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Ep59: Biohacking Guide for Beginners (by a MD) • Dr John Limansky

The keto hacking MD & US board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr John Limansky, is today’s guest interview. John shares with us some cheap and easy biohacks that anyone can do to improve their wellbeing. He helps to explain why medical studies don't necessarily apply to the individual and how our specific genetic and metabolic make-up can affect the reponse. We then find out about his recommended self-experimentation and simple hacks, such as, getting our nutrition right, exercise,...


Ep58: How to Start Losing Weight if You Are Obese • Dr Tro Kalayjian

US board-certified internal medicine physician & expert in medical weight loss, Dr Tro Kalayjian, is today’s guest interview. Tro shares with us the safe way to start losing weight if you are obese. He also shares his personal story on how he lost over 150lbs and is able to workout and is no longer morbidley obese. He helps to explain how our weight gain is driven by our hunger + satiety and how we can control this by identifiying our trigger foods. We then find out about the foods that...


Ep57: Am I Addicted To Sugar Quiz (Easy Test) • Dr Jen Unwin

Consultant clinical health psychologist working in the NHS, Dr Jen Unwin, is today’s guest interview. Jen shares with us the easy to do eleven question quiz that helps us determine if we are addicted to sugar. You get to hear all the questions and can answer yes or no to each one then find out what your result is at the end of the test. She helps to explain the controversy around diagnosing a sugar addiction as a real thing and the difference between addiction and cravings. We then find...


Ep56: How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair

US family physician & consultant in disease management and cannabidiol (CBD), Dr Philip Blair, is today’s guest interview. Philip shares with us how CBD oil can improve serious medical disorders. He helps to explain how the endocannabionoid system works and why it is important to keep it balanced for optimal health. We then find out about the role of cannabinoids in multiple systems in our body including our gut and our brain. We also go into how people suffering from epilepsy, depression,...


Ep55: Best Foods for Healthy Teeth & Gums • Dr Steven Lin

Australian functional dentist, Dr Steven Lin, is today’s guest interview. Steven shares with us the significant role nutrition plays in our oral health and ensuring that we have a diverse oral microbiome. He helps to explain the connection between the health of our teeth and gums on our whole body, and overall wellbeing. We then find out about what foods are beneficial/harmful to our oral microbiome, the benefits of eating a diet rich in healthy fats, with lots of fat soluble vitamins, and...


Ep54: Is the Low Carb Diet Good for Athletes? • Dr Peter Bruckner

Australian sports medicine physician & Professor of Sport Medicine, Dr Peter Brukner, is today’s guest interview. Peter shares with us how the low-carb diet is sustainable for better long-term metabolic health for both elite athletes and recreationalist. He helps to explain why everything we were taught to believe about current dietary guidelines was wrong and the link of the high sugar diet to current epidemics of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. We then find out about low-carb,...


Ep53: Is Hypnosis Safe & Good For You? • Bill Patterson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Bill Patterson, is today’s guest interview. Bill shares with us some incredible benefits of hypnotherapy. He helps to explain what are hypnotherapy and hypnosis, and, how they differ from meditation. We then find out about whether anyone can be hypnotised & how long it takes to be hypnotised. We discuss the benefits of hypnotherepay, which include: overcoming trauma and addiction, management of chronic pain, anxiety and stress, as well as,...


Ep52: Mikhaila Peterson Diet (Arthritis & Depression Success Story)

Daughter of Jordan Peterson & Don’t Eat That blogger, Mikhaila Peterson, is today’s guest interview. Mikhaila shares with us her incredible, personal story of how changing her diet resulted in significant changes in both her physical and mental health. She helps to explain how suffering from a severe arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, skin and weight problems throughout her life finally led to her taking a closer look at what she was eating. We then find out about her experiences with...


Ep51: How to Lower High Estrogen Levels (Naturally) • Dr Anthony Jay

PhD. Biochemist & author of Estrogeneration, Dr Anthony Jay, is today’s guest interview. Anthony shares with us what we can do to reduce our exposure to artificial estrogens. He helps to explain what estrogenics are, what impact high levels of estrogen have on our health & their link to causing many common health problems. We then find out about some common sources of artificial estrogens and what we can do to limit our exposure. We also go into discussing early onset puberty, mold...


Ep50: Best Ways to Brew Coffee (+ Cold Brew Coffee) • Asher Yaron

Creator and founder of F.R.E.A.K Coffee, Asher Yaron, is today’s guest interview. This is part 2 of our interview with Asher where we talk about the benefits of fresh coffee. He helps to explain more about why it is important to get a good grind of coffee and what the different brewing methods look like. We then find out about cold brew coffee, what the benefits are of using this method and why it’s best to wait 3 days before using your freshly roasted beans to get the best tasting cold...


