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Blah Wars #71: Happy New Year

In our first show of 2019, we discuss what we're looking forward to in the year ahead, talk about the possibilities of drone flying, review Mary Poppins Returns and welcome Jude's new baby to the show, literally. Patreon subscribers can watch this episode as a video, become a Patreon subscriber now by visiting


Blah Wars #70: The Force Awakens Live Watch-Along

It's the TV premiere of The Force Awakens. John presents a live watch-along video broadcast on YouTube, with a healthy audience of regular listeners chatting away and everything. The video has been taken down on copyright grounds, sadly, however, here is the audio of the whole thing, more or less. Advert breaks have been edited out and the overall sound quality is not great. One for the completists? The video will be available to our Patreon subscribers at some point soon.


Blah Wars #69: Christmas Special 2018

Bradie and Raj join us for our 2018 Christmas Special. This episode is also available to watch, by becoming a patreon subscriber. VIP subscribers can also get their hands on a bonus episode of Blah Wars, which we recorded right after this one.


Blah Wars #68: The Sleeping Giant

John sits down with Greyson Marcotte, aka of The Sleeping Giant Podcast and known to many of our listeners as @sgcardsandtoys The two discuss the nature of their love for Star Wars, how to discriminate when it comes to collecting, action figures, trading cards, Greyson's wife Maggie who is a sketch card artist for Topps (Check her out @maggie_ransom) and much more besides. This episode contains some discussion about the most recent season of The Walking Dead. Massive thanks to Greyson for...


Blah Wars #67: Galaxy of Adventures

John is getting ready for his first ever meat-free Christmas. Jude is having a nightmare with his mobile phone coverage or lack off. On the show this week we discuss Galaxy of Adventures, Disney's latest 'high octane blast' of animated shorts 'for the entire family' and the dangers of introducing your children to Star Wars from a very young age. John lays into Total Film magazine for touting clickbait. Kevin Smith has been and seen the set for Episode 9, but has he stopped talking about how...


Blah Wars #66: Kenobi is not happening

Jude has a really bad cold, so we're recording this week's episode from our separate homes. We start off with our reactions to Blah Wars LIVE! and John's been experiencing Star Wars in strange new ways thanks to the magic of Surround Sound. You've probably heard rumours of George Lucas directing a Kenobi stand alone movie? We explain why these are doing the rounds once again and why they shouldn't be believed. We also discuss the feasibility of visiting America, share some merchandise ideas...


Blah Wars #65: MCM Comic Con Birmingham

Coming at you live from the Birmingham NEC, John sits in on a press conference with veteran Star Wars actors Ken Colley (Admiral Piett), Michael Culver (Captain Needa), Michael Pennington (Moff Jejerrod) and the great Julian Glover (General Veers / Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones and the last crusade / countless other Sci-Fi and fantasy). John also chats all things cosplay with cosplayers Liv Taylor & Leigh Hawker. Massive thanks to David at MCM Comic Con for letting us use the press...


Blah Wars #64: Blah Wars LIVE!

Our first chaotic live episode, recorded at 2Northdown, London. John and Jude have just come from seeing A New Hope at the Royal Albert Hall the night before and you’ll hear about the people sat around us, Jude’s disappointment at the musical gaps in the movie and our pathetic attempts at self-promotion. John is convinced Mark Hamill has been cast in The Walking Dead, and he’s got evidence to prove it. You heard it here first! With very little Star Wars news to cover Jude shares his pants in...


Blah Wars #63: The truth about Rogue One

How was spin off film, Rogue One saved and who was responsible, what was the story behind Anakin Skywalker's immaculate conception and is VR the future of cinema? These are the main talking points on the latest episode of Blah Wars.


Blah Wars #62: We want an open-world Star Wars video game

On this week's show, we share the sad news that John Williams has been hospitalised, forcing him to cancel a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. There's also been some news of theft from the Mandalorian set in Manhattan. What was taken and will this get leaked online? The main talking point this week is our vision for an Open-world Star Wars video game in the style of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series. Aside from these, we also discuss Jude's obsession with ASMR,...


