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This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is

This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is
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Raleigh, NC


This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is




Best of BBB EP 2 - Matt Wenning

We are back with our new monthly format, going through our top downloaded content with Matt Wenning. Matt Wenning is one of only a handful of people to total over 2600 lbs in a professional competition, hold an all-time world record of 2665 lbs in the 308-lb class, and bench press over 800 lbs in a full powerlifting meet. He currently the owner and a private strength coach at Ludus Magnus gym in Columbus, Ohio, a personal trainer to many executives and professionals at Capital Club...


Best of BBB EP 1 - Matt Reynolds

Hey all, we are re-posting the top downloaded episodes from the past 4 years as we look forward to the future. We are currently re-vamping up the podcast, taking a few weeks off from posting new content to re-create the show, fix a few things, and make it better than it was before. Hope you enjoy this interview we recorded back in December 2017 with Matt Reynolds. Gainz and Grace!


EP 179 Pete Rubish's Uncensored Truth

We will be talking steroids and powerlifting so buckle up! We are joined with Pete Rubish who is talking all about how 2018-2019 is going for him. We are also going to be talking about the effects of social media on the sport of powerlifting as well as the continuing evolving of the sport and how drugs are effecting the sport. Basically what the combination of drugs plus social media is doing to powerlifting. The video we discuss can be found here. We also talk about a video he posted...


EP 178 - Arnold Classic 2019 and Everett says goodbye

This year the podcast team got media passes to attend the Arnold Classic 2019. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity and took many photos and was hoping to do some onsite interviews but that didn't pan out. Instead we go over everything Arnold Classic 2019 here and we say goodbye to our longest running co-host, Everett. If you want to follow Everett on social media you can follow him on IG and Facebook. The podcast is planning on taking a few months off as we re-calibrate our...


EP 177 - Dave Crosland and SARMS

We are joined with Dave Crosland who talks all about SARMS - selective androgen receptor modulators. They are in your local stores being pushed at your local gyms. What are they? Are they legal and safe to use?


EP 176 - Jeff Ash Talks Nutrition Myths

We are joined by Jeff Ash who talks all about nutrition myths among a variety of topics. We talk about how to build a diet program for the average joe as well as how to do nutrition when you are trying to be obese in powerlifting. Check it out!


EP 175 - Jaisyn Mike

According to, Jaisyn MIke started competing in 2014 and has 21 meets under his belt in 5 years. In the 264+ lb weight class in the USAPL, his best raw squat is 749.5, bench was 619.5, and deadlift was 771.6 lbs for a 2061.3 total and a wilks of 523.45, which he got Jan 14, 2018 in the Winter Games of Texas. Raw Nationals in October he came in 2nd in the Open and 1st in the Masters 1 division. Jaisyn Mike is a sponsored athlete and he has a youtube channel under...


EP 174 - Dave Ricks at the Arnold 2019

Dave Ricks, has been competing for over 30-years! He won is first Open IPF Championship in 1991, winning a total of 5 Open World Championships in his career (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999) and placed Silver in 7 other Open World Championships. In addition, he has taken Best Lifter at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2009, 2010 and 2011, 2012. He has also been a competitor at the 2009 World Games (placing 5th at the age of 50!) and now into his Master’s years of competing, Dave is setting new...


EP 173 - Micah Marino

We are joined this week with Micah Marino. According to, Micah Marino started competing in 2012 at the age of 21 weighing in at 184 lbs. His bodyweight as fluctuated from 165-184 lbs. He is the former world record holder at 165 lbs. And has two all time world records, the 795 lb deadlift single ply and the 165 lb total. His best raw squat is 534.6, bench is 429.9, and deadlift is 728.6 (4.4 times his bodyweight) lbs at a bodyweight of 165.3 lbs. Biggest total was...


EP 172 - Bible Reading Plans, Do They Suck?

We talk about two big subjects, Bible Reading Plans and Dave's recent competition, video of that can be found here. Everett has some choice thoughts about Bible reading plans and some insights that we should consider as the we end January and start heading into February.


EP 171 - 2019 Goals and Resolutions

This episode we discuss our strength/health/life goals for 2019. We got all the hosts in on this one and it was a fun episode, check it out!


EP 170 - Best of 2018 - Ask Greg Nuckols Anything

This episode was our most highly downloaded episode of 2018 and we are glad to re-share it as we start 2019. Greg Nuckols has over a decade of experience under the bar, and a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. He’s held 3 all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes. He’s trained hundreds of athletes and regular folks, both online and in-person. He’s written for many of the major magazines and websites in the fitness industry, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness,...


EP 169 - Ray Williams

Ray Williams is the strongest man we have had on our podcast and a great way to end 2018! Really excited to talk to him about his background, his work, and current goals.


EP 168 - A Christmas Smorgasborg

Another episode is up! Everett and David talk all about all things Christmas, food, and theology. Check it out!


EP 167 - Is warming up wasting time w/Ethan McElroy

Is warming up merely wasting time in the gym or is it something you should be doing on a daily basis? Ethan McElroy is a strength coach in the Triangle area as well as a powerlifter. He recently wrote an article about warming up which can be found here.


EP 166 - Dispensationalism w/Everett and Kenric

With the holidays coming around you may be stuck with you inlaws or outlaws talking about theology. This episode we are talking a bit about what dispensationalism is and compare that to covenant theology.


EP 165 - Transgenderism and Strongman

We are joined by Jono, Janine, and Everett to talk all about the new transgender policy that Strongman Corp has issued which can be found here. Early in the podcast Dave mentions the Jugglife Podcast discussion on Transgenderism and we reccomend you check that out first before listening to the podcast if possible. You can find that episode here.


EP 164 - Discipleship

Discipleship - how do you do it biblically? We are joined with Everett and Janine to talk about discipleship and how we see it being done in the past in the church and what things we are getting right and wrong.


EP 163 - Phat Chat w/Jeff and Janine

This episode we talk nutrition and diets with Jeff and Janine. We talk about what goes into the phrase "a calorie is a calorie".


EP 162 - Matt Turner and Everett do a meet recap

As of the posting of this episode we still do not have the official results of the IPL Midwest Open 2018. That being said we did a recap of how Everett's meet went and were joined by a guest host, Matt Turner. Matt is one of our Patreon contributors and is currently using Skynet AI coaching which we discussed at length in the episode. You can find our Patreon page here. Really grateful for Matt and his support of this show. Skynet can be found here.