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Who's He? Podcast #317 And when I awoke I was alone

A creepy house in a Norwegian wood? A monster lurking in the undergrowth? Well, not exactly as It Takes You Away, the penultimate story of this season of Doctor takes you away to a lonely universe populated with a character from Babylon 5 and Hypnotoad! But it certainly made for an interesting episode of Doctor Who with Sapphire and Steel undertones! And in the news this week, we say goodbye to Andrew Burt, more Tom Baker blu-ray news and of course there is Omega's Stats Corner!


Who's He? Podcast #316 And if you float you burn

Running away from angry villagers wielding pitchforks and flaming torches, Phil and Paul bravely avoid the ducking stool to bring you their review of The Witchfinders, the latest episode of Doctor Who. This week Phil and Paul are in two minds over this historical romp as this was a particularly grim time in British history and does this story do it justice? And in this news this week there are returning Doctor Who characters to Big Finish, Tom Baker releases the long gestating Scratchman in...


Who's He? Podcast #315 Accept no parcels in the mail

Kerblam! Yes, I can't believe that's the title of this weeks episode of Doctor Who for Phil and Paul to take delivery of. But take delivery they do and in this satire of a well known online store and it's ethics, both of our reviewing duo feel a bit non plussed but kind of enjoyed it at the same time. Does that make a good episode though? Listen to find out! And in a slow news week, the lads indulge in rumours with stories of series 12 of Doctor Who apparently confirmed by the BBC for 2019...


Who's He? Podcast #314 The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast

After last weeks divisive episode of Doctor Who, this week the lads take a look at Demons of the Punjab by Vinay Patel. In this non-Chibnall written story, has this got this series of Doctor Who back on track as far as Phil and Paul are concerned? And does this tale set during the partition of India in 1947 make Doctor Who too political and PC as some quarters are trying to suggest? Listen to find out what they thought! And in the news, Barrowman is going to enter the jungle, the Doctor Who...


Who's He? Podcast #313 I'm gonna keep my baby

Oh dear. In this weeks show a downcast Phil and Paul get puzzled by The Tsuranga Conundrum written by Chris Chibnall. After last weeks middling story, the lads were hoping things were going to pick up again but what did we get? A story that appears to have split opinion and has lead fans calling for Chibnall's head! But do Phil and Paul agree? Listen to find out what they thought and also what the listeners thought in the listener feedback section! And in the news, we're getting a New Year...


Who's He? Podcast #312 Here it comes crawling up the chain

This week Phil and not so much Paul sit on their chairs with their feet up off the floor in terror to look at episode 4 of Doctor Who, Arachnids in the UK. So after 3 pretty solid episodes, does this story make it 4 out of 4 for our reviewing duo or does it get flushed down the sink like all spiders should (according to Phil that is)? And in the news this week we say goodbye to ex Doctor Who producer Derrick Sherwin, there's stats in Omega's Stats Corner and there is tat of the sweetie kind...


Who's He? Podcast #311 Interview Special - Toby Hadoke

In this special and fairly Doctor Who free edition of the Who's He? Podcast, Phil interviews actor, writer, comedian and of course podcaster Toby Hadoke about his upcoming adaptation of Nigel Kneales The Road for BBC Radio 4. Also, Toby talks about his commentaries for the blu-ray release of Quatermass and the Pit and also his recent play for BBC Radio 3 Going, Going Goon celebrating the centenary of comedian (and Phil's hero) Spike Milligan. You can hear The Road on BBC Radio 4 on...


Who's He? Podcast #310 My light will shine so brightly it will blind you

In this weeks show, Phil and Paul turn their attention to one of the most important episodes of Doctor Who - Rosa written by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall. In this historical story of an event that started the civil rights movement in the USA, what does this story teach us of how we treat fellow human beings and is it still relevant today? And in the news this week, we see the return of some beloved characters to Big Finish and of course there is Omega's Stats and Tat Corners!


Who's He? Podcast #309 Time is running out and the illusion fades away

In this weeks show, we bring you more stats and tat in Omega's Stats and Tat Corner and also an update on the William Hartnell blue plaque that received its grand unveiling. And then it's down to business as Phil and Paul tackle the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Ghost Monument written by Chris Chibnall. So does this story suffer from that familiar 2nd episode syndrome and what about the new TARDIS interior, hit or miss? Listen to find out what the lads thought and of course what our...


Who's He? Podcast #308 Limb by limb, tooth by tooth

Doctor Who is back with the very highly anticipated debut of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor in The Woman Who Fell to Earth! So after all the months of waiting, does this latest Doctor surpass all expectations or was it just like all the naysayers were predicting? And how does Chris Chibnall make his mark on the series? Phil and Paul talk about this and much more in the bumper edition of the podcast! Not only that however, we have listener feedback, Omega's Tat Corner and an unwelcome...


