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96 - Stories of Transformation: Sean Harvey

Welcome to episode number 96 of Fitlandia Podcast. I'm super excited because today we have another story of transformation. My guest today is Sean Harvey and I just know he's going to inspire you and give you insights that are going to keep you moving forward on your own journey. I met him a few months back at Leanne Vogel's Ketogenic Diet Cookbook tour here in Portland and he and I were waiting in line to meet our idle and after talking with him for just a few minutes, I knew I had to...


95 - Liberating Your Inner Hero to Keep Moving Forward

Hey everyone, this is episode number 95 of the Fitlandia podcast and today we're going to teach you how to liberate your inner hero to keep moving forward on your health journey. My guest today is Dr. Chris Zaino and I just know he's going to inspire you with some really awesome tips and techniques help you deeply connect with that amazing superhero that’s in each of us!


94 - Summer Series #3

Welcome to the Fitlandia Summer Series. Christa is prioritizing her self-care and taking a bit of a twist on the show by gathering the greatest insights and wisdom from her week in Fitlandia, delivering it to you as you continue your health, wellness and weight loss journey. On your journey to creating a healthy lifestyle, you’ve got to know when to understand and reframe excuse-making, self-sabotaging behavior versus when to honor your body. In this episode of the Fitlandia Week in...


93 - Summer Series #2

Welcome to the Fitlandia Summer Series. Christa is prioritizing her self-care and taking a bit of a twist on the show by gathering the greatest insights and wisdom from her week in Fitlandia, delivering it to you as you continue your health, wellness and weight loss journey. Looking for some inspiration to keep on truckin’ with your quest to get healthy and make it stick? In this week’s episode, Christa continues her Summer Series with a week in review in Fitlandia. She’s announcing the...


91 - Summer Series #1

Welcome to the Fitlandia Summer Series. Christa is prioritizing her self-care and taking a bit of a twist on the show by gathering the greatest insights and wisdom from her week in Fitlandia, delivering it to you as you continue your health, wellness and weight loss journey. 02:52 I'm calling it my summer series, the week in review and Fitlandia. But the second part to that, I'm working to get fitter by the time I turned 46 than I was at 26. So, my healthiest that I ever was, was it 26...


90 - Best of the Fitlandia Podcast : #60 Jumping into Keto with Leanne Vogel

If you have been contemplating a switch from carb-loading to fat-fueling, today's repeat of an interview with guest Leanne Vogel is for you! Join Christa and Leanne as they discuss overcoming the fears and getting in touch with your core desired feelings along the way to permanent lifestyle change. They also address important distinctions between healthy and unhealthy approaches to a keto diet. Leanne started studying nutrition in 2007 to help her better understand her body and how it...


#89 - Best of the Fitlandia Podcast : #41 With JP Sears

Does your nutrition dogma get in the way of the wisdom of your body? Do you rationalize your commitment to a food paradigm instead of honoring when change is called for? Do you have unresolved emotional pain that expresses as self-sabotage when it comes to your wellness? Harness the power of your mind to re-evaluate your perspective with a sense of humor, common sense, and a great deal of gentleness. Today, enjoy a reboot of an honest, compassionate, and funny conversation between host...


88 - Power of Mindset : Overcoming Obstacles

Today’s guest on the Fitlandia Podcast is AJ Dexter, husband of host Christa King. Join them as they partner up to talk (and laugh!) about the recent half marathon they participated in together. The Power of Partnership to Thrive After five years of marriage, AJ and Christa decided to take their fitness to the next level together in 2018. AJ is a rock climber, so some of his fitness goals centered around that, like climbing a steeper grade. He also set a goal to complete three...


87 - Live Transformational Coaching

Today, along with CEO of Cardsmith, Monica Burrell, experience a live, unedited transformational coaching session similar to those led by Christa King each week in the Fitlandia Fitness 30 Days to Thriving Program. There, host Christa King helps participants navigate those really tough challenges they are confronted with while making amazing lifestyle changes. You can hop on board for the June 30 Days To Thriving. For a 25 percent discount, enter code: friend25 at checkout. Now, join...


86 - Postpartum Ab Rehab

Today on the Fitlandia Podcast, guest Helene Byrne, prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist, author, and founder of BeFit- Mom™, joins host Christa King of Fitlandia to discuss post-partum ab recovery. How Did Helen Become a Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist? After the birth of her son, Helene Byrne was dismayed that pregnancy had seemingly erased her prior fitness state, especially her ab tone and stability, in spite of the fact that she had continued to exercise...


