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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

This episode has been in the vault for ages. It's got my boy Bob on it, it was fun. Here it is for you, have a listen. Like by just liking it, I don't want social media validation. Got any feedback? or just keep it to yourself. Instagram: @hipsterheartthrob (I won't post about this podcast and probably won't reply if you just send me Cage pictures) Keep it Caged in, you cagey cunts.


G-Force (2008) w: Das Film Haus

Hoyt Yeatman who's he? Why should we care? And why did he direct an animated film about Guinea pig super spies? Hear myself and Josh and Michael from Das Film Haus talk G-Force and all that is bad about it. We discuss the weird sexual elements, Cage as a literal mole and Die Hard? **Das Film Haus:** **Twitter:** @Filmhauspodcast **Instagram:** @filmhaus_podcast Rate, Review & Subscribe on **Apple Podcasts** **Facebook, Twitter & Instagram:** @cagedinpod...


Knowing (2008) w Tonight With... Bob And Joe

There's no way of knowing Knowing unless you go in and see what Knowing is showing. To see what this film has to offer I could only think of two men to help me out. Those two men were Bob and Joe from Tonight with... Podcast. This episode was recorded on March 22nd (my birthday, at the time of listening it won't be my birthday but feel free to wish me happy birthday anyway.) Tonight With: Facebook & Twitter: @tonightpodcast Apple Podcasts: Acast:...


Bangkok Dangerous (2008) Liam H. Dempsey (Spocklight Podcast)

Nic Cage enlisted the Pang brothers to remake their 1999 debut film about a deaf mute hitman. Don't worry I haven't spoiled the put their because to make it palatable for a western audience that was thrown out the window. I was joined to figure out what the hell is going on in **Bangkok Dangerous** by **Liam H. Dempsey** of the brilliant **Spocklight Podcast**. **Spocklight:** Twitter & Instagram: **@spocklightpod** Apple Podcasts: Podbean:


National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets

The unlikely hero of Family Adventure is back; Ben Gates and gang are back and I've invited back a good friend of the podcast, Bob to join me and try and find some gold in National Treasure 2: Book Of secrets Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Tonight With… @tonightpodcast Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


Next (2007)

'm dusting off my crystal ball and have a look into the future along with my boy Nic Cage. I'm looking this week at Next (2007) A Las Vegas magician is pulled in by the FBI to help take down a group of terrorists, on paper sounds perfect but what does the future have in store for me? Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


Ghost Rider (2007) w/ Bob (Tonight With... Podcast)

Would you sell your soul to the devil to unwatch a film? I think Bob and myself may rethink that question after watching Ghost Rider (2007) So get that dusty old leather jacket out, move all your issues of Kerrang! out of the way to get your studded belt out, borrow your older brothers moped and set your head on fire for this thrill ride. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Tonight With... @tonightpodcast Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod...


World Trade Center (2006) w/ Joe (Tonight With... Bob And Joe)

In 2006 Oliver Stone took on turning one of the most tragic events in recent history into a motion picture. With Nic Cage and Michael Peña at the forefront did he make a touching thought provoking story. Listen as Joe and myself tread on egg shells trying to talk around this very difficult subject matter whilst trying to find the ridiculous in the film making. We try our hardest not to offend but inevitably probably still do. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Tonight With......


The Wicker Man (2006) w/ Tim Hornsby & Bob (Tonight With... Podcast)

The harvests have been bad this year, normally one sacrifice would satisfy the Gods but alas it wasn't. Three men were lured to Cage Isle to watch Neil LaBute's loving remake of the 1973 cult classic; The Wicker Man. Hear Tim, Bob and myself hold this film up to the original and see how it fares. Catch Tim's amazing comic art on Instagram: @timzocco14 Listen to Bob on Apple Podcasts: Facebook & Twitter:...


The Ant Bully (2006)

A youth boy is forced to do community service is a tale to learn that bullying is bad, Starring Nic Cage, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep & Paul Giamati. Sounds like a hard hitting drama, right? One thing it certainly doesn't sound like is the plot to family animated film from the minds behind Jimmy Neutron. So I shrink down to size this week as I try and tackle the trials and tribulations of The Ant Bully. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Facebook, Twitter Instagram: @cagedinpod...


