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What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!

What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!
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What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!






1983 - "Return of the Jedi" vs. "Terms of Endearment"

Two space movies (of sorts) go head to head in this 1983 battle. People turned out in droves to see the conclusion of the original "Star Wars" trilogy in "Return of the Jedi." However, the Oscars awarded the 2nd biggest hit of the year, "Terms of Endearment." The three hankie dramedy chronicles the decades long relationship between mother and daughter. Plus, Jack Nicholson plays a womanizing astronaut. What's not to love? Stay tuned after the episode for some Terms of Endearment from some...


1982 - "E.T." vs. "Gandhi"

It's blockbuster vs. biopic this week at the People vs Oscar. Steven Spielberg's box office champion "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" won over hearts and wallets as it became the highest grossing movie of its time and even got a Best Picture nomination. It lost, however, to "Gandhi," Richard Attenborough's 3 hour epic on Mahatma Gandhi that spanned over 50 years of his life. Which film wins out in the end? Listen to find out.


1981 - "Raiders of the Lost Ark" vs. "Chariots of Fire"

It's the war of iconic movie scores! Steven Spielberg's iconic blockbuster "Raiders of the Lost Ark" takes on the Oscar winning sports drama "Chariots of Fire." The Spielberg classic ranks as the favorite film of all time for one of our co-hosts. However, do the synth filled races of "Chariots of Fire" sway anyone to Oscar's side? Tune in to find out!


1980 - "The Empire Strikes Back" vs. "Ordinary People"

Familial strife is at the heart of our inaugural 80s episode. The Star Wars sequel "Empire Strikes Back" takes on the Award winning drama "Ordinary People." Many lauded "Empire" for taking its characters to shockingly dark places and tacking on twists no one could forget. Meanwhile, Robert Redford makes the jump to directing with the searing family drama "Ordinary People." Will the blockbuster or prestige drama walk away with the votes? Tune in to find out!


The 1970s Oscars - Matt & Chris' Favorites

The one thing we can agree on is the 70s were our favorite decade of the podcast! However, we each had different favorites. Tune in to listen to what both Matt and I thought were the best of the films we saw in the 1970s. Make sure to stay tuned for all of our recommendations, as we talk about other notable films of the decade we wished got recognition.


1979 - "Moonraker" vs. "Kramer vs Kramer"

Is Bond any match for Meryl Streep? Roger Moore's incarnation of Bond goes up against Academy Award winning performances from Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep in the latest episode of "The People vs Oscar." Following the success of "Star Wars," audiences flocked to see Bond in Space! Meanwhile, the Oscars turned their eyes towards the family divorce drama "Kramer vs Kramer." Which film prevails? Listen to find out.


1978 - "Grease" vs. "The Deer Hunter"

These hometown heroes have wildly different lives ahead of them. Few weeks have such stark contrasts in tone as 1978. The Oscars wanted to confront the Vietnam War head on, with "The Deer Hunter" (about a bunch of local factory town workers headed off to war) besting "Coming Home" (Jane Fonda/Jon Voight's hospital set war romance). However, the people were more interested in the past, turning out in droves to see "Grease," a bop about summer love in the 50s.


1977 - "Star Wars" vs. "Annie Hall"

At last, the week that inspired the podcast! Few pairings encompass the People vs. Oscar debate quite like 1977 - "Star Wars" vs. "Annie Hall." It's the ultimate David and Goliath showing, as the multi-layered rom-com "Annie Hall" beat top-grossing juggernaut in Best Picture. Both films show up all over AFI lists and any conceivable "Best of All Time" list. In fact, between co-hosts Matt and Chris, each movie is an all time favorite of each of the co-hosts. Who's favorite prevails? Listen...


1976 - "Rocky"

"Adrian! Yo Adrian!" "Rocky" was the underdog sports story that won everyone over. Made for a minimal budget, Sylvester Stallone's passion project became the highest grossing film of the year and the winner of Best Picture. This is even more incredible when one considers 1976 also had films such as "Taxi Driver," "All the Presidents Men," and "Network." How does the film hold up today? With "Creed" a massive current success, how different or similar does the original feel?


