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What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!

What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!
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What's better: The Highest Grossing Movie of the Year or The Oscar Winning Best Picture? Join film fanatics and former college roommates Matt Furtado and Chris James as they start from the beginning of time (1927/28) and watch every Best Picture winner and Worldwide Top Grossing Film of each year. Each week, we will vote on who got it right, The People or Oscar!






2000 - "Mission: Impossible 2" vs. "Gladiator"

We jump into the millennium with an action-packed bang in our latest episode. Though it's a new decade, new century and new millennium, the Oscars are always up to their old tricks. "Gladiator" marks a return to the swords and sandals epics of yesteryear, winning five Oscars including Picture and Actor (Russell Crowe). Far from Oscar this year was "Mission: Impossible 2," the sequel to Tom Cruise's lucrative '90s franchise that still runs today. Is this one of the highlights or low points?...


The 1990s Oscars - Matt & Chris' Favorites

We've reached the end of an era! The millennium is upon the podcast! But first, before we travel into the 2000s, let's look back at the best movies we watched in the 90s, as well as some other movies we didn't cover from that period that you should check out. Our lists have become rather unweildly in minisodes of the past, so this time we're only doing 10 picks each! Let us know some of your favorite movies from the 90s.


1999 - "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" vs. "American Beauty"

1999 may be regarded by many as one of the all time great film years. However, both the People and the Oscars made very interesting choices this year. The highest grossing movie of the year was "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace," a highly anticipated blockbuster that seemed to age poorly the minute it was shown. Competing against it is Best Picture winner "American Beauty," the favorite movie of every mid-2000s high school student. Sam Mendes' film about suburban unrest and one man's...


1998 - "Armageddon" vs. "Shakespeare in Love"

It's the end of the world and modern theater as we know it! The year 1998 brings us one of the biggest Oscar upsets, as the romantic comedy "Shakespeare in Love" pulled out a surprise victory over Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan." Private Ryan also narrowly missed the highest grossing title since Michael Bay's "Armageddon" packed moviegoers in theaters. In the epic fight between Shakespeare and Michael Bay, who comes out ahead? Listen and find out!


1997 - "Titanic"

Near, far, whereeeeeeeever you are... I believe that, Titanic gooooes on Love it or hate it, it's impossible to not have an opinion on Titanic. The romantic epic became the highest grossing film of all time in 1997 and won a record 11 Oscars from 14 nominations. It catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to superstardom. In many ways, it defined pop culture for years. The People vs Oscar brings on a record 3 guests to delve to the deeps of the Atlantic. Let us know where you fall on...


1996 - "Independence Day" vs. "The English Patient"

Which movie about flying won in 1996? The winner of nine Oscars, "The English Patient" was a long, epic romance spanning two timelines. The movie was initially loved, only to have its reputation tarnished over the years (potentially from a whole Seinfeld episode about hating it). However, does it hold up better than "Independence Day," the massively successful blockbuster about aliens destroying the Earth? Does President Bill Pullman's monologue work better than sweet words from Ralph...


1995 - "Toy Story" vs. "Braveheart"

To Infinity, Scotland & Beyond! 1995 features a war between Scottish epic "Braveheart" and the game-changing Pixar debut, "Toy Story." Mel Gibson's three hour film won about as many Oscars as butts were shown in the film, including Picture and Director. Meanwhile, "Toy Story" became the highest grossing film of the year and changed the world of computers, animation and storytelling forever. Which will win in our "People vs. Oscar" face off? Tune in to find out.


1994 - "The Lion King" vs. "Forrest Gump"

Can You Feel the Podcast Tonight? Welcome to our 1994 episode of "The People vs. Oscar." The highest grossing film ("The Lion King") takes on the Oscar winning movie of that year ("Forrest Gump"). What will win out this week - the animated classic or Tom Hank's trip through history? Tune in to find out!


1993 - "Jurassic Park" vs. "Schindler's List"

What's better than one Spielberg movie? Two Spielberg Movies! 1993 pits two classic, but very different, Steven Spielberg movies against each other. The highest grossing movie of the year was "Jurassic Park," a classic tale of adventure that also tackles questions around our God's complex. Meanwhile, Spielberg won Best Director and Best Picture for his Holocaust epic, "Schindler's List." Which wins out in the end? Listen to find out.


