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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton.

People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton.


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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton.








287: Is Wal-Mart About To Start Selling Pelotons? Plus Our Interview With Paul Swift

Peloton building a 175K sq ft office in Bentonville, AR. Financial Times talks about John Foley's investment strategy. Peloton execs accused of insider trading. The Verge reviews Peloton Row. Dr. Jenn - Dealing with burnout as you approach the finish line. Logan Aldridge is now a Tread instructor. The final episode of LOL Cody features SNL's Bowen Yang. Cody catches flack for his take on Taylor Swift. Robin Arzon has an announcement to make on CBS Morning. Emma Lovewell is featured in...


286: Peloton Black Friday Deals Are Here! Plus Our Interview With Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick

· Peloton adds a financing option for the Row. · The Black Friday apparel sale has started. · Dick's has Black Friday deals on Peloton equipment. · Amazon Bike self-assembly has arrived. · Peloton has announced some upcoming dates when the studio will be closed. · The latest Celebrity cruise ship will have Pelotons. · Sports Illustrated reviewed the Tread. · There's an update on the Dish Network lawsuit. · Jess King had her baby. · Jess shared a post-pregnancy update on IG. · Tunde's "Speak"...


285: Peloton & Amazon Extend Partnership To UK Plus Our Interview With Carolyn Holdsworth

Peloton/Amazon partnership extends to the UK. Power Zone indicator added to screen. Thanksgiving classes have been announced. Peloton announces their holiday sales. Peloton celebrated Veterans Day. Peloton offers some class definitions. Dr. Jenn: Getting Past an all-or-nothing mentality. Hannah Frankson is joining the UK Tread team. Anna Greenberg sets a return date. Anna was also on an as-of-yet-unnamed podcast discussing her pregnancy. Jess King was on Today: All Day. Ales Toussaint has...


284: Rowers Start Delivery Ahead of Schedule plus our interview with Krissy Blackwood

Rowers start getting delivered next week. Peloton launches its holiday marketing campaign. There's a UK and a US version of the spot. Affirm's stock drop blamed on Peloton. Peloton partners with Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Peloton teams up with Sporting Equal for UK Black History Month. Peloton rolls out apparel shopping link on the bike. "All" class selector now available on iOS. PSNY hosted a Peloton Row Showcase. Peloton gets a mention in the new Black Panther movie and on SNL...


283. PSNY Institutes "Boarding System" For Bike Classes Plus Our Interview With Karen Brady

Earnings call recap. PSNY institutes a new "boarding system" for bike classes. Peloton now available at Dick's Sporting Goods. Peloton advertises on Uber app. The ESG report outlines how Peloton is helping the environment. There's a new class type - Extra 10. John Foley maxed out pledged shares to cover margin calls. SNL's Weekend Update takes a shot at Peloton over Kanye. DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill drops his lawsuit. Dr. Jenn - Navigating menopause and perimenopause. Becs Gentry had her baby!...


282. Peloton Halts Future Use of Kanye West Songs plus our interview with Anya Adams

The pandemic has not only shifted so many industries. It also forced many of us to change our habits and schedules. We work from home and, sometimes, at erratic times. Those whose gym workouts have been disrupted found a solution in Peloton. This episode’s guest, Anya Adams, is all too familiar with this story. She joins Crystal O’Keefe and Tom O’Keefe to share with us how she stumbled into the world of Peloton, how it grew on her, and how she incorporated it with her work. Anya is a film...


281. The Tread+ Lives Another Day plus our interview with Cristina Ribeiro

Peloton and CPSC issued a joint press release about the Tread+. Peloton CEO responds to emails about Daniel McKenna. (And yes, it was real.) Peloton's Top HR exec exits. There's a new rating system for closed captions. The App can now make personal recommendations. The makers of Lanebreak take us behind the scenes. Tips for blocking creepers on the leaderboard. Forbes writes about hesitation from people worried about Peloton's future. Seeking Alpha is bullish on Peloton. The Peloton Prophet...


280. Daniel McKenna Sues Peloton for "Wrongful Termination" plus our interview with Eliotte Woodford

Daniel McKenna sues Peloton Amazon Prime sale includes Peloton. Peloton cuts another 500 jobs. WSJ reports on John Foley's repeated margin calls. Is Peloton still working on a strength product? You can now add customizable widgets to your iOS home screen. Jayvee Nava leaves Peloton. Self Magazine writes about fat-shaming fitness instructors. Dr. Jenn: Maintaining your motivation when seasons are changing. Chelsea Jackson Roberts had her baby. Cody Rigsby dropped by Dancing With The Stars....


279. Irish Exit: Daniel McKenna and Peloton Part Ways plus our interview with Stacy Sims

Daniel McKenna and Peloton part ways. Peloton partners with Dick's Sporting Goods. Peloton to put bikes in all Hilton Hotels. Peloton settles Lululemon lawsuit. In Store instructor meet & greets are back. Peloton has a Pause & Reflect scheduled for October 10-12. Peloton gets The Simpsons treatment. New options on Just Workout. The Add-To-Calendar feature is back. The Independent (UK) names Peloton the best fitness app. There's finally a new episode of On The Leaderboard. Crystal has tips on...

278. Where Is Daniel McKenna? Plus Our Interview With Amber Vong!

Crystal recaps our NYC visit.Dara Treseder steps down as head of marketing. Bertrand Lanciault III exits as Peloton's Head of Compliance. Crystal reviews Peloton Row after a hands-on demo. The Tread gets new features.The Guide has a new program drop. Beta testing on the Guide is happening. Amazon Prime Early Access will include Peloton. Peloton expands its partnership with United Healthcare. Peloton hosted a talk for Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month. Ash Pryor shuts down fat-shaming trolls....


