Reelin’ explores the passion of the fishing experience with great stories and guests.

Reelin’ explores the passion of the fishing experience with great stories and guests.


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Reelin’ explores the passion of the fishing experience with great stories and guests.






When Things Get Tense – EP016

Tense, as in past tense, present tense, and future tense. We found ourselves at a peculiar moment in the life cycle of this podcast, and it gave us a great opportunity to look back, look around, and look ahead. We took some time to revisit previous episodes and the great guests with which we've had memorable conversation and swapped interesting and entertaining stories. We went back even farther and reflected on the conversations we had, which resulted in the birth of Reelin'. We also talked...


Keepin’ ‘Em Wet with Bryan and Sascha

On this week's episode, we talked with Bryan Huskey, Founder of Keep 'Em Wet Fishing and Sascha Clark Danylchuk, who manages the organization's operations. We got some background on them, the origin of the #keepemwet movement, and where they're hoping things go in the future. As it says on their website, : Lee Wulff famously said, "The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back." We believe that if you are going to put that gift back, you should...


Why Isn’t Blair Wiggins Fishing? – EP014

For nearly two decades, Blair Wiggins has brought fishing to audiences across the United States with his hit show "Addictive Fishing". But even though Season 19 is upon us, Blair ISN'T fishing. Why, you ask? Well, we'll let him tell you all about it. During our conversation with Blair, he shared quite a bit of interesting stuff with us; how Addictive Fishing got it's start, what it was originally intended to do, and how it all changed in its first season. He also talked about where it's...


The Art of Fishing World-Wide with Alberto Rey

We caught up with Alberto Rey this week, but even after talking with him, we're still not sure how to introduce him to you. He's a fly guy for sure, but he's much more than that. Try guide, writer, photographer, artist, videographer, conservationist, non-profit organizer, and most importantly, a husband and father. Chris connected with Alberto after reading an article he penned for the Summer 2018 edition of Anglers Journal called "Ties That Bind." In that article, Alberto shared some...


You’re Not Going To Believe This, But… – EP012

We've all got embarrassing stories, and if you've spent any considerable amount of time with a line in the water, you've certainly got some not-so-glorious tales to tell. We definitely have our fair share, and on this episode, we're giving you plenty to chuckle about. Like the time Kevin colluded with the Russians. Or when Scotty almost died via pelican. Or when Chris had a ball fishing with his step-dad. Not to mention the dirty bucket and the lady with feathers in her hair. They go on and...


You Can’t Handle The Truth Abt The Fishing Biz – EP011

If you don't know the name Keith Alan, you're probably not the only one. However, when you hear his voice, the bells will start to ring. You have heard his voice everywhere, from the radio to doing play-by-play in the Olympics, the X-Games, or on his TV show, "Ultimate Fishing Experience". Most notably, Keith was the voice of the Bassmaster Elite Series and Redfish Cup Tournaments on ESPN for several years. He's seen it all, met them all, and knows all of their dirty little secrets. And we...


The HOTTEST Thing at ICAST 2018

Welcome to ICAST, the biggest product show in the fishing industry. It draws every manufacturer, from the largest heritage brands to the smallest, newest, one-man-show start-ups. It draws every retailer and wholesaler, and scores of media members looking to get the latest scoop on the greatest gear. In every aisle, you'll see TV personalities and tournament legends. For anyone connected to the fishing industry, it is the place to be and a dreamland for consumers. And we were there. Pretty...


He’s BAAAACK! Larry Dahlberg PT.2 – EP009

Here it is, Part Two of our conversation with Larry Dahlberg. If you haven't listened to Part One, you should start there. If you already listened, you know how great Larry's stories are. Well, he was just getting warmed up. In this episode, Larry goes deep into the philosophy behind making his lures, as well as the tips and tricks he uses to maximize the effectiveness of those lures. You may want to dig out a pad and pencil for this one - there are definitely things he shares that you'll...


The Incomparable Larry Dahlberg Pt.1 – EP008

There's no introduction needed when it comes to Larry Dahlberg. The guy is an outright genius, he's got a fantastic philosophy when it comes to fishing...and living. In this, the first of a two-part conversation, we went in asking for stories, and boy, did he deliver. He talks about the curious (and somewhat grim) circumstances that led to his childhood guiding ventures, the meandering path leading to the birth of "The Hunt For Big Fish", and an interesting, vodka-soaked adventure in Russia....


