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Build Casters #0 - What Even Is Build Casters?

What is Build Casters? How do "Build Casters" and "Build Casters: Gaiden!" differ from one another? What can fans expect from Build Casters in 2019? Why does TheMacabreChap have a voice that is smoother than Lockon Stratos? All this and more, is answered on this special mini episode of Build Casters! You don't want to miss it!


Build Casters: Gaiden! #6 - The Melancholy of Akane SSSShinjo...

On this (INCREDIBLY LATE) episode of Build Casters: Gaiden!, TheMacabreChap and SunglassPri are joined by TheMetaFactor and Lambo Calrission; a super dope dude, who also happens to be head honcho of The Kaidan Network. The guys take their time and lovingly discuss the emotional weight of Episodes 9 & 10 of SSSS.GRIDMAN, whilst TheMacabreChap manages to somehow shoehorn in a rant about a certain group taking its sweet time to release subs of his favourite show that features Karate Bugmen! So,...


Build Casters: Gaiden! #5 - Gattai SSSShift On!

On this episode of Build Casters: Gaiden!, TheMacabreChap, SentaiFive and SunglassPri are joined by Leg10n Of Boom's newest member, TheMetaFactor, to discuss episodes 7 and 8 of everyone's favourite Love Letter to tokusatsu: SSSS.Gridman! Whilst the guys heap praise on what is turning out to be a really good anime, they also manage to somehow wind up discussing mind-numbingly expensive anime merchandise from the Good Smile Company and Kamen Rider Zi-O. So, Access Flash and get ready for...


Build Casters: Gaiden! #4 - SSSSimulDub?

On this jam packed episode of Build Casters: Gaiden, TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are once again joined by Leg10nOfBoom's team mom: SunglassPri. Pri and the guys discuss the gratuitous fanservice of Episode 5 of SSSS.Gridman and the massive plot dump of Episode 6. They also managed to find the time to discuss the Detective Pikachu trailer and Funimation's recent change to their "SimulDub" schedule. Access Flash and get ready! You better not miss it!


Build Casters: Gaiden! #3 - SSSSenorita, I Feel For You!

On this shiny new episode of Build Casters: Gaiden!, TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are joined once again by SunglassPri and they tackle Episodes 3 and 4 of Studio Trigger's SSSS.Gridman. Once Pri and the guys dissect the mediocrity that was Episode 3, they proceed to discuss the the much better Episode 4, Yuta and Rikka's "tacit" feelings for each other and how Akane is the very definition of chaotic evil. So set your GP Bases and tune in! You better not miss it!


Build Casters: Gaiden! #2 - SSSStupid Sexy Gridman!

On this episode of Build Casters: Gaiden!, TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are joined by SunglassPri, the Team Mom of Leg10n Of Boom. Pri and the guys shoot the shit about the second episode of SSSS.Gridman and are pleasantly surprised about how much of a marked improvement it is over the first episode. They also chat about what they want to see from the rest of the series and Pri's rad Toku blog: Capes and Cool Scarves. So set your GP Bases and tune in! You definitely don't want to miss it!


Build Casters: Gaiden! #1 - We're Bringing SSSSexy Back!

Suprise MotherKaijuu!!! TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are back with a second podcast for you: Build Casters: Gaiden! On Build Casters: Gaiden! our dynamic duo will give their unfiltered thoughts on Anime (with no preparation; no notes, no news items, nothing!) in a delicious bite-sized podcast morsel. On the inaugural episode, the guys chop it up about the first episode of SSSS.Gridman, the anime adaptation of the classic 90s tokusatsu: Denkou Choujin Gridman! They know it's not strictly a...


Build Casters #3 - Iron-Blooded Bumboclaat!

On the latest episode of Build Casters, TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are joined by the crazy talented anime blogger and mecha fangirl, LitaKino (@Kinoreviews on Twitter), to discuss the character-driven emotional train ride that is Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. After asking Lita to tell them a bit about herself, they quickly touch on some news and then dissect Iron-Blooded Orphans in a comical, yet insightful manner. So set your GP Base and tune in to this episode of Build Casters, You'd be...


Build Casters #2 - Gundam Podcast of Some Sort

On this episode of Build Casters, TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are joined by the incomparable David Majors aka Djm, host and producer of Anime Podcast of Some Sort (and a bunch of other podcasts). They briefly cover a couple of news items and then delve into the main topic: Gundam 00. As they proceed to gush over 00 for almost an hour xD, they also occasionally remember to critically analyse the plot and characters and discuss how the topical nature of show is still relevant some 11 years...


Build Casters #1.5 - Mm.. Gunpla?

TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive are back for another episode of Build Casters! Due to TheMacabreChap's lack of preparation (What a douche!), instead of reviewing Gundam 00, he and SentaiFive shoot the shit about a bunch of Gundam News and answer some Twitter questions. In this episode, hear their uncompromising opinions on the impending Gundam live action movie, the crapload of upcoming Build Divers gunpla releases and the utter shit show that is New Gundam Breaker. So set your GP Base and...


Build Casters #1 - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gundam!

TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive set their GP Bases for Build Casters; the shiny new Gundam and Super Robot anime podcast from the Leg10n Of Boom! On the first episode, they discuss how they fell in love with the Gundam franchise and answer some Twitter questions with the biting humour and insightfulness you've come to expect from the Leg10n Of Boom!