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Christmas Countdown - #3 Season's Beatings

Mene mene! Satana satana! This week, the gang investigates the Smith family's involvement in the beginning of the end times. (Pause for laughter) "These people need to stop thinking about things and be like me." "Why are they only doing Christmas episodes? There are other holidays!" "I thought this was a podcast about Family Guy." Check out the holiday lights at our IG: @bestofamericandad Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:


Christmas Countdown - #4 Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas

Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas You will forget everything you think you know about Stan Smith! Let's watch... This week, the gang wrestles naked with cannon. "I'd rather just watch the show without commentary, thank you." "How can they say these things? Who do I call to put a stop to this?" "Maybe I'll just turn it on and walk out of the room this time." Check out the best Instagram for American Dad clips grouped by episode! @bestofamericandad Support American Dad! by...


Deleted Scene - Incoherent Babbling about The Good Place and the state of television

The gang goes on a long, rambling aside about NBC's The Good Place and the current state of television. Disclaimer: Don't listen, you wouldn't like it. "What gives you the right?" Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:


Christmas Countdown - #5 The Most Adequate Christmas Ever

Your American Dad Christmas Countdown Starts NOW. Stan's know-it-all-ness puts the family in grave danger. Roger sings the Christmas classics. An angel gets her wings. "I don't celebrate Christmas and I've never heard of it." "I ordered socks on Amazon and this podcast showed up on my phone." "This did not make me feel very Christmasy, but I don't like to complain..." Feel free to stop by - IG: @bestofamericandad Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:...


Season 3 - #1 When a Stan Loves a Woman

Until December, dear listeners... The secret word is “Cougar Boost” {RAWR.} A-Plot/B-Plot - 1:00 Toby & Deborah Watch 2000 - 1:20 Cannon Fodder - 2:00 Box of Flip Flops - 4:10 A Ward Show - 7:10 Biggest Laugh - 9:10 Roger’s Squirt Squirt Best Best Moment - 11:20 Potent Quotables - 14:30 Refrigerator Thoughts - 17:05 Doing Research - 20:05 Final Thoughts - 22:00 "I'm glad they're gonna be gone." "When does my subscription end?!" "Hey, I like Thanksgiving!" Instagram:...


Season 3 - #2 Joint Custody

Winner of the Postponed Stoner's Choice Awards Stan and Roger get high. That is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know. "I don't know how I wound up here. Could someone call me an Uber?" "There are some people who could read the phonebook and I would listen. These are ... those people." "It's only a matter of time before the fuzz shuts this down. That's what they told me last time I called." Thank you to all of our wonderful, genius listeners and feel free to reach out to us on...


Season 3 - #3 After School Special

After School Special The gang discusses one of their all-time favorite episodes. A-Plot/B-Plot - 2:00 A Ward Show - 3:00 Box of Flip Flops - 6:05 Cannon Fodder - 10:30 Biggest Laugh - 12:50 Roger’s Best Moment - 16:30 Refrigerator Thoughts - 18:50 Potent Quotables - 20:30 Doing Research - 22:15 Final Thoughts - 28:30 "I almost crashed into a bus listening to this." "What gives these people the right?" "Leave Hunger Games alone!" Our Instagram: @bestofamericandad...


Season 3 - #4 Lincoln Lover

Lincoln Lover Time Stamps Paul Got Hit On - 1:50 A-Plot - 5:40 Toby N Deborah Watch 2000 - 7:40 A Box of Flip Flops so The Girls Can Dance - 9:10 Cannon Fodder - 11:20 A Ward Show - 13:55 Biggest Laugh - 18:50 Potent Quotables - 21:30 Doing Research - 24:25 Final Thoughts - 27:20 "I can't believe this is still on the air." "Why don't they ever visit me in my house?" "I need earplugs when I listen." Visit us at our Instagram: @bestofamericandad and drop us a line! Support...


Season 3 - #5 A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial

Roger meets an Abusive Terrestrial named Henry. The season 3 countdown kicks off with a very special episode about what can happen when you ignore your best friend to do homework. "I've never heard of Lifetime. What are networks?" "I don't approve of the ranking system. Every episode deserves to be #1." "They're going on vacation? They never work!" Are you reading this? Do you want us to follow you on Instagram? Send us a DM @bestofamericandad! 📟 Support American Dad! by donating to...


Best Episode of Season 2!