277. Will People Buy A $3,200 Rower? Plus Dr. Jenn After Dark!

Rower round-up! No financing is available for Peloton Row. We finally have good footage of the rower. The Verge has the first review. Rowing classes will not be on the app. Peloton makes changes to terms & conditions addressing what is and isn't on the app. Places you can check out the rower. The Guide now has rep counting. Jayvee Nava completes her first post-Covid 5K. We have new instructors. Rowing instructor Ashley Pryor was hiding in plain sight. Adrian posts a throwback pic of the...


276. Alex Toussaint Now Teaches Tread Classes Plus Our Interview With Ever Diaz

John Foley is out at Peloton. Dara Treseder has a nice IG post about John Foley. The Peloton app has a new home screen. Peloton teases rowing instructors on Instagram. Peloton paused live classes in honour of the Queen. Peloton will be celebrating Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month. Axios thinks Peloton is moving to a Netflix business model. Women's Health Germany writes about the opening of the London Studios. Logan Aldridge joins New York Fashion Week as host of Runway Of Dreams. Alex...


275. Is Kim Kardashian Buying Peloton? Plus Our Interview With Steve Chan

At long last...a rower! Pelton stock slides again on reports of Tread+ fines.Was the rower timed to distract from the delayed release of the 10K report? Is Kim Kardashian buying Peloton? New class types have been added to the app. There's a new way to book in-studio classes. There are new limited-time referral incentives. Yahoo has tips for how to use Peloton's talkback screen reader. Peloton to participate in Communacopia & Technology Conference. The New York Times has thoughts on Peloton's...


274. Are 3rd Party Apps Like Power Zone Pack Causing Problems for Peloton? plus our interview with Keely Wisbey

Is the Power Zone Pack app forcing password resets? The sign at the original Peloton studio was taken down. NY Times writes about why Peloton is on Amazon. Peloton delays its annual 10K report. Peloton is targeting corporate wellness. Self talks to Peloton members traveling to the new studio. Tom's Guide talks about how Peloton can help reduce anxiety. Peloton persuades a huge to send sales tax lawsuit to arbitration. Dr. Jenn - Keeping your motivation up while feeling down. Logan Aldridge's...


273: Peloton Bike & Guide Now Available On Amazon Plus Our Interview With Jamie Brooks

We recap the earnings call. Peloton will now be available on Amazon. The Peloton Prophet has in-depth details on the Rower. Updates on the class action investors' lawsuit. Dr. Jenn - Portion control while at work. Anna Greenburg has a baby! Ross Rayburn on sleep meditation. Robin Arzon invests in Happy Viking. The UK studio is planning a Carnival Celebration this weekend. T-Pain released his Peloton "audition" tape. Angelo has tips for managing cravings. Bootcamps are going to look a little...


272: Pandemic To Pandemonium: Layoffs, Price Hikes, & Do-It-Yourself Bikes? Plus Our Interview With Carey Socol

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton price hikes. More layoffs at Peloton. Store closures to come. Will future Peloton products require assembly? Peloton explores making its content available on competing equipment. Dr. Jenn - Trouble getting comfortable on the bike. Could it be in your head? Cody Rigsby celebrates 8-years at Peloton. Cody was on Conversations with Olivia Jade. Cody was featured by InStyle. Jess King speaks at US Cellular's Inclusion Summit. PopSugar talks to Logan...


271: Peloton Makes Major Changes To Live Schedule Plus Our Interview With Melissa Urso

Crystal plans her 800th ride. John Mills joins us to discuss the Alex Toussaint party. Connected fitness is growing at a slower rate than pre-pandemic. Rogue Fitness shows off the beta testing of its AI rep-counting. Dr. Jenn: Letting go of old goals now that you have new goals. New Instructor - Assal Arian Jess Sims joins ESPN's College GameDay. Matty Maggiacomo makes a special video for Jess Sims' birthday. Tunde gets a billboard in Midtown. Aditi Shah got a sneak peek of Netflix's Never...


270: Instructor Details For The Rower Emerge Plus Our Interview With Deidra McNish Brown

Peloton Prophet has rower related scoop. Tunde shares a flashback clip from her appearance on Deal Or No Deal. Jess King had a Peloton baby shower. Cody Rigsby was on NBC's The Drink with Kate Snow. Robin Arzon partners with Baby Jogger on a stroller. Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts was on KTLA discussing how yoga can improve sleep. Marcel Dinkins has Top Tips for a 5K. Logan Aldridge and Adrian Williams were accidentally twinning. We have updates on the studio layout and how to book classes....


269: Is A Peloton-Tonal Partnership In The Works? Plus Our Interview With Jonathan Edward

Are Peloton and Tonal planning something? John Mills joins us to discuss the continued stock decline. Why is SoulCycle so thirsty? Dr. Jenn: Finding time for combining Peloton and Tonal. Olivia Amato's wedding is featured in Brides Magazine. Matt Wilpers wins the 35-39 age group at the NYC Triathlon. Logan Aldridge was on the Today Show. Sam Yo talks to Broadway World. Robin Arzon gives the keynote at Monmouth Medical Center's Power Of Pink Luncheon. Christine D'Ercole is competing in the...


268: Lizzo Makes Surprise In-Studio Appearance Plus Our Interview With Adam Clous

John Mills joins us to discuss the Lizzo ride. Christopher Meloni stars in a Peloton commercial...naked. Dr. Jenn - Maintaining fitness when your summer schedule is over. Matty Maggiacomo was interviewed for Broadway World. Jenn Sherman was on the Dear FoundHer podcast. Adrian Williams partners with Hexclad. Susie Chan crewed an ultramarathon. talks to Jess King about her new EDM series. Jess King gets a new house. Angelo has tips for a no-carb breakfast. In-Studio class booking is...