1975 - "Jaws" vs. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Who's scarier - Jaws or Nurse Ratched? Two classic films face off in 1975. Jaws stole the crown from "The Godfather" to become the highest grossing movie of all time. This led to the birth of the blockbuster and many to fear the beaches. Meanwhile, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" became the 2nd film to sweep the top 5 categories - Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Writing. The tale of a rebellious patient of a mental institution exemplifies the rebellious streak of a new world...


1974 - "The Towering Inferno" vs. "The Godfather Part 2"

Can a sequel defend the honor of the original? Best Picture winner "The Godfather Part 2" is widely considered one of the best sequels of all time. How does that stack up against one of the most popular disaster flicks of the 70s? "The Towering Inferno" won over audiences, as Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and many others are trapped inside a fiery skyscraper.


1973 - "The Exorcist" vs "The Sting"

It's con men against the devil. Two of the most successful films of all time went up against each other at both the Oscars and the Box Office. "The Exorcist," widely regarded as one of the scariest films of all time, won the box office (9th highest grossing of all time) but lost Best Picture. "The Sting," Robert Redford and Paul Newman's con man buddy flick, won Best Picture and stands today as the 20th highest grossing film of all time, adjusted for inflation. Which will the podcast...


1972 - "The Godfather"

We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. 1972 brings us only one film this week. Frances Ford Coppola's masterpiece "The Godfather" is a cultural touchstone that tops many "Best Of" movie lists of all time. The Italian mob drama owned the box office that year, while also wrestling the Best Picture Oscar away from "Cabaret," which won the most Oscars that year. Listen to our thoughts on the film.


1971 - "Diamonds Are Forever" vs. "The French Connection"

Who can take down a bad guy better - Popeye Doyle or James Bond? Gene Hackman and Sean Connery each engage in very different car chases in their respective 1971 films. Hackman won Best Actor in William Friedkin's gritty Best Picture winner "The French Connection." After stepping away from the role of James Bond for one film, Connery returned for one of the zaniest entries in the Bond franchise which includes a diamond encrusted satellite of destruction and an elephant who's good at slots.


1969 - "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" vs. "Midnight Cowboy"

People seemed to love cowboys in 1969, albeit very different sort of cowboys. It's western week on The People vs Oscar! The people flocked to see movie stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." The film takes the expectations of a traditional western and flips it on its head with charm. Meanwhile, the Oscars rewarded their first X-rated picture with "Midnight Cowboy." Jon Voight's Joe Buck isn't your traditional cowboy. He's more of a gigolo type that...


1967 - "The Jungle Book" vs "In the Heat of the Night"

We have our first film with an African American protagonist in the Oscar winning detective film "In the Heat of the Night." Challenging it is the final film Walt Disney directly supervised, "The Jungle Book." What wins out, the racially charged mystery or the colorful animated musical? Do either hold up in 2018? Listen to find out.


1965 - "The Sound of Music"

The hills were very much alive with the Sound of Music in 1965. The juggernaut musical still to this day is the #3 highest grossing movie of all time, adjusted for inflation. Back in 1965 it managed to also win five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. This week, Matt and Chris sit down with super-fan Dani Gregorie to delve further into what makes "The Sound of Music" such a classic.


1963 - "Cleopatra" vs. "Tom Jones"

It's Diva vs. Playboy Though both 1963 films deal with the sexual escapades of their titular characters, the two could not be more different. "Cleopatra" is Elizabeth Taylor's epic that, despite being the highest grossing film of the year, still did not turn a profit and nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox. "Tom Jones," on the other hand, is a low budget English romp that holds the distinction of being the only film to have three supporting actress nominees. Who's the bigger sexpot? Tune in...


1962 - "Lawrence of Arabia"

Journey with Matt, Chris and Special Guest Cody through our enlightening trek through the desert. Everyone in 1962 went crazy for "Lawrence of Arabia." Not only was the film the Best Picture winner, but it was the highest grossing film of the year. This was a first time viewing experience for a few on the podcast. How did it play to a first time viewer? Check it out now.


1961 - "101 Dalmatians" vs. "West Side Story"

Escapist Puppies or Star Crossed Lovers? 1961 brings us quite a formidable pair of films to compare. People turned out in droves for "101 Dalmatians," a classic Disney thriller with one of the most memorable villains. However, the Oscars continued to go with another musical. This time, they fell in love with "West Side Story," the engaging Romeo & Juliet tale of star crossed lovers. Which film wins our votes? Tune in to find out!