Season 2 Finale! The gang discusses the best episode of Season 2! Thank you to all our listeners and we'll see you in two weeks! A Ward Show - 0:50 A-Plot - 4:55 Toby N Deborah Watch 2000! - 5:15 A Box of Flip Flops so the Girls Can Dance - 6:50 Cannon Fodder - 10:00 Roger’s Squirt Squirt Best Best Moment - 16:50 Potent Quotables - 21:20 Refrigerator Thoughts - 23:20 Final Thoughts/Paul’s Outro - 25:50 "I'm glad they're taking a break. I could use a break." "My son said he...


And the Season 2 Runner Up is...

Time Stamps Intro A-Plot/B-Plot - 3:25 Toby & Deborah Watch 2000 - 5:15 A Box of Flip-Flops so the Girls Can Dance - 6:30 Doing Research - 9:35 Clooney Bashing - 12:40 Cannon Fodder - 16:40 A Ward Show - 20:50 Biggest Laugh - 23:50 “Squirt Squirt Best Best” Roger’s Best Moment - 26:35 Potent Quotables - 29:25 Who Would You Kill? - 32:40 Final Thoughts - 35:00 "This podcast helped me realize I deserve better than this podcast." "Why are they saying mean things about...


And the 3rd Best Episode of Season 2 is...

Time Stamps Intro A-Plot/B-Plot - 3:20 Toby & Deborah Watch 2000 - 4:30 Guess the Guest Voice - 5:10 A Box of Flip-Flops so the Girls Can Dance - 8:45 What Did Paul Do? - 12:10 Cannon Fodder - 13:25 A Ward Show - 18:25 Biggest Laugh - 24:50 “Squirt Squirt Best Best” Roger’s Best Moment - 30:00 Potent Quotables -35:15 Truth Planet - 38:15 Final Thoughts - 43:30 "I support this show because it's run by an Asian woman." "I think this show has a maniac showrunner." "I don't care...


All About Steve

Stan discovers that Steve is not an athlete. Nerd Steve saves the day. This week, nerd Paul is at bat and tries his best to lead the podcast to victory. Can he do it with only a tremendous amount of editing? "I've grown quite weary." "I would definitely ... listen again!" "I keep waiting for tips on how to live my best life, but they never come." Check out our Instagram @bestofamericandad and let us know what you like and don't like about the podcast! We promise we can change! Don't...


A Smith in the Hand

The gang forgets about the podcast 45 minutes in. In this very special episode, Stan's discovery of self-love is tackled with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Cheesecake Factory. "One of these days, I'm gonna leave a review for this podcast. Then they'll see." "Why do they stay, Steve? Why do they stay?" "These podcasts helped me through a difficult time tying my shoes this morning." Check us out on Instagram @bestofamericandad. Stop in and say, "Hi." Hahaha, DO IT. Support American...


Bullocks to Stan

An ENTP, INFJ and ESFP walk into a bar... The gang kicks off Season 2 with better audio equipment, less frantic pacing and more useless facts to get this party started right! "I thought this show was cancelled due to racist tweets." "Not enough fart jokes." "The last episode was a natural stopping point." Instagram: @bestofamericandad Stop in and say, "Why?" Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:


Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

Heatwave Edition Join us for the season one finale! We'll be back after a short break (July 25) with better equipment and hopefully better sound! This week: Hear all you never wanted about Roger's reproductive cycle, Karolyi Ranch, and a retraction regarding Paul's height! "Who's the target audience?!" "I can't tell anyone I listen to this podcast." "I'd really like my money back, but I never paid." Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:...


Homeland Insecurity

Our most organized episode yet. 1. Paul is a golden turd. 2. Paul refuses to understand how microphones work. 3. Revenge is a dish best served at the end of a podcast. "Hands down the ... podcast ever!" "Their friendship makes me feel grateful to be alone." "I wish this podcast started a long time from now." Check out our Instagram @bestofamericandad for artisanal AD clips by Christy! Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:


Roger Codger

This is your American Dad! Podcast... after dark. The gang accidentally destroys the recording of this week's episode. This is their nighttime reshoot whereby they burn all possible bridges to Hollywood. "The funniest 30-minute podcast about American Dad out there." "If Harry, Hermione and Ron were moral relativist half-wits." "A heady mix of ignorance, humiliation and recrimination." Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:


Francine's Flashback

Episode starts at 9:30 Christy spends the first nine minutes of the podcast in a prideful, ignorant rage about the Disney-Fox merger, then starts the actual episode with a long-winded conspiracy theory. Paul is right for once in his life but never gets to enjoy it. Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar:


Stan Knows Best

Strippers, Rhubarb & Flying Cars Paul attempts to sabotage the podcast and learns a hard lesson about who gets final cut Support American Dad! by donating to the tip jar: