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Find Your Fit™ Episode #47 Special Guest Kevin Brousard (USABA)

In episode #47 Jessica and Kevan give us an injury update. Kevan is finally injury free! Jessica has started running again, so she will let us know as soon as she picks her next race. Jessica and WE Fit Wellness will be coordinating the National Fitness Challenge in Colorado with USABA. You can check out ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #45 Special Guest Kim Moceri (Nutrition & Health Coach at Natural Grocers)

In episode #45 Jessica and Kevan talk about the 3rd annual NF-Be Healthy Fair at the National Convention of the NFB. They also give an update on Joe Turcotte from episode #43 of Find Your Fit. He will be in Colorado mid week on his way running from Boston to California. Kevan and Jessica congratulate ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #44 Special Guest Randi Strunk (Triathlete)

In episode #44 Jessica and Kevan inform us about the upcoming NF-Be Healthy Fair coming up at the 2018 NFB national convention. Kevan tells us why he is going to Baku, Azerbaijan and how he plans on staying healthy and active while there. Kevan also tells about a company in Australia that is trying to ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #43 Special Guest Joe Turcotte (6 Million Steps of Gratitude)

In episode #43 Jessica and Kevan start with an injury report, this time it’s not Kevan’s! Jess is in a boot from a stress fracture in her foot. Kevan talks some about Blind Hockey. Jessica tells us that USABA will be starting a blind soccer (5 aside soccer) team. The WE Team tried out adapted ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #42 Special Guest Caroline Gaynor (Triathlete Guide)

In episode #42 Jessica and Kevan welcome everyone to another Find Your Fit Episode. Jessica lets us know about how the National Fitness Challenge went his year as it wrapped up. They discuss Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition including a female athlete with a prosthetic leg, as opposed to Vogue UK last year airbrushing able bodied ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #41 Blind Hockey Edition

In episode #41 Kevan welcomes “Intern Amber” back to Find Your Fit. We get the scoop on what’s happening in her life like the business she just started, which is an affordable health and wellness consulting company. For a low monthly fee you get access to weekly live webinars, coaching, and personal consulting from Amber. ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #40 Special Guest Mel Scott (Blind Alive & Eyes-Free Fitness)

In episode #40 we want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. In this special holiday season episode, we are welcoming back one of our favorite guests, Mel Scott of Blind Alive/Eyes-Free Fitness. Kevan checks on the status of their new Eyes-Free Fitness app. Kevan and Mel also discuss the development ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #39 Special Guest Karen Kantor (Athlete, Coach, Advocate)

Kevan is out on an assignment, so The Genius is filling in for a few minutes. Jessica gives us the Worley injury update. He has sprained his ankle. It is the one-year anniversary of Jessica and Kevan with their guide dogs Prada and Onyx, which they got from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. The last race ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #38 Special Guest Kyle Rector (Computer Science Phd)

In episode #38 Kevan talks about the wonderful people he met at the NFB of Iowa state convention. Jessica and Kevan tell us about a trip they took with their friends from Achilles of Pikes Peak up Pikes Peak to Barre Camp. Jessica updates us about the National Fitness Challenge. The last race of the ...


Find Your Fit Episode #37 Special Guest Brandon Stepanowich (Ultra Athlete)

In episode #37 Kevan talk about, well, himself. He also tells us about a new product created by a New Zealand company that we are excited about, an inflatable Goalball goal. This will make it significantly easier to help the sport grow. Kevanand Jessica remind everyone that there is still time to contribute to the ...


Find Your Fit Episode #36 Special Guest Anil Lewis (NFB Jernigan Institute)

In episode #36 Jessica and Kevan talk about some of the things WE Fit Wellness has been doing over the last month including the NF-Be Healthy Fair, NFB 2017 Youth Slam, and the WE Fit 50. Jessica and Kevan thank the We Fit 50 sponsors: Gold Sponsors: Nikken Wellness National Association of Blind Merchants (NABM) ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #35 Special Guest Erik Weihenmeyer (No Barriers)

In episode #35 Kevan is back. Jess gave a run down of the NFBe Healthy Fair. Jessica thanks our NFBe Healthy Fair Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: Nikken Wellness National Association of Blind Merchants (NABM) AIRA: Visual Interpreter Ski for Light Silver Sponsors: Blind Alive: Eyes Free Fitness National Federation of the Blind of Colorado Sports & ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #34 NF-Be Healthy Fair Spotlight Nikken Wellness & Ski for Light

In episode #34 we welcome back Kevan Worley from his recovery from a brain surgery. He tells us how the first swim after surgery he bashed his head in the pool for the first time ever! Jess tells us about her upcoming 50-mile race. She tells us some of her favorite parts of training for ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #33 Special Guest Emily Harvey (Tri-athlete)

In episode #33 of Find Your Fit™ Amber and Jessica tell us about their Memorial Day adventure in Boulder, Colorado doing the Bolder Boulder 10K as a part of the National Fitness Challenge. Amber describes it as a 6-mile party and “her kind of race.” Our co-host, Kevan Worley, used AIRA technology during the race ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #32 Special Guest Erich Manser (Marathoner)(Boston Marathon with AIRA)

In Episode 32 of Find Your Fit™ Jessica and Amber open with excitement as usual. Amber shares with us her experience of graduating with her Master’s degree last Friday and tells us about the exciting gift she received on graduation day! Jessica welcomes Amber to the We Fit Wellness team as a full-time employee and ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #31 Special Guest Ultra-Runner, Jim Gump

In Episode 31 of Find Your Fit, Jessica and Amber interview Jim Gump, an ultra-runner from England who has been running every single day since January 1, 2013 and is doing it in a way to inspire adults, children, and families around the world to get out and get moving. He was inspired by the ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #30 Special Guest Patrick Standen (Northeast Disabled Athletic Association)

In this episode of Find Your Fit we begin by wishing Kevan Worley (our co-host) well as he recovers from surgery. Amber and Jess are excited because Amber will start teaching yoga at a new studio called UpRise Yoga here in Colorado Springs. We love UpRise Yoga because once a month they partner with our ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #29 Special Round Table Episode

In episode #29 of Find Your Fit, each member of the WE Fit Wellness Team, including special guests Joe Shaw and Nijat Worley share with us their latest health and wellness obsessions. Kevan explains the nickname “Genius.” Basically, Genius (who’s real name is Kevin Kovacs) is the brains of the operation, anytime anything goes wrong, ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #28 Special Guest Sabrina Simmons

In this episode of Find Your Fit, Kevan and Jessica give us exciting updates on their Plank Challenge journeys. Kevan gives the injury update we have all been waiting for, he is finally injury free, feeling good, and ready to run again! Speaking of running, Jessica, Kevan, and Amber are gearing up for the St. ...


Find Your Fit™ Episode #27 Special Guest Michal Kapral (Joggler)

Kevan Worley welcomes Jessica Beecham, Amber Sherrard, and all of you to episode #27 of the Find Your Fit podcast. Jessica begins the program by running in place to get her steps in for the fitness challenge that she and WE Fit Wellness are helping to organize. WE Fit Wellness is partnering with United States ...