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Ep71: Why Is the Microbiome So Important? • Amy Proal

Microbiologist, Amy Proal PhD, is today's guest interview. Amy shares with us new research about the microbiome (and virome) and the vital role they play in health and disease. She helps to explain what the microbiome is and how virtually every part of our body has its own microbiome community. We then find out what this means for the way we think about disease and treatment. We also go into the gut-brain access, what we can do to improve our microbiome, stool tests, and why Amy believes a...


Ep70: Is Ketosis Good for Brain Development & Long-Term Health? • Amber O'Hearn

Data-scientist and carnivore diet proponent, Amber O’Hearn, is today’s guest interview. Amber is back with us today to share some more valuable information about how ketosis and micronutrients affect brain health. She helps to explain how ketosis differs in humans to other animals and the evolutionary perspective of why our brains thrive on ketones. We then find out about suckling ketosis and the difference in transition time to ketosis between adults and children. We also go into discussing...


Ep69: William Shewfelt (Vegan to Keto Carnivore Diet Benefits Story)

Actor, speaker, and health and fitness advocate William Shewfelt, is today's guest interview. William shares with us why he went from following a vegan diet to a a more ketogenic carnivorous diet. He helps to explain how a carnivorous diet resolved some of his niggling issues and gave him incredible results in terms of health and body composition. We then find out more about what his exact diet is, training schedule and supplementation. We also go into discussing tips for resolving acne...


Ep68: Why Raw Feeding for Cats & Dogs is Best (Vet Tips) • Dr Nick Thompson

Holistic vet and President of The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, Dr Nick Thompson, is today's guest interview. Nick shares with us a vet's perspective on how the raw food diet benefits your family cat or dog. He helps to explain that current vet practices don't seem to focus on the root causes of disease. Nutrition is a key factor in initiating, maintaining, but also, treating a myriad of conditions. We then find out about the differences between what cats and dogs are designed to eat, plus...


Ep67: Raw Dog Food Diet for Beginners • Rowan Sanderson

Raw pet food company, Bella & Duke team member and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, Rowan Sanderson, is today's guest interview. Rowan shares with us how raw dog food helps improve dogs health and longevity. He helps to explain what raw dog food is and how dogs suffer from similar health issues as humans due to poor quality, processed food they are not meant to consume. We then find out about how the raw diet is superior nutritionally, improves the microbiome and common concerns...


Ep66: Paleo-Ketogenic Diet Benefits (+Advanced Tips) • Dr Zsófia Clemens

Neurobiologist, clinical researcher and head of Paleomedicina research group, Dr Zsofia Clemens, is today's guest interview. Zsofia shares with us how the Palaeolithic-Ketogenic diet (PKD) is helping people cure various diseases. She helps to explain what the PKD is and how it is different from the classical ketogenic approach. We then find out about why we shouldn't consume dairy or MCT (and other plant) oils, the correct fat-protein ratio and the importance of including organ meat. We also...


Ep65: Natural Migraine Relief (Stanton Migraine Protocol Review) • Dr Angela Stanton

Neuroeconomics scientist & author Dr Angela Staton PhD, is today’s guest interview. Angela shares with us how migraine sufferers can treat and prevent migraines long-term, without medicine, using The Stanton Migraine Protocol. She helps to explain why some people get migraines, plus how a migraineurs brain and metabolic functioning are different from normal. We then find out the role of genetics, environment, diet and the importance of keeping our electrolytes in balance. We also go into...


Ep64: Kelly Hogan's Zero Carb Diet (Benefits & Success Story)

Long-term zero-carb diet advocate and mother of three, Kelly Hogan, is today's guest interview. Kelly shares with us how she finally shed nearly 130 pounds in excess weight, has been able to kep her weight off and has resolved some ongoing health issues. She helps to explain how the all meat diet has helped her maintain an optimal weight without starvation, plus resulted in her monthly cycle returning. We then find out about the carnivore diet and pregnancy. We also go into discussing blood...


Ep63: Using Grassfed Animals for Desert Greening (Success Story) • Allan Savory

Ecologist, President and Co-Founder of Savory Institute, Allan Savory, is today’s guest interview. Allan shares with us how using grazing animals can help reverse desertification of land. He explains how man-made desserts occur and why the current paradigm to fix it doesn’t work. We then find out how holistic management and grazing are essential in rejuvenating the land. We also go into discussing the common debates around methane gas, sequestration of carbon, veganism and climate change as...


Ep62: How to Heal Yourself (Expert Tips) • Dr Jeremy Howick

Award-winning Oxford philosopher, medical researcher and author, Dr Jeremy Howick, is today’s guest interview. Jeremy shares with us the incredible ways our body can self-heal and the powerful impact our mind has on our health and wellbeing. He helps to explain why the mind-body connection is important and how stress affects us. We then find out simple ways on how to reduce stress, including the benefits of techniques like yoga and meditation. We also go into discussing the power of empathy,...


