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Talk Nerdy to Me is a podcast about comics and all things pop culture related.

Talk Nerdy to Me is a podcast about comics and all things pop culture related.
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Talk Nerdy to Me is a podcast about comics and all things pop culture related.








This Week in Nerd October 14 2018

This week in Nerd is a look back at the Pop Culture events and Nerdy News from the previous week. This Week in Nerd is hosted by Troy Stegner of Zia Comics/Talk Nerdy to Me. SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET'S CONNECT! -- -- -- -- -- --...


Glass trailer reaction

Glass is the third installment of M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable or Eastrail 177 series. Unbreakable introduced us to David Dunn who learns he has superhuman powers with the help of Elijah Price. Elijah has the nickname of Mr. Glass due to the brittleness of his bones and how easily his body is damaged. He comes to discover David from pursuing his theory that if there are people who are as frail as him, there should be those on the other end of the spectrum who are superstrong and...


Chris Evans retiring as Captain America

It looks like Chris Evans is hanging up the shield for good and will be leaving his role as Captain America after Avengers 4. He has portrayed this iconic Marvel Comics character for 10 films. Ever since the first Captain America film in 2011, Chris Evans has been synonymous with the character. He will leave big shoes to fill. The speculation on him leaving the role stems from a tweet he made. "Officially wrapped on Avengers 4. It was an emotional day to say the least. Playing this role...


Daily Nerd Brief October 8 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Monday! Original artwork for Savage Dragon #88 stolen at NYCC New RWBY manga and novels coming in 2019 Titans fighting Source Wall energy A Guardian of the Galaxy joins the Avengers Azzarello & Capullo team up for Swamp Thing Halloween one shot Power Rangers reveal part of Solar Rangers face Spawn is set to be a trilogy of films DC Comics launches Wonder Comics aimed at teens Cloak & Dagger get new series starting in January Hulk goes to...


Aquaman trailer reaction

I am probably in the minority here, but I like the DC Superhero movies. I thought Justice League was actually pretty good. I was a little skeptical that they would be able to make Aquaman a relevant character in the movie. Arthur Curry seems to be the butt of many jokes in the comic book fandom world. Then they announced Jason Momoa would be the one playing Aquaman and I became very worried. My fear was misplaced as Jason Momoa did a great job portraying Aquaman in the Justice League movie....


Daily Nerd Brief October 6 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Saturday! MOVIES Marvel commissions script for Dark Avengers TV Batman Animated Series boxed set comes out October 30 COMICS Darth Vader ending at issue #25 IDW celebrated 20 years in 2019 Star Trek will have TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Original Series crossover Wolverine The Long Night podcast being made into a comic Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man comic coming out in 2019 Invaders will show Captain America and Namor as...


Venom Movie Review

Venom is one of the more iconic and loved Spider-man villains. When it was announced Venom would be getting his own movie, fanboys world-wide rejoiced. Then it was announced Spider-man would not be mentioned at all in the movie. Also, no symbol would appear on his chest. At this point I started to get worried. How can you have a Venom movie with absolutely no connection to Spider-man. I still held out hope the movie would be well written and faithful to the character. Shortly into the...


Daily Nerd Brief October 5 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Friday! COLLECTIBLES X-23 statue by Sideshow Collectibles Dark Nights Metal Merciless statue by DC Collectibles Primal Age action figures from DC Comics & Funko Batman cowls from Rebirth and Arkham Asylum COMICS Outcast by Kirkman to end at issue #48 Marvel promises a Skrull comic title in 2019 Spawn about to hit issue #300, will break record at #301 MOVIES Capcom developing Mega Man live action movie TV Suit Up! and DC Comics teaming...


Daily Nerd Brief October 4 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Thursday! COMICS Boom Studios publishing Klaus and the Crying Snowman Archie Comics will publish 2 new horror comics DC Comics Freedom Fighters will have Hitler Death of Inhumans reveals they may not be dead after all Apocalypse losing his powers in X-men Black series Nightwing has a personality change after being shot in head TV New Star Wars series will be called The Mandalorian Netflix adapting C.S. Lewis's Narnia books Kaley Cuoco is...


Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe

Netflix has done a bang-up job bringing the Marvel characters to prominence on their streaming service. They took some of the lower tier characters and made them household names. It all started with Daredevil. Daredevil on Netflix was absolutely amazing. That series opened the door for all the follow-ons. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher, and the big team up of Defenders. Even the lowest rated of the Netflix Marvel series are better than a lot of the movies. Still haven't...


