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Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training.

Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training.
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Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training.








My reaction as a coach impacts what my swimmers value - Kyle Schack

Kyle Schack is the current associate head coach at Yale. Coach Schack gained experience as a volunteer assistant coach at the University of Texas in 2007. After his volunteering days were over, Kyle joined the Arizona State University swim team as an assistant coach as well as the Northwestern University. In 2012, Kyle became the head coach for the Crimson Aquatics Boston. During his 5 year tenure with the Crimson Aquatics Boston, Schack coached multiple swimmers to the USA National Junior...


Food is a friend - Mike Molloy

Mike Molloy is the owner of M2 Performance Nutrition. Mike has a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology with over 9 years of experience in nutritional and physical training as a coach. Mike has managed to coach more than 40 CrossFit Regional and Games athletes. His methodology of nutrition and physical training revolves around creating health, longevity and human performance. Connect with Mike: - M2 Performance Nutrition's Website - Contact M2 Performance Nutrition - Facebook - Instagram -...


I encourage them to fail - James Gibson

James Gibson is the current head coach for the Elite Team of Energy Standard. Prior to Coach Gibson's career at Energy Standard, he spent 4 years as the National Sprint Coach & National Training Centre Coach for British Swimming. James began his coaching career in 2009 as a CN Mareille Elite Coach and has served as an international coach on various swim teams participating in world swimming champion meets. Connect with James: - Team Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -...


The "why" of swimming became important to me - Kathleen Prindle

Kathleen Prindle is the current head coach (and founder) of Performance Aquatics. Coach Prindle is a 1993 graduate of Pennsylvania State University and a former competitive swimmer from northeastern Pennsylvania She has more than 40 years of experience in the aquatic field as both an athlete and coach. Kathleen is also an ASCA Level 5 coach, the highest level attainable in the coaching world). Prindle's coaching has brought several athletes to JO, Zone, Sectional Championship, Florida...


Your Own Way - Carol Capitani LIVE at the CSCAA

This is a LIVE podcast recording from the CSCAA Convention with Carol Capitani talk about "Your Own Way" as a coach. Carol is the Head Women's Swim Coach at the University of Texas. Connect with Carol: - Team Website - Team Facebook - Twitter - Team Twitter - Team Instagram - Email Full Show Notes for this Episode on the RITTER Blog. FREE Trial of the Coaches Corner Get insider access to elite swim coaches with RITTER Sports Performance's "Coaches Corner." We'll follow a coach...


Do you need to discard or fine tune your training? - Sergei Beliaev

Sergei Beliaev is the founder and CEO of Super Sport System. The Super Sport System was created to provide web-based sport training solutions to coaches and athletes worldwide. The 3S methodology is used in 40 different countries and 8 different sports. Over 6,000 coaches have found access to the 3S program and have helped improve over 30,000 athletes at the collegiate, national and international levels. Sergei has more than 30 years of experience in development, implementation, and...


As coaches we need to learn from our athletes - Rob Lias

Rob Lias is the current associate head coach for the Navy women's swimming program. Coach Lias has been a full-time member of the coaching staff for the past 12 seasons. In this time, his swim team has compiled a 103-21 swim record while winning eight Patriot League titles and placing second at the meet. In 2012, Lias was selected as the Honorable Mention Assistant Coach of the Year by CollegeSwimming.com. Rob is also the recruiting coordinator and designs the team's dryland and strength...


There was a standard for work I needed to learn - Norm Wright

Norm Wright is the current head coach (and CEO) of the Northern Kentucky Clippers. Coach Norm is in the top 3 percent of coaches due to his ASCA Level 5 coach rank. Norm has spent 4 seasons with the Clippers and within his first 3 seasons, he managed to provide 6 swimmers with the opportunity to swim at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Along with various competitive success, Wright has implemented the "Clippers Development Model" to the organization. The "Clippers Development Model" is a concerted...


You need to know what makes them tick in order to coach them - Roric Fink

Roric Fink is the current associate head coach for the University of Texas. Coach Fink has been a part of the University of Texas for the past 6 seasons (the first 5 seasons, Fink served as an assistant coach). Prior to joining the University of Texas, Fink was the associate head coach at the University of Missouri (2 seasons) and the University of Arizona (8 seasons). Coach Fink's career also involved building up the Ford Aquatic team in Tucson, Arizona as well as involvement with Phoenix...


At my stage the key is outliving my competition - David Costill

David Costill is a researcher in Exercise Science at the Human Performance Laboratory in Ball State University. David received his B.S. Ed. in Biology and Physical Education at Ohio University in 1959, his M. Ed. in Biology and Physical Education at Miami University in 1961 and his Ph. D. in Physiology at Ohio State University in 1965. His career started off with a combination of teaching biology as well as coaching swim to various schools and clubs. In 1966, David began the Human...


