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Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.

Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.
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Respect The Process is a filmmaker's podcast. Scroll to hear intimate chats with working professionals about making compelling advertising, indie films, and other groovy creative endeavors. Mostly, we talk about commercials.




How To Secure Repeat Business According To Contagious LA Co-Founder/Executive Producer Natalie Sakai.

Contagious LA’s Co_Founder and Supreme Leader Natalie Sakai talks repeat business, client-direct and collaborating with agencies in the creation phase. More than getting clicks, she explains connecting with content. She and her prolific stable of Directors are cranking out great work. I know you’ll enjoy the Executive Producer point-of-view. Check out Contagious LA and Mike Rowe getting a live prostate…


How Filmmaker Jason Baffa Got Bill Murray To Narrate His Caddy Docu “Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk”.

Director Jason Baffa has won a handful of film festivals with his great documentary “Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk” and now you can see the film in a theater near you. And you should, it’s compelling and beautifully shot by Jason. We chat about his other films, “Singlefin: Yellow”, “One California Day,” and his most recent award winning production, “Bella Vita”…


Ad Agency Founder, Creative Strategist, Author Ryan Berman Explains “Return On Courage.”

“Return on Courage” author/super-creative/strategist Ryan Berman returns to the podcast as the founder of Courageous, a change consultancy that develops Courage Brands® and trains companies how to operationalize courage through Courage Bootcamp. Ryan has spent a career developing meaningful stories for household brands—like Caesars Entertainment, Major League Baseball, New Era, Subway, and UNICEF—and he believes that courage is the ultimate competitive advantage…


“Anthony Price’s Book “Yours, Very Sincerely and Respectfully” Chronicles His Cross Country Motorcycle Ride Visiting Gold Star Families.

First off, buy Tony Price’s book “Yours, Very Sincerely and Respectfully” because the proceeds support the Gold Star Ride Foundation. Next, option the book cuz I think it would make a great movie. Tony and several volunteers motorcycle around these United States comforting families who have lost a member while serving in our military. Tony’s can-do attitude and persistence aligns with that of…


Agency Life And Freestyle Rapping with Sr. Art Director And Hip Hop Sensation Cleveland Thrasher.

Sr. Art Director Cleveland Thrasher and I worked on a massive four day Buick gig, and you get a good feeling about folks on those shoots. Once he busted a rhyme on set, or spit mad flow as we old guys say, I knew we were kindred spirits. We discuss agency life, video games, balancing work with passion projects and how to…


Kudos To New Filmmakers Jonny Gentry, Monty Marsh And Ven Gia

Filmmakers and Bootcamp alumni Jonny Gentry and Monty Marsh are both in the Shoot New Directors Showcase. (Apologies that I just literally found out about Monty’s inclusion right after recording this.) And our fab filmmaking slash listener from Australia, Ven Gia, knocked it out the park with his inaugural spot for Corowa Distilling Company. Check it out below. Corowa Distilling…


Marti Romances Talks About His Futuristic VFX For Marvel, Ex Machina And Ready Player One.

For Marvel’s Avengers films, my guest Marti Romances and his talented team at Territory Studio worked closely with production designer Charles Wood and the art department to craft a visual language to support the filmmakers’ vision and reflect each individual characters of the personalities. Ok you’re hooked right? Marti shares his insights and experiences on design, tech and filmmaking working…


Content Shop Schofield’s Flowers Is In Full Bloom.

Steve Schofield and Kevin Johnston of Schofield’s Flowers come by to talk shop and tell us about their production company and their new approach to making killer content. They’re a collective of writers, directors and producers that conceive and execute ideas. Or any iteration in between. Check out their various sizzle reels here including this company reel: Schofields Flowers Company…


Commercial Director Jeff Gorman On Shooting Air Jordan “Banned” Commercial.

Director Jeff Gorman has created some of our favorite spots and has a new book telling all about his adventures making them. It’s on iTunes and is called “Last Stop Before The Sphincter.” We talk comedy, copywriting, simplicity and pistachios. Check out his site here or at my site. His illustrious bio is humbling and his awards are too numerous to list, so click to read. 06Sunkist—Sound-Toner—94367…


How Actor David Lengel Stays Constantly Working In TV & Commercials.

