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What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!

What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!
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What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!






1988 - "Rain Man"

We've reached another year where the Best Picture winner was also the highest grossing film of the year. "Rain Man" marks one of the odder films with this distinction (compared to "All Quiet on the Western Front" or "The Godfather"). However, we take a journey as we uncover what made the film so popular and acclaimed in 1988. In addition, does the film hold up today? How does it rank in terms of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman's careers? How many toothpicks really were on the ground? Tune in...


1987 - "Fatal Attraction" vs. "The Last Emperor"

We are not going to be ignored! Two very different movies go head to head on this week's episode of the podcast. Audiences turned out in droves to see "Fatal Attraction," an erotic thriller with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close which went on to 5 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. How does the film hold up under modern scrutiny and does it still rank among Glenn Close's best performances? The Oscars, meanwhile, fell in love with Bernardo Bertolucci's epic "The Last Emperor," which...


1986 - "Top Gun" vs "Platoon"

Not all war movies are created equally. 1986 brought together two very different films about war. Vietnam War Veteran Oliver Stone brought a new, raw and horrifying depiction of war in the film "Platoon," which won Best Picture. Still, audiences had their breath taken away by ace fighter pilot Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." Which war film gets our vote? Listen to find out.


1985 - "Back to the Future" vs. "Out of Africa"

Two romances of the past face off in this 1985 battle. Sydney Pollack's epic romance "Out of Africa" goes up against Robert Zemeckis' blockbuster "Back to the Future." "Out of Africa" marks our last Meryl Streep performance of the podcast and finds our favorite actress fall in love with both Africa and Robert Redford. Meanwhile, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) finds himself in quite an odd love triangle when he travels back to the 50s when his parents first met in the crowdpleaser "Back to...


1969 - "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" vs. "Midnight Cowboy"

People seemed to love cowboys in 1969, albeit very different sort of cowboys. It's western week on The People vs Oscar! The people flocked to see movie stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." The film takes the expectations of a traditional western and flips it on its head with charm. Meanwhile, the Oscars rewarded their first X-rated picture with "Midnight Cowboy." Jon Voight's Joe Buck isn't your traditional cowboy. He's more of a gigolo type that...


1968 - "2001: A Space Odyssey" vs. "Oliver!"

In space, no one can hear you sing! 1968 represents a crazy split between the people and Oscars. The Oscars went with their fourth musical of the decade with the G-rated Charles Dickens adaptation "Oliver!" The people, however, took a strange trip into the mind of Stanley Kubrick with "2001: A Space Odyssey." Who prevailed, the singing children or the malicious AI system? Listen to find out.


1967 - "The Jungle Book" vs "In the Heat of the Night"

We have our first film with an African American protagonist in the Oscar winning detective film "In the Heat of the Night." Challenging it is the final film Walt Disney directly supervised, "The Jungle Book." What wins out, the racially charged mystery or the colorful animated musical? Do either hold up in 2018? Listen to find out.


1966 - "War & Peace" vs. "A Man For All Seasons"

Russian Literature and British theater hardly sound like a raucous good time at the cinema. So how did Matt & Chris have so much fun?! The Oscars chose "A Man For All Seasons" in 1966, an play adaptation that revolves around Thomas Moore refusing to grant King Henry VIII a divorce. The highest grossing film of the year was the first of five parts of the epic "War & Peace." Despite seeming difficult to get into, both films proved to be rewarding experiences. Yet, who came out on top? Listen...


1965 - "The Sound of Music"

The hills were very much alive with the Sound of Music in 1965. The juggernaut musical still to this day is the #3 highest grossing movie of all time, adjusted for inflation. Back in 1965 it managed to also win five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. This week, Matt and Chris sit down with super-fan Dani Gregorie to delve further into what makes "The Sound of Music" such a classic.


1964 - "Goldfinger" vs "My Fair Lady"

James Bond vs. Henry Higgens // Eliza Doolittle vs. Pussy Galore It's hard to see which is the biggest crowdpleaser? The People flocked to Sean Connery's "Goldfinger," one of the more famous Bond films and the first we tackle on the podcast. Meanwhile, the Oscars continued their musical love by awarding "My Fair Lady" the top honors. Which classic film comes out ahead? Listen to find out!