The Weather Man (2005) w: Bob (Tonight With...Bob And Joe)

Disclaimer: This episode has some awful audio, I messed up guys. Apart from that Bob and myself have a look at the forecast provided by Gore Verbinski (yep, that bloke who made Tango) and it looks like a strong gust of cringe-worthy awkwardness with slight spots of depression. Now over to The Weather Man (2005). Tonight With... Bob And Joe: Twitter: @tonightpodcast Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts...


Lord Of War (2005)

Like the protagonist of this film I'm a lone wolf, a solo renegade this week as I look at this film in all of its gun running glory. Or does it misfire I'm telling the story of Uri Orlov over his 20 year career as a Lord Of War. Let's have a little listen to what I made of the goings on and am I on my way to loosing my mind as I trudge further down this murky path. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


National Treasure (2004) w/ Phil (Those Movie Guys)

Joined by my trusty sidekick for the week, Phil. We go in search of jem's and hidden treasure in Nic Cage's stab at the Family Adventure genre. Is he a new generations Indiana Jones or is he a poor man's Nathan Drake? Does he have Spidey sense and can I drive? All will be probed at in this weeks epiosode. Those Movie Guys Twitter: @tmg_podcast Facebook: Those Movie Guys Instagram: @Thosemovieguys Rate, Review & Review on Apple Podcasts Facebook, Twitter &...


Matchstick Men (2003) w/ James Hunt (Murderhouse, Bad Book Club, Sorta' Ghostly)

Every con needs its mark. The question this week is: Are James and myself the marks? Are we being conned by Nic Cage and Ridley Scott? Strap in and hear us try and figure out the answers to these pressing questions along with our thoughts on Ridley Scott and what makes a good con heist. Follow James Hunt's many projects: Murderhouse: Twitter: @murderhouse__ Instagram: @murderhouse_band Bad Book Club:...


Adaptation (2002)

Warning: This podcast contains very strong language and violence. This week we take a look at Spike Jonze meta-masterpiece; Adaptation (2002), we get two Cage's for the price of one. I felt this was the only way to do this film was in the way this podcast is presented, I wish I could of gone deeper but there was an incident mid way through that left me shocked and disturbed. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


Nic Cage Birthday Special: Sonny (2002)

Happy Birthday Nicky Boy, you old prick. Let's take a look at Nic Cage's directorial debut and only film he ever made. I'm here to ask why? Was the experience that bad? Or was it that this film is a big steaming pile of 'No Thank You'. Let's wish this crazy man a happy birthday and dive into this gigolo drama from 2002. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


Bonus Episode: New Year, Same Sh!t

Let's just dust off the equipment and warm up the vocal cords as we get back into the swing of things. A little bonus podcast where I talk about the year gone by and what is to come in the year to come. PSA: There's a little bit at the end where I open up a little about why the podcast took a hiatus, feel free to skip if you just want the upbeat bullshit that I'm used to providing. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


Windtalkers (2002)

So what happened there? The worst hangover has left me in hot water but will Windtalkers (2002) dip me deeper in that water or will it be a refreshing bath? This is our second run in with John Woo and our 35th run in with the main man slippery Nic Cage. Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod


Caged In Commentary: Face/Off w/ Tonight With...Bob And Joe

!!!WARNING!!! This episode is filled with drunken ramblings from 3 idiots, 2 of them being Bob and Joe from Tonight With...Bob And Joe. The other being me Petros Patsilivas. This is a bonus where we watched and provide you guys with an alternate commentary for the Cage Classic: Face/Off. Rate, Review & Subscribe to both podcasts on Apple Podcasts. Facebook, Twitter: @Tonightpodcast Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod Tonight With...Bob And Joe:


The Family Man (2000)

I'm back out of the wilderness, the loose ends have been tied off and the corpses have been buried. I take on the Brett Ratner moral tale of greed and what could of been. Nic Cage stars as Jack Campbell in this 2000 Christmas film, was I swept up in the magic or left out in the cold? Rate, Review & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cagedinpod