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At Beyond The Box Set, we believe every great movie deserves a questionable sequel. Each week, we take a stand-alone cinema classic and compete to come up with the best, worst and most bizarre pitches to bring them back to the big screen.

At Beyond The Box Set, we believe every great movie deserves a questionable sequel. Each week, we take a stand-alone cinema classic and compete to come up with the best, worst and most bizarre pitches to bring them back to the big screen.


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At Beyond The Box Set, we believe every great movie deserves a questionable sequel. Each week, we take a stand-alone cinema classic and compete to come up with the best, worst and most bizarre pitches to bring them back to the big screen.




A Bug's Life 2: Curse of the Zombees

It's been a stressful few weeks, so for our first new episode of 2021 we decided to ease our way into the new year with a Pixar animated classic. Tune into this week's episode to hear our thoughts on A Bug's Life, including drinking games, sequel pitches, what really went down between Pixar and Dreamworks over the Antz controversy and much more! ----- ----- Beyond the Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Each week we watch a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch ridiculous...


BONUS | Year End Review - The Films of 2020

It's time to say goodbye to the hell year that was 2020 - but before we go, we're taking one final look back at the films we watched this year. Cinemas may have closed, but we still managed to seek out a fair few new releases this year, from the Oscar class of 2019 to the increasingly ambitious efforts from Netflix, Disney+ and other dominant streaming platforms. Tune in to hear out thoughts on everything we saw together, and apart, over the past twelve months. As always, we thank you from...


Tokyo Godfathers 2: Dreaming Machine

Christmas may be over, but we've got one last festive movie for you! Friend of the podcast Nathaniel returns to the show with Tokyo Godfathers, a classic slice of Japanese animation from the legendary director Satoshi Kon. Tune in to hear our thoughts on cartoons for adults, babies in peril, self-inflicted hit & runs and much more, as we break down the plot, brainstorm some drinking games and pitch our sequel ideas! ----- Beyond the Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Each week we...


Winter's Tale 2: A Henchman's Tale

When Martin Scorsese declares your movie's plot to be 'unfilmable', it's generally not a good sign. So it was with Winters Tale' - a well regarded 1983 novel that turned out to be a truly disastrous 2014 movie.In this week's podcast, we break down one of the most bizarre big screen follies we've ever encountered - from the impenetrable back story, to Russell Crowe's ludicrous Irish accent to Colin Farrell's ever-changing hairstyle and a bewildering cameo from Will Smith. Along the way,...


In Bruges 2: In Brugatory

Our season of not-quite-Christmas movies continues with a sharp uptick in quality, courtesy of Martin McDonagh's 2008 black comedy In Bruges. This is a first-time viewing experience for John, while Harry watched the film shortly after visiting the city as part of his 2016 inter-railing trip around Europe. Is it really the tedious hell-hole Colin Farrell perceives it as to be? Tune in to find out as we break down our reactions to the movie and attempt to pitch some sequel...


Reindeer Games 2: Away In a Manger

Our alternative festive season continues this week with Reindeer Games, a bizarre attempt to put a festive twist on a Tarantino-style crime thriller. Released in February 2000 to terrible reviews and negligible box office, the film stars Ben Affleck as Rudi, an ex-con who poses as his deceased former cellmate in order to win the heart of a lonely woman played by Charlize Theron. However, he quickly regrets his deception when he's dragged into a complex criminal plot to stage a heist at a...


Black Christmas 2: The Man With The Bag

'Tis the season to be... jolly? In the spirit of our complicated feeling about Yuletide 2020, we're kicking off this year's Festive mini-season in a slightly darker mood than usual. Enter cult seventies slasher Black Christmas... Credited by some with essentially inspiring the teen slasher genre, thanks to its influence on the subsequent Halloween franchise and all that followed, Black Christmas is notable for a smarter script and higher quality performances than most horror fare - not to...


As Good As It Gets 2: Melvin & Maude

Back in 1997, Titanic broke records, L.A. Confidential was the critics choice and Good Will Hunting was the feel-good underdog success story - but it was As Good As It Gets that snuck past them all to take home both of the lead acting Oscars at the following year's ceremony. In this week's podcast, we discuss the Academy's love of a middlebrow love story, the ineffable allure of Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt's Hollywood moment and much more, as we break down the film and pitch some...


Good Will Hunting 2: Bad Will Fighting

It's the great Hollywood fairytale. Two plucky friends from Boston arrived in the big city with a self-penned screenplay and a dream. A few short years later, Good Will Hunting has become an Oscar-winning sensation and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are on a fast-track to the Hollywood A-list. On this week's podcast, we take a closer look at this much-loved movie and debate whether or not it really holds up. Along the way we discuss hot topics including Hollywood psychology, overly enthusiastic...