Ep61: Heads Up Health Review (Health Tracking Software) • David Korsunsky

Founder and CEO of Heads Up Health, David Korsunsky, is today’s guest interview. David shares with us how Heads Up Health online health tracking tool can be used to integrate and organise medical, plus other health and activity tracking data. He helps to explain why it is a good idea to track your personal data to maintain optimal health. We then find out about how we can personalise our own dashboard, create graphs and look for correlations between data to help uncover valuable insights...


Ep60: How to Build Muscle on a Keto Diet (Ketogains Review) • Luis Villasenor

Ketogains founder, Luis Villasenor, is today’s guest interview. Luis shares with us how we can gain muscle and improve body composition using the ketogenic diet. He helps to explain why we don’t need lots of carbohydrates to grow and maintain muscle and how our body makes glycogen without them. We then find out about how to work out the optimal amounts of protein, carbs and fat we need for our health goals. We also go into discussing weight loss, training tips, timing protein shakes, best...


Ep59: Biohacking Guide for Beginners (by a MD) • Dr John Limansky

The keto hacking MD & US board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr John Limansky, is today’s guest interview. John shares with us some cheap and easy biohacks that anyone can do to improve their wellbeing. He helps to explain why medical studies don't necessarily apply to the individual and how our specific genetic and metabolic make-up can affect the reponse. We then find out about his recommended self-experimentation and simple hacks, such as, getting our nutrition right, exercise,...


Ep58: How to Start Losing Weight if You Are Obese • Dr Tro Kalayjian

US board-certified internal medicine physician & expert in medical weight loss, Dr Tro Kalayjian, is today’s guest interview. Tro shares with us the safe way to start losing weight if you are obese. He also shares his personal story on how he lost over 150lbs and is able to workout and is no longer morbidley obese. He helps to explain how our weight gain is driven by our hunger + satiety and how we can control this by identifiying our trigger foods. We then find out about the foods that...


Ep57: Am I Addicted To Sugar Quiz (Easy Test) • Dr Jen Unwin

Consultant clinical health psychologist working in the NHS, Dr Jen Unwin, is today’s guest interview. Jen shares with us the easy to do eleven question quiz that helps us determine if we are addicted to sugar. You get to hear all the questions and can answer yes or no to each one then find out what your result is at the end of the test. She helps to explain the controversy around diagnosing a sugar addiction as a real thing and the difference between addiction and cravings. We then find out...


Ep56: How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair

US family physician & consultant in disease management and cannabidiol (CBD), Dr Philip Blair, is today’s guest interview. Philip shares with us how CBD oil can improve serious medical disorders. He helps to explain how the endocannabionoid system works and why it is important to keep it balanced for optimal health. We then find out about the role of cannabinoids in multiple systems in our body including our gut and our brain. We also go into how people suffering from epilepsy, depression,...


Ep55: Best Foods for Healthy Teeth & Gums • Dr Steven Lin

Australian functional dentist, Dr Steven Lin, is today’s guest interview. Steven shares with us the significant role nutrition plays in our oral health and ensuring that we have a diverse oral microbiome. He helps to explain the connection between the health of our teeth and gums on our whole body, and overall wellbeing. We then find out about what foods are beneficial/harmful to our oral microbiome, the benefits of eating a diet rich in healthy fats, with lots of fat soluble vitamins, and...


Ep54: Is the Low Carb Diet Good for Athletes? • Dr Peter Bruckner

Australian sports medicine physician & Professor of Sport Medicine, Dr Peter Brukner, is today’s guest interview. Peter shares with us how the low-carb diet is sustainable for better long-term metabolic health for both elite athletes and recreationalist. He helps to explain why everything we were taught to believe about current dietary guidelines was wrong and the link of the high sugar diet to current epidemics of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. We then find out about low-carb,...


Ep53: Is Hypnosis Safe & Good For You? • Bill Patterson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Bill Patterson, is today’s guest interview. Bill shares with us some incredible benefits of hypnotherapy. He helps to explain what are hypnotherapy and hypnosis, and, how they differ from meditation. We then find out about whether anyone can be hypnotised & how long it takes to be hypnotised. We discuss the benefits of hypnotherepay, which include: overcoming trauma and addiction, management of chronic pain, anxiety and stress, as well as,...


Ep52: Mikhaila Peterson Diet (Arthritis & Depression Success Story)

Daughter of Jordan Peterson & Don’t Eat That blogger, Mikhaila Peterson, is today’s guest interview. Mikhaila shares with us her incredible, personal story of how changing her diet resulted in significant changes in both her physical and mental health. She helps to explain how suffering from a severe arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, skin and weight problems throughout her life finally led to her taking a closer look at what she was eating. We then find out about her experiences with...