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AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Bob Byington & Kaley Wheless on Independent Filmmaking

Filmmaker Bob Byington & actress/writer Kaley Wheless talk to AFS programmer Lars Nilsen about their new film, FRANCES FERGUSON in advance of its October 26th screening at AFS Cinema. Byington also discusses casting, the challenges of low-budget filmmaking, and the current state of content distribution. Tickets:


Biographer Noah Isenberg on the cursed career of Edgar G. Ulmer

AFS’ Lars Nilsen talks with Noah Isenberg, Chair of UT Austin’s Radio-Television-Film department and Edgar G. Ulmer biographer, about our upcoming series, The Films of Edgar G. Ulmer: Prince of Poverty Row. Guest-programmed by Isenberg, the series showcases films by the famously obscure émigré filmmaker best known for his essential noir, DETOUR.


Preview of Children of Abraham / Ibrahim: Films of the Middle East & Beyond Series

On this episode of the AFS Viewfinders podcast, Chale Nafus, former Director of Programming at AFS, talks with Karen Grumberg, Director of UT's Center for Middle Eastern Studies, about upcoming film series Children of Abraham/Ibrahim: Films from the Middle East and Beyond featuring new films CAPERNAUM, HARMONIA, THREE FACES, and MARJOUN AND THE FLYING HEADSCARF (directed by Susan Youssef, recipient of several AFS grants). Erica Deiparine-Sugars also joins in the conversation to talk about...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: American Genre Film Archive at 10

On this episode of the AFS Viewfinders podcast, we visit with the team behind the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA)—founders Joe Ziemba and Sebastian del Castillo, and Director of Business Affairs Alicia Coombs. Now in its 10th year, the Austin-based non-profit was formed to preserve the legacy of genre movies, the more obscure the better. Specializing in horror, sleaze, action, and independent regional filmmaking, as well as international genre cinema with an emphasis on films from Hong...


X Frontman John Doe on Music, Film, and Life After LA

On this episode of the AFS Viewfinders podcast, we visit with John Doe, one of the leaders of the seminal Los Angeles punk band X. Since the band’s beginning in the late 1970s, Doe has carved out a special place for himself in music history. But that’s only half the story. The same love of storytelling and characterization that makes his songwriting come alive has also produced a multi-decade career as an actor, often in small but important character roles. In this conversation, Doe talks...


Discussion with Lulu Wang, director of THE FAREWELL

For this episode of AFS Viewfinders, AFS Head of Film and Creative Media Holly Herrick talks with director Lulu Wang at our sneak preview screening of her new feature film, THE FAREWELL. Based on an actual lie, Wang’s feature explores the ways in which family can unite and strengthen us, often in spite of ourselves (A24). Listen in as we discuss Wang’s process and inspiration for the critically-acclaimed film. Please note that there may be discussion about important plot details.


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Writer/Producer Zack Carlson Answers What Makes Action Movies Work, Discusses Films of Walter Hill

For this AFS Viewfinders podcast, Lars Nilsen speaks with Writer/Producer Zack Carlson (Destroy All Movies, DAMSEL, JUNGLE TRAP), who presents a Walter Hill series at AFS Cinema this November. This podcast covers filmmaker Walter Hill (THE WARRIORS, STREETS OF FIRE), including his directing choices and casting THE WARRIORS ensemble. On top of that, the conversation cracks open the entire action movie genre—from LETHAL WEAPON to PREDATOR—discussing just what makes an action movie work (and...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Filmmaker Michael Tully (DON'T LEAVE HOME)

On this episode of the AFS Viewfinders podcast, we visit with Austin-based filmmaker Michael Tully, whose new feature film DON'T LEAVE HOME opens September 14 at AFS Cinema. Tully has been immersed in the film world for years, not only as a filmmaker but also as a writer, cinephile, and now teacher. His previous features include SEPTIEN (2011) and PING PONG SUMMER (2014), both of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In this conversation, Tully talks about his experiences teaching...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: The Marx Brothers Pre-Code Treasure THE COCOANUTS

