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This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is

This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is
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Raleigh, NC


This podcast is all about fitness, dieting, encouraging each other, discussing theology, and of course....BACON. You can connect to us via our Facebook group and e-mail any questions and suggestions to our e-mail - Our website is




EP 155 - Vodka, Volume, and Victory!

This episode we talk a smorgasborg of topics: Dave is prepping for a hurricane with some vodka and tequila last minute purchases and he's also scheduling a blood test to check a few things. We also discuss program/coach searching and go back and forth on what coach Dave is going to use. Janine shares some of her latest PRs on the Highland Games circuit. In the show Dave talks about a few blood tests. Stan Efferding recommends that guys and gals get these blood tests done at least...


EP 154 - Dave and Christa's first PL meet

This meet is Dave and Christa's first PL meet as a couple competing on the same day. On August 25, 2018 at Crossfit RDU, USPA held the NC State Championships and the meet video can be viewed here. Dave and Christa both used the Calgary 16 week program which can be downloaded free here. At the meet Christa went 7 for 9 with a 221 lb squat, a 133 lb bench, and a 243 lb deadlift. Dave went 7 for 9 as well with a 501 lb squat, a 392 lb bench, and a 601 lb deadlift.


EP 153 - Bryce Krawczyk and Calgary Barbell

Bryce Krawczyk has an absolute sick Youtube channel, one of the few we recommend! Also he has given out a free powerlifting program that you can find on his website. Super excited to get him on the podcast. He lifts equipped as well as raw and we talk about his recent meet at the IPF Worlds 2018, which you can view here.


EP 152 - Kilts, Cabers, and Calorie Control

Janine rocks a highland games and Jeff talks about how to control your calories while eating out, more specifically, some ways to cut calorie intake without drastically changing the way you eat and how to keep them in check while dining out. The tips actually go hand in hand. This is a first in a new format of shows where we attempt more of a free-flowing lifestyle format. Feel free to give us your thoughts on what you think of the new format.


EP 151 - Matt Gary

We had Matt Gary on the show, co-founder of SSPT. Matt Gary's bio includes: 23 years competition experience USAPL Coaching Chairman (2012 - present) USAPL Coaching Certification Director (2012 - present) USAPL Coach of the Year 2012 Head Coach for 5 US National Teams Asst. Coach for 35+ US National Teams USAPL National Referee SSPT co-founder (est. 2008) Some of the topics we talked about were: game day coaching (at all levels of competitions and the differences between them)What...


EP 149 - The Hughes go to New York

Kenric sits down with Strongman competitors and gym owners Mitch and Lacee Hughes to talk about training, USS Nationals, and owning your own gym. Support the show by visiting and shopping at ( coupon code gainzgrace).


EP 148 - Erin and Mark Valenti and Blind Dog Gym

Erin and Mark Valenti run Blind Dog Gym and Mark is part of a podcast called The Refined Savage. Erin and Mark Valenti have been the co-owners of Blind Dog Gym since December of 2012. Blind Dog is a Crossfit gym in Lorain, Ohio, on the west side of Cleveland. together, Erin and Mark opened Blind Dog Gym with a vision of creating a community that is focused on improvement of self, improvement of community, and service to those who have or continue to serve. Erin played several sports in...


EP 147 - Personal Holiness or where Everett preaches to Dave again

Holiness - what is it? How does Rom 12:1-2 work? How does one keep walking the line between pursuing personal holiness and becoming a Pharisee? Check out this talk between Everett and Dave as they dive into this theological topic.


EP 146 - Rob Polenik

Really grateful to have Rob Polenik on the show. He's the owner of Brutal Iron Gym and we are going to talk a bunch of topics including:


Ep 145 - Jaisyn Mike

Continuing our IPF worlds competition series we catch up with Jaisyn Mike about his contest prep and performance Intro was Jahazzer "Siesta", the sponsor music was "Cantina Rag", and the outro was Zoliborz "The Call of the Polar Star" used by permission from


EP 144 - Ryan Stills

Weight class: 120kg Division: Masters 1 Nationality: United States of America (USA) Best Squat 300kg Best Bench Press 205kg Best Deadlift 327.5kg Best Total 822.5kg Notable achievements: 120kg M1 IPF World Classic Champion 2016120kg M1 USAPL Raw National Champion 2016120kg Open USAPL Raw Nationals 2015 9th place You can check out his lifts at the IPF here.