Who's He? Podcast #307 He has my eyes, my face, my voice

In this weeks episode it's all go as since the lads have been away, we have had a new trailer for series 11 and a confirmed air date of Sunday 7th October for Jodie Whittaker's debut as the Doctor! So Paul and Phil are quite excited about this but this wouldn't be the Who's He? Podcast without Phil voicing some concerns! But this main reason for the pair of them getting back together after an extended break, is to talk about the Target novelisation of The Enemy of The World by Ian Marter...


Who's He? Podcast #306 And the band plays In The Mood

On this weeks podcast, Phil and Paul travel back once again to wartime London with a look at The Doctor Dances. This is pretty much a love in as our reviewing pair heap on the praise for this Steven Moffat story and really cannot find anything negative to say about it! But in the news this week, it's a sad time as we lost both actress Jaqueline Pearce and Production Designer Michael Pickwoad which has shocked and saddened in equal measure. Also in the news, Big Finish has announced how it...


Who's He? Podcast #305 How am I gonna get through?

This week Phil and Paul tackle Nekromanteia from Big Finish. And oh dear, what a mistake they made by selecting this one! With a story that has some very suspect portrayals of women that that basically concludes with 'don't trust a woman', neither Paul nor Phil hold back with their views on this very disappointing story that contains far too many characters and double crosses and annoying cackling witches! And in the news this week, we say goodbye to Alan Bennion, filming has wrapped on...


Who's He? Podcast #304 So Jimmy put the gas masks on

This week the lads return to the era of the 9th Doctor and The Empty Child written by Steven Moffat. In this story of ghostly gas mask wearing children in the London Blitz of 1941, there is much still enjoy since this was first aired in 2005, with the writer, director and actors all on top form but somehow the conversation turns to the state of Phil's bottom. Listen to find out how that happened! And in the news it's San Diego Comic Con all the way with a new series 11 trailer, Chris...


Who's He? Podcast #303 When you don't believe a word I say

In this episode recorded on a very hot Sunday afternoon in London, Phil and Paul decide to read The Edge of Destruction and discuss its merits with Betty Swollocks. While the televised version is not well regarded and dismissed as a time filler with a weak resolution, Phil and Paul defend this story and highlight just how much the book improves on the concept. And in the news this episode, the BBC seek legal action over the leaked clip of series 11, we could be getting a series 11 trailer...


Who's He? Podcast #302 Call us Lord and Lady Stardust

In this episode, Phil and Paul grab some forged passports and tunnel their way out their cells to review Colditz by Big Finish. In this 7th Doctor and Ace story that features a future Doctor and introduces the character of Dr. Elizabeth Klein, the reviewing duo (well, Phil really) go off track with discussions on World War 2 themed toys of their youth, how warnings from history are being ignored or airbrushed from existence and how just how dangerously close we are to repeating the same...


Who's He? Podcast #301 I wasn't there that morning

Once again Phil and Paul dip their toes into the waters of the Eccleston era with a look at Father's Day written by Paul Cornell. As neither of our reviewing duo had really watched this episode since broadcast, do they think this story adds to the Doctor Who family or does it raise some serious Daddy issues? Listen to find out! And in the news, classic Doctor Who on Twitch is all the rage while modern Who is alive again on the BBC iPlayer, BBC Maida Vale studios are to close and in rumour...


Who's He? Podcast #300 I have seen him buying vegetables

The chaps at the Who's He? Podcast are celebrating a milestone in this episode! This is their 300th official podcast (discounting vidcasts and specials of course!) and also a belated celebration of their 7 years of podcasting. So join the original Who's He? trio of Phil, Paul and Tony and settle back and listen them commenting the Daleks first big screen outing Dr. Who and The Daleks featuring Julian Clary cosplayers, Roy Castle mucking about and marvel at the three of them drinking...


Who's He? Podcast #299 To my knees failed

This week Phil and Paul travel back to Tudor times with The Marian Conspiracy from Big Finish. And while it has taken them a month later than planned to chat about this story, they both tackle this with their usual fervour and are both full of praise. Yes, praise!! Maybe the break did them good? And in the news, there is list of of series 11 directors to talk about and in a lengthy Omega's Tat Corner, it's Dave Hill from Slade and a new range of 5.5 inch figures!


Who's He? Video Podcast #013 Wainscutting Mimsy - A Directors Tale

In this episode, Phil takes a quick look at forgotten director Wainscutting Mimsy and his troubled association with Doctor Who.