1963 - "Cleopatra" vs. "Tom Jones"

It's Diva vs. Playboy Though both 1963 films deal with the sexual escapades of their titular characters, the two could not be more different. "Cleopatra" is Elizabeth Taylor's epic that, despite being the highest grossing film of the year, still did not turn a profit and nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox. "Tom Jones," on the other hand, is a low budget English romp that holds the distinction of being the only film to have three supporting actress nominees. Who's the bigger sexpot? Tune in...


1962 - "Lawrence of Arabia"

Journey with Matt, Chris and Special Guest Cody through our enlightening trek through the desert. Everyone in 1962 went crazy for "Lawrence of Arabia." Not only was the film the Best Picture winner, but it was the highest grossing film of the year. This was a first time viewing experience for a few on the podcast. How did it play to a first time viewer? Check it out now.


1961 - "101 Dalmatians" vs. "West Side Story"

Escapist Puppies or Star Crossed Lovers? 1961 brings us quite a formidable pair of films to compare. People turned out in droves for "101 Dalmatians," a classic Disney thriller with one of the most memorable villains. However, the Oscars continued to go with another musical. This time, they fell in love with "West Side Story," the engaging Romeo & Juliet tale of star crossed lovers. Which film wins our votes? Tune in to find out!


1960 - "Spartacus" vs "The Apartment

Whether it be ancient Roman times, a 1960s office or current day Hollywood, abuse of power and harassment was always topical. This week's People vs Oscar features two very different films. It's the rom com vs the epic. Billy Wilder's "The Apartment" mines heart and comedy from shocking workplace harassment. Meanwhile, Stanley Kubrick's "Spartacus" follows a slave who's had enough of the Roman establishment and stages an epic revolt. Which tale prevails in the end? Listen to find out!


The 1950s Oscars - Matt & Chris' Favorites

The '50s have come to an end, which means it's time to look back on our favorites from the decade. Join us for our special People vs Oscar minisode where we look back on our favorite performances, craft elements and overall films from the decade. Stay tuned towards the end to hear some other films from the era that we'd recommend that were not covered on the podcast.


1959 - "Ben-Hur"

You couldn't escape the juggernaut that was "Ben-Hur" in 1959. The film currently stands as the fourteenth highest grossing film of all time, between "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Avatar." On top of that, it took home a record 11 Oscars, an Oscar record it holds with "Titanic" and "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." But does the film hold up to all those accolades? Hop in your chariot and give our "Ben-Hur" episode a listen!


1958 - "South Pacific" vs. "Gigi"

Put on your dancing shoes and fine tune your voice. It's musical week at The People vs Oscar! 1958 brings us two very different classic musicals to dive into. The Oscars gave nine Oscars (a then record) to "Gigi," a light musical that could not have aged worse against our current climate. On the other end, "South Pacific" brings us to a wartime beach for a fun romp that also struggles in spurts. Which musical gets our vote? Tune in to find out.


1957 - "The Bridge on the River Kwai"

Everyone in 1957 couldn't get enough of "The Bridge on the River Kwai." David Lean's epic film recounts the experience of a British officer and POW who is tasked to build a bridge for his captors. Meanwhile, his American allies seek to destroy the bridge which could help the enemy in war. The film was both the highest grossing film of the year and winner of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. But does the film hold up? Listen to find out.


1956 - "The Ten Commandments" vs. "Around the World in 80 Days"

1956 was all about the sprawling epic. Both the People and Oscar chose three hour epics that could not be more different. Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments," based on the Book of Exodus, was not just the highest grossing film of the year, but still stands as one of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time, adjusted for inflation. The Oscars went global with "Around the World in 80 Days," the movie equivalent of a lazy Sunday spent watching a TV stuck on The Travel Channel. Which...


1955 - "Lady and the Tramp" vs. "Marty"

Love and Italian food are in the air in 1955. Both the people and Oscar went for unlikely romances. "Marty" follows a lonely butcher who falls for a meek schoolteacher. Nothing says Oscar like leading man Ernest Borgnine. Meanwhile, Disney had a hit on their hands with the ultimate star crossed dog lovers in "Lady and the Tramp." Which romance made our hearts soar? Listen to find out.