Fantasy & Science Fiction Podcasts >'s podcast, appropriately titled MuggleCast, is an informative talk show dedicated to everything Harry Potter.'s podcast, appropriately titled MuggleCast, is an informative talk show dedicated to everything Harry Potter.
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Description:'s podcast, appropriately titled MuggleCast, is an informative talk show dedicated to everything Harry Potter.






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#444: Harry Potter Gift Guide Extravaganza 2019

The Potter Collector ( joins us for MuggleCast’s Harry Potter Gift Guide! Harry Potter: The Exhibition is now open in Lisbon, Portugal! Harry Potter Holiday Gift Guide: What were some of the biggest items to debut in 2019? The Potter Collector talks Nimbus 2000, Mystery Wands from Walmart ( and ( Andrew: Hallmark has official Harry...


#443: Never A Bride (OOTP Chapter 9, Woes of Mrs. Weasley)

Andrew checks in from the Wizarding World... completely decked out for the holidays! Laura reveals an early Christmas present that would excite any Potter fan! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 9: The Woes of Mrs. Weasley 7-Word Summary: Harry feels envious because friends are winning What's up with Umbridge "appraising" Harry? Uh oh, Lucius has Fudge's ear! Is it worse that the Order thinks the Minister is NOT under the Imperius Curse? Why does Harry's scar...


#442: Harry Potter Screenwriter Returns, Cursed Child Inside Look

Finally... some Fantastic Beasts 3 news ( ! What bigger role will Eulalie Hicks play in the upcoming film? Steve Kloves returns to his screenwriting role. What does it mean for Potter fans? We're going to Rio! Will we see Castelobruxo? Why did Crimes of Grindelwald fall flat at the box office? Let's not forget the controversies that preceded it! Fantastic Beasts 3 is taking the series back to its Hogwarts roots! Is this a...


#441: Brian? (OOTP Chapter 8, The Hearing)

Mike from Potterless Podcast joins the show! He shares why he got into the series so late and some of the moments that shocked him the most. Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 8 - The Hearing 7-Word Summary: Harry is attacked by Fudge but Dumbledore prevails Have any of us ever been before a judge? Given Harry is being charged with UNDERAGE magic, isn’t it ridiculous an adult can’t accompany him to trial? Where exactly was Harry’s owl sent? Was it even sent at...


#440: Return To Sender (WW Gold Review, OOTP Chapter 7, 'The Ministry of Magic')

News covers Cursed Child in San Francisco and Germany Andrew and Micah are drawn to the dark side... they're Wizarding World Gold baby! We discuss the benefits and pricing of Wizarding World Gold ( . What would we like to see them offer in the future? Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Ministry of Magic Seven World Summary: Today will be the day Perkins alerts Harry's...


#439: Dumbledip (GOF Illustrated Review, OOTP Chapter 6, 'House of Black')

Welcome Slug Club member Emily! Micah recaps a great weekend in Boston for LeakyCon! The Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition ( is here! And it's Laura first! We discuss some notable illustrations and give our favorites! Muggle Mail covers Sirius as a parent, ALL CAPS Harry and Percy Weasley Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 6, The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black...


#438: Live From LeakyCon 2019

We're live from LeakyCon in Boston and joined by special guest Chris Rankin! We travel around the Wizarding World to famous Potter locations, talk about the Massachusetts-based school Ilvermorny and play a few of our favorite games with the audience. Chris takes Micah to task in the Dueling Club while listeners try their hand at Make The Connection. Join us for this very special edition of MuggleCast!


#437: The Voldeport (OOTP Chapter 5, The Order of the Phoenix)

Pottermore is NO MORE! We reflect on all the hype that surrounded its launch and re-sort ourselves with the new virtual Sorting Hat! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 5, The Order of the Phoenix Seven Word Summary: Harry asks Sirius about Voldemort’s return loudly No. 12 Grimmauld place belongs to Sirius. We debate using his home as Order headquarters! Harry and Sirius compare summers and both blame Dumbledore for their current situation....


#436: ALL CAPS (OOTP Chapter 4, 12 Grimmauld Place)

One of our listeners received the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition two weeks early! How does it compare to the rest of the series? This week we dive into Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 4, 12 Grimmauld Place Seven Word Summary: Harry shouts loudly at everyone in CAPSLOCK As soon as Harry steps into the Black Family home, J.K. Rowling offers an ominous line. It's the first of many hints about Sirius' fate. Rowling has enjoyed using the number 12...


