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The China Hollywood Greenlight is a podcast that interviews film and TV professionals who guide you on your journey to getting your own projects green lit.

The China Hollywood Greenlight is a podcast that interviews film and TV professionals who guide you on your journey to getting your own projects green lit.
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The China Hollywood Greenlight is a podcast that interviews film and TV professionals who guide you on your journey to getting your own projects green lit.




017 The Best Screen Hero for China: Underdog or Superhero?

Today I interview producer Jean Su of Broadvision Pictures. She talks about how movies that feature normal people in extraordinary situations can beat out superhero films. She describes how the market is changing in China. Stories with a heart (everyday people in extraordinary circumstances) are better than superhero tales. She offers a solution when Chinese investors ask for A-list talent that are impossible to attach. You can find a full transcript at...


016: China Film Overlooked Resource - US Embassies and the MPAA

Today I interview Jeffrey Gee Chin – a filmmaker who straddles both the Hollywood and China markets. Jeffrey has been a 2ndUnit Director on Billions(on Showtime) and Snowfall (on FX). He is also creating culturally preserving films like Lil Tokyo Reporter He talks about how the diversity and #MeToo movements have opened the door for fresh voices in film and TV. Additionally, he talks about the advantage of connecting with a Hong Kong producer vs. a Mainland Chinese producer. He offers...


015 Cristiano Bortone - The Secret to Picking the Right Script

Today I interview Cristiano Bortone who is producing Chinese co-productions. He is also the Managing Director & Treasurer for association "Bridging the Dragon" which connects European and Chinese filmmakers. We talk about why the Chinese pick the wrong scripts and how to solve that problem. He also advises on how you can get money out of China. He tells us why hat you should ignore Chinese producers if they say "You don't understand the Chinese audience". He also talks about how to deal...


014 Rob Cain - Pacific Bridge Pictures

Today I interview China specialist - Robert Cain of Pacific Bridge Pictures. He talks plainly about China’s lack of appreciation for good scripts, the challenges of co-productions and how the Chinese government gets in its own way. He is candid in his opinion on China’s now life-long president (Xi JinPing) and the clampdown on working with foreigners. Luckily he reminds us that China needs westerners’ expertise to get Chinese films to cross borders. He offers advice on how to make your...


013 Joe Fiorello - Crowdfunding a Hong Kong film

Today I interview Joe Fiorello - an American director/actor based in Hong Kong. He talks about crowdfunding and the challenges of making an independent film in Hong Kong. He discusses the problem with Hong Kong actresses (hint – most get married and retire at 30). He also finds it odd that to get screened in Hong Kong – local independent films need an international stamp of approval – foreign accolades first. KEY POINTS: TAKEAWAYS But if you can’t find or don’t want a...


012 Brendan Davis - BangBang Pictures

Today I interview Brendan Davis – Director of Special Projects for BangBang Pictures in Beijing. We discussed where the opportunity in China is. Brendan discusses areas such as VFX as well as adapting IP for the local market. Brendan discusses the pros and cons of trying to do a co-production. He talks about the disconnect between job functions of US producers versus Chinese producers. Brendan suggests re-interpreting your IP for the Chinese market is one of the best ways to crack the...


010: Peking Pictures: Producer Melanie Ansley

Today’s guest is Melanie Ansley who is a producer at Peking Pictures as well as is the Executive Director of the China Hollywood Society. We talk about how working in China you’ll be hit with unexpected events which can be a blessing in disguise. She talks about her films “Red Light Revolution” and “King of Peking” and how she loves risky films that hit an untapped nerve in Chinese audiences. Melanie opens up about what her company wants to find (web/mobile content) as well as what...


009: 2017 Round Up - What are the Chinese Studios Looking For in 2018?

In this first episode of 2018, I rounded up top clips from China-Hollywood experts who offer their take on what kind of projects the American and Chinese studios are looking for in 2018. China Hollywood Greenlight Podcast – Episode 9 Show Notes Host: Caryn McCann @KungFuRockChick Guest: Peter Iacono – President of International Film and...


008: Development Hell - How to Survive & Thrive: Jessica Wang, Seven Stars Entertainment

Today I interview Jessica Wang – a Development Executive from Seven Stars Entertainment. She talks about the clamp down on Chinese overseas investments means more influence on content by the Chinese and how the US are working more locally with the Chinese. She also talks about how after studying to be a director, she now sees the benefit of taking negotiating and legal classes. The China/Hollywood Greenlight Podcast Episode #8 Jessica Wang Show Notes Guest: Jessica Wang Company:...


CHGL 007: Greenberg Glusker - Sky Moore,Partner

Today’s guest is Sky Moore – a partner for Greenberg Glusker who is involved in major China-Hollywood deal making. Sky’s explosive comments is a warning not to underestimate the geopolitical situation with North Korea and the Trump effect on US-Chinese co-productions (22:37). He gives advice on what to do if Chinese currency stops flowing to Hollywood. China Hollywood Greenlight Podcast – Episode 7 Schuyler (Sky) Moore Show Notes Schuyler (Sky) Moore, Partner at Greenberg Glusker...


CHGL 006: Story Asia - Niall Phelan, EP & Creative Director

Today's guest is Niall Phelan of Story Inc. Asia. He is the Executive Producer and Creative Director. He has some great ideas about connecting with Chinese partners but also has advice on walking away from a project. He offers a simple yet effective way to connect with top producers (20:35). He talks about the importance of getting to know your partners. If you don't have a joint bank account in terms of actual cash, then you've got it in terms of reputation. China Hollywood Greenlight...


CHGL 005: Global Genesis Grp - Charles Morris, VP Acquisitions & Development

This week I chat with Charles Morris Jr. – the VP of Acquisitions and Development of Global Genesis Group. He talks about how their animation success in China has led to not only more Chinese partnerships but also has attracted more American partnerships as well. He also talks about their new division – a talent management company which manages directors, writers and some actors. After listening to his insights – you’ll want to be managed by Global Genesis too. I know I did. You can...


CHGL 004 LA Chinese Film Fest - Zhao Lewis Liu

I interview Zhao Lewis Liu – a director and writer as well as the founder of the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival. We talk about how he ran out of money on a feature film but how he found an angel investor to save the day as well how he is raising the visibility of local Chinese talent. He is also creating opportunities for Americans and Chinese to network through his monthly mixers. See a full transcript on the website:


CHGL 003 Linsanity producer - Brian Yang.mp3

Today I interview Actor / Producer Brian Yang. He highlights how great projects are a dime a dozen – it’s the person / relationship that will get the deal done. He admits why he doesn’t like WeChat and how never getting a “no” from a Chinese exec is really an opportunity.


CHGL 002: Metan Development Group - Larry Namer

This week's guest is Larry Namer - President & Founding Partner of Metan Development Group. We talk about communicating with Chinese partners, his new film fund and how he is now shooting some projects in English.


CHGL 001: Lionsgate - Peter Iacono.mp3

In this first episode I interview Peter Iacono - President of International Film & TV at Lionsgate. Mr. Iacono talks about what’s necessary to be successful in China as well as Liongate’s foray into the Chinese TV market.


CHGL 000: The China Hollywood Greenlight Podcast

The China Hollywood Greenlight is a podcast that interviews film and TV professionals who can guide you on your journey to getting your own projects green lit. In this episode I talk about why I started the podcast and my plans for the podcast. In my debut episode I talk about why I started this podcast and what my plans are for the podcast. I also explain how it will be both procedural and episodic in nature. Don't forget to subscribe! China Hollywood Greenlight Podcast – Episode...