mean to Star Trek's Future. Holy Standard Orbit, Batman! we're jumping into the 1960's actors who played key roles in Star Trek and Batman. Join...


The Edge : 76: Too Jarring

Short Treks Retrospective. Now that Star Trek: Discovery’s sophomore season has come to an end, a look back at the Short Treks that preceded it is in order. How well did the those mini installments foreshadow what was to come? Do you need to watch them to fully understand Season Two? Were they just fun little stories to satisfy fans’ appetite for more Trek until Discovery returned? In this episode of The Edge, hosts Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin discuss the Short Treks that were released...


Literary Treks : 278: His Losses Continue to "Mount"

John Jackson Miller: The Enterprise War. At the end of Star Trek: Discovery's first season, we encounter the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. A long and costly war with the Klingons has taken its toll on Starfleet, but the Enterprise was kept out of the fray. What was this storied starship up to for the duration of the war, and why was she out of contact with Starfleet for so long? The answers to these questions and more can be found in the subject of this...


Warp Five : 195: This is Microwave Pizza

Season 4 Retrospective Part 6. One of the many reasons to create a prequel story is to explain perceived inconsistencies in stories. Season four of Star Trek: Enterprise attempts to answer many question fans of Star Trek may have, including why Klingons have forehead ridges before and after The Original Series. Whether or not you concerned yourself with an answer, the episodes about the forehead ridges were produced, giving many long term fans an answer to the question. In this episode...


Mission Log : 321 - Past Tense: Part I and Part II

A transporter accident brings Sisko, Dax and Bashir to 21st century San Francisco - a place divided into haves and have-nots. Mistaken as indigent, Sisko and Bashir wind up in a Sanctuary District among the displaced who are on the verge of revolution. Historically, Gabriel Bell is the man who should be remembered, but when he dies too soon, Sisko takes his place to correct the timeline and save the future. Past Tense Parts I and II go into the Mission Log. Get in touch with us! On...


Mission Log Live : 080 - The One with SHABAM! and Daily Star Trek News

Back from Las Vegas with a few friends, John and Ken welcome Wendy Roderweiss and Josh Kurz of SHABAM! and Alison Pitt of Daily Star Trek News. Theirs are the newest additions to the Roddenberry Podcast Network. Topics include: Their shows and their thoughts on Star Trek Las Vegas, plus SHABAM! talks science and Alison talks the ViacomCBS merger. Not tanned, not rested, still ready! This is Mission Log Live! Be sure to join us live! We're on the Mission Log Facebook...


The 602 Club : 244: No More 3x5s

Cloverfield. While J.J. Abrams was on the press circuit for Mission: Impossible III in Japan, he had the idea for a monster movie, akin to the classic Godzilla pictures but with less focus on the monster and a much more intense and insane feeling. In this episode of The 602 Club Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris talk about Cloverfield. We discuss a monster movie, found footage, the story, cast, ending, moral of the story, our ratings and a brand new segment, our recommendations for the...


Standard Orbit : 279: I Must Return To This Place Again

Standard Orbit 279: I Must Return To This Place Again Ken and Zach's Star Trek Las Vegas 2019. This week on Standard Orbit, hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore discuss their experience at Star Trek Las Vegas 2019. William Shatner and Walter Koenig's panels, The Motion Picture's 40th Anniversary panel, meeting actresses Robin Curtis and Jacqueline Kim, and much more! We marvel at William Shatner being as sharp and entertaining as ever on stage as an octogenarian, special effects master Douglas...


The Line : 2: Papa Picard

Picard as a Family Man. When we were first met Jean-Luc Picard in “Encounter at Farpoint,” we were told—in no uncertain terms—that he does not like children. But, over the course of the series and Picard’s life, things changed. The Picard we saw in Generations seemed to long for a family and the comforts of a 19th-century Christmas at the vineyard. In this episode of The Line, Brandon-Shea Mutala sets out to convince his fellow co-hosts, Justin Oser and Chrissie De Clerck-Szilagyi, that...


Mission Log : Supplemental 53 - Getting to Trek: How to Build a Utopian Future with the Roddenberry Podcast Network

Live again before a casino audience, the shows of the Roddenberry Podcast Network - Mission Log, The Trek Files, Women at Warp, Priority One, Daily Star Trek News, and Shabam! - each make their case for how we get to the 24th century future, as seen on TV! Get in touch with us! On Facebook: On Twitter: @missionlogpod On Skype: missionlogpod On the phone: (323) 522-5641 Online: We may use your comments on a future episode of...


Primitive Culture : 62: Silent Running

The Hunt for Red October and Face of the Enemy. In space, all warriors are cold warriors. And none are colder, perhaps, than the steely Romulans who crew those imposingly green warbirds. In the sixth-season TNG episode “Face of the Enemy,” the normally warm-hearted Counselor Deanna Troi must join their ranks as she impersonates Major Rakal, a ruthless operative in the Tal Shiar, the Romulan intelligence service. This popular story was inspired, in part, by Tom Clancy’s thriller The Hunt for...


Mission Log : Supplemental 52 - From the Rio: Star Trek’s Job in the 21st Century

Live before a casino audience, John and Ken are joined by Mission Log Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry. The topic: Star Trek’s job today. Is it to inspire? Is it to make money? Are today’s shows “Trek enough”? Rod, John, Ken, and a slew of listeners toss around these questions and others. Plus, a report on what may have been the craziest cosplay at STLV. Clock in for this supplemental edition of Mission Log! Get in touch with us! On Facebook: On Twitter:...


The 602 Club : 243: Thrawn Juniors

Thrawn: Treason. The character of Grand Admiral Thrawn has been a fan favorite since his introduction in 1991 in Heir to the Empire and now Timothy Zahn wraps up a new trilogy with this character, filling in Thrawn's story during his time away from Lothal in Star Wars Rebels season four. In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes John Mills and Bruce Gibson to talk about Thrawn: Treason. We discuss filling in the gap, playing everyone, juxtaposition, Stardust, protégé,...


Earl Grey : 286: Star Trek Las Vegas 2019

More Host Roundtable Discussion. It's that time of year again, Star Trek Las Vegas! Several hosts from the network made the annual pilgrimage to STLV 2019: Ken Tripp and Zach Moore from Standard Orbit, Amy Nelson, Justin Oser and Joe Keegan from Earl Grey (plus The Edge for Amy and The Linefor Justin), and Mike Schindler from The Edge and The Line. This week on Earl Grey, we share our host roundtable discussion where we discuss our convention likes, dislikes and experiences!...


Standard Orbit : 278: Star Trek Las Vegas 2019

Standard Orbit 278: Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 Host Roundtable Discussion. It's that time of year again, Star Trek Las Vegas! Several hosts from the network made the annual pilgrimage to STLV 2019: Ken Tripp and Zach Moore from Standard Orbit, Amy Nelson, Justin Oser and Joe Keegan from Earl Grey (plus The Edge for Amy and The Line for Justin), and Mike Schindler from The Edge and The Line. This week on Standard Oribt, we share our host roundtable discussion where we discuss...


Literary Treks : 277: You're Meant to Be Confused

Sword of Damocles. The Starship Titan continues its mission of exploration in the Gum Nebula, encountering a strange phenomenon that stops the vessel dead in its tracks. Tracing the cause back to a planet called Orisha, an away from Titan encounters a strange anomaly that has wreaked devastation on the Orishans for millennia, and will cause one member of Titan's crew to come face to face with his destiny... In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Bruce Gibson and Dan Gunther discuss...