85 - Radical Goal-Setting

Today on the Fitlandia podcast #85, guests Mike McCastle and David Skolnik of Evolution Healthcare and Fitness (Portland, OR) join host Christa King of Fitlandia Fitness to help those struggling with reaching their goals by providing clarity about the process of successful goal-setting and goal achievement. Why Set Goals? Anyone can set mere goals. The importance lies in clarity. Setting CLEAR goals and considering WHY we are setting the goal will: SMART and SMART(ER) Fitlandia’s 30...


84 - The Mind Zoning Academy: Ending Body-Shaming

Hey everyone! Welcome back to episode number 84 of the Fitlandia Podcast. We are rounding out the month with the announcement of The Mind Zoning Academy. If you are having ANY challenges with mental obstacles, then this is the place for you. Every single month I am doing a LIVE webinar with me that is one part focusing on a mental obstacle, one part guided meditation, and one part group coaching so you can learn how to apply these principle and strategies to your life and keep moving...


83 - Mind Zoning Academy: New Year's Resolution Revival

Welcome to episode number 83! We are continuing our series on the Mind Zoning Academy and today I am going to talk to you about a New Year’s Resolution Revival! I know you are all going to love it but before we jump into it I want to invite you to head over to You can enter your name and email address and get the meditation “End Self-Sabotage and Harness Your Superpower.” Alright! On to the show Okay so today I am going to continue talking to you about...


82 - The Mind Zoning® Academy: Resolve Inner Conflict

Have you ever experienced wanting to change one part of you, yet another part of you resists? Today we're teaching you how to harness the power of your mind to resolve inner conflict through our Mind Zoning Academy. Feel the power of positivity and listen in now! In fact, in the Mind Zoning Academy, yes, I have a passion for fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle, BUT, these techniques can apply to any area of your life! It’s really great information and after you listen to the show, I...


81 - The Mind Zoning Academy: End Self-Sabotage

We all know dieting doesn't equate to making a permanent healthy lifestyle change, but self-sabotage gets in the way. In order to end the yo-yo dieting cycle, you first have to change your mindset. And today's show is going to help you do just that. Welcome to The Mind Zoning Academy. For those of you who are new to Mind Zoning, on I have these audio guided meditations to help you create new thought patterns so that living a healthy lifestyle is not only easy, but it...


80 - The Mental Health & Fitness Connection

Hello Fitlandians! Welcome back to the show. This is episode number 80 and I am so glad you are here because you are in for a real treat with our guest today! Today we are talking with Byrdie McCoy of Byrdie’s Babes and we are talking about the connection between mental health and fitness. Just a quick word of caution...we do have one curse word included so be mindful of that, though I do hope you choose to listen to our powerful conversation. I also want to remind you that our next 30 Days...


79 - A Fresh Perspective on Menopause

Welcome back Fitlandians! Today’s episode is number 79 and my guest today is Evelyn DeDominicis and today we are talking all about having a hopeful perspective on menopause. I know it sounds crazy but Evelyn has a pretty incredible perspective and as a 45 year old woman, I was pretty excited to chat with her. In celebration of support for menopause, if any of you ladies are perimenopausal or menopausal and want some support with your hormones, join the next 30 Days to Thriving with me! We...


78 - 10 Rules to Stop Dieting

Hello Fitlandians and welcome back to the podcast! This is episode number 78 and today my best is Brooke Alpert, Registered Dietitian, nutrition consultant, and author of The Diet Detox. Before we jump into the show, I want you to come join my own mission to end dieting in the 30 Days to Thriving Program. It helps you release your reliance on sugar, alcohol, and refined carbs so you can start feeling your very best and create a dietary strategy that works for you. For more info, head to...


77 - Exercise Series: Aerial Movement with Jen Livengood

Aerial yoga is a hot fitness trend right now and today we continue our exercise series with Jen Livengood of A-WOL Dance Collective here in Portland, OR to inspire you to get up in the silks! Jen is kind enough to join us on the Podcast today and first we want to hear a little bit more about Jen’s studio in Portland, Oregon. Jen explains that she is the director of a nonprofit arts directive that is called A-WOL Dance Collective. They have a studio in Portland’s Lloyd district with three...


76 - Exercise Series: Zumba with Heidi K

Heidi and Christa met over two years ago when one of Christa's friends suggested she try out Heidi's class and they connected right away. Heidi embodies all the things we find really important at Fitlandia like body inclusion, modifying, honoring your body and having fun! Heidi always says that having fun is the number one important thing to remember with all exercise, especially Zumba. There is no such thing as perfection, just having a good time is the priority. Heidi and Christa talk...