You have to be thick skinned as a coach - Cathy Wright-Eger

Cathy Wright-Eger is a Leadership Advisor at Purdue University. Cathy has been with the Boilermakers since 1987, working primarily with female swimmers. Cathy was the head coach from 1987 to 2008 before moving into her current leadership position. Aside from coaching swimmers in standard meets, Cathy has also been able to coach swimmers to the Big Ten Championships, World University Games, United States Olympic Trials and to the NCAA championships for 19 out of the last 20 years. Coach...


Swimmers are the hardest working lazy people around - Jeff Julian

Jeff Julian has been the Trojan assistant coach since the summer of 2016. Coach Julian is an eight-time All-American and has been the head coach at Rose Bowl aquatics for nearly 12 years. Jeff also has experience as a team captain and NCAA and Olympic Trials. Coach Julian has been heavily involved in the swimming community for more than three decades. He has served on the Southern California Swimming Board of Directors, was the Pacific Committee Chairperson since 2006 and was a USA...


My hope is to pair student athletes with a college program they can thrive in - Jenn Verser

Jenn Verser is the founder of Maverick Athletic Consulting. She started her consulting company to assist families of high school-aged swimmers find the perfect athletic and academic fit for their college swimming experience. She is the former assistant coach at Dartmouth College, where she spent six years recruiting student-athletes to swim at the Division I program. During her time at Dartmouth, she built an impressive network of college coaches from all NCAA Divisions as well as the...


Get the best mentors you can find early on - Alex Silver

Alex Silver is the current head coach for the Livermore Aquacowboys Swim Team. Alex has been a part of the Livermore Aquacowboys since 2007. Prior to joining the Aquacowboys, Alex spent 2 years being the Associate Head Coach with the Oakland Undercurrents as well as being a volunteer assistant coach for the UC Berkeley Men's swim team. In 2010, Alex had the honor of being 1 of 10 coaches selected into the American Swim Coaches Fellows program. Alex's most recent swim team (LAC) has been in...


Chasing perfection is an exciting part of our sport - Ash Milad

Ash Milad is the current head dryland and performance coach for the Bellevue Club Swim Team. Prior to beginning this season with the Bellevue Club, Ash spent 13 years at KING Aquatics. First, from 2004 to 2013, Ash was the head age group/lead site coach and then at the end of 2013, he was able to move up to the co-head coach position until 2017. Coach Ash first started his coaching career in 1996 with the Nittany Lion Aquatic Club. He is a Certified Crossfit Level 1 coach and has been...


The little things add up to be a lot - Sean Baker

Sean Baker is the current head coach for Oakville Aquatics. Sean has been the head coach since 2011 and in the first 7 years, has managed to place over half a dozen athletes on International Teams for Canada. One of Coach Baker's greatest accomplishments to date is that he has coached more female swimmers to break the 4:50 mark (scm) in the 400 IM than any other coach in Canadian history. Sean also has 2 swimmers on the Commonwealth Games team and has earned several championships over the...


Almost nothing I do is original, I just copy and paste - Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson is the current head coach for the Shaker Sharks Swim Team. Eric has been a part of the Shaker swim team for 14 years. Prior to starting his adventure with Shaker, Coach Peterson was the head coach for the Kent Roosevelt High School team and the Western Reserve Seariders. Eric has over 20 years of coaching experience and has earned multiple honors for his coaching abilities (one of which is the second highest award given by Master Swimming - the 2011 Kelly O'Brien Coach...


The biggest questions about strength training for swimming faster

Join Chris Ritter and Bo Hickey as they talk about strength training for swimmers. Does it really matter? Should you do a strength movement if you don't do it as a swimmer in the water? Listen as Chris and Bo talk about these questions and more. Learn More about RITTER Team Programs: - RITTER Team Programs - WEBINAR - How Does Better Athlete Equal Better Swimmer? - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook Full Show Notes for this Episode on the RITTER Blog. FREE Trial of the Coaches...


You need to value your process over your product - Toni Armstrong

Toni Armstrong is currently a leadership development consultant for a self-discovered company called Baltimore Leadership. Toni uses low ropes style initiatives to teach modern leadership theories to swim coaches and swimmers alike. She has worked with teams such as Stanford Men's Swimming, NYU Swimming & Diving, Mt. Holyoke Swimming & Diving as well as Johns Hopkins Swimming & Diving. Prior to her leadership development consulting, Toni spent 7 years as an assistant coach at North...


No matter what I did I wanted to impact people - Chris Plumb

Chris Plumb has been the head coach and CEO of Carmel Swim Club since July 2006. Chris first began coaching in 2003, however, it wasn't until his takeover as head coach when the swim club drastically changed. In 2012, the Carmel swim club took 17 athletes to the Olympic Trials in 2012 as well as 9 athletes in 2016. Under Chris' care, the swim club has also had multiple USA Swimming National Junior Team Members and two National Team Members. In the past two years, the club managed to win...