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N1B001: James's brown love

Look out! A quickie episode is now online to dip into the news of Brown Ale Day and Love²... After Ev is called into work, James decides to go solo and requests 15 minutes of your time to tell you why Not Two Bright is dead and, more importantly, why you should get on the brown love. So, what is Brown Ale Day? Before there was Not Two Bright, there was Beer Bar Band and Soaked in Beer, and together we gave birth to Brown Ale Day. Please join us once again to celebrate craft beer's...


N2B025: Ev goes Ballistic

In possibly the most listenable episode of the past year, we hear about Ev's career upgrade, and a death sentence is handed down. There's also much love shared for Bad Shepherd Brewing Co, Moon Dog Brewing, La Bastard, along with the usual mess of randomness, bad comments, and overstayed welcome that is all just not too bright. Our eternal thanks to The Lucksmiths (RIP) for the music from "Beer Nut". And we're sorry for everything else. Recorded via Skype on 14th June 2017


N2B024: Not Two Brunswick Beer Collective

After recording an episode of the Brunswick Beer Collective at The Alehouse Project, James continued the beer-filled on-mic conversation with BBC's Chris and Ben. In typical Not Two Bright fashion, the conversation runs all over the place, touching on podcasts, instagram and hashtags, Melbourne BeerFest, coconut bras and adult diapers, sheriff it, the future, wax sealing beers, movies and more. No plan, no structure, no rules... #nostandards (As always - thanks to The Lucksmiths for...


N2B023: Ev drinks wine

Ok, yes, it's another tough listen because...well, we need to get Ev a decent microphone for his Skyping. Anyone? Anyway, James and Ev catch up at the very start of 2017 and ramble through the usual randomness of beers, music and plenty of stuff that no one cares about. Worst recording ever. Sorry. We'll keep working on that. Then again, it's a silly podcast. As always - thanks to The Lucksmiths for the music. And please don't take anything we say as fact or a reasonable point of view,...


N2B022: A very cheap way for her to get up

This episode shouldn't be published, and so it is the 2016 Not Two Bright Secret Christmas Episode... which has nothing at all to do with Christmas, other than being released on Christmas Day. Recorded in late October at James' place, after he had already been drinking at an informal work function thingy, James is too far gone... and Ev is Ev. This is for the "fans" (or anyone who dares listen, for whatever strange reason). Thanks for still subscribing to us, because there's no other...


N2B021: Suck On My Sacc

Here it is. The one you wanted. The one you've been, umm, waiting for... ...errr... after 6 months, James and Ev finally get to do it again. This time they catch up and drink beers at Ev's new home, Saccharomyces Beer Cafe in South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland. There's also some special guest appearances by Sacc Bar staff, a guy named Nick, and another guy named John... oh, and some girl named Jenn, plus more! The beers were plenty and the diversions in conversation were abundant. Ok,...


N2B020: Dance For Me

If you can hear this episode (...yeah, sorry again...the levels are too soft for most of our talking... still learning how to get our Skype record levels right) we talk about a bunch of random happenings in Bright and Brisbane as Ev drinks German beers and James spills his. We also revisit the conversation about naming a bar Saccharomyces. Again...please bear with us (or don't), we'll learn to make much better episodes via Skype as we go. AND...please go fill out the Beer Cartel 2016...


N2B019: Special Permission

Ev is back! Yes, we finally recorded an episode via Skype. And yes, the sound quality is terrible. Sorry. Hopefully it's still a fun listen. Essentially, it's just an hour of James and Ev catching up after not having a chat for several months. Bear with us, we'll learn to make much better episodes via Skype as we go. AND...please go fill out the Beer Cartel 2016 Australian Craft Beer Survey, and you'll go in the draw to win $500 worth of craft beer! Totally worth...


N2P002: Reel Chat with Adam Stolfo

Back on the topic of podcasts... Here's the second of James' chats about podcasting with other podcasters featuring Adam Stolfo of the movie podcast,Reel Chat. Website: Podcast feed: iTunes: Social: Facebook, Twitter Stuff from the show... Podcasts recommendations: School of Movies Place To Be Nation Music credit: "A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was...


N2B017: Thirsty Chafing (Xmas special)

After a 12 hour day, and possibly too many beers at the brilliant Thirsty Crow brewery, James and Ev spend a late night in a hotel room unfortunately talking into microphones and sharing the love of the 2nd annual Gears & Beers festival in Wagga Wagga. This is a special "sssshhhhhhhh" Xmas episode that we hope no one really hears. Cheers. (Sorry, sorry sorry...we were so fully totally exhausted.)


