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Ep.111: Fitz Koehler - The People Mover

Fitz Koehler lives in Gainesville, FL, is a mother to two children, a dog mom, a race announcer, and has been teaching fitness since she was a teenager. We talk with Fitz about: Being a former competitive full-contact kickboxer and how it affected her runningRunning a charity 5K with a client fighting cancerRun Disney and her passion for helping people improve their fitness, health, and livesRunning with her children being one of her best running memoriesThe importance of perspective,...


Ep.110: Sanjay Rawal - Run and Become

Sanjay Rawal currently lives out of a suitcase and calls in from Chicago, IL. We talk with Sanjay about: Being a documentary filmmaker and storytellerHow he started running competitively in high school and why he stopped in collegeThe Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race and his film 3100: Run and BecomeTraditional cultures that have leveraged running for survival and transcendence, including Native Americans, the Gaolo-San (Kalahari) Bushmen, and the Gyoman-san-Monks of Mt. Hiei JapanFaith...


Ep.109: Sabrina Lopez - Fueling the Fire

Sabrina Lopez lives in California, is 27 years old and a sister of three, has a twin sister, and is a behavioral therapist. We talk with Sabrina about: How she started running in high school and what drove her to become a Division I NCAA athleteHer relationship with her twin sister as it relates to both being runnersProfessional runners Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan and why they inspire herHer goal of running the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the marathonOvercome injuries, the...


Ep.108: Brian Frazier - Running Beyond Yourself

Brian Frazier lives in Chicago, IL. He’s a husband, a father to four children, and is the operations director for Team World Vision. We talk with Brian about: His professional background in microfinance and his international travel and running experiences, including the Comrades MarathonHow his perspective concerning running has changed over the past 12 yearsThe Hood to Coast Relay, and the impact of his friendship with Lopez LomongThe importance of running and the running community to his...


Ep.107: Cynthia Arnold - Embracing the Run

Cynthia Arnold lives in Polson, Montana. She’s a wife, a stay-at-home mom to three children, and also has a home business. We talk with Cynthia about: Life with three kids, a home business, and a nonprofit she helps run called Polson Running that puts on races to raise money for local charitiesHow she became a runner and how the motivation for her running has changedTrail Running, marathons, the running community, and postpartum runningRunning while pushing a triple strollerBeing the best...


Ep.106: Coach’s Corner with Run4PRs - Victoria Phillippi

Victoria Phillippi is the owner of Run4PRs Coaching. Since 2013 Victoria has helped hundreds of runners set PRs in 1 mile-100 mile distances. We catch up with Victoria since we talked with her back on episode 22 of the Runified Podcast and address running questions including: How far apart should you plan "A" marathons and shorter distance races?When do I know when to call it quits on a workout vs push through pain or fatigue?How do we as runners determine what is the optimal weekly...


Ep.105: Sean O'Connor - Part II: Running With a Chance

Sean O’Connor lives in Harmony Township, New Jersey. He’s a husband, a father to three beautiful children, and is an underwriter at an insurance company. We continue our conversation from the previous episode and talk with Sean about: How he learned that he would be running the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and struggling with Paul Terranova’s loss being his gainPaul and Meredith Terranova helping Sean and his team prepare for Western StatesThe running advice of “slow is smooth and...


Ep.104: Sean O'Connor - Part I: Running With Perspective

Sean O’Connor lives in Harmony Township, New Jersey. He’s a husband, a father to three beautiful children, and is an underwriter at an insurance company. We talk with Sean about: Becoming a runner after a runner's high on a treadmillLearning about ultramarathons through online advertisements and social mediaHis first 100-miler, The Vermont 100 Endurance Race, and how it caused him to suffer and persevere for the first timePast struggles with success and setbacksHis friend Jimmy and what he...


Ep.103: Paul Terranova - Running Community Part II

Paul Terranova lives in Austin, TX, is Meredith Terranova’s husband, a dog lover, and works for the City of Austin. We continue our conversation from the previous episode and talk with Paul about: The history and significance of the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and his experience running it five timesA significant injury that resulted in Paul making a game-time decision to withdraw from this year’s Western StatesHow Paul provided Sean O’Connor the opportunity to run Western States...


Ep.102: Paul Terranova - Running Community Part I

Paul Terranova lives in Austin, TX, is Meredith Terranova’s husband, a dog lover, and works for the City of Austin. We talk with Paul about: Becoming a runner by running to and from rowing practice in collegeGiving back to the running community, including involvement with the Austin Marathon and the Band of Runners Trail Camp for veteransAdvice for running marathons, adventure races, ultramarathons, and triathlonsThe Grand Kona Slam, which he was the first to ever completeBuilding mental...