Daily Nerd Brief October 3 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Wednesday! MOVIES Stampede Ventures developing movie based on Dance Dance Revolution Venom on pace to break October opening records TV Mayans MC series picked up for second season Cinemax cancels Outcast COLLECTIBLES Psycho Mantis statue by First 4 Figures Game of Thrones Cersei crown by Factory Entertainment Guyver III Ultimate Version by Prime 1 Studios Mondo 1/6 scale He-Man action figures Toys R Us cancels bankruptcy...


Daily Nerd Brief October 2 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Tuesday! MOVIES Indiana Jones 5 in development Stephen Spielberg remaking West Side Story TV Image Comics Ice Cream Man being developed as TV series Black Mirror season 5 will have an interactive episode Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time being developed as series for Amazon COMICS Marvel publishing Hellstorm By Warren Ellis Omnibus Nikolai Volkoff comic book published by Square Circle R.L. Stine developing Just Beyond comics for...


Daily Nerd Brief October 1 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Monday! MOVIES Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio in Spider-man Far From Home COMICS Jean Grey joins X-Force Wonder Woman gives Lasso of Submission to Artemis Upside Down Man finds magic inside Wonder Woman Judge Dredd co-creator, Carlos Ezquerra, passed away at age 70 COLLECTIBLES Aquaman action figures on pre-order for November availability Goku and Freeza Adidas shoes sell out SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like...


Daily Nerd Brief September 30 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Sunday! GAMES Nintendo will be traveling to big cities to promote Pokemon: Let's Go COMICS Marvel opposes trademark from China Harley Quinn #51 brings back Captain Triumph Star Wars #54 sees Han Solo flying an X-wing Did you know Wonder Woman has a sister Sentry, Void, and Bob Reynolds merge into one entity MOVIES Sony developing Morbius movie SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET'S CONNECT! --...


Daily Nerd Brief September 29 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Saturday! MOVIES Sesame Street movie in development Friday the 13th rights won by screenwriter TV Netflix developing October Faction adaption Netflix debuts new Marvel shows interface COMICS Batman/The Maxx crossover out on October 3rd COLLECTIBLES Funko will debut Fortnite POPs in November Limited edition Venom print by Sideshow Collectibles Doom Cyberdemon set of 3 statues by Gamer Heads GAMES Assassin's Creed Odyssey exclusive...


Daily Nerd Brief September 28 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Friday! COMICS DC will NOT reprint Batman: Damned #1 Batman: Curse of the White Knight will have Azrael Batman Who Laughs #1 will be out in November DC Comics brings the Question back in Action Comics #1005 Marvel to publish Sleepwalker mini-series Dark Horse to publish Avatar: Tsu'Tey's Path COLLECTIBLES Marvel Spider-man Legendary scale statue by Sideshow Collectibles Street Fighter Evil Ryu statue by Pop Culture Shock Street Fighter...


Daily Nerd Brief September 27 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Thursday! COLLECTIBLES Arkham Knight statue by Iron Studios Batman the Dark Knight statue by Iron Studios 1989 Batman statue by Iron Studios Batgirl statue by Iron Studios Funko to release "Die Hard" Pops COMICS New Venom symbiote has no name yet Sean Murphy teases new Azrael project at DC Comics Norm Breyfogle passed away at age 58 MOVIES Ron Perlman and Milla Jovovich cast in Sony's "Monster Hunter" movie GAMES Star Wars: Vader...


Walking Dead Season 9 discussion

Walking Dead has been a juggernaut in both comics and television. The Walking Dead TV adaption has spawned a spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, and numerous games, merchandise, etc. Walking Dead has proven it is not afraid to kill off popular characters. Season 9 will have us saying goodbye to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln). These are two very central characters so it will be interesting to see how they write them off the series. They may leave it open so the actors...


Daily Nerd Brief September 26 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Wednesday! COLLECTIBLES Scissorwalker statue by Gecco Co. - Batman Maquette by Tweeterhead - Robin Maquette by Tweeterhead - Neon Tech Iron Man suit at NYCC GAMES Hitman 2 due out in November COMICS Heroes in Crisis has...


Daily Nerd Brief September 25 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Tuesday! TV Apple Streaming Service toning down content James Lipton stepping down as host of Inside the Actor's Studio Goblin Slayer returning October 6th MOVIES Solo: A Star Wars Story out on Bluray/DVD today Producer, Gary Kurtz dies at age 78 COMICS Star Wars Resistance will get an accompanying comic book Valiant Comics releases list of exclusives for NYCC Boom Studios to develop comics based on the Magicians GAMES New Mythical...