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20. You're Letting Them Kill Martha! (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice)

On today’s episode we continue with the second film in the The Worlds of DC franchise and one of the most divisive superhero films of all time, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition (That’s one hell of a mouth-full.)


19. I Grew Up In Kansas (Man of Steel)

Hey guys so we are doing movie reviews again. Today we review Man of Steel the first film in the DCEU or as Warner Bros. likes to call there franchise The Worlds of DC. Enjoy our commentary on Man of Steel and let us know what else you want to listen to.


18. Want To See A Magic Trick (Magic: The Gathering)

Hey guys, we are very sorry we’ve been having technical issues over the past few weeks, blame SoundCloud. But we are back (again) from hiatus. This time we are talking about a game very near and dear to our heart Magic: The Gathering the original trading card game and the new upcoming set Guilds of Ravnica. Enjoy our usual commentary that for some is incomprehensible but to others is just gibberish.