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Dungeons & Dragons // Call of Cthulhu Actual Play

Dungeons & Dragons // Call of Cthulhu Actual Play


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Dungeons & Dragons // Call of Cthulhu Actual Play




52D&D – Rictavio Retained

The Heroes promise ol Mad Mary to save her daughter from eloping with Strahd and chasing down Rictavio wrapping up his tall tales. Prepared, they made their way into Castle Ravenloft and confronted Rahadin. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


43CoC – Surreptitious Sandcrabs

The investigators set sail for Grey Dragon Island, down a investigator, and are sent swimming by a Wave of Oblivion. Wet and weary they make their way into a cave descending down into an underwater volcano containing unspeakable horrors. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


51D&D – Well If It Isn’t the Consequences of Your Actions

The Heroes talk their way out of a flesh Cerberus fight, with a stick. Dusting their hands off they make their way into the shadow of Ravenloft, seeking treasure… Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


42CoC – Fishy Proposals

The investigators continue their investigation at the docks while Dr. Ambervious entertains the private invitations of Madam Swallow. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


50D&D – Wine and Dine

The Heroes wheel a wagon full of wine to Krezk and, after turning down the Burgomasters plea for help, pay a visit to the abbey and beat the brakes off the abbot. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


41CoC – Crawling on the Ceiling

The investigators are convinced into helping Roger Carlyle and Jack Brady rescue a kidnapped flower girl that provided the wanted men with sanctuary, no good deed goes un punished. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


49D&D – Entvasion

The investigators arrive to help out the wizards of wine winery just in time for a full scale ent invasion. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


40CoC – Tipsy Tigers

The investigators set off for a cruise to relax after their ordeal underneath the pyramids and make their way to Shanghai, China and find that even the opposite side of the earth is not beyond the reach of the crawling chaos. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


48D&D – Hellhound Sled Team

The heroes make their way back from the Amber Temple and all of its wonders to short cut through the woods to make it to the Wizard of Wines Winery for a tasting. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


39CoC – Pulled Under the Surface

The investigators delved below the ancient stone to find the rites of an evil resurrections completed. Some cut bargains with the devil and others are pulled into a past for an eternity of slavery. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


47D&D – Gifts Bestowed

The Heroes get greedy and accept every gift the Amber Temple seeks to bestow. Fighting off slaads and witches they learned secrets that had better been left forgotten. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


38CoC – Born Again

The Investigator continue through the vast network of tunnels beneath the Giza pyramids and don cultists robs infiltrating’s the resurrections ritual of Queen Nitocris. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


46D&D – Girl for the Debt

Descending down into the darkness of the Amber Temple the heroes encounter golden automatons and given dark gifts, at a cost. Will they except the offer from Rahadin giving over Ireena for riches and souls? Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Strahd


37CoC – Going Down

The investors take down villains and sexy babes as the continue their pursuit of the mysterious Carlyle expedition in Egypt and encounter horny cat girls and drunk Dutchmen. Will they survive their descent under the Mycerinus pyramid? Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


45D&D – Bird is the Word

The Heroes duck and cover from the flying terror and slink into the trees to approach the Amber Temple under the cover of foliage. Anthony catches a ride on a Roc and the team proceeds down the icy steps into the corrupted vault of hidden secrets. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


36CoC – Ladies Love Horst

The Investigators continue their search for clues in Egypt in the Red Alley & Street of Potters running down the seedy allies for information to the mysterious disappearance of the Carlyle expedition. With guns drawn and a trail of cats, they make some aggressive introductions and sexy feline friends. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of […]


35CoC – Drinking on Duty

The Investigators make their way to Egypt to continue the hunt for the mysterious Carlyle expedition, avoid being swindled and take in the sights at the Egyptian museum. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep


44D&D – Cornered Rat

The Heroes! Play lifeguard and rescue a drowning victim from a drunk. Returning her to camp they pressed on harried by Dire Wolves, Rocks and Tibblesworth’s on their way to the Amber Temple. Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd


34CoC – Deals in Darkness

The Investigators fight off the Brotherhood and conspire with Zahra to wrest control of the London chapter of the cult away from Gavigan and into her hands. Proceeding the Misr house, the action is obscured by a haze of ambition. Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyralathotep


43D&D – Hangin With Hags

The Heroes fight off the attack of Strahd and his evil minions on the Church of St. Andral! Pharius isn’t buying what that old ladies cooking up, but Kardeus is & Anthony rows fast! Dungeons & Dragons : Curse of Strahd