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EP 32 - The Walking Dead - Rick's Goodbye / Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Reviews

TMI pay their respects to Rick as we revisit The Walking Dead this week - and we try to interpret all the news coming out of AMC regarding Mr. Grimes ‘exit’. Is he an A or a B – and do we care? We then shine a light on the madcap obscurity ‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’ – and hope you will too! Plus we ask – Which TWD character would you bring back? Sit down Spencer…


EP 31 - Bohemian Rhapsody / Highlander Reviews

TMI give you their best ‘Galileos’ with their assessment of the critic proof, bombastic Queen bio-pick ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Then as we tend to do, we continue with the Queen theme and tackle the cult-classic ‘Highlander’! Then a musical Confessional asks – “What is Your Favorite Film Soundtrack?” When it comes to Freddy, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE…..


EP 30 - Hold the Dark A Netflix Original Movie / An American Werewolf in London Reviews

This week TMI spend Halloween on location in the woods to bring you a pack of wolfy features...first the Netflix head scratcher Hold the Dark (or is that just because we have fleas), and then the lupine classic An American Werewolf in London! The Confessional then begs Should Wile E. Coyote EVER catch that pesky Road Runner? So join us for some decidedly Carnivorous Lunar Activities!


EP 29 - Halloween (2018) / Soylent Green Reviews

This week Jeff and Jim take a house to house tour of Haddonfield IL with resident Michael Myers – and we are NOT talking Austin Powers here! In return we offer him a bowl of Soylent Green – and guess what? Mikey likes it! All this and the Confessional asks: What is Your Favorite Surprise Ending? Yes Virginia, there will be spoilers.


EP 28 - Bad Times At the El Royale / Cabin in the Woods Reviews

This week TMI double down on director Drew Goddard! First we spin the wheel on Bad Times at the El Royale and see if we get lucky – then that luck runs out in the sinister and snarky Cabin in the Woods. We then contemplate in the Confessional – Who is Your Favorite Director? And would somebody pick the conch shell already?


EP 27 - Venom / Beware! The Blob (1972) Reviews

This week TMI attempt to form a perfect union with critical underdog and palooka anti-hero Venom, and then ooze deeper into their seats as Jim confronts his greatest cinematic fear with Beware! The Blob (1972). The Confessional then asks: What Marvel Villain Would YOU Like To See Get Their Own Movie? Don't forget the avocado sandwiches!


EP 26 - Maniac - A Netflix Original Series / Moon Reviews

This week TMI takes you to the moon and back as we explore the lunar implications of both the maddening Netflix series Maniac, and the sci-fi classic Moon. The confessional then begs to make sense of things with - What Title Would YOU Have Given Maniac? So get yer clones out for the lads at TMI, and press play!


EP 25 - The House With a Clock In Its Walls / The Prestige Reviews

This week TMI brings down the house - literally - when we visit The House With a Clock in It's Walls, and then continue our Magical Day as we deconstruct The Prestige. And to celebrate the start of Halloween season, the Confessional asks: "What movie traumatized you as a child?" Now magically start this episode....by pressing play.


EP 24 - The Predator / Predator 1 and 2 Reviews

This week TMI get to the choppa to dish on Shane Black's 'The Predator', and while we are being hunted we might as well break out the '87 Ah-nuld original, and for good measure it's red-headed stepchild of a sequel, Predator 2. That's right, we are covering THREE movies AND a confessional in this very special all-Predator episode! STICK AROUND.


EP 23 - Cargo A Netflix Original / Evil Dead 2 Reviews

This week TMI travel to a land down under to give our report on Cargo, an Aussie zombie flick...and they ain't eating vegemite, mate! Then it's business as usual as we bite into a true classic, Evil Dead 2! Then the Confessional asks...What Is Your Favorite Zombie Flick? Zombie overkill, perhaps? Never!


TMI FUNKO POP Giveaway 2 - The Sequel

That's right we're doing it again! Want a Peter Le Fleur (Vince Vaughn) DodgeBall Funko Pop? All you have to do is answer the following trivia question at the TMI Confessionals of the Nerd Kind Facebook page - What is Jeff's favorite Ah-Nuld movie quote? The answer can be found in a very recent episode of TMI... find the giveaway post of our FB page and comment your answer. First one wins!!


