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Dave Jimenez comes at you with his take on endurance sports like triathlon and running, health and wellness.

Dave Jimenez comes at you with his take on endurance sports like triathlon and running, health and wellness.
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Dave Jimenez comes at you with his take on endurance sports like triathlon and running, health and wellness.






Episode 72: IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Taper, Race Strategy, and Planning

In this episode, Coach Dave Jimenez does a deep dive on the final preparation for for IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3. Dave breaks this episode down covering the following: Leading up to the Race RESOURCE: Comprehensive IRONMAN Gear Bag Checklist Race Day


Episode 71: Dealing with Setbacks | Consistency cuts both ways | Community

In this episode, Coach Dave discusses setbacks and how to deal with them. They can come in many ways.. injuries or health related issues, time constraints, family emergencies, etc. When they come up, how you deal with them is important. Dave speaks from experience having gone through many in his years in the sport, from a DNF at IRONMAN Canada in 2014 to most recently, an injury that has cost him from competing at the Cowtown 50K and IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder this season. In the second...


Episode 70: Training and Racing with the Elements with Coach Avram and Coach Sergio

In this episode, Coach Dave is joined by fellow Octane Athletics Training Systems Coaches, Avram Carter and Sergio Arias. Coach Dave has mentioned Coach Avram and Coach Sergio many times and now you get to meet them. It’s been a long time coming for these two brilliant and committed coaches to be on the show. The Coaches discuss training and racing in different climates and at different elevations and provide solid strategies and tactics for doing that. It’s a fantastic episode. One worth...



THIS IS ONE OF MY PROUDEST AND MOST FAVORITE EPISODES EVER. In this episode, Coach Dave is joined by Octane Athletics Training Systems Coach Jaleen and Athlete John Femling. Together we discuss one of the most epic races I have heard of… the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. John has done the race two years in a row, one time training on his own and this past race, working with Jaleen as his coach. The two met while volunteering at the Trans Pecos Ultra Stage Race. We hear all about the...


Episode 67: Triathlete Anna Leigh Kirk who is training and thriving with multiple sclerosis.

In this episode, Coach Dave is joined by friend and Octane Athletics Training Systems athlete Anna Leigh Kirk, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. Two years ago, Anna Leigh took up cycling and then eventually triathlon. Anna Leigh completed her first 70.3 at IRONMAN 70.3 Texas in Galveston in April and now has her sights set on larger goals like a Marathon and IRONMAN Texas in 2018. Anna Leigh is positive and optimistic. She is thankful for her health and is a huge...


Episode 54: Burnout & Making Training Fun Again | Randy’s Ironman Dream

After too long of a break, Dave and Randy finally reunite for a great show. The boys discuss putting the fun back into your workouts, mental fatigue associated with training and planning, and Dave dodging a bullet at the greatness that is the Original Pancake House (www.originalpancakehouse.com). Randy touches on the Heart Rate Strap issuesfor big guys, the Wahoo Tickr (http://amzn.to/1mWrPZj)and the Fuel Your Fire Nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/1193347154024728/ chimes in on...


Episode 42: Lifelong Triathlon Leader and Ambassador Jack Caress talks the sport and the business of Triathlon

In this episode, Mike and Dave are joined by a triathlon business legend, Jack Caress. For over 30 years, Jack Caress has been producing and marketing participant sports events around the world. He is the founder and President ofPacific Sports LLC.Since the firm’s inception Pacific Sports has produced over 430 multisport events throughout the world. Jack is a co-founder ofTriathlonBusinessInternationaland until recently, Jack served as the organization’s President. From it’s inception in...


Episode 40: Welcome to the World, Stearns La Seur V! The low down and down low on Ironman University. Getting the mind right with the “Off-Season”. Yeti Rambler Q&A!

First off…. We want to welcome little Stearns Le Seur V to the world. That’s right… he’s the fifth! We wish Stearns IV and Laura the biggest congrats on the arrival of their baby boy. In this episode, the boys discuss Ironman University in depth. Coach Dave and Randy are both completing the program and share their candid thoughts on it. I think you’ll be somewhat surprised by what they have to say. As a matter of fact at the time Coach Dave has completed the testing process and found out...


Episode 38: Jeff Randol and Kevin Kuhn from Classified Nutrition discuss simplifying and demystifying endurance nutrition.

Jeff Randol, President ofClassified Nutritionand his co-founderKevin Kuhn, M.S. Ed., CSCS join us for their unique take on training and race nutrition and to discuss their before, during, and after nutritional supplementation system designed to simplify anddemystifyendurancenutriti [...]


Episode 37: Ask Eve #2. Sports Dietician Eve Pearson drops knowledge again!

