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45: Dragon Ball Z #40

Devin and Drew call upon Robert Smith of The Cure to assist them on their dangerous journey to Namek! Was Toriyama an orphan? According to Wikipedia… “no”, but we are not entirely convinced. Was Dr. John Lilly a Tuffle? Again, the parallels are uncanny. And did Krillin just get #metoo’d?? We don’t know, but he should probably lay low for a while.


44: Dragon Ball Z #39

Devin and Drew consume their first helping of filler for this saga, and it’s all downhill from here. Goku’s level of personal responsibility and overall mental maturity is severely lacking and may only be getting worse. We’ve devised a solution to develop his character that includes an assortment of different pets for him to raise, each one increasing the level of care and attention required to effectively nurture (with a little help from Uncle Piccolo, of course). We also discuss Akira...


43: Dragon Ball Z #38

Devin and Drew pack their bags in preparation for the long voyage to Namekistan. Strap the fuck in, Bulma’s driving!


42: Dragon Ball Z #37

Devin and Drew take Kami’s spaceship to planet Juniper to get some space weed! In today’s episode we talk about the racialism and other questionable character choices in both the Japanese and English versions. We also learn of Kami’s rough upbringing on the mean streets of Yunzabit Heights. And speaking of Kami, who should be the acting Guardian of Earth in his absense? We discuss possible candidates for the new opening.


41: Dragon Ball Z #36

Devin and Drew are clearing out all the Korin supporters and outraged feline protestors following the controversial results of the first annual Nappa Awards. To kick off season two we bounce around a few alternative ideas to wishing Yamcha back to life, such as preserving his mangled corpse in a glass coffee table to be displayed in Kame House. Continuing with the topic of taxidermy, we discuss which characters we would like to have stuffed and mounted in our trophy rooms. And stick around...


40: **BONUS** The World’s Strongest

Devin and Drew celebrate Piccolo Day with multiple viewings of one of the worst films in DBZ history! Although the movie has a few redeeming qualities (including another trippy Gohan song inspired by a certain gay fish), we would not recommend suffering through it… seriously, fuck this movie.


39: Saiyan Saga Recap Pt. II

Devin and Drew are rolling out the red carpet for the inaugural Nappa Awards! SPOILER ALERT: Nappa clean sweeps every category!! Just kidding, but the awards aren’t without controversy… Korin gets snubbed, Vegeta trys to interrupt Gohan’s acceptance speech, and Yamcha gets Steve Harvey’d!


38: Saiyan Saga Recap

Devin and Drew reflect upon their favorite moments of the Saiyan Saga. We introduce the inaugural “Nappas”, where we give recognition & praise to the best characters, fight scenes, signature attacks, and anything else we deem worthy of golden internet-shiny! Today we announce the nominees, so stay tuned for part II to find out who will be the first to walk away with a coveted Nappa Award!


37: Dragon Ball Z #35

Devin and Drew wrap up the iconic Saiyan Saga in today’s episode! Thank you to everyone who stumbled upon our podcast and stuck with us the past nine months. We can only hope that you all are enjoying the breakdowns as much as we do recording them! This project has been an absolute blast so far, and we will keep the content rolling every week! We love Dragon Ball and we look forward to continuing to grow, learn, and improve our show with each episode. Thanks again for listening, and stay...


36: Dragon Ball Z #34

Devin and Drew are throwing hand trucks and breaking windows on Bulma’s Air-bus! We kick off this week’s episode with Devin fucking up the intro! But he wasn’t the only one flubbing their line, Gohan was also rather confused as he yells “KAMEHAMEHA” during a Masenko attack in the OG Japanese version. And for the first (and perhaps only) time ever, Funimation uses the dub to make a legitimate correction! Meanwhile, Krillin spends the rest of the episode hesitating, choking, and well… being...


