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AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Writer/Producer Zack Carlson Answers What Makes Action Movies Work, Discusses Films of Walter Hill

For this AFS Viewfinders podcast, Lars Nilsen speaks with Writer/Producer Zack Carlson (Destroy All Movies, DAMSEL, JUNGLE TRAP), who presents a Walter Hill series at AFS Cinema this November. This podcast covers filmmaker Walter Hill (THE WARRIORS, STREETS OF FIRE), including his directing choices and casting THE WARRIORS ensemble. On top of that, the conversation cracks open the entire action movie genre—from LETHAL WEAPON to PREDATOR—discussing just what makes an action movie work (and...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Filmmaker Michael Tully (DON'T LEAVE HOME)

On this episode of the AFS Viewfinders podcast, we visit with Austin-based filmmaker Michael Tully, whose new feature film DON'T LEAVE HOME opens September 14 at AFS Cinema. Tully has been immersed in the film world for years, not only as a filmmaker but also as a writer, cinephile, and now teacher. His previous features include SEPTIEN (2011) and PING PONG SUMMER (2014), both of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In this conversation, Tully talks about his experiences teaching...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: The Marx Brothers Pre-Code Treasure THE COCOANUTS

This month's ongoing Essential Cinema series, Pre-Code Treasures, looks back at the unique period of time (roughly 1929-34) before the implementation of the Hays Code. Each week, we're joined by film scholars to talk about the era and the film selection for the week. On August 9, scholar, professor, and film archivist Dr. Caroline Frick joined us to discuss "a funky artifact of its time," the Marx Brothers' THE COCOANUTS (1929), one of the early talkies that explored the transition of...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Filmmaker Andrew Bujalski (SUPPORT THE GIRLS)

Here at AFS, we're big fans of Austin-based filmmaker and so-called "Godfather of Mumblecore" Andrew Bujalski. Later this month, Bujalski's newest film SUPPORT THE GIRLS opens around the country, including at AFS Cinema. Our Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen recently sat down with the filmmaker for a conversation about living and working in Austin, his thoughts on Hollywood movies and whether or not we would ever direct a Marvel picture, what he makes of the word "mumblecore" now, and why he...


AFS Viewfinders Podcast: A Dialogue with Programmer/Author Kier-la Janisse

Austin Film Society Lead Programmer Lars Nilsen conducts a discussion with legendary film programmer, publisher and writer Kier-La Janisse. Janisse is owner/Artistic Director of Spectacular Optical Publications and founder of The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. She has been a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, co-founded Montreal microcinema Blue Sunshine, founded the CineMuerte Horror Film Festival (1999-2005) in Vancouver, was the...