This month's ongoing Essential Cinema series, Pre-Code Treasures, looks back at the unique period of time (roughly 1929-34) before the implementation of the Hays Code. Each week, we're joined by film scholars to talk about the era and the film selection for the week. On August 9, scholar, professor, and film archivist Dr. Caroline Frick joined us to discuss "a funky artifact of its time," the Marx Brothers' THE COCOANUTS (1929), one of the early talkies that explored the transition of...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Filmmaker Andrew Bujalski (SUPPORT THE GIRLS)

Here at AFS, we're big fans of Austin-based filmmaker and so-called "Godfather of Mumblecore" Andrew Bujalski. Later this month, Bujalski's newest film SUPPORT THE GIRLS opens around the country, including at AFS Cinema. Our Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen recently sat down with the filmmaker for a conversation about living and working in Austin, his thoughts on Hollywood movies and whether or not we would ever direct a Marvel picture, what he makes of the word "mumblecore" now, and why he will...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: A Dialogue with Programmer/Author Kier-la Janisse

Austin Film Society Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen conducts a discussion with legendary film programmer, publisher and writer Kier-La Janisse. Janisse is owner/Artistic Director of Spectacular Optical Publications and founder of The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. She has been a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, co-founded Montreal microcinema Blue Sunshine, founded the CineMuerte Horror Film Festival (1999-2005) in Vancouver, was the...


Programmers Holly Herrick & Lars Nilsen Talk AFS Cinema Programming for November and December

There's a lot going on at the Austin Film Society's AFS Cinema this November and December. Programmers Holly Herrick and Lars Nilsen have an informal talk about some of their favorite films and series. See the whole AFS Cinema calendar here:


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: AFS Programmers on the New AFS Cinema & The First Wave of Programming

Austin Film Society Programmers Lars Nilsen and Holly Herrick talk a bit about the opening of the new AFS Cinema and the first round of programming in the venue, including the Texas Christening series, the Noir Canon, and newly restored titles. There is special emphasis on the Comedy Italian Style Essential Cinema Series.


AFS Viewfinders: Lisa Hart Carroll on Acting and Actors

Last month we had a screening of TERMS OF ENDEARMENT in conjunction with the Star Of Texas Award presented to the film at the Texas Film Awards. We were fortunate enough to have Lisa Hart Carroll, who plays Patsy in the film, join us for our screening. It's a small but important part in the film and Carroll is excellent in it. After the screening she joined us for a Q&A that was as candid as it was thoughtful, and I suspect that no one who was in attendance will forget it anytime soon....


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Alamo Drafthouse Programmer Tommy Swenson

Austin Film Society Programmer and Alamo Drafthouse Programmer talk about the programmer's job, upcoming series at Drafthouse and AFS, social responsibility and the 'pulp impulse.'


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Blake Edwards: A Discussion with Author Bryan Connolly

Bryan Connolly, author and co-programmer of the January Essential Cinema series LOVE IS A TWO WAY STREET: FILMS OF BLAKE EDWARDS & JULIE ANDREWS joins us to talk about Edwards' and Andrews' careers and the need for a new PG-32 rating for films.


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Filmmaker Kat Candler

Filmmaker Kat Candler talks about the filmmaking life, choices, compromises, her working method and her new short THE RUSTED.


AFS Retiring Director Of Programming Chale Nafus

30 years after beginning his tenure as a founding Austin Film Society board member and 12 years after joining AFS as Director of Programming, Chale Nafus is retiring at the end of August. AFS Programmer Lars Nilsen talks to Chale about his filmgoing life and his tenure at AFS.


Ana Lily Amirpour Austin Film Society Moviemaker Dialogue

On June 27 A GIRL WALKS HOME AT NIGHT filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour joined Lars Nilsen and AFS members for a one-hour Moviemaker Dialogue about writing, casting, directing and staying inspired while making a film. Note: there is some adult language and Ms. Amirpour's metaphors can be as profane as they are instructive.


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Cinefamily's Hadrian Belove

Austin Film Society's Lars Nilsen talks to Hadrian Belove, founder and executive director of Los Angeles-based Cinefamily, a non-profit organization dedicated to unique programming and screening opportunities.