EP 143 - Suzanne Hartwig-Gary

We had the privilege to interview Suzanne Hartwig-Gary. She has been competing for 28 years and won 6 IPF World Championships and 26 National Championships. IPF Raw Classic Worlds 2018 was my 24th World Championships, she also competed in two World Games. Suzanne competed equipped for 24 years and went to Raw only after 2014 Equipped Worlds. She did my first raw competition in the 2008 Raw Arnold (the first year USAPL was there). Suzanne will be turning 50 this year. Currently she has the...


EP 142 - Susan Elwyn

This is the second interview with our IPF Worlds Series. Here are some of the discussion notes from the interview: You got one red light on first squat for depth - seemed like a bad call, thoughts? Second squat was a world record attempt - how long have you been training for that squat? You got 2 reds on the second squat and you decided to go up 2.5 kilos, why did you go up in weight? How did it feel to get that record? You have an interesting setup with your hands, what are you doing with...


EP 141 - IPF Worlds Series - Alicia Webb

This is the beginning of a short mini-series called IPF Worlds 2018 and it includes lifters and coaches that were at the IPF Worlds in Calgary. We start off with an interview with Alicia Webb. Alicia Webb won first place in 84 kg Masters 1 as well as best lifter. She squatted 200 kg, benched 112.5 kg, and deadlifted 197.5 kg for a 510 kg total and a wilks score of 455.23. This is her 6th IPF worlds and she has successfully defended her title. Alicia's team coach can be found here. Alicia's...


Ep 140 - The Guys Talk Nutrition and Weight

Kenric, Everett, and Jeff Ash chat about weights, nutrition, bodyweight manipulation, and general fitness advice. This is a great episode for beginners to diet and nutrition. Check out and for great deals and to support the show. Intro was Jahazzer "Siesta", the sponsor music was "Cantina Rag", and the outro was Zoliborz "The Call of the Polar Star" used by permission from


EP 139 - IPFs, SBC, Race, ERLC, and morality

This episode was truly a number of topics that ranged from a quick overview of some of the IPF lifts, to the SBC, then onto racism and the ERLC and we went all over the place with this one. Hope you all can follow some of the flow of the episode. One of the issues Dave is struggling with is the impact and role of the church in the culture and Everett is there to help set him straight.


EP 138 - Ask Greg Nuckols Anything!

Greg Nuckols has over a decade of experience under the bar, and a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. He’s held 3 all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes. He’s trained hundreds of athletes and regular folks, both online and in-person. He’s written for many of the major magazines and websites in the fitness industry, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness,, T-Nation, and Furthermore, he’s had the opportunity to...

EP 137 - Matt Wenning

Matt Wenning is one of only a handful of people to total over 2600 lbs in a professional competition, hold an all-time world record of 2665 lbs in the 308-lb class, and bench press over 800 lbs in a full powerlifting meet. He currently the owner and a private strength coach at Ludus Magnus gym in Columbus, Ohio, a personal trainer to many executives and professionals at Capital Club Athletics, and contracted by the US Army. He also works with firefighters, physicians, children with...


EP 136 - The One Where Everett Rants Against Dispensationalism

John Hagee and Israel and the embassy moving to Jerusalem - these are the things we are diving into on this episode. Some of the links we are referring to include: QUESTIONS - Why Hagee’s fascination with Israel and particularly with the Temple...


EP 135 - Gabe Veazey

Gabe's BIO - I’m 22 years old. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 13, but have been training specifically for Strongman for about 6 months now. In that time I have been in two competitions and places 3rd in both in the lightweight division. I train for strongman at Metroflex Gym-Plano in Plano, TX. I have been married for almost a year now. I go to school at Criswell College where I major in Biblical Studies. And I am also a Student and Worship Pastor at Stepping Stones Church of...