1992 - "Aladdin" vs. "Unforgiven"

We can show you the world Dirty, dusty and dangerous Welcome back to the People vs. Oscar! It's the year of our birth... 1992! Disney's animated classic (soon to have a live action remake) Aladdin was the highest grossing movie of the year. This goes up against Best Picture winner "Unforgiven," our first Clint Eastwood of the podcast. Will the western take down the genie? Listen to find out.


1991 - "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" vs. "The Silence of the Lambs"

I'll be back... with some fava beans and a nice chianti. We've got 2 very different thrillers on our hands for 1991. The people turned out in droves to James Cameron's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," which sent Arnold Schwarzeneggar back to the 90s, but with a very different mission. Meanwhile, the Oscars went with the February sleeper hit "The Silence of the Lambs" for its top 5 prizes - Best Picture, Director, Actor (Anthony Hopkins), Actress (Jodie Foster) and Screenplay. Did the iconic...


1990 - "Ghost" vs. "Dances with Wolves"

Listeners, you in danger girrrrrrl! We're back with a new season of People vs Oscar! We've finally made it to the 90s. And 1990 sure gave us quite a quintessential match up. The romance/drama/thriller/comedy "Ghost" may have won the hearts (and box office) of the public. However, the three hour Kevin Costner vanity play "Dances with Wolves" won the Oscar. Perhaps they loved his butt shots almost as much as he did. Listen to find out whether we side with the People or Oscar!


The 1980s Oscars - Matt & Chris' Favorites

We're here to wrap up the 80s with a not-so-mini minisode. Listen to which movies win our top prizes, as well as the other 80s movies we didn't get to review that we'd recommend you watch.


1989 - "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" vs. "Driving Miss Daisy"

Two irascible elders face off against each other as we round out the 1980s. "Driving Miss Daisy" puts Morgan Freeman in the driver's seat as he carts around Jessica Tandy's high maintenance Daisy Wertham. Similarly, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones carts around his father, Henry Jones (Sean Connery) in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Which pairing made for a better viewing experience? Tune in to find out.


1988 - "Rain Man"

We've reached another year where the Best Picture winner was also the highest grossing film of the year. "Rain Man" marks one of the odder films with this distinction (compared to "All Quiet on the Western Front" or "The Godfather"). However, we take a journey as we uncover what made the film so popular and acclaimed in 1988. In addition, does the film hold up today? How does it rank in terms of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman's careers? How many toothpicks really were on the ground? Tune in...


1987 - "Fatal Attraction" vs. "The Last Emperor"

We are not going to be ignored! Two very different movies go head to head on this week's episode of the podcast. Audiences turned out in droves to see "Fatal Attraction," an erotic thriller with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close which went on to 5 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. How does the film hold up under modern scrutiny and does it still rank among Glenn Close's best performances? The Oscars, meanwhile, fell in love with Bernardo Bertolucci's epic "The Last Emperor," which...


1986 - "Top Gun" vs "Platoon"

Not all war movies are created equally. 1986 brought together two very different films about war. Vietnam War Veteran Oliver Stone brought a new, raw and horrifying depiction of war in the film "Platoon," which won Best Picture. Still, audiences had their breath taken away by ace fighter pilot Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." Which war film gets our vote? Listen to find out.


1985 - "Back to the Future" vs. "Out of Africa"

Two romances of the past face off in this 1985 battle. Sydney Pollack's epic romance "Out of Africa" goes up against Robert Zemeckis' blockbuster "Back to the Future." "Out of Africa" marks our last Meryl Streep performance of the podcast and finds our favorite actress fall in love with both Africa and Robert Redford. Meanwhile, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) finds himself in quite an odd love triangle when he travels back to the 50s when his parents first met in the crowdpleaser "Back to the...


1984 - "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" vs. "Amadeus"

What's more treacherous - the Temple of Doom or the classical music scene? We've got the ultimate prestige vs. blockbuster debate in 1984. The Oscars showered Milos Forman's opus "Amadeus" with 8 Oscar wins from 11 nominations. Meanwhile, audiences flocked to the Indiana Jones prequel "The Temple of Doom." Which comes out ahead? Tune in to find out!


1983 - "Return of the Jedi" vs. "Terms of Endearment"

Two space movies (of sorts) go head to head in this 1983 battle. People turned out in droves to see the conclusion of the original "Star Wars" trilogy in "Return of the Jedi." However, the Oscars awarded the 2nd biggest hit of the year, "Terms of Endearment." The three hankie dramedy chronicles the decades long relationship between mother and daughter. Plus, Jack Nicholson plays a womanizing astronaut. What's not to love? Stay tuned after the episode for some Terms of Endearment from some...