Ep.101: Kelly Vigil - More Miles More Fun

Kelly Vigil lives in Northern Virginia, is a wife, works full-time, is a mom to a 13-month-old girl and has a little boy on the way. We talk with Kelly about: How she became a runner in college to help manage stress and stay in shapeRunning 23 half marathons and 7 full marathons, including the Marine Corps Marathon and Disney racesEmbarrassing stories from races and lessons learned such as listening to your bodyHow she runs with her dog while pushing a stroller with her daughter while being...


Ep.100: Noelle Lovoi - Running with Bubbas

Noelle Lovoi lives in Spokane, Washington, is a wife, and a busy stay at home mom to two young boys. We talk with Noelle about: How she started running to lose weight after having her first sonRunning through her second pregnancy and training for a Boston Marathon qualifier while pushing a double strollerTraining for and Running the Boston Marathon in 2018The amazing running community in Spokane, WA, including Moms Run this Town, and how the running community has inspired and empowered herA...


Ep.099: Rooster Rossiter - Ainsley's Angels

Kim “Rooster” Rossiter lives in Virginia Beach, is a husband and father, an active duty United States Marine and President of Ainsley’s Angels. We talk with Rooster about: Becoming a runner because of the joy it brought his daughter Ainsley.The national non-profit that he started, Ainsley’s Angels, which exists to ensure that everyone can experience endurance events.The lessons Ainsley taught him and the 100 races she completed, including everything from 5Ks to marathons.Amazing stories...


Ep.098: Mona Langenberg - Running Better Together

Mona Langenberg lives in St. Louis, is 36 years old, and is married with three children. We talk with Mona about: How running now permeates all part of her life.Running in college and how a handwritten letter set her career in the running industry in motion.The things that make us the best runners are often the things that challenge us.GO! St. Louis, a local nonprofit that produces fives races and youth programsLeadership qualities and strategies.Behinds the scenes stories from producing...


Ep.097: Natalie Dau - Rock Star Runner

Natalie Dau lives in Singapore and is originally from Australia, is 46 years old, and has a nine-year-old daughter. We talk with Natalie about: The unique aspects of running in Asia, including encounters with wild animalsReciprocal inspiration from/with her daughter and being a Reebok sponsored athleteHer desire of keeping her exercise goals and endeavors fresh and staying challenged, including competing in running, obstacle course racing, CrossFit, and most recently track and fieldWinning...


Ep.096: Rachel Davis - Enjoy the Process

Rachel Davis is from Birmingham, Alabama, is 27 years old, married and has a cat named Toblerone. We talk with Rachel about: Pursuing her PhD in nutritionHow she started running in middle school and why she fell in love with track and field, mainly the 400m hurdles, 4x400m and 800mWhy after running competitively in college she switched to trail running and distance runningHer first marathon, the 2016 Air Force Marathon, and how she won first place and qualified for the Boston Marathon with...


Ep.095: David Goodstein - Running Your Business

David Goodstein is from Austin, Texas, is 57 years old and a proud father of three children. We talk with David about: Becoming a runner late in life and enjoying the community and fun that comes with itRunning 20 marathons, including the Boston Marathon four timesHaving passion for what you do in lifeHis new book, A Runner’s Guide to Finishing First in Business: Nuggets of Wisdom from an On-Demand CFOComparing the stages of running and running a businessRunning and business data, including...


Ep.094: Robert Gonzalez - Running With a Mission

Robert Gonzalez lives in San Antonio, in a nurse, and is a proud father. We talk with Robert about: How he started running to lose weightThat he did his first half marathon in El Paso, TX since he wanted to do something to challenge himself, and that it was a suffer festThe lessons he has learned through running, including respecting the distance and challenge of any race, and that you get what you put inWhy he runs, which is to show his sister who recently lost her battle with cancer, that...


Ep.093: Kelly Anderson - Yes You Can

Kelly Anderson is from McKinney, Texas, is 36, a wife, and a mom to three children. We talk with Kelly about how she started running 12 years ago to lose weight and to regain a healthy lifestyle after having her first child. She also shares how running became a passion of hers and how it served as an outlet as a new mom, gaining energy and feeling good about herself. We talk about some of her race experiences, including relays, marathons, half marathons, 5Ks and 10Ks. Kelly spends time...


Ep.092: Brett Rein - Miles From Ordinary

Brett Rein currently lives in Durango, CO, is 28 years old, and is a substitute teacher and ski instructor. Although Brett has always been an athlete, including playing hockey and rugby, it wasn’t until college that he started running. Brett’s appreciation for running started when a buddy of his started training for the Navy SEALs, in which they would trail run for hours. During graduate school, he read the book The Last Lecture which inspired him to think about his own goals in life and he...