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Making Tracks Episode 12: A spoonful of sugar or a bucket full of detonators

This week we look forward to the Rancho gala and discuss the current state of Star Wars with the former Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm Steve Sansweet and continue our chat with Star Wars artist legend Greg Hildebrandt. Mark and Dave look back to New York Comic Con and ahead to what's on the horizon on episode 12 of Making Tracks.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 14: Back to the Star Wars Future

Kyle Wagner joins Adam O’Brien for a chat on all things Star Wars, and later in the show Adam is joined by Jonesy, a fellow podcaster on his thoughts on latest Star Wars. PARENTS BEWARE, SOME ADULT LANGUAGE AHEAD.


Making Tracks at NYCC 2018: Hasbro Star Wars NYCC Deskside Event

Martin Keeler of Fantha Tracks TV and Mark Newbold of Making Tracks were fortunate enough to be invited to the Hasbro Star Wars NYCC Deskside Event on 4th October. Here's the audio of the event, with Patrick and Steve from Hasbro giving us the answers.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 13: Star Wars Retro Catch Ups

We're heading Down Under to catch up with Adam, The Fantha From Down Under as he chats to the original retro fanatics: shazbazzar and JediShua of Techno Retro Dads, to talk Star Wars Resistance. Then we head to Boston for part two of our chat with Eric Onkenhout! All of that and more here on The Fantha From Down Under, brought to you by Fantha Tracks Radio.


Making Tracks at NYCC 2018: Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away panel

New York Comic Con is in full effect for 2018 and on Day 2 Fantha Tracks were at the Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing Presents: Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away panel. Listen in to the reveals of what's heading our way in the forthcoming months.


Making Tracks Episode 11: Water for all ages

We're flying out to New York Comic Con but not before we bring you our final chat with Return of the Jedi Special Effects editor Bill Kimberlin and the first part of our interview with legendary Star Wars poster artist Greg Hildebrandt. Dave and Mark talk all things Star Wars and...bottled water? All that and more on Episode 11 of Making Tracks.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 12: “Coffee and a Star Wars Book is GREAT!”

Joining Adam today is Eric Onkenhout to talk Star Wars books, movies, his thoughts on the best characters, and a little Solo: A Star Wars Story!


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 11: The Force Reloaded

Joining Adam at the Quinlan’s Cantina is Alan Zaugg, back for his second chat with us here at the show talking Star Wars, Keanu Reeves podcasting and more. Then we head to Texas for part two of our discussion with co-host of Starships, Sabers & Scoundrels: Darth Taxus to discuss role playing games, Solo: A Star Wars Story and more.


Making Tracks Episode 10: Hunkering in the dungeon

Strap yourselves in, we're blasting out of the Maw so we can present the 10th million-selling episode of Making Tracks. This time, Dave and Mark look at the home video release of Solo and catch up with ILM effects editor Bill Kimberlin and ILM legend, the man with more Oscars than any other living recipient, Dennis Muren.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 10: The Mullet Squad

On tonight’s episode from Starships, Sabres and Scoundrels Darth Taxus gives us his love of the Star Wars world from Texas, along with the listeners feedback on their fave part of Solo a Star Wars Story.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 9: Hoth Happens

Alan of Idiots Array pod joins me for a chat about Star Wars. We talk about The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and where we think story may go for Episode Nine. Alan tells us about his podcasts, and his love of sports.


Making Tracks Episode 9: I don't think I'm the first person to have done this

Fall is almost here, there are 112 days until Christmas and it's time for Making Tracks. Dave and Mark are back as we catch up with Rogue One's General Ramda Richard Cunningham, the author of Inside The Star Wars Empire, ILM Visual Effects editor Bill Kimberlin and the first part of our two part vintage interview with ILM legend Dennis Muren. This and much more on episode 9 of Making Tracks.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 8: The Last Fantha

Host Adam O’Brien takes us down under to Australia’s Quinlan’s Cantina for another dose of Aussie Star Wars mayhem. Adam chats with Eric Walker again, for part two of his look into the musical career of this former child actor and how Star Wars led him to becoming a prominent musician, and from Brisbane in Australia My Saga’s Blair Hiscock joins Adam to talk about his recent fandom moments.


