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Reviews of films as soon as we finish watching them. No prep. No formulating complicated ideas. No time to digest. Just instant reactions. Hosted by Are You Screening's Marc Eastman, BFCA member and movie critic for more than a decade, and his friend and fellow cinephile, Shane Leonard. We explore films in detail, but in a relaxed setting. We just go.

Reviews of films as soon as we finish watching them. No prep. No formulating complicated ideas. No time to digest. Just instant reactions. Hosted by Are You Screening's Marc Eastman, BFCA member and movie critic for more than a decade, and his friend and fellow cinephile, Shane Leonard. We explore films in detail, but in a relaxed setting. We just go.
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Reviews of films as soon as we finish watching them. No prep. No formulating complicated ideas. No time to digest. Just instant reactions. Hosted by Are You Screening's Marc Eastman, BFCA member and movie critic for more than a decade, and his friend and fellow cinephile, Shane Leonard. We explore films in detail, but in a relaxed setting. We just go.




Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom & Ant-man and the Wasp Reviews

The summer caught up with us a bit, which means we’ve had to put Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ant-Man and the Wasp together, with The Incredibles 2 thrown into the mix as well. Oddly enough, our own predictions didn’t exactly work out for us for either movie (to one degree or another), and of course that means that our hopes for the future were lifted up, but then quickly dashed. It’s a week of giant creatures and tiny people, and it ought to mean more summer fun that you can handle…...


Ocean’s 8 Review

The arena of female-focus continuations is a small subset of films, and one that is as riddled with problems as it is championed as a general effort. Ghostbusters, for example, managed little to recommend, despite the fact that many hoped for a film that create a foothold for the future. Ocean’s 8 has a lot going for it on paper, but seems mostly like a movie that is an excuse to capitalize on a franchise. The cast will bring a lot of people in, as will the title, but we’ll let you know...


Solo Review

Solo is the start of a brand new world for the Star Wars franchise, and its performance is going to potentially result in a lot of long-term decisions. Though making money at the box office isn’t necessarily all Disney is looking at, the film’s lack of ability to capitalize on its character isn’t going to go over well. Beyond simply being a specific character title, there’s only so much Star Wars in this attempt at Star Wars, because it’s largely just a heist movie. Without even the draw...


Deadpool 2 Review

Expectations were high for the return of Deadpool, even if we had a lot of problems with the first one. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that the most politically incorrect superhero has wedged himself into the cultural consciousness, and you had to hope for big things from the second installment. At this point, the film, and/or its virtues is somewhat irrelevant, because Ryan Reynolds has managed to take the character everywhere and has made for himself a persona that will live long...


Avengers: Infinity War Review

You could hardly have more hype, and at this point the machine simply is what it is, but does the latest Marvel offering win out just because, or despite the fact that, it throws everyone into a big stew? The opening will surely crush the box office, but we had very mixed thoughts about how well this one worked. You’ll also want to tune in for the first news of our 1984 Challenge, which is going to earn someone over $2,000 worth of Blu-Rays, gifts, and various movie swag.


I Feel Pretty Review

Amy Schumer is having a rough go in theaters, but she continues to move in a positive direction. However much you may be disappointed in any particular film, you get the feeling that she’ll get there and you’ll want to be around when she does. “I Feel Pretty” throws a new monkey wrench into the works though, because it wouldn’t be surprising for people to find themselves furiously disappointed in this one. Of course, it wouldn’t be too surprising for people to not especially care either,...


A Quiet Place & Rampage Reviews

This week brings us two polar opposites in terms of genre (and I suppose volume), and while the hype may have gone in different directions, we had a good time with both of these. And, we didn’t have such a great time with either of them. A Quiet Place has instantly rocketed its star into a new world of directing possibilities, including a sequel, and Rampage has… not had a very positive reception. We’ll let you know what we think, and you’re probably going to be surprised.


Ready Player One Review

It’s hard to scare us with a film more than putting out an adaptation of a book that seems unfilmable. Throwing a lot of money and a huge name director at it doesn’t actually change that fact, but Ready Player One managed to mostly win us over. On the other hand, a lot of things were changed, and fans have been responding from every direction. It’s one thing, and a necessary one, to change something about a novel to adapt it, but it’s quite another to monkey with a story with almost wild...


Pacific Rim Uprising Review

Managing the dubious distinction of the highest rated movie I utterly hated, the Pacific Rim franchise continues with a new cast, a new director, and precious little we might count as a point. We agreed that it isn’t something we’re about to recommend to people, but it had some positives, even if they are barely worth mentioning when put into the whole. The story of how this film came together would clearly enlighten many about the inner workings of the Hollywood machine as it seems...