N2B015: Still not cancelled

Recorded a long time ago in a small town far far away...(and it's a long one...) Episode 15 was recorded back in August, as Winter was turning into Spring in Bright. James was exhausted and flat (again) and Ev had just made the decision to move to Brisbane. The rest is the usual podcast rubbish that is Not Two Bright. Wefumble overSchöfferhofer Hefeweizen,Saccharomyces Beer Cafe ("The Sacc"),HopDog BeerWorks 6Tenk II,Mikkeller Eric the Red,Kangaroos,Six String Brewing 2,Brewski, Mountain...


N2B16b: Prof Talks

A.K.A Pete gets a word in A.K.A N2B goes to The Show Part 2 We've jumped forward a little, skipping over Episode 15 for the moment (we'll get around to posting that in coming weeks) in order to push out this fairly timely chat with one of Australia's premier beer hosts and good beer blokes, Pete "Professor Pilsner" Mitcham of the Radio Brews News podcast. This is also the second part of an episode we recorded at the Royal Melbourne Show, which suffered from terrible recording quality. Yes,...


N2B014: Big Meaty Chunkiness

It's been a long time between episodes, so thanks for sticking around. This episode was recorded back at the end of July and was somewhat heartbreaking because a quality hour of the conversation wasn't actually recorded... someone forgot to unpause the recorder! Oh well. That lost hour is now part of Not Two Bright folklore. In the messy hour that was recorded, we ramble through awkward random conversations about Not Two Bright thingsincluding James' trip to Red Hill and Ev's trip to...


N2B013: Choking on my sentiment

A.K.A: If I don't have him I will die A.K.A: Don't upset the penguins A.K.A: Establishment It's the Winter Solstice in our beautiful down-under regional town of Bright. To celebrate, or to honour the darkness or shortest day of the year, we drink 5 vintages of Stone & Wood Brewing Company Stone Beer, an dark strong amber ale brewed using hot rocks. We also talk much about Ev's trip to Melbourne for a Cosmic Psychos' gig and their release of a new album, plus much else that will most likely...


N2B012b: Not Two GABS (Part 2)

A.K.A: Sticks like a bitch A.K.A: My glass is in my pants A.K.A: EV IS (STILL) AT GABS... ...well, Ev was still at GABS when we recorded this second part to ourGreat Australasian Beer SpecTAPular(GABS)experience, thenight after we recordedPart 1. Yes, James had already been drinking for a while and decided to attempt a completely unplanned episode in true Not Two Bright fashion where we just start recording and see what happens. Hence, this is by far the most messy random poor quality and...


N2B011: I need an old adult!

AKA: Episode Elepen EV IS GOING TO GABS! No time for detailed notes, we just want to get this episode online before EV GOES TO GABS! But just quickly…we drink 3 Stone Brewing beers, 1 beer from Holgate Brewhouse, talk about World Whisky Day and Crown Ambassador, Richard Marx, Star Wars burlesque, Mad Max and we reveal what James did that will allow us to do this more often… Full show notes (soon) at:


N2B010: Exorcist level spew

A.K.A: It's called craziness Uh oh, it's another looooooong one. And a very private one too. We get awfully personal. But hey, it's just a conversation over beer, ok? We're sorry, again. Do you like it? between going a bit too deep, we stumble around Mountain Goat Steam Ale and Fancy Pants, the Snowline Hotel, James' (lack of) facial hair, Bridge Road Brewers Fresh Hop Ale, baby life, horror movies, beers with the ex-Southern Bay crew, Rouge Wave Brewing,MIA IPA, online beer...


N2B009: Not even 4 beers James

A.K.A: Blueberries on a warm summer day; Easy to go down; World's Worst Dad. This episode may make no sense. What are we doing to ourselves?!? We smash out (in numerous ways) another hour of Not Two Bright over too many beers, including the Brewcult Spoiler Alert, Sierra Nevada Boomerang IPA, Young Henrys Hop Ale in cans and Holgate Brewhouse Farmhouse Ale. We also stumble through chats about Record Store Day and ordering from JB HiFi, as well as Bright in Autumn and the onset of winter,...


N2B008b: Fauxlivia Blerch Lloyd

SUPER SPECIAL SHORT IMPORTANT BONUS NOT TWO BRIGHT EPISODE, and James says "ahhh" too much. Oh yes, it's another 10 minute quickie with James and Ev as we celebrate a new life (Ev is a dad, a freakin' dad!) and toast the moment with a brand new glass from CRAFTD! Along with the important news of the breach blerch birth, we also become the first beer-snobby-faux-media to receive and drink from the shiny new CRAFTD Brother Constantijn glass. Also, Fringe gets a mention, and we implore you to...


N2B008: Hashtag reachinghighcountry

We're exhausted! While we may sound somewhat drunk right from the start, please know that it's actually a result of being completely drained after non-stop long days of ourbusy brewery lives, leading into thefrantic Easter holiday period, the biggest tourist weekend of the year in Bright. We had not been able to catch up at all for a while,even though we see each other every day at work, so this was the first occasion in weeks that we had a proper conversation. It's all here on record for...