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Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.

Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.
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Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.




How Commercial Director Clay Williams Makes Great Comedy Spots.

Commercial Director Clay Williams makes the kind of spots I see on tv and salivate over. His humor is sly, subtle and understated even when the premise is crazy.


How Director Toby Wosskow’s BMW Spec Spot Landed Him An Ad During the NBA Finals.

Director Toby Wosskow hit it out the park with his spec spot for BMW and shares his tedious plot that made it work. Not only did BMW run the spot on their site, but the agency hired him to shoot everything under the sun, including the Foot Locker’s “House of […]


How PRETTYBIRD President & Co-Founder Kerstin Emhoff Has Built A Powerhouse ProdCo.

PRETTYBIRD President & Co Founder Kerstin Emhoff is recognized for her successful and enduring relationships with top agencies, clients, artists and managers, and her experience and unique style across various mediums and platforms. Under her leadership, PRETTYBIRD has collected Grammys, Emmys, D&AD Awards, Cannes Lions & Grand Prix, Clio’s and […]


Director Amy Adrion Discusses Her Debut Docu “Half The Picture” – A Must See!

“Half The Picture” Director Amy Adrion stops by the podcast to talk about her amazing, insightful film. HALF THE PICTURE consists of interviews with high profile women directors including Ava DuVernay, Jill Soloway, Lena Dunham, Catherine Hardwicke and Miranda July, among many others, who discuss their early careers, how they transitioned […]


Copywriter/ACD Tal Wagman Fights Sexual Misconduct With Rotten Apples.

I love chatting with innately funny people, and Tal Wagman is one such a person. We met shooting our wildly popular “Built To Amaze” campaign for Toyota via Saacthi. Now Tal has moved his humor mill over to Zambezi working on Vitaminwater and Venmo. We chat about RottenApples, a website database […]


How Filmmakers Can Deliver Gorgeous Treatments With Katniss of The Moon Unit.

The Moon Unit is a creative services boutique that helps storytellers develop ideas into words, gorgeous visual treatments, mood boards and pitch decks and more. Katniss and I skyped to cover a lot of ground. After describing a great pitch and treatments, we dive into how a director can best […]


Mr. Marc Kelly Shares How The Filmmaking Team Of “Blindspotting” Made Their Magic.

Mr. Marc Kelly is a Director, 1st AD and more. When I saw his name role up in the credits of “Blindspotting,” I cheered and had to hear more about this film. Marc takes us behind the scenes with filmmaking tips and tidbits, working with Director Carlos López Estrada, Daveed […]


Filmmaker Liz Hinlein Directs Commercials, Branded Films, VR and Features With Aplomb & Grace.

Director Liz Hinlein shares how she has successfully navigated her career making brand films, VR gigs, tons of spots and her feature, “Other People Children.” You’ve seen Liz’s Dove Real Beauty starring Shonda Rhimes, I promise. We chat about the commonality in directing these various gigs, staying humble while leading, […]


Filmmaker Ramaa Mosley On Creating One’s Own Opportunities.

Filmmaker Ramaa Mosley directs commercials, documentaries, feature narratives and more. Like myself, she believes we do different jobs for different reasons and creates her own opportunities. You’ll love the part of this chat when she explains how originality is overrated. I disagreed but then came around. Ramaa is also the […]


Hollywood War Stories: How To Survive In The Trenches with Veteran Comedy Director Rick Friedberg.

Veteran comedy director Rick Friedberg has written a book you must buy. You learn and laugh as this “rule book” for success tells you, as the title says, how to survive the Hollywood machine. It’s aptly called “Hollywood War Stories: How To Survive In The Trenches” and I love it. […]


Why Ad Agency Creatives Make Excellent Filmmakers With Comedy Directing Duo Jeff and Pete.

Dynamite directing duo Jeff & Pete, aka Jeff Gonick and Peter Novosel, are following their dreams by leaving their cushy advertising agency jobs as creatives to become helmers of comedy commercials. And boy are they good. Landing at top shoppe Caviar, they’ve helmed funny stuff for Dr. Pepper, SunTrust and more. […]


Why I Reluctantly Cut A Montage Of My Visual Effects & Filmmaking Trickery.

Commercial Directors are not well-served by montages, the collection of coolest shots of their career. Advertising agency folks and clients want to see you can tell a good story in :15, :30 or :60 seconds. So for years, I have resisted the montage reel. But friends, this weekend I succumbed to […]


There Are Dreamers, Doers and Finishers, Director Tony Ladesich Is All Three.

Filmmaker Tony Ladesich proves my point you do not have to live in New York or LA to be a working filmmaker. Tony shoots national commercials for Sprint, all while living in beautiful Kansas City. We discover we know some of the same filmmakers there, as well as we share […]


Commercial Actor/Director David Lautman Charts His Own Course For Success.

Whenever he’s shooting a commercial, actor David Lautman spends his time between takes studying every crew member’s job and how she or he does it. This film school by astute observation, combined with his infectious personality has helped David branch into directing. What a great perspective we get from a […]


Joeseph Matsushima Tells Us All About Blocker AR Viewfinder App for Filmmakers.

Joseph Matsushima stopped by to talk about the Blocker AR app. Blocker is an augmented reality director’s viewfinder. It makes it easy for filmmakers to communicate their vision. Place 3D characters on set or in your living room, frame your shots. The website says to then create storyboards to share, but […]


Social Content Creator Demetris Campbell and Doughnut Media Are Crushin’ It.

Filmmaker Demetris Campbell started shooting with the fabled Fisher-Price PixelVision 2000, an early video camcorder that recorded onto audio cassette tapes. Then his wife got him shooting for her wedding clients. Now Demetris runs Doughnut Media and has gathered a slew of clients. His social videos are top-notch. We also […]


How Self-Taught Filmmaker Robjn Taylor Landed A Quirky Coleman Commercial.”

Commercial and content director Robjn Taylor has always made films sense he can remember. And that passion is still alive. You hear it in his tone when we talk about career, being a DIY filmmaker, and tricks of the trade. I love how Robjn is finding his voice as a […]


How Going Off The Grid Improved My Filmmaking.

By going off the grid for just 72 hours, I returned with a fresh attitude towards my work. Look folks, I love the hustle and thrive off it, but clearly I needed a reminder that human connection is vital to a rich, fulfilling life. My lovely and talented wife, filmmaker […]


Comedy Directors Matt Enlow & Oren Kaplan School Me On Growing Up Digital.

Filmmakers Matt Enlow & Oren Kaplan are not a team, they have thriving careers as comedy directors independent of one another. But they do host a stellar podcast all about filmmaking called “Just Shoot It”. I love their show so when they had me on, we decided to share the […]


How To Make A True Viral Video With Tiny Hamsters And Filmmaker Joseph Matsushima.

Joseph Matsushima, Co-Founder of Denizen Company, makes true viral hits for big brands like Disney, Warner Bros., Star Wars or just for the fun of it. We chat about his company ethos and how they operate. Check out their work and case studies and soak it up like a sponge. […]