#435: Into The Dark (OOTP Chapter 3, The Advance Guard)

Welcome Slug Club member Christina! Fandom Happenings: a new Wizarding World app, Mina Lima wallpapers, Lethal White begins filming and Darks Arts shows begin in Orlando! We take listener feedback on British "tea" and defending Mundungus Fletcher Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 3: The Advance Guard 7-Word Summary: Tonight the Guard rides into Grimmauld Place We discuss Harry's treatment of Hedwig... his only friend at Privet Drive Who...


#434: His Last (OOTP Chapter 2, A Peck of Owls)

No word back from the Nashville school that banned Harry Potter Eddie Redmayne provides us a smidge of an update on Fantastic Beasts 3 Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 2: A Peck of Owls 7-Word Summary: Many owls arrive at Harry's home tonight Mr. Tibbles was on the case! Good to know that Harry is being watched by... cats! We question Mrs. Figg's qualifications for keeping an eye on Harry all of these years If Dumbledore was so afraid of...


#433: Gettin' Figgy (OOTP Chapter 1, Dudley Demented)

Sequoia from Fanatical Fics and Where To Find Them ( joins the show! We discuss the recent banning of Harry Potter at St. Edward Catholic School... and give them a call! Cursed Child gets a new marketing campaign, with the logo now matching the one from the books/films Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 1: Dudley Demented 7-Word Summary: Harry Potter fights with Dudley and Dementors The introduction of Harry is...


#432: Connecting Prisoner of Azkaban to Order of the Phoenix

Happy Back to Hogwarts y'all! Enough already! Pottermore announces a new "reimagined" Sorting Hat is coming. Are we about to receive new House assignments? We've shipped MuggleCast tote bags to our first 150 patrons, with more going out in the weeks ahead! Andrew recaps Harry Potter Trivia Night at Wizards Unite Indianapolis, but he can't remember anything! Beautiful park, great community event, dragons, cool merchandise and more! Andrew shares his experience from Wizards Unite Fan Fest!...


#431: The Questions Fans Had After 'Goblet of Fire'

Welcome Slug Club member Stephanie! She recently became a mother, so we challenge her to sort little Eleanor into a Hogwarts House. Don't forget we'll be in Indy this weekend for Wizards Unite and at LeakyCon Boston this October! Use code MUGGLE when registering for $10 off! If you've waited in line at Universal Orlando for Hagrid's and missed the pre-show video, watch it here ( ! In anticipation of our Order of the Phoenix chapter-by-chapter analysis we take a...


#430: Did Dumbledore Attempt To Recreate Ariana?

Pottermore announces a new app - what can we expect? Micah and Andrew recap their time at Podcast Movement Andrew will be at Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis on August 31. If you see him, say hi! Micah and Eric will be at LeakyCon 2019 from October 11-13 in Boston - register today ( using code MUGGLE for $10 off! It's a mailbag episode full of exciting voicemails and listener emails! When the Weasley twins tossed snowballs at the back of Quirrell's...


#429: Sidecar Joy

We're live from Orlando at Podcast Movement 2019! We're staying at the wrong hotel, but it's cool because there are a ton of inns and Unfoundables! Eric and Micah ride and review Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure The twists, the turns, the creatures and more! Why you should ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure even if you're not a roller coaster person We debate the motorbike vs. the sidecar -- Andrew has evolved on the debate How does this ride compare to...


MuggleMiniCast: Bye Bye Bye

It’s a special mini episode of the podcast as we discuss the announcement of the release date of Deathly Hallows!


#428: Finishing Sorcerer's Stone, 13 Years Later

Join Andrew in Indy for a special Wizards Unite gathering over Labor Day Weekend! On a related note, we discuss our latest thoughts on the game. MuggleCasTBT takes us back to a dark Cursed Child prediction Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces The last time we analyzed a chapter from Sorcerer's Stone was 2006! A lot has changed since then 7-Word Summary: Quirrell surprises Harry with Voldemort’s head attacheSurprise! It...


#427: Connecting Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows

We're going to be in Orlando this August - if you're in the neighborhood, come say hi! Visit our site to fill out our brief survey. There's never been a better time to support the show! Become a Patron ( by July 31 and get this year's TWO physical gifts - signed album art and a MuggleCast tote bag! Our main discussion is The Secrets of Sorcerer's Stone: We expose the little things in the first book that ended up playing a larger role later in the series --...


#426: Discovering Sorcerer's Stone

Do the people behind Wizards Unite listen to MuggleCast? Some new game features would suggest so! Eric announces the MuggleNet Caption Contest ( is back! #MuggleCasTBT takes us back to a bold prediction made about Nicolas Flamel and his "safe house" in Crimes of Grindelwald We take listener feedback on last week's Dark Mark tattoo debate Our Main Discussion focuses on The Beginning of Harry Potter Did Sorcerer's Stone launch a...