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Who's He? Podcast Bonus Episode - To podcast or not to podcast?

In this bonus episode of the Who's He? Podcast, Phil drags James Rockliffe from the Doctor Who Podcast out of podcasting retirement to discuss podcasting and Doctor Who fandom. Is podcasting still necessary for Doctor Who fandom and is there a future for it? What shape shall podcasting take and what do people do it for? For fun, a career or just downloads? Listen in to find out!


Who's He? Podcast #298 Another six months, I'll be unknown

In this episode of the Who's He? Podcast, it's a very Christopher Eccleston themed edition where we look at The Long Game in our ongoing series 1 retrospective. But not only that it's Eccleston all the way in this weeks news also, with more on why he left Doctor Who and also his upcoming appearance at this years London Film Comic Con. But in our review of The Long Game, the lads focus on the power house companion Adam and just how little he brings to the table.


Who's He? Podcast #297 And in the Master's chambers

This week, Phil and Paul plunge into the depths of the murky waters of Target and come bobbing up to the surface with a look at the novelisation of The Sea Devils by Malcom Hulke. And in a surprising turn of events, our intrepid duo don't agree on this book. But which one thought it was a majestic blue whale of a book and which one thought it was a wet haddock? Tune in to find out! And in the news, we say goodbye to Ken Dodd, Dorka Nieradzik and Peter Miles, Christopher Eccleston opens up...


Who's He? Podcast #296 She's got a paradise camouflage

This week, Phil and Paul listen to another audio story from Big Finish and this time it's Creatures of Beauty starring Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. Of course this being a Big Finish review, there will be spoilers a plenty but this time our reviewing duo had a tough time not giving away the plot of this non-linear tale of pollution and genocide, so settle back and listen to two bewildered Doctor Who fans and their stream of consciousness! And in the news this week, it's plenty of series...


Who's He? Podcast #295 And it makes a fiery ring

Fresh from his trip to the Gallifrey One convention in LA, Phil brings back a little pressie in the form of an audio commentary for Planet of Fire. Featuring special guests Paul Heath and Peter Murphy from the much missed Pharos Project, plus Nick "Australian Nick" James (plus a late appearance by Felicity Brown), this commentary is not for the squeamish or the easily offended as this episode earns a well deserved "explicit" tag. So if you are of a nervous disposition, I would advise...


Who's He? Video Podcast #012 ACTING!!

In this latest edition of the Who's He? Video Podcast, Phil takes a look at how extras and actors have dominated scenes in Doctor Who with their special brand of ACTING!!


Who's He? Podcast #294 The ones left behind

Once again Phil and Paul return to the Christopher Eccleston era with Dalek in their never ending series 1 retrospective. Regarded as a modern classic of Doctor Who, how does this story of a lone Dalek hold up after 12 years? Listen as our intrepid duo discuss what they felt about this story on first watch in 2005 and how the little nod of continuity in this episode moulded Doctor Who of now. And in the news, a competition on BBC Radio 1 to be at the premier of the 13th Doctors first...


Who's He? Podcast #293 S'in a giant clam

In the first podcast of 2018, Phil and Paul turn their attentions to the written word with the Target novelisation of Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks. In this classic story of the Daleks creation, the lads find much to enjoy but does the fact the TV story is so iconic, it ruins this book? While the pair of them to try to wrestle with this weighty topic, Paul takes it upon himself to ruin this classic story for everyone! And in the news this week, a few morsels of information for...


Doctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #292 Wish I was at home for Christmas

This is it everyone! We finally say goodbye to Peter Capaldi and hello to Jodie Whittaker in Twice Upon a Time, this years Doctor Who Christmas Special. But did Phil and Paul find this to be special or were they overcome with a case of Christmas humbug and why does Phil feel particuarly troubled at the how the 1st Doctor was written? Well, there is only one way to find out and that's to listen to this latest episode of the Who's He? Podcast! And if you haven't watched it yet, there will be...


Who's He? Podcast #291 Now five years later on you've got the world at your feet

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg! Yes, it's nearly Christmas so that means it's time for the Who's He? Podcast Christmas Special! So sit back and relax and listen as Phil, Paul and Tony mutter their way through K9 and Company in a festive audio commentary! Amongst the devil worship and sacrifice and an entire village getting drunk and smoking themselves to death, our intrepid trio hold up in the face of adversity (with the help of good old fashioned booze!) and bravely try to...