The Fisher King 2: Back In The Straitjacket

After Absolutely Anything proved to be absolutely abysmal, we decided we needed to look at a better representation of Robin Williams' talents. The Fisher King is his 1992 collaboration with director Terry Gilliam, and it scored him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Tune into this week's podcast to hear our thoughts on Jeff Bridges titanium-plated likability, Mercedes Ruehl's scene-stealing performance, the golden era of VHS rental stores, the thin line between love and stalking and much...


Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Anything has all the makings of a classic British comedy. Written and directed by a member of Monty Python, headlined by an A-list cast and featuring a voice role from the iconic Robin Williams... what could go wrong?Sadly the answer is 'just about everything', for Absolutely Anything is a dismal failure that barely made a blip on the box office when it was released in 2015. In this week's podcast, we break down where it all went wrong and attempt to pitch sequels to a movie...


What Lies Beneath

Visual effects guru Robert Zemeckis was on a real hot streak in 2000. He filmed What Lies Beneath while waiting for Tom Hanks to lose enough weight to complete production on Cast Away. Both wound up as enormous blockbusters. In this week's episode, we conclude our Halloween ghost season with a look back at this silly, but refreshingly grown-up take on the haunted house horror trope. Tune in to hear our thoughts on Chekhov's artillery, curious dog logic, Harrison Ford in a rare but...


The Frighteners 2: Female Trouble

As our Halloween mini-season continues, we welcome back one of our favourite returning guests, the fabulous Phil Better. Having introduced us to the wonders of Wolf back in 2018, he returns this week to discuss Peter Jackson's cult 1996 horror comedy The Frighteners. A crucial stepping stone between Jackson's early video nasties and his blockbusting Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Frighteners is a witty, if slightly over-stuffed, horror comedy starring Michael J Fox as a psychic con-man who...


Ghost 2: Medium Rare

When we decided to dedicate this year's Halloween season to supernatural movies, Ghost was always an essential. One of the most iconic movies of its era, it won Whoopi Goldberg a long-overdue Oscar and took in over $500 million at the global box office - not to mention sending sales of home pottery stations soaring. In this week's episode we break it all down - from Whoopi's scene-stealing turn as phoney psychic Oda Mae Brown to Patrick Swayze's truly incredible face-acting, plus our...


Beetlejuice 2: A Deal With The Devil

It's October, which means it's time for another Halloween season! We've already covered Witches, Vampires and Werewolves, so this year we're dedicating the month to ghost movies! First up, one of Tim Burton's early classics - Beetlejuice. Tune into this week's episode to hear our thoughts on creature features, crazy costumes and the glory of Catherine O'Hara, as we break down the plot and pitch some sequel pitches to give the iconic 'bio-exorcist' his long overdue revival... ---- Every...


Midsommar Murders

Following the breakout success of Hereditary, writer-director Ari Aster proved he was no one-hit wonder with the deliciously weird Midsommar. By turns haunting and darkly hilarious, the film depicts possibly the most toxic breakup ever committed to screen, as Florence Pugh and Jack Raynor take an ill-fated trip to a remote Swedish commune where the sun never sets. Tune into this week's episode to hear our thoughts on villainous Swedes, mysterious bears, possible gay subtext and much more as...


Insomnia 2: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Released between the indie-breakout success of Memento and global blockbuster Batman Begins, Insomnia could be considered the forgotten Christopher Nolan movie. The only film that the infamously oblique director didn't write himself, the movie is a remake of a gritty Norwegian crime thriller. While it doesn't quite reach the head-scratching heights of the director's later work, it still boasts many classic Nolan signifiers, in addition to a brace of strong performances from Oscar winners Al...


Leon: The Houseplant

One of the most provocative hit movies of the 90s, Luc Besson's Leon introduced a young Natalie Portman to the world and helped reinvent Gary Oldman as one of the all-time great scenery-chewing bad guys. In this week's podcast, we discuss traumatic childhood viewing experiences, sexual weirdness, stealth vegan propaganda and much more - plus the usual blend of drinking games, listener reactions and sequel pitches! ----- Beyond the Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Each week we take...


A Simple Favor 2: Single White Favor

One of our favourite subjects here at Beyond The Box Set is a micro-genre we like to call 'Bitches be crazy' - and we've got a doozy for you this week!Directed by Paul Feig of Bridesmaids and ill-advised Ghostbusters remake fame, A Simple Favor is a wacky, wig-heavy odyssey of unlikely plot twists and jaw-dropping fashion choices that was recommended to us by our podcasting cousins over at One Good Thing. Tune into this week's episode to hear our thoughts on Blake Lively's outfits,...


Focus 2: Fortune Hunters

Our Will Smith summer has seen the likable A-lister dipping his toes into a number of genres, from action to comic book to post-apocalyptic sci-fi. In Focus, we find him in Soderbergh territory, leading a stylish crime thriller of the kind usually reserved for the likes of George Clooney. It's a good fit for someone with Smith's charisma, and although the script isn't nearly as clever as it thinks it is, it's one of the better films we've watched this season. Tune in to hear our thoughts...