Making Tracks Episode 8: I didn't screw the lid on properly

We're heading towards September fast but that doesn't mean the news slows down. We head back to Star Wars Fan Fun Day 2018 as we catch up with Commander Praji, actor George Roubicek and Poggle the Lesser performer Richard Stride and Dave and Mark talk Star Wars Resistance news, LEGO Cloud City and more on episode 8 of Making Tracks.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 7: The Fantha Awakens

We are heading down under to catch up with Adam, The Fantha from Down Under as he chats to the original Star Wars Mace, Mace Towani himself: Eric Walker. He’s an accomplished musician with three audacious albums to his credit, and he’s here to chat music and his career and new podcast: Righteous Riffs. Then Adam Bray returns for part two of his chat about The Hobbit, and New Zealand, Star Wars books he’s written and also an upcoming project with Marvel Studios. All here on The Fantha from...


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 6: Return of the Fantha

It’s another jam packed hour of Fantha mayhem on “The Fantha from Down Under” as Adam O’Brien chats to Blair Hiscock about Star Wars, movies and the podcast he co-hosts: My Saga. Then we travel to the United States to chat to Adam Bray about his travel writing and work in Star Wars books, then our part two chat with Sander De Lange on the source book of Star Wars “The Essential Guide to Warfare” and also part two of Richard Woloski’s chat with Adam about Disney Parks, Star Wars and much...


Making Tracks Episode 7: Pulling it from an alternate dimension

Making Tracks wakes the Force for episode 7 as we continue our dive into London Film and Comic Con 2018 and the Star Wars Fandom Zone. Join your hosts Mark Newbold, Dave Tree and a cargo hold of stars including from LFCC 2018 A New Hope crew member Kim Falkinburg and Topps sketch artist Marsha Parkins. We head across to Star Wars Fan Fun Day in Burnley to chat with Admiral Raddus himself Paul Casey, The Phantom Menace Senate Guard Sean Cronin, and from Empire Day original trilogy stunt...


Making Tracks Episode 6: Lost in Olympia

Grab a java juice and sit back as we've got a jam-packed show for you today. With the buzz of a much needed fan in the background, we head to London Film and Comic Con for the first of two episodes focusing on the Star Wars Fandom Zone, brought to you by Fantha Tracks. We have the one and only Darth Maul AKA Ray Park, multi-role The Empire Strikes Back performer Alan Austen and Supreme Leader Snoke himself Ross Sambridge as well as a listen to our 2006 interview with Star Wars legend Jeremy...


Making Tracks Episode 5: Bog Swamp Hot

The Clone Wars is back, it's hotter than the Maw and San Diego Comic Con is in full swing so what better time to roll out Making Tracks episode 5 than right now? Join Mark and Dave as they discuss all the latest news and catch up with General Cracken Mike Stevens at Empire Day, Nope Trooper Sandeep Mohan at Granite City Comic Con and Rogue One's Grand Moff Tarkin Guy Henry at Star Wars Fan Fun Day. It's a busy episode so grab a java juice and enjoy the show.


The Fantha From Down Under Episode 5: Catching up with old friends

The Fantha from Down Under, Adam O’Brien sets out tonight to catch up with four old buddies in the Star Wars fab community. First up is the Techno Retro Dads Shazbazzar and JediShua chatting to Adam about their show, thoughts on Solo, and just what is Down Under anyways? Then we have Sander De Lange from the Netherlands join us to talk about Solo, RPGs, and his love of Star Wars. We then head to the USA again to join the Skywalking Through Neverland co-host: Richard Woloski for a run down on...