EP 22 - Extinction A Netflix Original / Total Recall (1990) Reviews

TMI get their buttocks to Mars this week as both movies we review deal with the Red Planet! First we try out the Netflix pot boiler Extinction (major spoiler alerts ahead), and then we gleefully re-visit the Ah-nuld classic Total Recall. Too much Ah-nuld is never enough, so this week's Confessional is - What is Your All-Time Favorite Arnold Quote? You may need a memory wipe after this one!


EP 21 - TMI ROCK-A-THON! Rampage Blu-Ray/The Rundown Reviews

Rock-tober comes early this year as TMI bench presses a pair of Dwayne Johnson flicks! First we get our giant monster brawl on with Rampage, then get sweaty in The Rundown.The Confessional then slams us into revealing - What Was Your Favorite Arcade Game?Can you smellllllllll what TMI is cooking?


EP 20 - Ready Player One Blu-Ray / Strange Days (1995) Reviews

This week TMI discover an OASIS of Easter Eggs in Ready Player One, and then jack in to a 'SQUID' for some very Strange Days. All this Virtual Reality inspires the Confessional: 'If You Could Drive ANY Pop Culture Vehicle of Your Choice in the OASIS, What Would it Be?' Get your gear on and find out!


EP 19 - The Meg / The Incredible Mr. Limpet Reviews

This week TMI dive right into the dry safety of the mall megaplex to devour The Meg, and then stick with the marine movie theme to re-visit the 1964 classic The Incredible Mr. Limpet. AND, the confessional this week begs our team to get creative as it asks, "How Would You Get Rid of the Meg?" Jason Statham is waiting to hear our thoughts, so lets go! Did I mention TMI can't swim?


EP 18 - Cloak and Dagger Season 1 / Cloak and Dagger (1984) Reviews

This week, TMI go high concept and pick a pair of features that have same name-sies! First we visit the surprisingly adult world of the Freeform TV series Cloak and Dagger, based on the beloved Marvel characters. Then we dust off the Atari 5200 and plug in the almost forgotten Dabney Coleman/Henry Thomas spy vehicle also called (do I need to?)... all this pairing leads to our Confessional, which is: Who Is Your Favorite Pop Culture Duo? So grab your joystick and hit that red button!


EP 17 - Teen Titans Go To The Movies / Batman 1966 Reviews

This week Jeff and Jim sneak on to the Warner Brothers lot with a club size can of Beeferoni to join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven in celebrating the release of Teen Titans Go To The Movies! Flatulence will ensue. Once the smoke clears, they then expunge the big screen 1966 version of Adam West's Batman. This episode of TMI is as campy as a row of tents...Bam! Smack! OOf! brrrt..


EP 16 - A Quiet Place Blu-Ray / One Crazy Summer Reviews

Shhhhhhhh! The less said about this episode the better... TMI get very, very quiet as they enter the sinister paranoia of A Quiet Place -and then thankfully burst into the freedom of 86's truly insane One Crazy Summer. So join us, but please KEEP IT DOWN! Thank you.


EP 15 - 1982 A Pop Culture Year in Review

What does Blade Runner, William Katt's afro, Magnum PI, Poltergeist, and Neil Diamond have in common? They are just some of the talking points of this Tron-tastic episode as the TMI time machine takes its maiden voyage back to the truly awesome year of 1982. Even the Confessional asks, "If You Could Go Back To 1982, What Would Be The First Thing You Would Do?" So put on the Members Only jacket, bunch up the sleeves, press play, and give it your best "Kaaaaaaahhnnn!"


EP 14 - Ant Man and Wasp / Time Bandits Reviews - SPOILERS

This week, TMI travels into the Quantum Realm with 'Ant Man and The Wasp', and come back to tell you the tale! They then fall into a time hole back to 1981, where they encounter the cult classic Time Bandits - sounds like this week is set to deliver, in the words of Napoleon, plenty of "leeetle things hitting each other"! All this and the confessional asks, If You Had the Ant Man Suit, How Would You Use It? Suit up with us, press play, and please don't get stepped on....