Who's He? Video Podcast #011 - The kid stays in the picture!

In this edition of the Who's He? Video Podcast, Phil presents his top 5 examples of stunt casting in Doctor Who.


Who's He? Podcast #290 Your jewelled sword twinkles as the world rolls by

In this episode Phil and Paul plug in their earphones and listen to Sword of Orion from Big Finish. In this story of salvage, smuggling and Cybermen, the pair of them find plenty to enjoy in this very early 8th Doctor audio adventure. But beware, there are spoilers aplenty in this review (it was released in 2001 after all!), so listen at your peril! And in the news, the air time for Twice Upon a Time is known, another international showing of the Christmas special is announced and series...


Who's He? Podcast #289 Your World War 3 is drawing near

In an episode that Phil and Paul have been dreading, they are forcibly sat down and made to watch World War Three in their continuing series 1 retrospective. With badly acted news reporters, Mickey's chip shop condiments and the ridiculous Slitheen, the pair of them try their damnedest to find some good in this story! And in the news, screenings of the Christmas special are to occur in Canada and the North of England, Shada DVD news, we say goodbye to Keith Baron and Rodney Bewes and in...


Who's He? Podcast #288 Man I had a dreadful flight

In this episode, Paul and Phil scrape the bottom of the Doctor Who barrel and decided to tackle the Target novelisation of Time Flight, written by Peter Grimwade. And do you think the book will be any better than the televised version? Do you think the book will address the racist caricatures that were present in the TV serial? Do you think the book will.....oh don't bother! Just listen to be disappointed, as if you were expecting anything else? And in the news this week, we say goodbye...


Who's He? Podcast #287 Dragged down by the stone

A wet and soggy Phil and Paul (recently released from prison) come up for air and review Prisoners of the Lake from Big Finish, the first in their Third Doctor Adventures series. Both of our intrepid reviewers find themselves transported back to Saturdays nights in the 1970's in a story that could only be written for the third Doctor and Jon Pertwee but did Tim Treloar manage to recreate that Pertwee magic? And in the news, the pair of them catch up with recent events with the casting and...


Who's He? Podcast #286 There might even be a spin off

In this episode Phil is joined by the wonderful Erika Ensign from the Verity Podcast. And in the wake of Class being cancelled recently, they decided to sit down and chat about the various Doctor Who spin offs that have been made for TV starting with K9 and Company and right up to date with the aforementioned Class and also just how the TV stations in their respective countries treated some of these series. It might not be as different as you think! And you can find Erika's podcasts...


Who's He? Podcast #285 Interview Special - Wendy Padbury

In this edition of the Who's He? Podcast, we have our third and final interview recorded at the Whooverville 9 convention in September. This time, we chat to the wonderful Wendy Padbury about her life and career and she reveals her unhappy experience working on a classic British horror film. Thanks again to the guys at Staggering Stories for letting me sit in on the interview: Staggering Stories Website: https://www.staggeringstories.net


Who's He? Podcast #284 Any way the wind blows

Phil and Paul return once again to the past with their series 1 retrospective with a look at Aliens of London by Russell T. Davies. In this tale of alien invasion and copious amounts of farting, how does this story hold up now? Well, Phil thought time was kinder to it then he remembered but Paul, well, he's not a fan of soap operas it seems! Also, we have an interview with Hayden Gribble from the Diddly Dum Podcast who talks about his new book Child Out of Time: Growing Up With Doctor Who...


Who's He? Podcast #283 Interview Special - Michael Pickwoad

In this special Who's He? Podcast, we bring you another interview conducted in September at the Whooverville 9 convention in Derby. This time, Phil sat down with Karen and Adam from the Staggering Stories podcast to interview Doctor Who Production Designer Michael Pickwoad. Also included this episode is a review of the latest in the The Doctors DVD series from Koch Media, The Tom Baker Years. You can find the Staggering Stories Podcast by clicking on the link...


Who's He? Podcast #282 Don't you love farce?

In this episode Phil and Paul have another crack at a Target novelisation with The Greatest Show In The Galaxy by Stephen Wyatt. As neither Phil nor Paul are particular fans of McCoys era on TV, they were both afraid that this read would be a struggle. However, as Phil has a soft spot for this story and Paul doesn't it didn't bode well for this review but the pair of them surprised each other when they started talking and they also decide who Peggy Mount could take in a fight. And in a...


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