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DCT #86: Ponies and Onesies

This week on DC Talk, Mike and Keri talk about Joker's two Oscar wins, Birds of Prey getting a title change and some DCTV Discussion!


GMCU #85: Sam Raimi, Chloe Zhao, and Briana Lamb

Welcome back Guardians! This week we are joined by special guest Briana Lamb. We talk about free underwear, news from the latest Disney Earnings Call, MCU directors, and Sony rumors. Briana tells us about her work on several Marvel productions. Yeah, we're jealous!


MMM #4: Ford v. Ferrari

Start your engines and strap on your seatbelts as Mike gives his thoughts on the 2019 hit, Ford v. Ferrari.


DCT #85: The Kitchen (Special)

This episode of DC Talk is another special as Mike and Keri watch and discuss the 2019 Veritgo Comics movie, The Kitchen. ***Warning*** This movie is not safe for work or around children.


DCT #84: Welcome to Harley Highway

Short news roundup this week as Mike and Keri talk some Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad practical effects. They end with some DCTV discussion and take a ride on the Harley Highway!


TB #35: All The Ways Ilus Will Kill-Us

It's an absolute buffet of possible ways to die as Ilus' death slugs make their grand debut and fusion just shuts down in The Expanse 4.07, "A Shot in the Dark". The Tightbeam crew also breaks down Avasarala, Amos, and Murtry's fear of losing control of their situations, Holden's trauma vs Elvi's scientific curiosity, and Naomi and Alex helping Lucia through their own experiences.


GMCU #84: Frame By Frame

Welcome back Guardians! Jon, Liz, and Tim are back this week to cover all the hot MCU news, most of which is focused on the Disney+ shows. We even do a frame by frame breakdown of the MCU Disney+ Super Bowl promo!


TCC #43: Underdog (2007)

It's a bird. It's a plane. No! It's your awesome Caped Chronicles crew back to discuss everyone's favorite super-powered pup, Shoeshine! So sit back, pop some popcorn and enjoy Underdog from 2007.


DCT #83: The End of an Arrow

This week on DC Talk, Mike and Keri discuss some Batman news, some early reviews for Birds of Prey, and some DCTV shows, including the series finale of Arrow.


MMM #3: Tremors

This week on Triple M, listen quietly to the review of Tremors from 1990.


TB #34: The Next Right Thing

Plenty of decision making is put under a microscope as the Tightbeam crew discusses The Expanse 4.06, "Displacement", breaking down the consequences of Drummer's vote, Bobbie's new lease on life, and Holden's driving force.


GMCU #83: The Rise of MODOK

On this episode of Guardians of the MCU... we talk about early promotion of The Eternals, news for Captain Marvel 2, the importance of WandaVision, and we welcome MODOK into the fold. We also talk about some Dr. Strange and Namor rumors.


ALSP #12: The Puppet Master

Aren't You a Little Short for a Podcast is back! Erik is here to answer your questions about Star Wars! In this episode, he answers questions about how he interpreted the nature of Snoke and Palpatine in the sequel trilogy.


DCT #82: V for Vendetta

This episode is a special episode as Mike and Keri discuss the Vertigo Comics moive, V for Vendetta. With it's huge political themes among other themes, this movie is certainly worth the watch.


DCT #81: Crisis Fallout

This week on DC Talk, Mike and Keri look at some more Arrowverse news, talk about Abram's and Justice League Dark, and finally take a look at some DCTV discussion!


RC #250: Shifty Statistics

Experts can make numbers look like anything they want, and we're seeing that in action right now from both Netflix and Apple about their streaming results. They might be happy, but we're not. We also get news about some other streaming projects that have been approved or canceled, and we sing Happy Birthday (badly) to Tim!


EB #202: Help Me, Obi-Wan McGregor

Turns out the rumors about the Kenobi series were true... from a certain point of view. We get some reliable reports about what's actually going on, and Ewan McGregor chimes in to reassure fans that things are going well. But what does this situation mean for the series? Let us know your thoughts after you listen to this week's Echo Base!


MC #204: 1917

This week on MovieChatter, we take a look at Golden Globe Best Picture winner 1917. This Sam Mendes film is also up for Best Picture at the Oscars this year, and our hosts have some pretty mixed opinions about it. Does it deserve the hype, or is it merely one of the best-made mediocre movies ever? Check out this week's MovieChatter to find out!


KH #9: This Is the Way

Knights of the Holotable brings you the season one finale of The Mandalorian! We take a look at the episode title, Redemption, and what it may imply, and at the resolution for the season and its characters.


TB #33: On Oppressor(s)

The Tightbeam crew tackles The Expanse 4.05, "Oppressor", breaking down Nancy Gao's debate reveal, Lucia's suicide attempt and Naomi's subsequent confession, and Holden taking charge on Ilus as tensions rise.