Ep49: Is Drinking Fresh Roasted Coffee (Within 24 Hours) That Much Better? • Asher Yaron

Creator and founder of F.R.E.A.K Coffee, Asher Yaron, is today’s guest interview. Asher shares with us why using freshly roasted coffee beans can have significant benefits in terms of health and experience. He helps to explain what fresh coffee is and what the traditional coffee ceremony process looks like. We then find out how large coffee companies spread misinformation and manipulate what we think in terms of coffee. We also go into discussing aging green coffee beans, quality, and...


Ep48: Low Carb (Vegan Keto) Diet Results for Type 1 Diabetes • Dr Carrie Diulus

US board-certified orthopaedic spinal surgeon, Dr Carrie Diulus, is today’s guest interview. Carrie shares with us how she uses the vegan ketogenic diet, along with specialised insulin therapies, to manage her type 1 diabetes. She helps to explain what some of the causes and symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are and some ways to test for it. We then find out about traditional approaches to treatment, managing blood sugar spikes and why Carrie chose to go vegan-keto. We also go into...


Ep47: How to Deal with Chronic Pain (Management Tips) • Dr Daniel Lewis

Melbourne based rheumatologist & consulting physician, Dr Daniel Lewis, is today’s guest interview. Daniel shares with us how we can use natural approaches, to help manage pain and reduce inflammation. He helps to explain the key role diet plays in inflammation, the powerful connection between the mind and the body, plus, the importance of meditation in managing stress and slowing down cellular aging. We then find out about how the 12 Pathways to Wellbeing program can help guide us and...


Ep46: Is a Ketogenic (Low Carb) Diet Heart Healthy? • Dr Bret Scher

US certified cardiologist, Dr Bret Scher, is today’s guest interview. Bret shares with us the benefits of a low carb high fat, or keto diets, in preventing heart disease. He helps to explain why we should be re-thinking our fear of fat and why some doctors are still reluctant to do so. We then find out about the importance of lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress management on prevention of cardiovascular disease. We also go into discussing LDL and the importance of...


Ep45: Ample Keto Meal Replacement Review with Connor Young

CEO and Founder of Ample Foods, Connor Young, is today’s guest interview. Connor shares with us information about Ample Foods’ meal replacement drink for people on the go, made with high quality, healthy ingredients. He also helps to explain some of the food industry standards and practices as well as the challenges food companies face when sourcing good quality ingredients for supplements and other food products. We then find out how Ample prioritises ingredient sourcing and ensuring...


Ep44: How Virta Health Online Diabetes Prevention Program Works with Dr James McCarter

Biotech entrepreneur and Head of Research for Virta Health, Dr James McCarter (MD, PhD), is today’s guest interview. James shares with us how Virta established the first online type 2 diabetes reversal program providing clinically-proven treatment and support from a remote setting. He also helps to explain how Virta can help patients suffering from other metabolic diseases such as prediabetes and obesity. We then find out some of the things included in their programme such as ongoing...


Ep43: How Does A Lack of Sleep Affect You (+ Better Sleep Tips) with Dr Amy Bender

Sleep scientist, Dr Amy Bender, is today’s guest interview. Amy shares with us the importance of sleep on our health and recovery. She helps to explain what sleep deprivation is and how it differs from sleep restriction. We then find out what are the three main factors affecting sleep, what factors impact our recovery ability from a lack of sleep, and how to improve the quality of sleep we are getting. We also go into discussing physical activity, exposure to light, chronotypes, optimal...


Ep42: Best Diet for Insulin Resistance (+ Extra Tips) with Dr Benjamin Bikman

Scientist & expert on metabolic disorders, Dr Benjamin Bikman, is today’s guest interview. Ben shares with us the basics on insulin and why it matters. He helps to explain how insulin resistance works, how we can test for it and what early symptoms to watch out for. We then find out how we can make sure our insulin stays at (or returns to) a healthy level using the right diet, sleep and exercise. We also go into discussing why normal sugar levels aren’t necessarily a good indicator of...


Ep41: How the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Works (+ Tips) with Petteri Lahtela

The CEO and Co-Founder of Oura Health, Petteri Lahtela, is today’s guest interview. Petteri shares with us the news of the release of Oura’s second generation ring. He helps to explain the importance of restorative sleep on recovery from the day’s stresses, optimising performance and general health. We then find out how we can use the Oura ring to improve our sleep quality as well as quantity, how we can extrapolate bio-signals indicative of various imbalances in the body and how we can...


Ep40: Why Taking Care of Your Mitochondria is so Important & How to do It with Dr Lee Know

Canadian licensed naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lee Know, is today’s guest interview. Lee shares with us the newest scientific research on mitochondria and how it affects our overall health and longevity. He helps to explain the importance of exercise, diet and getting the right supplements for keeping our mitochondrial healthy. We then find out how we can generate more mitochondria and the single best thing we can do for mitochondrial health. We also go into discussing the environmental...