Blah Wars #61: [Insert Click-bait Episode Title Here]

In the X-Wing cross-heirs this week, youtuber and professional liar; Mike Zeroh, the art and consequences of trolling, Jude's Return of the Jedi rant, the visual storytelling of Star Wars and Chuck Wendig gets the sack. All that and more on the latest episode of Blah Wars.


Blah Wars #60: The Mandalorian

John and Jude discuss Jon Favreau's live-action Star Wars TV series, the Mandalorian. We also manage to talk about Back to the Future part 3 (someone says Western, Jude's only frame of reference is Back to the Future part 3). If you would like to support Blah Wars in exchange for some nice benefits, visit for more informaton on our tiers.


Commentary Series: Solo

Join John and Jude plus Blah Wars favourites Bradie Tippetts and Raj Rajendran for an audio commentary track for Solo: A Star Wars Story. You can sync this up your own copy of the film for a fresh and trivia filled perspective on this controversial spin off movie. Expect some suprises, amazing facts about the film and exceptional insight. Bradie and Raj will be joining us for Blah Wars LIVE! this November in London. If you enjoyed this commentary, why not come along and be in audience?...


Blah Wars #59: RIP Gary Kurtz

On this week's show we mostly discussed the work of Gary Kurtz, producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, who passed away on 23rd September and friend of the show Raj Rajendran joins to talk about the Star Wars exhibition at Legoland Windsor.


Blah Wars #58: John's Alderaan Trilogy

John's pitches his idea for an Alderaan Trilogy to run in parallel with the Original and Sequel trilogies, plus we answer questions sent in by our listeners. Thanks to everyone who sent a question in, sorry if were not able to answer yours.


Blah Wars #57: Snoke Lives! Jude's Episode IX theory

Jude's got a Snoke theory and for once its pretty decent. Could this be where we're headed in Star Wars Episode IX? We also discuss the enormous new Star Wars Lego set (75222) Betrayal at Cloud City, talk over the Solo deleted scenes that are starting to surface and more besides. A reminder that Blah Wars is coming to London on Saturday 17th November for a one-off live episode, which you can be part of. Tickets are on sale now from


Blah Wars #56: The Sound Of Star Wars (Tribute to the music and sound design of Star Wars)

Come with us on a journey through the sounds of Star Wars, through Ben Burt’s oscar-winning sound design to John William’s sweeping scores. Along the way you’ll hear Jude’s ridiculous Rey theory, learn about our upcoming live show (tickets available now from and find out what Jude’s been looking at online (naughty boy). And with all the music on this week’s show, its only fitting that Kylo Ren picks up a microphone for his rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful...


Blah Wars #55: Everything We Know About Episode IX

The filming of Star Wars: Episode IX is well underway and we've been looking at photos taken at the location shooting. What do these images tell us about JJ Abrams conclusion to the sequel trilogy? It's been an exciting week for casting news too, with Matt Smith and Dominic Monaghan joining the likes of Richard E Grant and Naomi Ackie in the new movie and we're speculating about the nature of their roles. John's got even more beef with the prequels and Jude nearly dies laughing at his...


Blah Wars #54: Star Wars Resistance and Caravan Capers

Lots to go through on the show this week. First up, we've launched our patreon page ( for those that want to support the show in exchange for bonus Blah Wars content you won't be able to hear anywhere else. John's injured his leg in a bizzare incident involving a caravan tyre which you can hear all about on this week's show, as well as the hot tub story. We discuss the first trailer for the new animated series Star Wars Resistance and read out your thoughts on it....


Blah Wars #53: Pitching our stand alone movies / Problems with the sequel trilogy

This episode was record on the road, on our way to make Blah Wars #51. In this discussion, we address problems with The Last Jedi and Solo, before moving onto ideas for our own stand alone movies and to finish off, a bit of karaoke!