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63: Dragon Ball Z #57

Devin and Drew hate playing space! In today’s episode, Goku finds himself in a real “127 hours” situation after a magnetic storm fucks over the carbonator on his spaceship. Hanging upside-down at 100x gravity and barely clinging to life, Goku fires a Kamehameha Wave at the cable wrapped around his ankles in a desperate attempt to free himself. And like you would expect, the Kamehameha bursts right through the cable and into the side of the ship causing a rapid decompression and killing Goku...


62: **BONUS** The Tree of Might

Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating today with a "leftover" episode that honestly should have been tossed in the garbage. But as the #1 Dragon Ball Z podcast in the world, we have a duty to cover every single installment in the beloved franchise. Unfortunately that includes the vastly inferior movies which, to our great disappointment, are not as enjoyable as our childhood memories have led us to believe. And 'The Tree of Might' is no exception to this, so if you have fond memories of the...


61: Dragon Ball Z #56

Devin and Drew saw the Funimation/Crunchyroll split coming, but they were caught completely off guard by the Disney buyout! Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans, has become dissatisfied with his space-pirate life and is now fascinated by the underwater world. Vegeta ignores the warnings of Lord Frieza, and his Jamaican crab-servant, Zarbon, that contact between Saiyans and Sea Creatures is forbidden. With his new best friend Flounder, he successfully escapes from Lord Frieza's Ship, and rapidly...


60: Dragon Ball Z #55

Devin and Drew wanted to skip this episode, but if they didn't watch it they'd have to swallow a thousand needles (which sounds more enjoyable in hindsight). Nothing happens in this episode that A.) you haven't already seen in previous episodes or B.) won't be rehashed again in future episodes. Goku trains under gravity in his spaceship, Vegeta gets revived in a float tank, and the unimportant characters chase around a monkey and a grasshopper. If you want to skip this episode of Dragon Ball...


59: Dragon Ball Z #54

Devin and Drew pray for the Namekian Gods to end this plague of mundane filler. Guru entrusts Krillin with a Dragon Ball, presumably so that he has a literal ball to drop when he is put on the spot later. Krillin then sells his soul to the Namekian Jesus in exchange for some bullshit pseudo powers. And like a good Christian he immediately rushes back to the cave to convert his friend Gohan. Meanwhile, it would seem that Vegeta also found Jesus after barely surviving his baptism.


58: Dragon Ball Z #53

Devin and Drew blame their delayed episode releases on Namek's confusing daylight saving time. In today's episode we get a valuable science lesson. Planet Namek has three suns, Namekians are green because they have chlorophyll, and birds CANNOT breathe underwater!


57: Dragon Ball Z #52

Devin and Drew dial "0" for a collect call and they don't give a fuck because King Kai is paying for it. "The King of Cringe" Bill Kaisby makes an unwelcome return to the comedy stage in today's meh-pisode. Goku and his new brother from another mother Piccolo take their relationship to the next level. That dirty Frieza won't stand a chance!


56: Dragon Ball Z #51

Devin and Drew are very excited about Dende's big announcement. On today's episode Dende came out as poly, bi, and non-binary. Most people fall within the male and female binary, but Namekians are non-binary, so they don't fall into either one. Dende is actually fluid-binary, meaning that depending on the moment, Dende goes between different genders. Right now Dende is astral gender, which is a gender from outer space. It's a pretty big deal to come out as non-binary, so if you would, please...


55: Dragon Ball Z #50

Devin and Drew are keepin everythang pushin, for realz doe, from the trainin, to the rappin, ya know'm sayin!! Krillin and Gohan kidnap a small child and take him to a cave. Meanwhile, Vegeta is fingerblasting an old geezer trying to get a hold of his balls. Yeah, this episode is pretty fucked.


54: Dragon Ball Z #49

Devin and Drew release their final episode before the podcast is scrubbed from the internet permanently by the establishment. Dodoria has uncovered some horrifying evidence of conspiracy! Vegeta has joined forces with known globalists Gohan and Krillin to steal the Dragon Balls for their Satanic rituals. The destruction of Planet Vegeta was not caused by a meteor, but was actually an inside job orchestrated by Hillary Clinton.... I mean Frieza!! Either way he is a god damned demon who used...


53: Dragon Ball Z #48

Devin and Drew are almost 50 episodes deep and still following the three demandments of Nappamania to give you the best podcast experience: 1. Ask a question 2. Get an answer 3. Saying your... Krillitine, BROTHER!! Krillin and Gohan spend the majority of the episode running from Dodoria, who is eager to ram his fist into their stomachs and break their goddamned spines! We also pitch a few movie ideas for Toei Animation to consider. Less Broly, more Nappa!


52: Dragon Ball Z #47

Devin and Drew are feeling deceived after Piccolo sold them some fake Yeezys. As Goku trains his ass off in the harsh conditions presented by the artificial gravity machine, Frieza conserves energy on his space scooter rolling around from door to door searching for Dragon Balls like he's in the snack aisle of a Walmart. Meanwhile Vegeta goes full Patriot Act, tapping everyone's phone calls to gather intel and plot his next move.


51: Dragon Ball Z #46

Devin and Drew sit down with Ol' Scratch and watch their favorite episode. Goku finally get's his hands on some senzu beans and checks out of the hospital in a hurry. Master Roshi may or may not have subsequently acquired Goku's perscription of quaaludes for some sort of Cosby-concoction. Meanwhile on Namek, the search for the Dragon Balls continues. Frieza, lacking in Dragon Radar technology, decides to go door to door like a Jehova's witness until he finds them all.


50: Dragon Ball Z #45

Devin and Drew are laying low in the cave, because shit just got real on Namek. In today's episode the gang has a run in with some of Frieza's goons. Gohan pops his murder-cherry, and Krillin logs his second kill. Vegeta...well...we stopped counting after Arlia.


49: Dragon Ball Z #44

Devin and Drew break out the Teacher's Scotch Whiskey 'cause we just hit Namek, bitches!! It only took us one year, so let's get good and drunk and pretend like the last ten episodes never happened.


48: Dragon Ball Z #43

Devin and Drew finally reach the end of the long and unbearable "Serpent Road" that is the Fake Namek story arc....NOT!! Turns out we've only just arrived at the "Snake Palace" of this seemingly endless diarreah of filler.


47: Dragon Ball Z #42

Devin and Drew are about to enter the shit tornado to Fake Namek! The old shit clock’s ticking as Bulma, Krillin, Gohan and Sitar make their way through the shit abyss in search of the remaining Dragon Balls. They stumble across a flock of shit hawks, and the birds of a shit feather fly them to the castle of a sleeping shit giant! The shit apples appear to have opened Pandora’s shit box, and the shit winds are a-comin’…


46: Dragon Ball Z #41

Devin and Drew almost cancelled this week's episode because Abridged already did it! We decided to release it anyway, so try it out.


45: Dragon Ball Z #40

Devin and Drew call upon Robert Smith of The Cure to assist them on their dangerous journey to Namek! Was Toriyama an orphan? According to Wikipedia… “no”, but we are not entirely convinced. Was Dr. John Lilly a Tuffle? Again, the parallels are uncanny. And did Krillin just get #metoo’d?? We don’t know, but he should probably lay low for a while.


44: Dragon Ball Z #39

Devin and Drew consume their first helping of filler for this saga, and it's all downhill from here. Goku's level of personal responsibility and overall mental maturity is severely lacking and may only be getting worse. We've devised a solution to develop his character that includes an assortment of different pets for him to raise, each one increasing the level of care and attention required to effectively nurture (with a little help from Uncle Piccolo, of course). We also discuss Akira...