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EP 19 - The Meg / The Incredible Mr. Limpet Reviews

This week TMI dive right into the dry safety of the mall megaplex to devour The Meg, and then stick with the marine movie theme to re-visit the 1964 classic The Incredible Mr. Limpet. AND, the confessional this week begs our team to get creative as it asks, "How Would You Get Rid of the Meg?" Jason Statham is waiting to hear our thoughts, so lets go! Did I mention TMI can't swim?


EP 18 - Cloak and Dagger Season 1 / Cloak and Dagger (1984) Reviews

This week, TMI go high concept a pick a pair of features that have same name-sies! First we visit the surprisingly adult world of the Freeform TV series Cloak and Dagger, based on the beloved Marvel characters. Then we dust off the Atari 5200 and plug in the almost forgotten Dabney Coleman/Henry Thomas spy vehicle also called (do I need to?)... all this pairing leads to our Confessional, which is: Who Is Your Favorite Pop Culture Duo? So grab your joystick and hit that red button!


EP 17 - Teen Titans Go To The Movies / Batman 1966 Reviews

This week Jeff and Jim sneak on to the Warner Brothers lot with a club size can of Beeferoni to join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven in celebrating the release of Teen Titans Go To The Movies! Flatulence will ensue. Once the smoke clears, they then expunge the big screen 1966 version of Adam West's Batman. This episode of TMI is as campy as a row of tents...Bam! Smack! OOf! brrrt..


EP 16 - A Quiet Place Blu-Ray / One Crazy Summer Reviews

Shhhhhhhh! The less said about this episode the better... TMI get very, very quiet as they enter the sinister paranoia of A Quiet Place -and then thankfully burst into the freedom of 86's truly insane One Crazy Summer. So join us, but please KEEP IT DOWN! Thank you.


EP 15 - 1982 A Pop Culture Year in Review

What does Blade Runner, William Katt's afro, Magnum PI, Poltergeist, and Neil Diamond have in common? They are just some of the talking points of this Tron-tastic episode as the TMI time machine takes its maiden voyage back to the truly awesome year of 1982. Even the Confessional asks, "If You Could Go Back To 1982, What Would Be The First Thing You Would Do?" So put on the Members Only jacket, bunch up the sleeves, press play, and give it your best "Kaaaaaaahhnnn!"


EP 14 - Ant Man and Wasp / Time Bandits Reviews - SPOILERS

This week, TMI travels into the Quantum Realm with 'Ant Man and The Wasp', and come back to tell you the tale! They then fall into a time hole back to 1981, where they encounter the cult classic Time Bandits - sounds like this week is set to deliver, in the words of Napoleon, plenty of "leeetle things hitting each other"! All this and the confessional asks, If You Had the Ant Man Suit, How Would You Use It? Suit up with us, press play, and please don't get stepped on....


EP 13 - Annihilation Blu-Ray/Raiders of the Lost Ark Reviews

This week, TMI shuffle into THE SHIMMER to try and make sense of the Natalie Portman sci-fi head scratcher 'Annihilation' (AKA When Poe Met Amidala). Will the TMI DNA mix to form one extremely annoying and judgmental super nerd? They then turn their attention to the all-time classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, and ask in the Confessional...Who is Your Favorite Harrison Ford character? So toss us the idol, and we'll toss you Episode 13 - really, we promise!


EP 12 - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review

This week TMI enters the gates of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to visit the dinos, and then goes further into the jungle, back to the dark ages of 1995, to study Ace Ventura: When Nature calls in its natural habitat. All this, and the Confessional will determine: What is Your Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie? This will be a tough one... so join us, and don't forget to "Say Hello to Our Steeeenky Leeetle Friend!!"


EP 11 - The Incredibles 2

This week Jim and Jeff enter the hallowed halls of Pixar to take on The Incredibles 2, to see if it is on ‘Parr’ with the original...Then they gape in awe at the Technicolor rock-camp miasma that is Flash Gordon, and attempt to side-step the scenery that is chewed by many garishly costumed British actors to make sense of it all, and to try and validate Sam Jones. And Confessional Alert...What Would Your Superpower of Choice Be?


