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The Mom Behind the Man Bringing CrossFit and Fitness to Rural Nova Scotia

Identifying a big hole in the fitness market in his home town in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Joel Holland saw an opportunity to turn his passion into a business and to serve his community in the process. It wasn’t going to be easy in a small market with no prior exposure with CrossFit. But Joel was committed and so began CrossFit affiliate 902 Athletics. Joel’s entrepreneurial venture took over his parents’ garage and one of his first athletes and most ardent supporters was Joel’s mom Elaine....


Recap of Battle of the Basin CrossFit Competition

I'm joined by fellow podcast hosts PJ and Alanna Makinen of the Night & Day Podcast to chat and recap our experience with the Battle of the Basin, a awesome local CrossFit Competition cooperatively put on by the three affiliates in Bedford, Nova Scotia. And as an extra nugget, I share my thoughts on the new "accessible" direction from CrossFit HQ.


2018 CrossFit Christmas Wish List

In this episode we talk CrossFit Christmas gifts. What do you buy for the CrossFit enthusiast in your life? Did they just get started? Are they a firebreather? Do they WOD in the garage at home? This Christmas wish list has you covered.


100 pounds lost with CrossFit and the Ideal Protein diet, with Gareth Stephenson and Monica Miller

In this episode I explore the science of macros and a specific form of Keto diet called the Ideal Protein Diet. My guests for this episode are Gareth Stephenson, whose story of losing 100 pounds with CrossFit affiliate Osprey Athletics in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada caught fire thanks to CrossFit HQ picking it up on their social media channels, and Monica Miller, his Idea Protein advisor along his remarkable journey of fitness and weight loss.


Food for Everyday Life and Fitness, with Registered Dietician Laurie Barker Jackman

Food is what fuels you - and that fuel has to be a high quality balance of ingredients for you to perform well, whether in your every day life or in your intense workouts. And there are different needs to fuel each. In this episode, I speak with Registered Dietician, Laurie Barker Jackman about the ins and outs of nutrition applied to everyday living, how to better fuel your workout, and how to actively plan meals that make nutrition less sweat and more science.


Your CrossFit Foundation is Your Feet, with Certified Pedorthist PJ Makinen

Your connection to the floor is a vital part of your foundation for fitness, particularly in CrossFit. In this episode, I speak with certified Pedorthist and fellow CrossFitter PJ Makinen about the biomechanical analysis he uses in his profession to find the root cause of discomfort or pain in the lower limbs. PJ shares tips about corrective devices like orthotics that can compensate for common deficiencies in form that can result in pain, compromise performance, and increase risk of injury.


CrossFit on the Road with Chris Kerr

I talk about taking your fitness on the road to visit CrossFit affiliates at home and abroad, and I speak with nomad CrossFitter Chris Kerr who has taken this very idea to heart because he has to. Chris travels substantially for work and so he works out at whatever affiliate happens to be nearby when he lands somewhere and discusses the rewards and unique challenges of taking his CrossFit experience with him on his travels.


CrossFit Games Competitor and Masters Athlete Colleen McQuaid

The beginnings of an elite-level CrossFit athlete that makes it onto the competition floor at the CrossFit games sounds an awful lot like how CrossFit starts for many of us. But competitors like Colleen McQuaid have a different kind of spark, a more powerful engine and a dedication that separates them from the pack. Fresh off her impressive debut at the 2018 CrossFit Games in the Masters Women 35-39 age group competition, I speak with Colleen about how she got hooked on the sport, how her...


Top 10 reasons I love being a CrossFit coach

Why would you want to become a CrossFit Coach? What are the benefits of being a coach? Host Jean St-Amand shares his top 10 (err 11) list for why he loves bring a CrossFit coach - from starting athletes on their fitness journey to leveraging the learning that comes with coaching to becoming a better athlete himself. He even throws in a bonus mobility drill you can try!


Bringing the CrossFit Community Together for Competition, with guest Mark Bellefleur of CrossFit YQM

I chat with Mark Bellefleur, of CrossFit YQM. Not only is Mark an experienced Crossfit coach, he is also a partner in his own affiliate, CrossFit YQM in Moncton New Brunswick and he is the organizer of, the D-town Throwdown, a very successful and wildly fun team competition hosted at YQM entering its sixth year with the event coming up in August. We chat about what its like to put on an event, what some of the challenges are, and talk about how he has crafted D-town into a success.


Redefining fitness as you age with CrossFit, with guests Dr. Stanley Jacobs and Ryan Parker

I chat with renowned facial cosmetic surgeon and skin care CEO, Dr. Stanley Jacobs about longevity, his long-time dedication to fitness and its impact on his abilities as a surgeon, husband and father to two active boys. Stan is joined on the podcast by his trainer Ryan Parker, an accomplished CrossFit Level 2 Trainer at CrossFit North Gate in Santa Rosa California.


Fitness (and CrossFit) is for Everyone, with guests Amanda Parker and Gareth Stephenson

I chat with Amanda Parker and Gareth Stephenson, two masters athletes from Osprey Athletics that have experienced the addictive high of early success in turning their fitness around with CrossFit and a healthy mindset about the rewards of hard work.


Rob and Ticia O'Brien from Osprey Athletics CrossFit

In the very first episode of the podcast I chat with Rob and Ticia O'Brien, owners of Osprey Athletics CrossFit + Weightlifting, the newest CrossFit affiliate in Nova Scotia, Canada about how they got into the community and the challenges and rewards of being brand new owners of a CrossFit gym.