You’ve enjoyed actor David Lengel in too many shows and commercials for me to list. We talk about his training, his work ethic, his moustache and more. We agree on keeping a good balance of work and real life. You’ll love David’s tips for Directors from the actor’s point of view. Check out David Lengel in Warhol S.S. “Options” video directed…


From Small Town, Texas To Modeling Worldwide w Actress Kasey Landoll.

Kasey Landoll left her hometown and has since modeled on every continent, as well as graced the covers of Vogue, Glamour, Elle and more. Kasey now spends most of her time in Los Angeles pursuing acting. We chat about landing her dream part, albeit a small one, in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” coming soon. Her drive and…


Comedy Director Ben Pluimer Recreates Jurassic World in Miniature.

Ben Pluimer is a comedy writer/director with a passion for commercials, branded content and television. We chat about his homemade VHS films evolving into a lucrative career. Ben has shot for Comedy Central, Amazon, Funny or Die, ABC, FOX and too many to list. Click his name people, and check out his stellar work. Watch this cool, spot on re-enactment…


The Sophisticated And Evocative Style Of Commercial Director John Poliquin.

Director John Poliquin joined Superlounge and I couldn’t be happier. His aesthetic is slick, engaging and not by chance. We chat about how he brings his vision to life and yes, we share a love of tests. John is equally at home doing music videos (how he started) and has branched into television, branded films and features. Here’s the S’well…


How Color Influences The Story With Colorist Clark Muller.

Colorist Clark Muller is one of the most respected artists color grading in the commercial and music video business. Pop over to his shop, Incendio to see his stellar work. We discuss the importance of specialization in an age where we all have the tools. And Clark implores us to explore how the story is to make us feel. That aspect can…


Director Producer Ben Silverman of Bubba’s Chop Shop On How To Keep Repeat Clients.

Ben Silverman is a director and producer making fun, inventive content for brands. We chat about the holy grail of any company, repeat business and how to keep it. His company, Bubba’s Chop Shop, has work you must check out. Here’s one we chat about… One advantage he has is he can “fix it in post” because they are a complete soup…


Director/Cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz Has Worked Almost Every Job On Set.

Director Cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz is a filmmaker, a storyteller, and a cinematographer who directs great spots, making him a bit of a swiss army filmmaker, if you will. He’s shot stop motion, high speed and IMAX, as well as working in almost every department on set. Check out his stuff, especially the LeBron spot for Nike. I love Jimmy’s visual aesthetics and clean look,…


Filmmaking, Cravability & Spit Buckets w French Butter Films Director/DP Brett Froomer & EP Ivo Knezevic.

French Butter Films draws on the combined experience of Director/DP Brett Froomer and Executive Producer Ivo Knezevic to offer food, beverage and restaurant brands a fresh perspective on producing tabletop content, one that transforms advertising into a lifestyle experience. Brett explains his aim is to capture ‘cravability’ in every product he shoot, and the work does just that. This is…


My Live Reactions To Super Bowl Commercials 2019 While Under The Influence Of Tequila.

I love watching commercials, and Super Bowl LIII had some really great work, despite the critics and cynics. Ok, a phew snoozers too. What made them all better was my bottomless glass of Clase Azul Reposado tequila, neat. Jake Brady joined me but jettisoned the project at the half, so my stepdaughter Gabi Feingold grabbed the mic. Here are some…


“Cracking Up in 5” Filmmakers Francis Agyapong and Adisa Duke Crank Out Comedic Content.

Filmmakers Francis Agyapong and his frequent filmmaking collaborator DP Adisa Duke drop by to inspire us to make stuff on a regular basis. Francis co-writes, co-directs, co-edits, and co-produces with his partner Philip Gladkov. Together they have been outputting content under the banner “Cracking Up in 5” for some time now. Francis is a Brooklyn-born filmmaker that’s done stints creating video…


How I Deal With Aspect Ratios When Filming Commercials.

Just my thoughts on how to handle 16:9 vs 9:16 and that pesky 1:1 Instagram ratio. It’s a brisk 15 minutes of just me babbling. Love to hear your thoughts. thanks, Jordan Commercial Directing Voodoo is still just $10 on Amazon. 100% 5 Star reviews.