EP 10 - Old School Saturday Morning Cartoons

This week, Jeff and Jim celebrate 10 TMI episodes with a countdown of their Top 5 Old School Saturday Morning cartoons! Celebrate a bizarre alternate world where the Fantastic Four were joined by a robot named H.E.R.B.I.E. instead of the Human Torch, the Wonder Twins and Gleek were a thing, and Smurfs got smurfy with it! What are J and J’s favorites? What cereal did they chow down on while watching? And confessional alert...what were their LEAST favorite cartoons? Get in your PJs, grab...


EP 9 - The Rain- A Netflix Original / 28 Days Later Reviews

TMI turns on the TV this week to discuss the Netflix show ‘The Rain’ - a Danish production in which poisonous rain clouds decimate the pasty Danish population, as a Scooby-like gang of young survivors tries to figure out what is happening, while keeping well stocked in umbrellas of course. Sound apocalyptically familiar? It did to us too, so Jim’s pick for classic movie this week is ‘28 Days Later’ - the intense 2002 ‘not zombie but infected’ chiller. This mature mayhem has inspired this...


EP 8 - Solo - A Star Wars Story Review

This week TMI has done the Imperial March to their local theater to see the new Star Wars film ‘Solo’, which is polarizing critics and fans around the world. Is it deserving of the Death Star-sized backlash it has been getting on its opening weekend? Should box office numbers get in the way of deciding if a movie is good or not? Listen in and join in the discussion as we look beyond the scuttlebut and focus on the film. The confessional question finally brings some TV into our scopes, as...


EP 7 - Deadpool 2 review - Rated S for SPOILERS!

Deadpool has returned and this time TMI is here to greet him! Now that our innocence has been lost after being subjected to this very-hard R rated flick, we are here to sit in the post-movie all-night TMI diner and compare notes. This week we have a guest - yes you heard that right - our first! M.R.K. the Barber (aka Michael Kelly) is not only notorious in his own right for his insane barbering designs, but he is also a huge Deadpool aficionado and he is here with us to talk out the...


EP 6 - Superman is the OG

The group enters the Fortress of Solitude in search of Jeff’s classic movie pick of the week, the 1978 version of Superman! You’ll believe a man can fly...or at least hang from wires. And for our weekly Confessional question, we each choose our favorite secondary Star Wars character - Han is off limits! Lobot, anyone?


EP 5 - May the Fourth Be With You

Jeff ‘Nerf Herder’ Chandler finally gets his way as the TMI team honors May the 4th by discussing the Blu Ray release of The Last Jedi….and anything Star Wars related. IS a shirtless Kylo Ren really necessary? Listen as we delve into Lucas linked fun and join us in a galaxy….you know the rest.


EP 4 - Marvel Infinity War Review/Spoilers Galore

The TMI team have all ventured to the local mall this past weekend, taken seats in their reserved balcony behind the velvet rope, and witnessed the spectacle that is Marvel Studios Infinity War. Will they bet Thor’s right eye on it being the best Marvel ever, or will they blow it up worse than Asgard in Ragnarok? As if this is not enough… ‘Lend us your ears’ as we take a look back at the Mel Brooks 1993 yukfest ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ as our Classic Feature of the week. Lastly, the...


EP 3 - Throw Negan From the Train

The gang takes out the scalpel to dissect the Season 8 finale of the Walking Dead. Are they happy that Rick did not carry through on his seemingly years-long promise to kill Negan? Are YOU? Also, find out who in the TMI ranks will fall under Team Rick, and who will side with Team Maggie! The weekly ‘Classic’ feature proves how loosely we use that term - the group dusts off the 1993 chestnut ‘Super Mario Brothers’. And last but not least, the question is posed “Who Was Your First Pop...


EP 2 - Marvel Movie Rankings

In hot sweaty anticipation of Infinity War, this episode finds the gang organizing the Marvel Cinematic Universe titles into chronological order (by release date), then ranking them from best to... least best. Walking Dead is touched upon, and the classic movie featured (and dissected) is Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Last but not least...the Confessional asks your TMI hosts What is Your All-Time Favorite Movie? Will you retch at their choices or silently say to yourself, “Well...


EP 1 - Phantom of the Menacing Nerds

This debut episode serves as an introduction of your five highly qualified nerd hosts and lays the ground rules for episodes to come. Movies will be name dropped faster than you can keep track of, tears will be shed, laughs will be shared, and pocket protectors will be compared (not really). Basically, if this were Gilligan’s Island, this episode is the three hour tour, clocking in at a svelte 30 minutes or so. Plus the ‘Confessional’ feature debuts with the burning question: ‘What Was...


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