Sports DieticianEve PearsonfromNutriworks CNCjoins Coach Dave for a second episode of “Ask Eve” where she knocks it out of the park with her knowledge of endurance nutrition. You can reach Eve at herwebsiteor at 214.739.2223.


Episode 35: Nick Salazar (@tririg) from TriRig.com on WTF is up with the Mercury Pedal and more…

Nick Salazar (@TriRig) startedTriRig.cominitially to do product reviews. His product reviews are detailed and have some great photography even today. What Nick noticed in his research while doing the reviews is that there were some gaps in the marketplace that needed to be filled. It was then that he took things into his own hands and started to develop products to fill those gaps. Nick shares this unique story and discusses gear, bikes, and aerodynamic innovation. Give it a listen and let...


Episode 34: Ironman Champion and kick ass human being Meredith Kessler (@mbkessler)

That’s right, we had the pleasure of spending around an hour talking withMeredith Kessler(TwitterandInstagram), who minutes before our conversation had just wrapped up a7-hourtraining day. You’d never know it though because she’s got an amazing energy. Infectious. This is a must listen episode where Meredith opens up about her training and training partners, the sport of triathlon today, the newly formedProfessional Triathlon Union, how she feels going into Kona as well as a sweet tribute...


Episode 33 - How Gene Gurkoff (@GeneGurkoff) went from Harvard Law to CEO of @CharityMiles #everymilematters

What an honor! We got to record an interview with Charity Miles (@CharityMiles) CEO Gene Gurkoff (@GeneGurkoff


Episode 31: Audio from Live Podcast with Bike Fit Yoda Trent Nix from TriShop

We love to make ourselves a little uncomfortable so that we can get better and learn new things. With that said, on July 28, 2015 we did our first LIVE show fromTriShopin Plano, TX. We sat down with Trent Nix, arguably the best bike fitter in the area if not the state. He’s has completed over 1,000 rider’s bike fits and is aSlowtwitchandRetul Master Bike Fitter. Tr [...]


Episode 30: Coffee vs. Heroin, Normatec VP lashes out, Bike Power and how we use all the metrics we get from our tech.

This one starts off with a bang. Randy recovers from his “Gas Guzzler” suggestion with podcast gold arguing that H eclipses Coffee in terms of its addictive properties. This show note editor found it hilarious when I listened. The guys then discuss some backlash and a slight [...]


Episode 29: Brian and Red from RecoveryPump join us to talk Recovery and to take the RecoveryPump vs. Normatech Challenge

In this episode, we are joined by Brian Carberry and Andrew “Red” Readinger fromRecoveryPump. During this episode, we talk in detail about the technology and science related to the kind of therapy that is provided byRecoveryPump. We then put theRecoveryPumpto the test against it’s competition, Normatech, side-by-side. Mike has never used any kind of recovery boot before and Dave has been an avid boot user for a couple of year [...]


Episode 28: Sports Dietician Eve Pearson absolutely ROCKS!

Sports DieticianEve PearsonfromNutriworks CNCjoins Coach Dave to discuss endurance nutrition. Specifically they discuss fueling and hydrating in the heat, training and/or racing fat adapted and how it can impact performance, and how it is possible to gain weight while marathon or long course triathlon training. You can reach Eve at herwebsiteor at 214.739.2223. You can also see Eve at one of her upcoming events:


Episode 27: Time Management and Awesome Q&A

Dave, Randy and Mike talk time management providing some really useful tips for making the most of the most valuable resource we have, our time. Following that, the guys go through some Q&A. PLEASE RATE THE PODCASTHERE Li [...]


Episode 25: It’s getting HOT… how to get acclimated, Dave and Mike go racin’ for their causes.

Summer is here. It’s hot outside. Dave and Mike talk about training in the heat and heat acclimation. They also make an announcement that will be fun and be great for the community. Dave and Mike will be racing against one another at theDallas Athletes Racing Disco Olympic Distance Triathlonto raise money for Komen and for Prostate cancer. Mike is Team Boobies (Breast Cancer Awareness) and Dave is Team Junk (Prostate Cancer Awareness). The winner will donate 75% of the proceeds to their...


Episode 24: No rant? What’s wrong? Listener Q&A and Austin 70.3 Camping!

Dave and Mike banter a bit then get into about a dozen listener questions. We knock them out! Randy was busy for this episode being the best dad in Keller, TX. He’ll be back for the next one. Mike heads to Austin this weekend to put the finishing touches on the Austin 70.3 Camp that he, Dave and the DFW Tri Club is putting on in October the weekend of Oct. 9. Stay tuned for more details on registration. Space will be limited. Got questions of your own that we can answer for you? Hit us up...