35: Dragon Ball Z #33

Devin and Drew are ringside for Nappamania XIV! Yajirobe has us at the edge of our seats when he turns heel right right off the bat! Gohan and Krillin try to fend off that Dirty Giant Ape, but the babyface tag team’s efforts are futile against the Saiyan Prince… but wait! **cue Yajirobe’s entrance music** The Bean Daddy pulls off a double-turn and shoots on Vegeta with that sword gimmick!! Now we have ourselves a REAL fight, Brother!


33: Dragon Ball Z #31

Devin and Drew turn up the Kaio-ken to x11 in today’s breakdown! Goku and Vegeta might have spent the entire episode powering up, but it is Yajirobe who gives us a subtle glimpse of his hidden power. Goku must have fallen asleep during King Kai’s Saiyan history lesson, as he is caught completely off guard by Vegeta’s transformation.


32: **BONUS** New Year’s in Japan!

Devin and Drew went to Japan! We took a 5 day trip to Tokyo to attend the Rizin World Grand Prix, a two day Martial Arts tournament held every New Year’s at the legendary Saitama Super Arena. It’s a long episode, so buy your plane ticket to Japan now and save this one for the flight!


31: Dragon Ball Z #30

Devin and Drew have returned at last after a brief hiatus, and the time off has seemingly gotten to them in this heavily off topic and all over the place episode! First things first, we apologize in advance to all of our Namekian listeners for any offensive things we may have said in this episode along with all future episodes. Goku decides to change up the battle location in an effort to keep his trash pile of dead homies intact so they can be wished back with the Dragon Balls. Back at...


30: Dragon Ball Z #29

Devin and Drew mourn the untimely death of the most underrated and underappreciated Saiyan of all time, Nappa. In this difficult time, we humbly ask our listeners to please put some respek on his name. Thank you.


29: Dragon Ball Z #28

Devin and Drew are gathering the Dragon Balls in anticipation of the events in next week’s episode. In the final moments before Piccolo’s death, he manages to surpass Kami and everyone else in total number of montages. Goku takes a moment of silence to honor his dead idiot friends, and then proceeds to waste his last Senzu Bean on his alive idiot friends. He subsequently threatens the Saiyans with “Kaio Ken Technique” which loosly translates to “Monkey Touch-butt”. We then discuss a ‘what...


28: Dragon Ball Z #27

Devin and Drew rent a street sweeper from Other World to clean up the trash pile on the battlefield, which continues to grow each episode. It looks like that movement coach may have paid off for Krillin, who uses his speed and agility to fluster Nappa, leaving Vegeta impressed by his performance. And Krillin is not the only one finding success as Piccolo lands a shot of his own, along with a sick burn! But just as Gohan starts to finally put together some offense, Nappa retaliates with a...


27: Dragon Ball Z #26

Devin and Drew are balls deep into the FighterZ beta, and so far we’ve made two trips across Snake Way while waiting to connect to a match! In today’s episode, we get a brief intermission as the Saiyans patiently wait for Goku’s arrival for the sole purpose of making him watch Vegeta kill everyone he loves whilst Nappa licks his lips and slowly severs off his ears. Back at Kame House we learn that Oolong is not only a shapeshifting serial child abductor, but also a compulsive panty-thief....


26: Dragon Ball Z #25

Devin and Drew are still in shock after watching Master Roshi get dragged off in handcuffs by the FBI for illegally streaming the Nappamania III Pay-Per-View. In this week’s episode we get another epic montage, so you know what that means… We are only a few short hours into the Saiyan arrival, and the Z fighters are already down two and a half men (if you count Yamcha). Gohan’s year-long training camp is proving to be time wasted as he continues to get the octagon-jitters at critical...


24: Dragon Ball Z #24

Devin and Drew are following the three demandments of Nappamania in an effort to improve the podcast: Crush your enemies, remove their arms, and eat your vitamins! We are faced with many tough choices in today’s episode as we analyze, debate, and determine which was better in multiple head-to-head situations. What’s more effective in combat, eye-lasers or mouth-lasers? Who’s dad-joke was funnier, Vegeta or Nappa? Who wore the explosive backpack better, Nappa or Yamcha? And speaking of...