Fly Rod Chronicles’ Curtis Fleming – Ep007

Curtis Fleming is quick to call Fly Rod Chronicles "reality fly fishing", and it makes sense; he isn't afraid to show the botches and bungles along with those trophy fish moments. Well, this was definitely a "reality" podcast (since we are all about botches and bungles), and we were so happy to have him on Reelin' with the IGFA. Curtis is all about the great state of West Virginia, and was happy to talk about just how beautiful it is. Forget that old John Denver song; he shared all about the...


BONUS EPISODE – Modern Fish Act Update

ASA Conservation Director Mike Leonard On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, the U.S. House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on H.R.200, more commonly known as the Modern Fish Act. Due to necessary action on other issues, they postponed the vote until July 11. Because of this postponement, we rallied the troops to bring you a special bonus episode dedicated entirely to the Modern Fish Act and what you need to know and do about it. Mike Leonard, Conservation Director of the American Sportfishing...


The Legendary Mark Sosin – EP006

Mark Sosin. Icon. Legend. IGFA Hall of Famer. What more is there to say? Thankfully, there's A LOT more to say! Kevin and Scott had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Mark and really dig deep into what made him into the all-time great he is. Their conversation covered so many topics, from his time in the early '60s with "The Salty Fly Rodders" and writing the saltwater fly fishing rules in 1965 which are still employed by the IGFA today, to his 27-year run as host of the...


We Get REAL with Lew’s CEO Gary Remensnyder

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! ...for all you post-day dads out there. Before we give you all the info about this episode, we have to beg your forgiveness on something: for two weeks, we promised you some time with Mark Sosin. Unfortunately, we ran into a technical issue that prevented us from bringing you Mark on this episode. However, we've got good news: we'll have Mark for you next week, and we have an outstanding show for you right now! Lew's Fishing Tackle and Strike King Lures are a couple of...


Did Irma Destroy Fishing in the Keys? – EP004

For most anglers, fishing the Florida Keys is a Bucket List proposition. But when Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida in September of 2017, all of us saw the complete devastation caused by 180-mph (260 km/h) wind gusts and torrent after torrent of rain and immense waves. We connected with IGFA-certified captain/guide Steven Lamp of Dream Catcher Charters to give us the awful details...and the honest truth about what really happened in Key West, Marathon, Big Pine Key and other notable locations....


Fishing The Midwest’s Bob Jensen – EP003

After sipping on their ever-present shiny tumblers (filled with who-knows-what), they buckled down for an exciting conversation with Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Famer Bob Jensen and a little controversy about something in the IGFA's latest newsletter and social media postings. The latest International Game Fish Association newsletter showcased four potential world records, including a lunker-eating lunker of a white seabass and the biggest, ugliest, nastiest, most world-record-est snakehead...


Seriously Funny Fishing w Ed Malin – EP002

Fishing is about so much more than just catching fish; it's the friendships and experiences that make it the best thing to do on the planet. Some folks may know Ed Malin for being the proprietor of one of the most famous restaurants in northeast Florida, while others may know Ed because of his run for Congress in 2016. Still others may recognize him for being the first charter captain in northeast Florida to become a member of the International Game Fish Association. However, no one knows Ed...


IGFA President Nehl Horton – EP001

For the premiere episode of "Reelin' with the IGFA", there was really only one choice for a guest: IGFA President Nehl Horton! Kevin has been good friends with Nehl for over two decades, so as you can imagine, they had some fond memories to share and good stories to tell. But for Nehl, this was the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the incredible things the International Game Fish Association is doing all over the world. If you're new to the IGFA, this episode is a great place to get...


Reelin’ Introduction

Welcome to the Reelin' podcast preview! In this pre-launch episode, Captain Kevin Faver takes a minute or two to say hello and give you a little insight into what you can expect every week when you go Reelin' with us. Special thanks to everyone at the International Game Fish Association who have teamed up with us to bring you this podcast!