Tomb Raider/Wrinkle in Time Reviews

Tomb Raider seems like an odd move right now, but does that mean it’s an automatic throwaway? It’s been a long time since we saw a Croft in theaters, but more importantly, there doesn’t seem to be anything swirling in the cultural consciousness that turns this franchise into something that needs another look. The whys may be mysterious, but it turns out that, for what it is, this is an interesting attempt. Well, one of us thought so anyway. Tune in to find out what we thought about this...


Best Movies of 2017

We usually come pretty close in our ratings, but our lists often end up very different. This year, much to my surprise, things surprised me. As our long-time listeners know, Shane limits himself (mostly) to things we cover on the show, whereas I’m open to everything. Even that didn’t make much difference to our lists this year, except that I had a couple I had to throw in the mix. In the end, we might have put things in different positions, but one movie had our number this year.

The Darkest Hour, The Post & Bright Reviews

As we try to catch up to awards season, we get into stranger and stranger combinations. Darkest Hour has seen Gary Oldman finally getting his due as we head to the Academy Awards, and The Post has turned the award season into one for the books as the paint-by-numbers awards darling has been pretty well shut out. Meanwhile, since Netflix has turned bonkers fantasy into something everyone is talking about, we threw Bright into the mix as well.


Lady Bird & The Man Who Invented Christmas Reviews

The end of the year makes for odd mixes and you could hardly find two movies that fit worse in a double feature. On the other hand, despite the lack of attention Christmas fare managed this year, The Man Who Invented Christmas is a film that may well catch continued life for years to come. Meanwhile, Lady Bird has a Golden Globe and it certainly deserves it. As we catch up with everything this year and prepare for our Best Lists extravaganza, we’ll let you know what’s still to come for...


The Disaster Artist & I, Tonya Reviews

It’s a weird week of pseudo-biopic films and as award season heats up, these two films are getting attention that you couldn’t have predicted six months ago. Both The Disaster Artist and I, Tonya are not only managing a lot of attention for their performances, but they are avoiding a lot of attention you might have expected when it comes to the odd treatment of their respective subjects. We’ll let you know if these need to make it to your list of films you need to see and offer up some...


The Shape of Water & 3 Billboards Reviews

You could hardly have two movies getting award attention that are more different than The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. A wild, sci-fi fairy tale about a mute who befriends a mer-creature, and the story of a woman who is tortured by her daughter’s murder and the inability of the local police to provide her with any closure. Both films are making serious plays as awards season approaches, and both are deserving. But, are they as good as everyone says, and...


Justice League and Wonder Reviews

Justice League managed to bounce back in its intro in a way that few movies can, but it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to truly turn the sentiment of the public at large. Wonder Woman won over audiences tremendously, but it seems as though DC still has a problem with where it left Batman and Superman. Does it up the game, or has much the DC comic effort become the lost wanderings aiming at piles of money that much of the public seems to suspect? We’ll let you know, but you probably won’t...


Murder on the Orient Express Review

Apart from avoiding news at all costs, we’re reviewing Murder on the Orient Express this week, and it’s a more interesting adventure than you might imagine. The review, that is. Not simply a time-honored classic, but also a film that seems to defy being remade, Orient Express is a film that has to make you wonder what exactly Branagh has in his bonnet. Of course, we all know that he just wanted to get the money to do Death on the Nile. At any rate, the movie is a strange feature for many...


Thor Ragnarok, Suburbicon & The Foreigner Reviews

In a year that has ultimately been rather disappointing, a comic-book hero film that doesn’t take itself seriously won over audiences, but is it really any good, or is it just better than the last few months of offerings? We’ll let you in on everything you need to know about Thor: Ragnarok, and the huge surprises that came from Suburbicon and The Foreigner. Two films would be hard-pressed to have a wider gap of expectations and the results probably shocked us more than anything else this...


Blade Runner 2049 Review

Blade Runner 2049 was nerve-wracking for us, and not just because at least one of us love the original. The box-office doesn’t reflect the cult status of a film that was truly a game-changer for the sci-fi genre, but the critical response was pretty positive leading up to this one. Listen in and we’ll let you know where this one falls compared to the original, and whether or not it’s going to ultimately achieve the same kind of zeitgeist success.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle didn’t live up to expectations of the original, and while that one was a lot of fun, it had problems of its own. There’s certainly a fair amount of fun to be had, but Millar doesn’t seem to have sequels nailed down. We’ll also cover a lot of the latest new shows you should be checking out from Kevin Probably Saves The World to, surprisingly, Young Sheldon.